37 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote for Democrats?

  1. Race obsessed racist who democrats feed their narcissistic racism with anti White hate. Kills White people 18x more and 200x more felonies on us. And for your info KKK and Jim Crow laws was partially because of the black rape of White women and out of control black felonies and murder of White people and deserved. They weren’t innocent or ever were, Black racist still kill White people the most, and vote democrat to feed the racism democrats feed them, that their victims. Blacks had WHITE slaves and even in the US so karma. Stop the slavery vs, you’ve enslaved raped murdered more people then any race in history, and still practice it worldwide as did ALL races. They just use it for free shit, while hiding centuries of White slavery, genocide Whites in all black countries and murder of White people in the US 18x more. Take responsibility for your enslaving murdering history and race

  2. Part of the problem seen in the last 50 years is the fact that these half s black leaders I've made lots of money to the Democratic National Committee and they have sold black Americans down the drain just for the almighty buck. Reverend Jackson couldn't wipe the ass of Martin Luther King on his best day. He was just at the right moment in history when King was killed. King didn't rely on Jackson or anything. Jackson has always been a pride and even bigger fry is the not so Reverend Sharpton. He cheats on his taxes he cheats on his wife and he cheats on Black America. He is a total fraud and he helped to start the fake violence currently known as Smo letting as in jussie Smollett. One promising thing is that blacks are getting tired of being led by the nose bye other blacks who are purely racist and went to beat down their own groups in order to maintain their power and their wallet

  3. Blacks vote for Democrats mainly because they are ignorant LIBERAL socialists who believe their parties lies that the government is suppose to take care of u and everything u want out of life is free. They still consider themselves VICTIMS of what they perceive as a rich white government establishment.

  4. Pearls before swine – no bought bartered and sold black will ever believe it because “momma always voted democrat”. My initial thought is that blacks will vote for the democratic ticket because of peer pressure, the media has convinced them the GOP is bad and simply casting their ballot for the democraps doesn’t require any thought or effort.

    As humans we can choose not to be in charge of our own destiny or simply hang in there. We can fake it till we make it or sit around waiting for our ship to come in. We can always fall back on the saying “shit happens”.
    Like anything else in this world, there is one undisputed truth: We are in charge of our own earthly destiny and have choice – good or evil, that is the choices presented to us.

  5. People CARE more about how you make them FEEL than what you do/did for them. If Republicans wants to earn the Black vote, the GOP should start from there…

  6. Why should Blacks vote for Republicans? Because Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves 150 years ago? What are the Republicans doing for Blacks now-a-days?

  7. He skipped the entire Reconstruction period, which is foundational to understanding anything about Black politics. This is simply a propaganda piece designed to let Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party off the hook for their parts in perpetuating white supremacy along with the Democratic party.

  8. Blacks should have more than enough sense to not vote for Democrats. I voted for one Democrat President and I truly regret it.


  10. Blacks vote Democrat to destroy a city and move away? This is a new twist to the story. I learned it started in Texas when a platoon of blacks down in Brownsville were accused of terrorizing the city. The captain of the platoon claim they we’re not involved in that conflict.

    If I can simplify this William Edward Burghardt Du Bois gets word of this and basically helps turn blacks from Republicans to Democrats. W.E.B. Du Bois was the opposite of Booker T. Washington in that time period.

  11. Democrats steal money from the Working Class and use it to BRIBE Blacks for their votes with Social Welfare Handouts.

  12. Oh by the way this is my grandson in the picture with me and i have taught him the history of the democrats he will never vote for them.

  13. Wrong, in 1960's Johnson (Democrat) signed the civil rights act & there was a political realignment. The racist Dems moved over to the republican party. The southern strategy since the 60's has been a republican tactic.

  14. 0:31

    There 'ya have it, Gentlemen.

    Republicans got chartered-up because, ya know, slavery was bad.

    And this ASSHOLE Klavan has the BALLLLS to pick on public schools for selective teaching.
    When does the public school board interview YOU for a job, Asshole?

  15. Had a small conversation with a black man about the New York tax on large sized fountain drinks, and he said “damn Republicans!”

    And when I said, no, I said New York! He said, yeah, New York is under Republican?

    I had to inform him of the Democrats that control that shit state! And then told him, please don’t take what I said as absolute truth, just do some REAL research! And find the real truth!

    This advice I’ve given him, I have found a lot of democrats hate when others get this advise, I’ve been threatened with violence by democrats, when I’ve told people, don’t just believe their story, nor mine! Please do your own research and find the truth!

    Democrats do not want you to do any fact checking because they know they will lose a lot of people! Some have claimed to “do research” but truly haven’t!

  16. Ronald Reagan? Really. The same guy who allowed the Nicaraguan's to put cocaine in the black community to raise money for the Nicaraguan war. Please!!

  17. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I understand the importance of the video but this man went from, “what’s the meaning of life” to “why do blacks vote Democrat” 😂🤣🤣😂

  18. This cant be explained in 4minutes!!!! Republicans today, dont make any effort to get the black vote & to act like black americans are too dumb to choose between two parties themsleves is insulting and maybe why Republicans will never win the black vote!

  19. 100/100, Awesome. "Black people have mercy, please stop voting for democrats, have mercy, please" ???

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