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  1. Hi Drake! We are from Gloucester and we absolutely love what you are doing! You are hardcore! Next time you are around, we would be honored to treat you to go out for dinner. Wishing you luck. SV ANNA MAY crew.

  2. Great vids, there's no such thing as an adult, only larger children and the expense of their toys. <|;^) Fair winds an Godspeed

  3. You hardly dragged Drake… You expertly anchored and the anchor didn't take, that is not dragging ūüėČ or maybe it is but under controlled circumstances. Unfortunately I see too many "skippers" just happy with chucking the anchor in and that's it. Needless to say as long as those type of captains are down wind of me I'm happy, but Drake, you can anchor up wind of me anytime…..
    s/y Legend

  4. Hey guys, love watching all your videos. Very entertaining and informative. Feel like I know you guys. Love your humor. absolutely my favorite channel to watch. I have watched most of them twice. This particular video has made me want to visit Gloucester and explore it. Thanks for all your work guys.

  5. Nice video.Seeing New England from the water/boat brings back some fond memories..Thanks for the great video.

  6. Such a wonderful old town. I love it! It was great that there were people taking advantage of the open water to sail/row in the harbor. Nice friendly people thanking you too. I would love to go for a visit. Looks like a great place to kick back and relax.

  7. You made me want to go buy a bag of fish sticks today. LOL Thumbs up on the video as always! Love you guys.

  8. Drake – Watching your travels has reignited the sailing itch in me. I grew up sailing on a 56' Alden Ketch. My parents and I actually lived on her for over two years. My dad and I sailed her through a couple hurricanes too (well I was a kid and that was his story). Your videos are engaging and informative. You have helped me with identifying my must haves for our cruising boat purchase in the (near) future. My dad passed away in May at the age of 86. He was known as Captain Bill, the singing Captain in Madeira Beach, FL where we chartered our boat in the 80's. His dream was to sail the world. I have already done that during my time in the Navy, but would love to sail at least half of it on a sailboat. Thank you Drake. Maybe one day our paths will cross. Dave (btw I am originally from Billerica)

  9. You do not know me, but I feel as I know you through your many videos I have enjoyed. I am a retired fellow who is in PA and a distance from the sea. I dream of sailing and have read much about it. I have taken a couple of lessons, but am on a fixed income with little chance to ever do any cruising. Watching the many video channels helps, but yours is one of my favorite ones. It was good to see a new video show up and see you guys are doing well. ūüôā

  10. Drake, Thanks for being an inspiration. This year I bought a small oday 26 and am having a blast learning to sail her. Also started to do some videos about sailing. I really bought the boat as I work from home and now I can work from the boat. No better office in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtlTfKFpQF4

  11. I've seen the greasy pole first hand! I'm so glad you featured it. All the grease is donated from local restaurants and its a lot of fun for the community.

  12. I'm just a novice sailor, so apologies for the dumb question: What is the etiquette around mooring balls and anchoring? You spent some time searching for the right spot to anchor, and you seemed keen to stay away from the mooring balls. What are things to consider?

  13. I grew up in Florida on Gorton's Fish. When I go shopping today, I will buy some Gorton's Fish and when I am eating it, I will think of Paragon and hope you all are having a wonderful safe day. Your video conviced me to put flounder and tater tots in the oven.
    Mmmm Fish
    PS. I prefer fresh fish from a seafood restaurant but if it is in a box or bag, I like it to say Gorton's.

  14. growing up i had a framed picture of the gloucester fisherman above my bed- still have it. comong from 3 generations of cape ann sailors, not too surprising that i live aboard. ps, the Gortons are annisquamers, old family friends.

  15. Your videos are hugely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to produce them. I know editing is time consuming.

  16. Wonderful¬†stuff, Drake!! Love the added documentary info on buildings and boats along the way…great style!

  17. So? per Kallelis…this vid is 2 years old? I really enjoy your vids and your efforts…. have you started releasing series bits out of order…? confused? I totally understand being unpredictable when it comes to when and where you are… but two years? Pretty sure this trip a couple vids back put you enroute and in early 2015… or is that fella posting a whack-a-doo? lol Smooth sailing and following winds!

  18. OK well this vid answered where you were from… looking forward to seeing the next installment…Cheers! Welcome back to Mass.

  19. Drake & Mo. I've waited about 2 years for this video !! I remember this day very well. I was determined to stop by and say hello to both, of you after watching and corresponding with you for some time. I drove to Jacobs Landing, to get a good view of the inner harbor and there was Paragon !! But it was cold, windy and drizzling. With binoculars in hand, I looked for signs of movement on board, but it looked like you were both ashore. So I drove to the State Pier, to see if I could find your dinghy. With no luck, I peered through the binoculars at Paragon and unbelievably, you were both just getting back on board! I missed you by no more than 15 minutes or less! Mo was all bundled up and you helped her aboard. I was happy that you were both safe and sound in the inner harbor, albeit in snotty conditions. That year had a cold, miserable start to the season and Gloucester didn't make it's best impression for Mo. A few weeks later, the weather turned seasonal and the harbor started to fill up with boats and signs of summer. Somehow I felt like I was invading your privacy, so I quietly left the way I came and returned to the long list of subscribers, patiently waiting for the Gloucester clips. I hope your next vid shows a bit of the reunion with your friend and some of the town. PS Next time, for calm and amenities, you can splurge and have the Blynman Bridge open, motor up the canal and transient dockside at the Cape Ann Marina !! No anchorage there, but it's calm and protected with fuel, restaurant and a short walk to downtown. But you already know that if you've been to Gloucester before. Not anchoring at the breakwater was wise. It's bumpy there in a gale.

  20. Whenever you're in Massachusetts, I hope you never run into Mr. Groton…I mean Gorton – he's probably very upset.
    Nice video, as usual.

  21. Drake this video and the one before are stand outs, really great ones.  There's  nothing like going home.

  22. I had two food nemesis when growing up. Zuccchini and fish sticks. I've not had fish in a stamped out shape since elementary school age. I'm now 36 and tried zucchini a couple years ago again. Still horrible! lol Gloucester looks like a pretty cool town though.

  23. Nice to see you in Gloucester. When I was growing up there in the summers all you could smell down town was fish. Now with the fishing restrictions and probably better processing it's much cleaner.

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