Anime Expo, Dragon Ball Kai Abridged 3, Bojack | TFS Update | TFS Update

Anime Expo, Dragon Ball Kai Abridged 3, Bojack | TFS Update | TFS Update

what's up everybody I'm Lani puto and welcome to the TFS update I got a lot to hit you with so let's get it out who's got two thumbs and super excited for Anime Expo well probably about a hundred thousand people but this guy included that's right you'll be able to catch team four star live at the Los Angeles Convention Center fourth of July weekend from July 4th all the way to mothered legs under the 7th and the 4th no seven from July the 4th until Sunday the 7th come on by will be selling t-shirts posters signing autographs and just chatting with everybody we'd love to see you again everybody at Anime Expo now it's got great news on the Dragon Ball Z a bridge front Dragon Ball Z Kai 3 parts 1 and 2 not the April Fool's versions are coming to you soon guys has been working very hard on DBZ a Kai a bridge DBZ a Kai a bridged Dragon Ball Z abridged Kai abridged super excited I'm loving what's coming out we are also hard at work on everybody's favorite space pirates probably I don't know like where do you rank Bojack is he actually a pirate like do they like I don't know if that's real or if that's just something they made up to make him seem more interesting but we're hard at work on that as well man did we over rate that in our top 25 movies ntfs gaming news the world's greatest detectives Kieran and grants are currently busting their way through the shape-shifting detective it is a hilarious FMV game yes feel free to check it out over on slash TFS gaming meanwhile at the table wake pro McGill and Morgan strong are currently working their way through the Underdark and battling the NER dwells within trying to make their way out so that they can potentially save the world of laaser honest can they do it you can only find out by tuning in Tuesday's on slash stream for star or checking out the archive the next day over on slash TFS gaming things give me like a red flashy things and we're also drinking our way through kaisers playthrough of sec euro Thursdays on slash stream for star you can also catch the full archives of that on slash stream for starring god help my liver as kaiser is flailing his way to try to beat our father ladies please show mercy it's probably not healthy I don't know when this start and a lot of you might have noticed over on slash team four star that we had a different type of video go up recently where Stefan kind of gave you his hot take on the men in black series this is something we've been thinking about doing a little more often feel free to check that out and let us know what you thought about it here come men in black to trample on your unalienable rights yeah we're thinking about doing a lot more stuff like that in between all of the stuff that you know and love from us comin at you we got stuff it's coming this was not a well thought out sentence that's gonna do it for this edition of the TFS update I've been Lana Couture I'm super excited to see all of you guys at Anime Expo hit us up and I will see you guys next time peace out everybody there's probably the buttons around me right now I'm not a crook I can't do a Nixon I don't know many people that really can it's one of those things were like the the impression becomes an impression of everybody else's impression right

50 thoughts on “Anime Expo, Dragon Ball Kai Abridged 3, Bojack | TFS Update | TFS Update

  1. So me and the guys did a dnd realm, and the rogue found a book that taught him how to go to the shadow realm, but he got stuck in the shadow realm so we had to stop half way through.

  2. If someone at teamfourstar is reading this I just want to let you know I have high hopes for Bojack. Broly was fucking amazing and is currently sitting at 17 million views(not that the views matter if the content is good doesn't matter if less people see it). And as Goku said "It's ok Gohan, I think it's your movie next." As it being the first movie with Gohan as the hero(also the second appearance of SSJ2 Gohan) it is very important and exciting. You guys rarely disappoint but the hype is high keep up the good work!

  3. He’s a pirate don’t worry. I run the deck. There’s literally a card called “Space Pirate Boujack” and “Boujack Pirates Pride”.

  4. Why are you wasting time abridging Kai, it's the same damn show …. Give us a new Z episode.

  5. Eheh just beat owl father. 🤨 but it felt mire like a lucky shot. I know how imposing he is 😭.

    Great for db abridged. I mena ur all so funn and have better an better voice. I kind of felt for april fools too 😅.

  6. To this day, I still can't tell if Lani's confusion and awkwardness in these is scripted…or just Lani. Perfect either way, lol.

  7. "Man, did we overrate that in our Top 25 movies"
    Yeah seriously, Bojack is ass.
    I'm sure you'll make it funny though! 👍

  8. Evocation. When you have an impression of everyone else's impression, or when the voice you're doing is a suggestion of a very familiar voice.

  9. What ever happened to Fan mail/Fan art fridays?
    I can't imagine people have stopped sending either into TFS, but we never see the things they get

  10. That men in black video, I personally thought it sucked. But please do more, it might get better as it goes.

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