Android 2.2.1 update – New Android Gmail and more

Android 2.2.1 update – New Android Gmail and more

19 thoughts on “Android 2.2.1 update – New Android Gmail and more

  1. Cool, this video looked a lot like the previous one you did on the topic, but I see where some stuff has been added in the video to clarify that point re. Desktop vs. Cell Phone version of Gmail. Plus I like how you zoom in now on the official Gmail Update alert text, makes it easier to read. I'm watching you!! Thanks!

  2. What I like most about the changes to Gmail is the fact I can Reply All from more places… I was one that would hit Reply, start putting in text, and then which I could change to to a Reply All… now I can without starting over. Nice!

  3. I mean android 2.2.1 its like it half installed, nova, blockbuster, etc is there but telenav isn't and the software is still posted as 2.2

  4. do you know how to undo an update on the adroid 2.2.1??? i updated my phone recently and now its extremely slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I want to go back to the original version…! any advice???

  5. OOOOk so i have a problem… I dont know how to remove the pages from the main screen in this version… Anyone can help me or tell me how to remove them?

  6. @UseMyDroid No… I mean the pages that you scroll through… not the icons… i dont need them so i want them gone…

  7. Does anybody know how to get more music as youre msg tone and not the normal ones that the phone comes with??? any ideas how that can be done

  8. Hey,i have a trekstor Smartphone with Android 2.1 and i cant update it..there is noch update from the Producer or so..what to do ? :/

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