32 thoughts on “Angry Anchor Vs Shashi Tharoor On Britains Lack Of Appreciation For India | BROADCAST

  1. Above all the assets or gifts behind by British is vast pool of Mir Jafars ie highly corrupt civil servants who have formed another subsidiary of East India Company Public limited company with Head quarters in UK and registered office with Indian Co registered at Mumbai (ILF&FS)

  2. Past teach lessons for life ,
    Now, let’s all stay united Indians and take our country to prosperity.

    An India much more prosperous than East India company saw.
    Let’s not again fall pray to diving factors .

  3. Fierce replies in the finest English… That's how you talk to british anchors who don't understand any other language except their own

  4. Swastika is the imperial cross of Hinduism the west and Britain belong to India.600 Million Muslims Christians and Secularists over the age of 5 have a living space after deportation from India

  5. What Britain did to India can never be forgotten or forgiven. They were criminals in three piece suits. Sociopaths who would barter their conscience for a shilling.

    That said, one cannot undermine Britain's contribution to India. To name a few; what about the Post @ Telegraph Department, the Indian legal system, the Chartered Courts in Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi etc and the entire system of administration of justice. We still rely on British case laws. There are still a hundred Privy Council decisions written by English judges that is still good law. The Contactual law, the Indian Penal Code, the Transfer of Property Act. If Mr. Tharoor is so hurt about what Britain did to him and Indians as a lot before he was born, why did he or his parents allow him to pursue his education there ? Couldn't he have pursued it in Latin America or Afghanistan where he could have avoided the English tongue 👅? Why did so many Indians migrate to Britain post independence? It is jokingly said, that many Indians told the departing Tommies!, Wait we are also coming with you to England Millions of Indians still wish to study there; Check the British Council Division statistics of Indians who went to study there and now live there and speak like them. Tharoor is a cover up artist, speaking to the galleries when he attempts to extract an apology on behalf of indians from a British journalist who has the slightest clue or concern about what Indians went through. Why is this man Tharoor shedding crocodile tears for the long gone Swadeshis whilst he secretly adorrns British made clothes.. Shhhhh. Tharoor. If Britain apologizes, will that mitigate or repair the hurt and trauma that we went through. It's best that they don't apologise and then rot like the dog-ends that adorn their damp pavements.

  6. If the British hadnt come to India where this man would be now, a subject of the Palakkad Rajah wearing a loin cloth still haha

  7. Indians should use Muslims who are aplenty in India.. India should send them to UK and leave them to create trouble…in two decades UK will become so utterly divided ..India can march in and retrieve all the loot and much more… no point I crying that UK was wrong… Muslims are brothers of Hindus but more fanatical… India should keep on inflaming the already burning animosity between Christianity and Islam… that is enough… they both will fight and destroy each other….

  8. The fact that he's allowing him to speak is commendable. Here Arnab doesn't even let his guests breathe LMAO

  9. Potato blight?
    The Irish have always been growing and raising diverse foods and animals – oats, barley, sheep, chickens , etc.
    The British troops deliberately starved the Irish by dumping foods they couldn't load into their ships headed for England, into the sea, to ensure the Irish couldn't eat.
    Starvation has always been the British weapon of colonization.
    Ergo, the bitch Queen's insistence that all the aid offered to Ireland from foreign countries was refused.

  10. Excellent one sided debate ! I think the Anchor was left speechless for the most part !! Shashi Tharoor is awesome !

  11. Bengal has paid for the Industrial Revolution of Britain. The loot that was started in 1757 in Bengal financed all investments in Britain. However, even the British historians do not know about that but cannot explain where the money came from that had financed the Industrial Revolution.

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