the next thing I'm gonna do is anchor it to the ground no plastic on it we don't want it to blow away we'll pop these greenhouse stakes you need a couple instructions so we have these bolts washers this rod there's four of these and what I gather is from when I saw on the website better built razor sharp and then it has a hole in so get in there the ground once that's down in the ground pull on it this here yeah this comes up the ground rabbit hunting season nice the dome is anchored there yeah do we go alright so dome is anchored to the ground you got bolts in all four corners so get the roof on cut the bolts down take next thing we're gonna do is start putting in the aquaponic system I guess

13 thoughts on “ANCHORING THE DOME

  1. @PanzersAttacking The dome has a diameter of 24 feet and a square footage of 452 sqft.
    It is approximately 12 feet high. Good luck with yours.

  2. @jimginnyohio We are located in Tennessee. As for cost, we used: one 5lb box galv. screws (2 1/2 ") $42.55, lumber was $240, the cover was $175, and the permit was $83. Then there was staples $6.50. This came to $547.05. Other expenses were: the anchors-$59.44, the wood treatment-$224.35 (we have extra left over) and the saw was $614. (We went top of the line on the saw but you need a duel angle saw) We could have used treated lumber but didn't want the chemical exposure. Grand total:$1444.84

  3. Very nice! Your videos have been very informative! Thanks for sharing. Just curious, but what was your total cost up to this point for the dome and cover? I'm looking to forward to seeing the aquaponics system come together. Also, what part of the country are you located?

  4. Great series – thanks for sharing. Would love to see a 'final' video of the completed project with hydrophonics installed etc…

  5. Just watched your whole series of videos – thanks so much for sharing!

    I want to build a dome-home some day, so I'm poking around the internet and learning as much as I can.

    Looking forward to the next video!

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