Anonymous - VOTE ANONYMOUS 2016

Anonymous – VOTE ANONYMOUS 2016

20 thoughts on “Anonymous – VOTE ANONYMOUS 2016

  1. I have supported anonymous ever since I was a teenager and I've allowed like this group and every goup of this group I love anonymous for the rest of my life πŸ˜ŽπŸ’“

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  3. I actually remember wanting you guys to win, not that I don't appreciate your ideals and efforts.

  4. I never voted and I don't want to ever!!!! Now if it is possible to write anonymous as an actual candidate…damn I would. This video is already a couple of years old but still a great message!! Voting is basically voting for one bad guy or a different bad guy. They all the same. Voting for nobody sounds better!!!

  5. Why is this anon official channel so leftist at times? I thought our big thing was being against government corruption.

  6. 30% of all things we no matter how much it cost goes on the 1% . Keep this in ur mind they dont even have to stand up to get money fucking piece of shit. People havent even a dollar on a day to feed their children what a fucking piece of shit . No we dont have to stand up and demonstrate and burn all all institues of government down we should wait until they send our children in the war to get Richer . Fucking shit im so damn angry on this shit i live good i dont need money but fuck this money if my neighbor have nothing to eat.

  7. In general great points, and although I support the electoral college, you're right that 2 senators for CA seems unfair. But it seems like none of you are constitutional lawyers, because the problem is not the Constitution, it's that the lawmakers DO NOT CARE what it says, and nearly every law they pass is unconstitutional. We cannot keep up. They are not working for us. It's infuriating. But a new constitution could be part of the revolution, because we need a complete makeover. We have no power over our own lives, and the older I get, the more I see it, and it's shocking. We don't know where to turn – the people in power, state and federal, do not care.

  8. A vote for anonymous vote for anonymous vote vote for vote for anonymous vote for anonymous I want change love anonymous join anonymous we want freedom

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