Angelica Ross and Indya Moore Call Out Chris Cuomo for Insensitive Pronoun Joke | THR News

Angelica Ross and Indya Moore Call Out Chris Cuomo for Insensitive Pronoun Joke | THR News

– Chris Cuomo made an insensitive joke about preferred pronouns while introducing 2020 Democratic presidential
candidate Kamala Harris at CNN’s LGBTQ-focused Equality Town Hall. Now, two stars of the FX
series Pose are speaking out. Here’s the interaction
between Cuomo and Harris that is making headlines. – And my pronouns are she, her and hers. (audience cheers)
– She, her and hers? Mine too. – Broadcast journalist Cuomo is known to use the
pronouns he, him, and his. Pronoun introductions are significant and commonly used within
the LGBTQ community, and seen as a progressive step toward a better understanding
of gender identity. Following criticism, Cuomo apologized for his joke, tweeting, “When Sen. Harris said her
pronouns were she, her, and hers, “I said mine too. “I should not have. “I apologize. “I am an ally of the LGBTQ community, “and I am sorry because I am committed “to helping us achieve equality. “Thank you for watching our town hall.” However, notable trans activists Angelica Ross and Indya
Moore, who rose to fame as stars of FX’s
groundbreaking series Pose, believes saying sorry isn’t enough. Ross, who attended the town hall and was invited by candidate
Elizabeth Warren tweeted, “What you should do Chris
Cuomo is not just apologize “but admit what’s behind
this is your ignorance. “You just showed you don’t understand “the importance of pronouns, “so how do you confidently
crown yourself an ally? “Learn from black and brown trans women.” And Moore, who identifies
as gender nonbinary and reacted to Cuomo’s gaffe, writing, “I’m glad you showed yourself this way “so that people can see that everywhere “trans people’s conversations
are gatekept by cis people. “Our lives and issues won’t matter. “Trans people’s pain and
trauma is comedic relief “not just to you, but to a
vast part of this country.” For more on this story, go to Until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (upbeat music)

50 thoughts on “Angelica Ross and Indya Moore Call Out Chris Cuomo for Insensitive Pronoun Joke | THR News

  1. Fredo made a bad joke, the Cuomos aren't known for being funny. Comedy isn't his thing. I find Fredo to be a political opportunist, pompous, and liberal arrogant New Yawker. I have to cut him just a little slack though because he made a freaking joke to lighten the mood in a hostile town hall and now we have all this so called "outrage" and "backlash" for a silly joke. The fact he even apologized is silly.

  2. Give me that two time her and his fredo….just so i can smack that dumb slut twice….rofl……..this guy… fucking stupid……rofl

  3. Rofl…..hes, hers, hisez, shes' gonna be chinese black american gay and go all the way with " reeeeee white man and orange man" bad……..rofl

  4. FREDO is a TRANNY!    He has not come out of his closet yet.   But FREDO will.  Christina Coumo such a beautiful woman.

  5. Best thing Trump can do is to re-stream that alphabet town hall debate of yesterday. Democrats weren't this embarrassing since that star-sang Fight Song for Hillary's campaign 🙂

  6. It’s called mental illness and “pronouns” will not help.

    Folks need to wake up and counter this delusion! We’ve more important things to worry about.

  7. You Did Nothing Wrong Chris!!! – If they so Sensitive – They can Just Suck it up!!! – This world has become toooo "Politically Correct" because of the likes of this mob!!! – – Everything is so "touchy, feely & dont offend"?? – – OMG Grow Up & Grow a pair – No matter what Gender!!!!!

  8. Wtf what is this world coming to. Comedians cant immitate, were changing for others rights but rapidly losing, freedom of speech, our cows, our straws, our right to carry…im not on either side, politically. Im on the side of common sense. There are ppl starving dying in our world…and were throwing hissy fits over words. I bet if u ask (those 2 ppl who complained) hey how many homeless did u volunteer to feed or prisons u went to to support the lgbt cause? Do whats hardest not tweet..get in the face of your cause and make a difference!!

  9. This is another reason that celebrities should shut up… on one cares what these 2 morons think…if you 2 were born unattractive no one who even know your alive…why don't you 2 shut and and make money before your looks go!

  10. LOL….absolutely love this. Who knew Chris Como was a trans hater!!!

    I hope this guy gets eaten alive!

    Feel the pain Chris, they are coming for you!

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