Anchoring your Kayak in Moving Water

Anchoring your Kayak in Moving Water

today I wanted to talk about anchoring your kayak and swift current now that we have our anchor and anchor line set up let's look at how it's mounted to the boat so let's take a look at how I've mounted my anchor trolley to my CUDA LT start by finding the two shorter ropes and placing them near your seat on the deck of your kayak now place the buoy on the back storage well of your boat while holding the buoy out of the way beat the rope onto the back of the boat to avoid any unwanted knots or tangles once all the rope is on the boat place your buoy on top now grab your anchor and find a suitable place for it on deck make sure it's easy to throw overboard when you need to but out of the way for paddling once you've decided you want to anchor just toss it overboard while making sure that the line and buoy come off the boat without snagging on any rod holders or decorating now feed the Rope through the ring on your anchor trolley and slide it to the back of your kayak use the zigzag cleat to tie off your anchor trolley line now let the current through the work lean downstream and let your bow swing downriver once you're in position use the same zigzag cleat to tie off your anchor line now get your friends to wrap it up and let's get some lines in the water when the day comes to an end or you've decided to move uncle' your anchor line and trolley and slide the trolley to the front of your boat turn your kayak so it's facing upstream place the buoy in the back of your boat and pull up on the anchor line now do you remember that ram ball I mentioned earlier use the RAM ball to help guide the answer line as you are pulling it up it will help keep the anchor line near the front of your boat as opposed to on the side you you

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  1. Size of buoy and chain all depend on how much current you are dealing with. Here in BC on the Fraser river there are times that that buoy is almost under water.

  2. Great video, thanks. I just purchased a Cuda LT and have not found any info about putting a rudder on it. I see you have done just that. Could you point me to info/directions on how to install it, what brand used, etc. Thank you. ….David.

  3. I was thinking you could leave the 15 feet of rope with the kayak and run it through a Spinlock Camcleat with a knot on the back (kayak end) and use a carabiner on the float end. Then before you launch, have the 15 feet of rope in your Camcleat and through the ring of your anchor trolley and connect it to your float and you're all ready to go. When you retrieve the float you just bring the ring on your anchor trolley over to your side and pull the 15 foot rope up through your Camcleat. Then you can retrieve your anchor. 🙂

  4. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I'm planning a kayak rig plan for my hobie adventure island. Does the size of the float have to be that large? Also, when you tethered your boats together, it looks like the middle boat is just sandwiched between the other two boats. Is that correct? How did the other boat anchor? Did they short rope through their trolley ring and clip on to the buoy? Have you tried other anchor types? I bought a collapsable grapple style anchor to try. I wonder how they compare?

  5. I know it's been a while, but can I recommend to you a divers reel instead? They hold line a lot better and minimise on the tangles which might occur for you 🙂 love the video!

  6. Excellent video! Having the separate lines to the buoy for each yak and then rafting up is just brilliant. Well done.

  7. This is the most helpful "anchoring in swift water video" I have viewed to date. I love the jackson line up and actually planning on fishing for Lake Sturgeon in Pointe Du Bois Manitoba out of my own Cuda 12. Awesome Dino's too!!

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