34 thoughts on “Android: How Google Conquered the Smartphone Industry

  1. Android is a clone of IOS idea, But Microsoft do not want to clone IOS Idea because Bill Gate feel sorry for Steve Job for the sin he done in the past, While Nokia is still dreaming and arrogant with Symbian,

  2. Everyone watched this so they could make IOS and MacOS users feel bad in the comment section, yet that is the reason why there are not many Apple people in the comment section, so your comments have no purpose.

  3. In my school, 90% used iPhone.

    And Samsung owns the smartphone industry. But even so, i’ll stick with Apple + IOS

  4. The main point is Android is better than iOS in some areas/ iOS is better than Android in some areas.
    None of them are perfect than the other

  5. The T-Mobile Sidekick was a very popular phone. The problem was that it was exclusive to T-Mobile. I love T-Mobile and I had all three original sidekicks (not that LG trash that later came out), but the carrier wasn’t that popular back then. They were fairly new in the US and had to fight alongside Cingular Wireless (before AT&T) bought them and the heavy hitters Verizon and Sprint.

    Sprint has since fallen and is the last of the Major US carriers, but Verizon and AT&T has too much weight over here. T-Mobile has gotten much better all around, but 13 years ago they were still pretty obscure. I guarantee that if the Sidekick had released on Verizon or Cingular (AT&T) that it would’ve been massively successful.

  6. Why CEOs are changed. Because from the top they have different visions. That expands the company to new avenue.

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