Anchoring our Sailboat in HEAVY WINDS!!! - Walde Sailing ep.58 (Vancouver Island)

Anchoring our Sailboat in HEAVY WINDS!!! – Walde Sailing ep.58 (Vancouver Island)

we're free last week on wall D sailing we left bul Harbor in the early morning and set off for a first open ocean adventure we had a calm crossing over the nudie bar followed by a rough pass around Cape Scott before starting to sail south after 12 hours of banging around in the heavy swell we tucked into North Harbor for a rest stop this was by far our longest passage and our first true experience of ocean swell and it felt good to have gotten it over with they both fell just let out right out of there so it's 6:00 in the morning we're just listening to the weather to see if today is a good day to leave to head to our next destination looks like there's a short window for us with favorable winds before they turn to gale force warning winds for the opposite direction so we just don't want to get caught up in that so feeling a little unsure I think we're waiting to see if our friend over there is leaving today as well but I feel like we'll probably go and then maybe I'll just be a shorter trips they were hoping to push another like 10 hour day just to uh if we got to get around brooks peninsula which is another like it's the next dicey transition right so anyway we need our winds to be good for that and not too intense or else it could be dicey so yeah that's the update so we've been waiting just for the fog to burn off a little bit we're still looking at about 5 to 15 knots of wind favourable for us till the afternoon to the afternoon or evening so we're gonna head out the next destination is just a few hours away so it'd be nice and tucked in before any wind changes hopefully we're hoping we can sail today that would be so nice so our anchors stuck it's mud here and apparently we just set it to well so we've been trying to get it up for like the last half hour Linden has probably pulled up the anchor like he lets out chain and then pulls it back up probably like his fourth or fifth time so he's very tired understandably the good news about this is that pretty much all the songs go on feel bad for women it's working so hard I feel bad because I'm the one who said it must've rubbed the engine really high it just really dug it in there so you realize why we're stuck oh tree on the anchor oh my word that's crazy this is what happens when you're in Anchorage's that there's logging around and they've been used for years and years and years and but this has never happened to us and that's like a huge tree name goggles we're still stuck on London said it's a rope that's heavily been taken over by sea life so hopefully he can actually get it off of there so it's like saw is working it's just he said it's like you can hear it's cutting through a rope you just don't know if it's the right section of rope so London's been at this for probably about an hour and like it doesn't seem to be loosening at all so I don't know if we're gonna actually go anywhere today we'll see and hopefully we can get this anchor and stuff because we don't want to lose it there's remnants of that horrible nemesis that that Linden was cutting for two hours okay I'm gonna just start going after sawing underwater for two hours we were greeted by what felt like a glassy sea with almost no swell and only a short trip ahead of us we were able to lazily sail down without worrying about time restraints or the sails slapping back and forth yesterday is constant wallets left you and me I can promise y'all only thing I see the birds are safe we only have four knots of wind we're barely going or not but we're sailing no the wind is not coming from where it was supposed to just like the other day entrance for the Anchorage Walter listen Anna when we talk so on made up place only we guys aren't see is that we're sailing through these islands which is really exciting and the first time we've ever done that we had to drive the main / drive to Genoa we got to make it through the next markers hits Coco wing on wings for a brief moment we're having fun standing underneath the lights look into each other's eyes there's no one left but you and me it's like a made-up place that only we can see how's it going great I'm loving this today actually turned out to be a really good sale day a really slow start but we just have a ton of fun weave it through the aisle and switching sales yeah crazy it's a good life Cheers good day poor London accidentally left let out all of the chain when we dropped anchor you yelled at me stop stop go forward I'm gonna who had to get me to help you this is chain was so heavy cuz it's a deep here but how many feet of chain did you have to go 150 feet of chain because you didn't pull up enough anchor today and then that didn't set so I had to pull that number mmm we caught you know many things have gone wrong and I'm probably gonna be in a coma tomorrow cuz you're so tired I mean my muscles it was a really good day really really good day that would have been an awesome first day on the west coast mm-hmm but it was probably more awesome because our first day was a little crazy yeah go tell her friend it's a bucket list item for him to see a bear a bear there's one I know there's another one and then there's a third somewhere there maybe josh is the only other cruising boat we ever saw on the west coast for almost three weeks we buddy voted most of the way down and it was really nice to have someone to plan our trips with [Applause] probably ever lifejacket on all I know that he's been living and cruising around the Pacific Northwest for six years on his boat SV sampaguita a Flicka 20 that's right 20 as in 20 feet he has a blog which will link below and you'll see him over the next few episodes so the Bears are still here we picked up Josh who it was on his bucket list to see some bears so hopefully this makes okay yes this is great I feel like this is the better sighting than what we had at bear we saw yeah but this wasn't it's more wide open I know it's so awesome then they are just feasting on something oh you can see their faces oh goodness yeah the one on the right definitely looks bigger you can see it's been to see any of the Cubs anymore they went home for sleep oh you're scratching when Bucky's walking wait oh that is a good point a plan when we like in coming here was we were gonna go explore a waterfall that is here the unfortunate part is that the freshwater stream that you follow to get to the to the waterfalls up that way and there's four bears guarding it right now so we're here tomorrow I don't know if we would just put an evening between us and four bears well it's probably a popular feeding so we hope we got some pretty awesome bear shots because it might be we can't from this place for now my goodness that is beautiful is it doing the David Attenborough thing yeah oh look quick it's getting further and further away yeah you didn't even see the top it's like a star shape yeah it's so beautiful don't you see something gross Wow that was gorgeous so it's been pouring and like gusting huge cut some steady steady wind and we panicked because we started dragging anchor into Shore so we just reset the anchor if that was so stressful we're soaked and I'm freezing but I'm so glad everything's okay oh my goodness you are soaked oh it's a little stressful holy for a brief second they're forecasting 35 to 40 35 to 44 45 anyway whatever huge winds afternoon and then they're not supposed to diminish till like late tonight so hopefully we're hoping that's earlier than wait tonight is it after midnight builds – I'm so done it's been really windy today and it's been like swirling all around so it hasn't been coming from a one direction and it's really stressing TIFF out well just tip the boat and smash a bunch of my glasses the last of the wine glasses you're probably just shave the bottom off those and just use them as those would be terrible cup stuff oh I'm so done was it midnight yet well it is what it is the wind blew really hard all day the weather stations north and south of us have registered 55 knot winds we thought we had chosen a well-protected anchorage but the winds ended up just swirling around the bay and slamming us from every which way luckily only a few glasses were lost and nothing serious happened what a night that was horrible we are leaving today we've got a window today for some lighter westerly winds to make it around Brooks Peninsula so heading out we may have slept through the alarm clock so we pretty much got out of bed and are on our way hope you guys enjoyed this episode if you want to know where we are right now head over to our patreon page to find out our patrons get to enjoy early access to our videos bonus update slash behind-the-scenes videos and get real-time updates to where we are thanks to all your patrons for your continued support don't forget to Like and subscribe we post new videos every Wednesday have a great week everyone

32 thoughts on “Anchoring our Sailboat in HEAVY WINDS!!! – Walde Sailing ep.58 (Vancouver Island)

  1. You mentioned, that there are heavy Winds to be expected. I know this area very well. One Needs to be prepared at any given time. BUT how can you be, not knowing what all can happen? Thanks God is there luck in our ways to find. Next time, attach a small tripline with an inflatable Object to your anchor. That way others can see the Location of your anchor AND you can pull it out if stuck. I know, lots to learn. Happened to me too. Cheers Andy

  2. a bucket list to see a bear! I do my best to not run them over in BC . Come on you need to be more like tourists sneak up on the bear so you can get a selfie

  3. Gotta agree with most of the followers. Plastic cups and scuba gear is a must. Love what you guys are doing. Keep it up.

  4. Last time I was up in your neck of the woods some of those cute bears ate my brand new Stetson! Glad to see you having fun.

  5. You guys have mastered the camera great job had thank yo for sharing and we hope the smiles will always be in front no matter where y,all go

  6. I dare say my friends you need to get either wet suits or drysuit for situations like this. I have a complete scuba diving outfit that i would give to you, the drysuit will fit you Lyndon, but will need neck and cuff seals replaced. They are not that costly to replace or do yourself, the tank will have to be hydro'd since i quit diving 9 years ago due to workplace injury.Next time your in kelowna look me up. yes for FREE. It will give your two motivation to get certified to dive. The pacific northwest is rated THE TOP 10 best dive locations in the world.

  7. I see a lot of smiling going on!! 10:53 to 10:55 was the look of contentment, pride, accomplishment all rolled into one.

  8. It is totally awesome Lyndon persisted and didn't give up on the anchor episode! I really enjoy seeing you both discover all that entails the cruising life and life itself!

  9. Allways such fashionable sweaters.😘

    Get that anchor back. Do you know how many cases of beer that cost?

  10. Just found your channel today and blasted thru the first 25 videos, we just love watching you both, are you planning on sailing down to Mexico this winter?

  11. Add a line to the back of the anchor and tie it to a float. Then you can pull it backwards to get it out. Most anchors have a ring or loop for this.
    We finally added a lot of chain so the boat sits on the pile of chain and doesn't bury the anchor so deep.

  12. Love it. Good job getting the anchor free. As I just told you guys yesterday I have that rope around our prop . I'm glad I watched your video this morning. I hadn't thought of using a saw for all this rope. I think I'll try to throw a one into the Arsenal as well.

    Keep up the great videos ⛵🌎🌏🌍🌴😎

  13. Surprised you had never seen bears before, around here they are pretty much residents at the dump. Anywhere from 3 to a dozen any old time. Just want them to stay in the bush and out of the yard.

  14. When we got our boat she came with nice porcelain china dishes, glass wine glasses, ceramic coffee mugs, etc.. Long experience has taught us to ditch such fineries and instead go to Home Outfitters and buy plastic dishes, plastic wine glasses and tumblers, etc.. No room for glass and ceramic shards in a boat cabin!

  15. LOL,,,,,,, Don't rock the boat baby, rock the boat, don't tip the boat over. rock the boat “““ Great shots of the bears 🙂

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