Andy McCarthy: ‘Zero’ chance Trump will testify

Andy McCarthy: ‘Zero’ chance Trump will testify

100 thoughts on “Andy McCarthy: ‘Zero’ chance Trump will testify

  1. I hope President Trump not to answer the mafia gangsters thieves Democrat politicians……you will be falling into their dirty hands of settlers you to be control by them………..

  2. The investigation into Biden( of which Ukraine first approached Rudy G.) & Ukraine by Rudy G. started ( 11-18) long before Biden was ever a candidate! Biden lied publicly about the investigation of Burisma saying it was over; it was not over. The Prosecutor was soon to interview Biden's son. He held back money in the form of loan guarantees to avoid the embarrassment of his son being indicted. It is my understanding that the new prosecutor that Biden helped install in Ukraine in 2016 Dropped Three cases within a week or so after assuming the office, #1 was against SOROS. A couple of months later #2 was Biden, & #3 was against Burisma. I sure would like to know the contents of that Soros case & if there was ANY WAY it may relate to the 2016 American Election interference. I guess we will find out Soon! Dems are trying to erode the power of the presidency; another way of weakening America. I SWEAR the leftist Dems HATE America & ANYONE Defending it!!! LIARS must keep lying to keep the/any negative Trump narrative alive.

    Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's son, & Romney's son; do you see the Pattern of Corruption here?

    Corrupt news should be illegal.

    Obama Spied; TRUMP Thrives! MAGA FREE

  3. We would all love to see Trump testify under oath! Straight after he would declare "I gave the best answers. They were perfect" LOL.

  4. I wouldn't. One wrong word and they'll try a cook him. Why would he place himself in the center of a charade? He would be defending guilt that doesn't exist. Bad move , it's a set up. Over his head? Best economy in history. Pelosi needs to fall down those capital steps , Nadler can give here some pointers.

  5. I thought Trump has done nothing wrong and wants to be 100% transparent. If this is true, why wouldn't Trump step up and testify? Because he's guilty.

  6. She thinks Trump is in way over his head, and she has a laughing smile. OMG!!! I think Nasty Nancy is in way over her head. She can't even run her own city. Just take a look at the proof. That would be S.F. CA. She has no right to open her mouth!

  7. Pelosi , like ALL LEFTYS, is A L W A Y S projecting the problems and actions onto others……..

  8. Nancy said imposter just like Hillary said illegitimate they just can't get past the Russia hoax Trump won and he'll do it again

  9. president TRUMP is  is an imposter ,  he's not a politician ,   YEAH YOU SKEVEY       BE-oCH HE AN BUISNESSMAN .  you dam politician's have F-ed over the people since you began selling US out to foreign interests ,  so lets give Trump a try , after all ,  you lunatics  , its better n civil war  hummm  ya think , or DO you Politian's even think anymore .

  10. Isn't it illegal to use the house floor for political campaigning? Adam Shiff's letter states this is only about the phone call. We already know what was said on the phone call. This is proof there is no reason other than politics for these hearings. They are using these hearings as a political campaign, which is illegal.

  11. And I thought nan y said she was the greatest politician and law maker. God have mercy on us if these buffoons are our best.

  12. We may have been fooled before but we are awake to their shenanigans, personally I don't believe anything that's going on in the Congress and millions of other's don't either!!!

  13. I just hope the President does not go. He already testified by giving them the Transcript, plus the President of Ukraine. What they are doing is entrapment.

  14. Six of Trump's crony's are now in prison, nine if you count Giuliani and his Russian buddies who are well on their way. Tick tock…tick tock…

  15. They are rushing to judgement this week because Pelosi knows what's in the Horowitz report (he and his investigators are Democrats after all), and she likely has inside info as to whom has been called before the Durham grand jury.

  16. He shouldn't testify because if he cant have his own lawyer or witnesses you know Schiff will just keep questioning him with his buddies. Then he wont allow Republicans to cross examine the evidence is so one sided he has better things to do.


  18. To do this to a elected leader when he has made the country shine again and u weird democrats tell your lies and the people believe it surely Americans aren’t that dumb to believe dems lies

  19. So far in 3 years the Democrats have only shame and failure ! It’s not going to change!! truth is God put Trump in and they can’t get him out !!!!

  20. Nancy's a fraud trying to bait the President. It does no good for him to go to this rigged circus playing court. He doesn't get to confront his accuser.. Let the house put it to vote already. Lets see who votes yes. Let it go to the Senate, pull warren, Sanders, Booker, and Harris off the campaign trail to sit quiet as jury members.

  21. His lawyers wouldn't let him. Trump is too much of a bull shitter and liar. He would commit perjury just talking about his breakfast.

  22. You [email protected]#$ right it would be a trap their trying to frame him now they were trying frame him when he got elected. Nothing has changed we've already seen that when he cooperated they twisted factual information to tell lies with.
    They do not want his truth they only want their truth that will allow them the Demo-rats to correct the mistake of backing the most corrupt political candidate for president ever.

  23. The democratic party no longer exist. They have only socialist / communist that they are allowing to run. Democrats should be furioys about this! America has the choice of voting for Trump or a socialist/ communist. Well it makes it that much easier for me Trump 20/20!!!!!!!!!

  24. every time Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth,she exposes herself as the delusional power hungry criminal that she really is!she is either senile or self absorbed to the point,where she in complete denial of her narcisism

  25. Quit calling them witnesses!!!! They didn't witness anything!! They had no involvement in any firsthand conversations!!! Hearsay gossip on steroids!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  26. President must not go to these prejudged stands of Democrats.
    It is not about finding facts whether elected PRESIDENT is impeachable or not… It is about finding excuses to impeach the legally elected President at any cost…
    President must ignore this useless exercise but continue to work for prosperity of Americans…

  27. WE will do write in votes for TRUMP IF WE HAVE TO…. you have tried false ballets and lost now you are changing our Constitution and laws to get your vote limit to a few people choosing our president, over the peoples vote…. HANGING OFFENSE i THINK we have laws and you are judged by them too even if you think you aint.

  28. The relevance of Adam Schiff's sister Melissa, being married to George Soro's son Robert, will soon become part of the great awakening .

  29. I think the longer this goes on the more damaging it is to democrats and if this is how they win elections than civil war is close.

  30. Like the Queen of England, President Trump by law is not required to testify. As a result, President Trump should not testify, having done nothing wrong since day 1. The 3 investigations related the Russia collusion by FBI, the House and Senate in addition Mueller report all reached the same conclusion that found insufficient evidence to prove any collusion or obstruction existed. Trump is an innocent man winning the election fair and square. The whole impeachment hoax has proved Democrats totally desperate. This whole impeachment sham will lead to nowhere but humiliating Democrats nationally and internationally. And we'll ready to fight tooth and nail to bring Democrats down to their knees.

  31. And as California slides into the Stone Age, the California Reps keep screaming President Trump is a criminal with absolutely no evidence.

  32. President Trump should ignore this circus. It's all about nothing and Gingrich is right. They are a bunch of drama queens with no platform except to cause this country a lot of grief. NO Petty Pelosi, no, no, no. Back off or the 163 plus million voters will make you regret it. Just say no to these fake tyrants who want to keep you poor in order to keep control OVER you. IGNORE THEM PRESIDENT TRUMP, THEY HATE your successes, so rattle their cages with more success.
    And don't fall into their traps. Just because you ignore the circus doesn't mean you are guilty of anything. The people know what's going on. Game on. IGNORE this nothing burger.

  33. Trump an imposter? Obama's birth certificate was proven to be a fake. Regardless, even if he was born in the US, his dad was a foreign citizen which automatically disqualified him from the US presidency. In other words, he was an imposter.

  34. Morbidly obese, coronary heart disease Donald McDonald hopefully will DIE in the hospital. If not, his law-breaking ways from embezzlement of a charity to breaking of his oath of office will LOSE 2020 big time! After all the evidence supporting his extortionist ways Americans understand that there are many other upright, admirable prospects for 2020 presidential race. Bu-bye mr orange fatso cheater.

  35. And once again commander bone spurs brags about testifying just to hide his cowardice. He won’t because even he seems to know that this would dramatically accelerate the ending of his shameful Presidency. Shame on this criminal eyesore in the American history!

  36. Wow sounds a lot like dems interfering with an election for their party's gain. Digging up any dirt on Trump. The hypocrisy is real

  37. Nancy Pelosi is a disgraceful liar and hack politician. Anyone that can watch her talk without thinking she is lying must have something wrong upstairs.

  38. Impeach The FOLOOSIE!💩💩💩💩👃🏼👃🏼👃🏼👃🏼😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 NoW!

  39. Why should Trump testify in a Kangaroo court that was designed to smear his good name. Nancy Pelosi and company are through with politics. All lies. America is not stupid.

  40. 100% coward. Clinton's both testified under oath. Hhmmm I say swear in everyone if your afraid your guilty in my eyes. Trump is so honest have him say his truth. Lol

  41. Trump should not dignify the kangaroo court by appearing before it. If he does appear, it should be to give a speech chastising them for acting like a bunch of deranged jackasses. Then he should turn around and walk out without answering questions or even bothering to sit down.

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