Anchoring Under Sail At Ten Bay Beach | Sailboat Story 55

Anchoring Under Sail At Ten Bay Beach | Sailboat Story 55

so we've arrived at our destinations and we are going to anchor under sail as well we've already taken down the head sail and we're going about two and a half knots instead of the six that we were going so our plan is just to kind of ghost in here find a spot we're going to turn up into the wind I'll drop the anchor then Tambi is going to release the sail and drop it down what do you think about that plan good plan all right we're just about to our spot are we recording this one thank you thank you all right we kind of have our plan it should be pretty simple and we're just about to execute looks like good clean sand up here so holding should be alright even though we're not actually going to set it with the motor this time all right ready all right let's do it watch the flag let out a bunch of slack on this sar speed all right Tami's dropping the sale I'm laying the anchor chain out the boats turning broadside to the wind which is good because I kind of want it to pick up some momentum so I can kind of jerk this anchor hard and get as good of a set as we can that way all right sails basically down all right we've got some good momentum going there when I click this off let the chain just tighten up now the boats spinning away lining up with the wind I believe we did it all right nice job babe that's a that's a that's leaving and arriving under seal oh by the way we thought we were going to Governors Harbor now you may or may not know but this is this is actually not government governor's Harbor this is a place called ten bay te n ten bay don't know why it's called that that's where we are I would just spontaneously decided to modify our plans while we were in route pretty common thing actually but yeah so we're at ten bay today we're going to stay the night and then tomorrow we're going to finish up and go to governor's all right you please please it was a good day huh all day 100% sailing sweet good job today sand flea now now we're going over to this is this is ten bay beach that way that way all right this way hi I navigator and this is 10 bay beach there's a little tiny shelf oh wow there are many many little tiny shelf you may remember in our last video I was kind of because kind of a saddened to find out that the water was kind of a cloudy when we arrived in Eleuthera and I'm happy to report that that cloudy water seems to be just kind of isolated around Rock sound because up here it is it is no longer cloudy we are officially back to the crystal clear amazing beautiful nothing else like it Bahama water now what is Molly Jennifer just doing the same thing her mother was doing oh man battery's about to die so oh so it's a beautiful beach my battery is dead but yeah there's there's nothing particular around here it's just kind of a just a white sandy beach some trees so no no very pretty Beach but you know pretty basic to you so this is ten bay beach and we're just hanging out here for a little while this afternoon and headed back to her head not back headed to Governors Harbor tomorrow okay tiny bit of battery left let's see what's going on here what do you make it Molly I'm making a flight right now and I make a fantastic sandcastle this is the foundation you can just pull it right now oh okay maybe Scranton baby governor Barbour what's rain by much what you win probably blowing 25 or something like that to reefs in the main and just a hole over the head nail out [Applause] Oh you what are you wearing – why sound logical well we did not quite outrun the rain but we are now at Governors Harbor good job ladies for your help in anchoring we did actually use the engine to anchor here I didn't want to but the chart says that the holding is not good here and I really wanted to use the engine to set the anchor good and huh it seems like it's got a good bite so we'll see but here's Governors Harbor show you too much because it is it is actually draining out there right now stand my armpit oh sorry that was an accident reason that if we wanted good holiday we could put it on the beach yeah just like Graham the whole boat up on the beach say our angle I'm going to use yeah we tried to you see you see how is code there's a dark line here and then a lighter line right there well that's clean sand and this is kind of grassy stuff so we are anchored in the kind of grassy stuff but it seems like we got a good set the wind is basically blowing that way for the next few days so if we drag we'll go that way and not over there towards the water over there towards the rocky shore it's all got to stay together you get anything you want to add night no stay I want ed to accident hello ladies okay so we have landed the sand please right out there we are one of two boats in the harbor there's another one out there somewhere so yeah this is actually this area over here is the town of it is it Clarence town I believe it's Clarence town and this is a Governors Harbor and then this area over here is actually called Cupid's key it's just this really small island I think actually that sign right there now there you go Cupid's key so everything from that time that away this Cupid's key we're actually going to head right over there to the immigration building real quick and see if we can get an extension on our on our immigration because our time is just about to run up if we get 90 days Wow we've been here we've been here 120 days yep good grief yeah so coming up Friday we will have been here 120 days we're going to see if we can get an extension nice job mountain climbers close well we tried Hank we've got a few days left until we have to extend or renew our immigration we've heard they're kind of lenient regarding this kind of thing as long as you're not too late so we might be testing that leniency so I know blueberry

33 thoughts on “Anchoring Under Sail At Ten Bay Beach | Sailboat Story 55

  1. Lol my daughter and Molly drive the same, “don’t worry daddy! I’m watching where…. oh look a butterfly!” 😂

  2. The cutter rigged sailboat on the mooring ball in the distance is our boat, Mahi! What a shame that we didn't meet up then. Molly and our Ethan would have a great time playing.

  3. There are many sailing videos, but yours is the one I save for when there is time to watch the whole 'sailboat story' without being interrupted by work, or the neighbors….very fun and well done .

  4. First I've seen anchoring under sail as well. 'Sailing with the Foxwell Family' occasionally shows sailing on and off the mooring where they keep their boat on the Thames river.

  5. Made it home to good wifi- all caught up on Sail Boat Story. Thanks again for having dinner with us 🙂

  6. Well, just checked out three more boats myownself, see what Y'all started….lol Ben your crew is the best and Tambies armpits are fine …lol We'll be cruising the west coast of BC soon I hope and then someplace warm thanks for the fresh and honest view of cruising, Faire wyndes and followin seas to you young feller..

  7. Nice to see Molly getting some time at the helm. She is going to be quite the sailor by the time she's older! Thanks for incorporating more of the sailing aspects into your vlogs. For people like me who are close to getting their own boat to start our own adventures, it's nice to have a great family to follow that includes sailing as well as the destinations! Thanks Ben and see ya on the next one!!!

  8. Hay guys, love your videos!!
    To anchor under sail – run down wind on main to your spot, drop anchor and pay out rhode, cleat off rhode and use force of wind in main along with forward motion too set anchor. When it sets boat will swing around down wind and you can drop main. You will know it set well by the sudden stop and swing. Run her in!!
    Happy sailing.

  9. Extending your stay.. is what Gone with the Wynns said true then? That it cost less than you thought it would to sail the Bahamas? They stayed for 6 months and spent $5500 all in, including provisioning before they left. Have you been keeping track of expenditures? Would love to hear your take on it.

  10. Swabby has the makins of a great weather girl. Though I wonder in what market it would be appropriate attire to wear a bathing suit and PFD on TV to indicate rain's acomin'… BIG rain, given the pfd.

  11. Molly will tell her grandchildren about this. How does one go back to landlife?. I think an Ideal scenario for a family with the sailing bug would be taking 3 to 8 month break every 5 years for cruising. Have as a goal with a map on wall and cruising kitty goal to work towards. Enjoy land life knowing you will again unplug from it and change gears for amazing sailing experiences.

  12. If you allow the boat to come up into the wind and you have a preventer on you can set the main to sail backwards and set the anchor …. hope this helps

  13. Do something about those camera batteries. Carry spares! Be prepared. One thing about my action camera it does use up a battery fast. Especially when recording at higher resolution such as 4K 2K or 1080P. But battery dying is not cool. 🙂

  14. Anchoring old school….loved it. Molly's neat personality really showed itself starting at 15:10….and I note her Dad didn't gripe at her either….cool.

  15. Well done on the anchoring Ben under sail, you're the first to show how it's done. Tambi as gorgeous as ever and well done Captain Molly 🙂 Many thanks for sharing and best from HKG

  16. Skills….. I see sailing skills ! Your getting a very good balance of what your viewers like me like…. oh and what viewers unlike me like. lol

  17. Love Molly's simple way of handling the rain……just put on your bathing suit and let it rain! She is such a sweetie and she adds so much to your posts. Now Tambi seems to have a "thing" about her arm pits! What's that all about anyway? It's almost like she believes your filming them on purpose! Let's face it, there are far more attractive things to film on Tambi and she just has to lose her shyness about them! IF you didn't get that extension, then what?

  18. Nice job without the motor. You can also backwind the main a bit after the rode is out to dig in a little.

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