Anchoring Dimensions

Anchoring Dimensions

hello everyone welcome to my channel my name is Laurie and today I wanted to do a video describing what's happening with us as we are shifting into higher states of consciousness what does that mean and what does it mean that we are moving into another dimensional field what does that even mean how do I know I'm in another dimensional field and how are we doing this and still being able to experience and see such dense realities and consciousnesses around us the third dimensional consciousness right because what we know for sure is that as we are shifting to higher states of consciousness and moving into a fourth dimensional field in a fifth dimensional field we're not actually leaving the earth plane and escaping into another dimension another earth plane right so we're not watching people exit and all of a sudden moving into a different earth everything's happening on this earth at the same time there's a fourth dimensional field and a fifth dimensional field existing on earth right now the confusion has been well does that mean that Earth is in there's another there is another earth in fought in 5d no this earth is in 5d this earth is holding a fifth dimensional field this earth is holding a fourth dimensional field and this earth is holding a third dimensional field and the humans on earth are moving through those fields physically meaning those dimensions so when I say field I'm also talking about dimensions so the human body is also moving through the third dimensional field the fourth dimensional field and the fifth dimensional field while the remaining inside their physical form while remaining on this earth plane so there aren't two other Earth's existing in this now moment completely separate from the earth that we're on right and we're learning all this as we understand what ascension is so in this video I'm going to describe what exactly in really clear detail a dimension is and what does it mean that you are anchored into a different different dimensional field or tapping into the consciousness of another dimensional field yet still remaining anchored in the third dimension and if I'm anchored into a fourth demand why am I still walking about in the world watching all this other denser consciousness exist right so including a fifth dimensional anchoring if I'm anchored into the fifth dimension how am i able to look around and still see the denser consciousnesses so I'm going to explain all of that so there's let me just briefly describe the difference between anchoring into a dimensional field and tapping into higher dimensional fields okay when you anchor into a dimensional field your physical form has now been able to hold that dimensional consciousness every dimension has a spectrum of consciousness that you experience in it okay so a third dimensional field or third dimension has a certain spectrum of consciousness that can be experienced in it a fourth dimensional field has a certain effect remove consciousness that can be experienced in it a fifth dimensional field has a certain conscious a certain spectrum of consciousness when you are anchored physically which means that you your physical form and the energetic field around you is holding the fourth dimensional field then you are anchored into that in every single one of your now moments and all you are experiencing in your reality and in your field is fourth dimensional consciousness if you are anchored into a fifth dimensional field that means that your physical form has now integrated and assimilated that high of a frequency that you're capable of holding yourself in that field all the time your energetic field is vibrating at a fifth dimensional consciousness all the time and all you are experiencing in your reality is the spectrum of consciousness that exists in a fifth dimensional field okay that's Ascension and that takes time now tapping into higher states of consciousness and tapping into the fourth and fifth dimension means that you're still anchored physically in the third dimension which means that your physical form is still trying its best to assimilate the energies and vibrations to shift you into the fourth dimension to hold the consciousness and in the meantime there is energy inside of you that is spinning and spinning and increasing its vibrational rate increasing its vibrational rate increasing its vibrational rate and as it does that it's faster than the physical form right physical form is always the last to shift so as the energy inside of you is spinning and spinning and increasing and increasing you then begin to tap into the fourth dimensional field and you experience it oh my god I can feel present moment more and more oh my god I can feel my higher self oh my goodness I'm in more of a flow state I'm gonna trust state I'm in a surrendering state oh my goodness I kind of understand a little bit more about manifestation and how to create my next reality oh my goodness I'm moving more into a heart centered consciousness where I'm feeling more of a softness for Humanity in myself right and then as you continue to increase that vibratory rate naturally ascension happens naturally you can then start to tap into a fifth dimensional consciousness a little bit harder to stretch over there but when you move into that fifth dimensional consciousness and tap into it you know you start to understand neutrality you start to not judge anything or anyone including rapists and killers and murderers and all of that right so it's very very challenging to anchor into a fifth dimension and it's even and it's challenging to hold the fifth dimensional consciousness so we are slowly gradually moving into the fourth dimensional field first and in the fifth dimensional field it takes practice and it's a slow process we can't just jump into a 5d field it's not possible because of the density in which we reside in existent so when you start tapping into it you're still in a third dimensional field you're still in a third dimensional matrix which is what this ascension process is for all of us right now it's this up and down what's the what do you think the up and down is the up and down is your physical form learning how to assimilate the energies remain anchored into a third dimensional consciousness which holds a variety of intense spectrums of consciousness and energy to be experienced while the light inside of you is spinning and spinning and spinning and allowing you to tap into these higher frequencies and higher dimensions and yet you're still anchored in the third and it's very challenging it's very hard all right so that's what's happening so I'm gonna describe in detail a dimension so we get it we understand the dimension okay I got what a dimension is and then I'm gonna describe what it means to anchor into a fourth and a fifth dimensional field what it means to tap into it and how are we doing this remaining on an earth plane that is holding third dimensional consciousness at the same time because you guys we aren't going anywhere and when people talk about the new earth the new earth is here it is this right what's happening is there is a collective that is beginning to shift and hold a higher vibrational field and as more and more of the collective shifts and hold higher dimensional fields the reality of what we are experiencing and seen begins to tilt over into what everybody is calling the new earth it's actually not the best name to call it new earth but anyway it's not it it's not a separate earth you can imagine it is like this this this kind of curtain that's that's kind of starting to open and as we shift and as the collective shifts and as we hold higher vibrational fields that curtain begins to open more and more and more based on the collective shifting and as the whole as a collective shifts more and more and more than what we are looking at and seen in our reality out there becomes more and more of what everyone is calling the new earth but what is happening right fifth dimensional consciousness or a fifth dimensional earth plane but what is happening now is that we are the wayshowers whether you believe it or not we're the pioneers we're the ones in the forefront so we're stepping out and saying holy I might be in a fourth dimensional field right now but that is not what I'm seeing right or I may be tapping into fifth dimensional consciousness but that's not what I'm seeing out there so then you start doubting and being insecure about the whole thing and like well maybe this means that we're gonna be exiting and there's gonna be another earth because there's no gosh darn way this earth that I'm looking at right now is actually going to produce this sort of Garden of Eden a paradise that everyone's talking about by the way that's gonna take a very very long time right we are just beginning the Ascension process in terms of the physical ascension process the actual physical shifting into the next dimension we've been working for thousands of years to get the vibration of earth and humanity to a point where the body can finally and earth can finally shift into that next dimensional field that's what ascension has been the purpose of ascension for so long for so many thousands of years now we find ourselves being able to physically shift and as we start shifting we're thinking why am I still seeing all this density why am I still seeing people killing people and raping people and all of the stuff that we see in the third dimension how am I possibly gonna maintain or anchor into this next dimensional field so all of these wayshowers all of you me all the teachers right we're stepping out and saying we're gonna lead the way we're gonna go we're gonna show the way and it's messy it's a dirty it's like a holy cow are we actually doing it yes we're actually doing it so here's what it looks like first I'm gonna describe the third dimension because I think it's really really important for us to understand the dimension that most of us are still anchored in there's nothing wrong with being anchored in the third dimension there's nothing wrong with the third dimension okay and I in this in this first part of this video which by the way this video might be very long I have no idea but I'm not gonna force it along in this first section when we just when we start going into the third dimension the reason I want to really dissect it is because it is extremely important you guys for us to understand what we're in and that there is nothing wrong with any consciousness that is being experienced by any beam of light in physical form and that alone is one of the most challenging pieces to ascending because we are held in a dimension that holds right wrong good bad and massive amounts of duality judgments it's extremely challenging for most of us to be physically anchored into this third dimension and the fourth dimension some in the beginning of a fourth dimension when you first start to anchor into the fourth dimension it's hard as well in the beginning to find neutrality in all of the spectrum of third dimensional consciousness that there is no should there's no shouldn't there's no good there's no bad there's no absolute path there's no absolute truths you throw paradigms out the window you throw science out the window you understand that it is all a matrix within a third dimensional consciousness it is all just energy expressing itself and when you start to play in that every once in a while you are able to not only remain in your physical form and feel it all the anger in the rage and the frustration and the joy in the abundance but you also begin to remember that it is just a dimensional consciousness it's just a dimensional field and consciousness is just expressing itself it's doing nothing wrong there will come a time where you if you want to anchor into a fifth dimensional field if you want to anchor into fifth dimensional field you're not going to escape what you see out there you've got to be able to because you're away show er okay you're a light worker you're star seed so you're gonna be anchoring into the fifth dimensional field before everyone else what does that mean it means you're gonna still look at the anger and the rage and the killing and the murder and the greed and the destruction all of the very dense aspects of third dimension you're going to look at and guess what you're gonna feel as a fifth dimensional form anchor and fifth dimension you're gonna feel neutrality you're going to see it as consciousness experiencing consciousness you're going to be like how Jesus was when he walked the earth plane that there was an aspect of Jesus that saw God in every single beam that walked his in front of him there was very little now there is of course the the books that have been written that have created judgments and right and wrong but that's because it's a matrix and so those that were experiencing Jesus were in a matrix and so they used their dualistic lens to create this story about this beautiful man but he was able to hold fifth dimensional consciousness in a physical form while walking a third dimensional plane a third dimensional matrix right so it's not easy to be doing this but this is what we're doing and you're away show or and so this isn't gonna go away they're dimension isn't going away we're leading the way and we're pulling the collective with us and again as that wave of collective begins to hold higher fields of consciousness in their physical form we'll start to watch as the entire reality shifts but until then you got to be able to hold these fields move through these fiy into these next fields and understand what that means and how to do it and where are you the more conscious you are and the more you understand dimensions and anchoring and field the more you'll be able to know where you are without judgment okay here we go okay the third dimension 3ds okay I hope you guys can see this so here's the spectrum okay this is the lowest this is 3d this is the lowest vibrational consciousness right here and this is the highest vibrational consciousness in 3d and once you go past this spectrum you enter into the fourth dimensional field okay so there's energy and consciousness all around this field and let's just draw a circle this is the third dimensional field that we are playing in okay so along this spectrum is all different vibrational rates of consciousness vibrational rates of consciousness is the spinning of energy when energy spins it has a vibratory rate based on how fast that energy spins will tell you what vibrational rate it is at and that will give you the experience of it in a third dimension so way down below very dense heavy consciousness the reason it's dense and heavy is its low the slower something is the more dense it is and the more uncomfortable quote-unquote uncomfortable it will be to feel so way down here we have rage killings torture destruction right you move a little bit further you have greed move a little bit more you may have lack you know the experience of lack mentality you keep moving along and maybe you get into a more of a neutral zone where you start to you can experience like delight kind of delight in things I'm having to lighten things then you keep moving along into the as this spectrum as you move along this spectrum now you're not always moving along a spectrum like this right as a as a field you're experiencing any of these at any now moment right when you are in a third dimensional field when your but when your body is anchored in third dimension you're going to have the ability to experience any of this but as you start shifting energetically within you as the light starts to shift more and more and more you no longer resonate with these lower dimensional consciousnesses right you start not resonating with experiences people beliefs books teachings that are held in these lower dimensional consciousnesses like the news fear is way down low in terms of a vibratory rate so then you start moving up into a higher vibrational rate getting closer to a fourth dimensional field or dimension you find yourself in delight compassion joy peace love what else abundance right these are all energies or consciousnesses in this field that can be experienced in a third dimensional field but have a faster vibratory rate feels better right feels more expansion expanded because as energy increases its frequency it gets lighter and it starts to expand so this is a spectrum you every dimension so this consciousness that we call rage isn't experienced in a fourth-dimensional field why because it's vibratory rate isn't high enough to be experienced in a fourth-dimensional field the the aspects of delight joy abundance love peace that we are experiencing those in a third dimensional field but we are experiencing the slowest vibratory rate of them which means that as we move and anchor into a fourth dimension we're going to start to experience these same consciousnesses but they're going to be in a higher vibrational rate so they're going to be more what we would call in a third dimension intense more electric you're gonna feel love in a way that you haven't been able to feel it in a third dimensional field you'll be able to experience abundance in a way that you haven't been able to experience it in a third dimensional field so these higher dimension these higher vibratory rated consciousnesses can also be experienced in a third are in a fourth and a fifth right but the joy that you experience when you're anchored in the to 3d is very different than the joy that you experience in a fourth fifth and onward right because joy abundance and love those the consciousnesses can still be experienced and quite quite in many different dimensions and of course love isn't even what we would consider an emotion right it is a consciousness all of this is consciousness but when you start to move into higher vibration vibrational rates you understand that that love is actually a vibration that you begin to sort of exist in so fourth dimension has a vibratory I mean a spectrum fifth dimension has a spectrum whatever field you are anchored in you are then only experiencing the spectrum of consciousness that exists in that field so here's a human standing in a third dimensional field this human like every human has a field around them a foot and a half out this field reflects their own energetic vibration that they are holding the physical form is holding that same vibration and whatever vibration that form is holding is what you feel you're going to be anchored in now of course I've said this in the other video that I did there is energy moving through you that is vibrating faster this energy that is vibrating faster is what taps into the fourth dimensional consciousness and the fifth dimensional consciousness okay but when you are anchored this field right here is ink is still vibrating at a so this field will reflect what your physical form is at okay and as it increases and as the physical form increases you are going to start to find yourself experiencing less of this and more of this resonance the energy inside the body that's vibrating faster is what is capable of tapping into the other consciousnesses and sort of pulling you into those other dimensions prior to your form okay so now let's talk about how are you anchored into a fourth dimension and a fifth dimension while on a third dimensional earth plane this is where it gets really cool okay this is earth one big beautiful earth this is earth vibrating and holding a 3d field this is earth vibrating and holding a 4d field and this is earth vibrating and holding a 5d field okay now that's a human that's anchored into a 3d field this is where you're going to be at and this is the field this is the consciousness you're going to be experiencing right like I just said in the previous example if you're anchored into the 3d field you're going to feel all the spectrums of that now as your energy inside your physical form starts to increase more and more you're going to start to tap into the consciousnesses here and into the consciousness is here but guess what your physical form is still in this 3d field which means that you are still going to experience the spectrum of this you're still going to experience rage perhaps or anger you're still gonna absolutely see rage anger killings murders destruction of the earth you're gonna see you're gonna see all of that right and you're gonna feel what it feels like because you're still anchored in there the challenges that you are also feeling these other consciousnesses so it's really really hard but when you start to understand dimensions and the spectrum in the dimension you can then start to understand what you're in right you can they start to recognize am i judging why am i judging a dimension why am i judging a spectrum that's just being consciousness this spectrum and every single human that has courageously said yes to being in a physical form because every single human form holds a beam of light or consciousness that said yes nobody is stuck nobody is stuck in a human form nobody was pushed down into we all have free will every every single beam of consciousness has free will so every beam or consciousness or energy that is in a physical form on 3d field chose it nobody pushes nothing pushes any consciousness anywhere it's freewill so it's the way that energy works so you have all these other humans walking around in a human form surrounded by a 3d field doing what they're designed to do which is experience consciousness why are when you start to think about it like that who are we to judge what their experience is what their choice is right we now that is very hard trust me I get it I don't like anybody herding animals I don't like anybody torturing people animals anything I don't like seeing rape and murder and and and all of these horrific things that are experienced so I am still experiencing or feeling right which means that there's an aspect of me that's not quite yet anchored into a fourth dimensional field I'm close I could be anchored there because when you first anchor into the fourth dimensional field you are still feeling the third dimensional consciousness so it's possible I'm anchored into a fourth dimensional field because the more I'm able to find neutrality in every human decision and every human action and every single thing I'm seeing out there the more I am able to stay anchored and continue to move into the next highest vibrational state so this is very very challenging you guys there's nothing easy about it so here's all these humans that are just doing their humaneness they can't help it they can't help it because they are in this field and you're gonna say well why don't they choose to not kill why don't they choose to not rape there's no right or wrong in experiencing consciousness it is an experience of that consciousness there are probably 75 to 80% of all of the humans out there that are not workers and that have chosen to drop into the physical form to just experience this just to experience the spectrum of consciousness that exists in the third dimension because it is rare and it is hard to get to it is hard to drop into to have the opportunity to let's just say right there's not a lot of third there isn't a lot of third dimensional consciousnesses that are doing what the earth is doing right so 80% of these humans that are not light workers have the opportunity to ascend so they get to not only experience this field of consciousness which is miraculous where else can you experience rage or rape or murder or killing and on the exact same moment experience joy and abundance and love and peace we're right it's very very rare and it's a unique opportunity from a much bigger perspective and it is very very challenging when you are still anchored in the third dimension and you are shifting consciousnesses but you got to start to get clear what are your shoulds what are your students what is my right what is my wrong what is my good what is my bad if it's all a spectrum of consciousness and we're all sort of in it stuck in it and doing the best we can with choice right a lot of humans that are doing really horrible things chose it and that's their right that's their experience when you are anchored into a 5d field you understand that okay so here's a heart human in a third D field so what happens when we start to anchor into the fourth D field so fourth dimension holds a consciousness fifth dimension holds a spectrum of consciousness right so when the human begins to finally anchor into this fourth dimensional field it is at a higher frequency higher vibration higher consciousness so here you are but guess what you're still experiencing your still seen this third dimensional field so you're not on another earth plane way down here you're not on a fourth dimensional earth you didn't jump I didn't you and you anchor into a fourth dimension you don't jump off the earth plane move into a fourth dimensional earth and say bye-bye 3d you're anchored into the fourth dimension so your field this field right here is vibrating within this spectrum of fourth dimension but you are also watching this third dimensional field play out but you're holding a higher dimensional field so your experiences and your reality are very different than a human that is anchored in the third dimensional field so you can have a human right here that is anchored in a 4d field walking around next to a human that is anchored into a 3d field and their realities are very different their emotional reactions are very different the way they create their realities very different their relationships very different now if they both turn to television on what they see the same thing yes but guess what they're resonance and vibration are different and therefore they will react or respond according to the resonance of their energetic field the third dimensional human incurred in the third dimensional field may get angry upset yell as the TV screen or feel that rage and anger nothing wrong with that why because they're in a third dimensional spectrum of course they're gonna do that what else would they do they're not anchored anywhere else a fourth dimensional human anchored in the fourth dimensional field will watch the same news program and perhaps maybe get a little confused maybe just step back and kind of feel disoriented like what are they talking about or maybe just watch with compassion and love on what is being experienced by those humans the intense dense consciousness that that human is experiencing there's probably going to be a deep amount of compassion and love no judgment no right or wrong no good or bad right you start to find yourself experiencing a reality that you haven't experienced before because your vibrational field is now anchored until fourth dimension how do I get myself anchored into that fourth dimension I want to be there ascension and this this vibratory field happens naturally you can't push yourself into a fourth dimensional field you can't force it you have to just allow the process to unfold which means that the density that you are holding inside your physical form needs to clear out and the more conscious you can get on what that means which is that you are how are going to be experiencing a spectrum of consciousness throughout your entire lifetime that you have digested inside physical form and physical form is saying I need to clear this so you are clearing all of the spectrum of 3d consciousness through experiences from the smo mckay m– out of the birth canal until now and it's natural your body knows how to do it your physical body knows how to do this you can do practices and things that it will assist it but don't get attached to it that's where suffering comes from when you are attached to trying to get yourself into that field before you're ready the more you can settle into where you are knowing that you're going to be here and then eventually you're going to be in this fifth dimensional field but that takes a lot longer right the fourth dimensional field is like a bridge you can imagine it as a bridge that is divinely designed also energetically part of physics so this is just how energy moves but the fourth dimensional field is like a practice zone it's the practice place where we can start to get familiar with higher states of consciousness it's the place where we can begin to understand what it means to be in unity consciousness most humans although they enjoy the idea of unity consciousness and and understand it from a very mental perspective very few of those humans are actually able to respond in a third dimensional spectrum with unity consciousness because if you were existing and residing in a field that held unity consciousness at all times you would not judge any person's behavior you would not look at anything as right or wrong nothing is right or wrong right and wrong is in a third dimensional spectrum fourth dimensional field holds aspects of a third dimensional field and holds aspects of a fifth dimensional field many of us are starting to anchor into that so it's a little confusing you're gonna feel like well I'm still in a third dimension right when you start to move into the fourth dimensional field you are going to start to still feel like you are holding or experiencing aspects of a third dimension and it's true you are going to for quite some time until you really start to pull into and hold higher vibrational frequencies in the fourth dimension so it's just like the third dimension as you start shifting in the third dimension you start holding higher vibrational frequencies in the third dimension and you start experiencing your reality still anchored in the third dimension but you start to experience your reality differently and you no longer are experiencing those consciousnesses that were way down here so it's the same thing with a fourth dimensional field in the beginning it's gonna feel very similar to a third dimension you're gonna still feel some judgments you're gonna still feel some right/wrong type of things right it's it's still going to be hard there are going to be certain subjects or certain communities or certain aspects of a third dimensional field that you're gonna have a hard time hold on is I gotta get a move on that you're gonna have a hard time accepting as neutral right but as you start shifting in the fourth dimensional field just like you did in a third dimensional field you will begin to move into higher aspects of that field and moving away from the third dimensional field okay this actually didn't take me as long as I thought it was going to which is beautiful as I'm trying not to do such long videos right now because it takes forever to upload okay so this is really what I wanted to explain is how do we and I think they did it how what is this shifty what is this moving into other dimensional fields what does it mean so here we are on the earth plane right and there's two other fields that we're gonna be stepping into and you're not escaping this you're still going to turn a TV on in the 3d turn the TV on in the 4d and turn a TV on in the fifth in the 5d right now as we are way showing our way through right eventually again the curtain is going to start to open more and more and as more of the collective here as more of this collective of humans starts to shift into the 4d and shift into the 5d then what's going to happen is that collective consciousness is going to expand this is dimension the fifth dimension and then our reality that we're seen as we are anchored into a 5d is going to get more expansive and we're going to see more of that unity consciousness we're going to see less killing right no killing right in our reality but when you are anchored into the 5d you guys which very few humans are right now physically anchored now that's not to say that you're not anchored into a 4d and living a lot of your reality in 5d right but just which means that you're tapping into the 5d consciousness and those types of humans you notice our living a very different life than you they're seeing things very differently even you and they trigger you many many many people that are anchored into a four D perhaps even anchored into a 55 D but the five D people wouldn't wouldn't trigger you as much as a four D so a four D anchored human is tapping into five D consciousness which you can't quite understand even though you want to be able to understand it but it seems almost impossible like the person that says I don't make plans whatsoever I'm only in a now moment you as a human anchored into a 3d with a very normal life experiencing this spectrum think to yourself what the f are they talking about how do you not plan anything right and so there's this like what well that's their reality and eventually that will be your reality right but it can be challenging you know or the human that says I see all human suffering as just an experience of consciousness right that forget about it is very triggering for humans very triggering what do you mean how can you do that that doesn't make any sense how can you look at somebody that just murdered somebody and think to yourself well they were just experiencing a spectrum of consciousness trust me okay I'm not there I'm not even close to being there okay but there if you're anchored in a 5 D consciousness if your physical form is anchored in there you're there you know and that's where we're going because again we're not we are not taking ourselves out of the earth we're staying on the earth which means that just because you're vibrating in a 5 D field or let's talk about a 4 D field where mojo most of us are going first just because you're vibrating a 4 D field guess what you are still in this third dimensional consciousness when what I mean when I say that I mean that your vibration in your sovereign field is at a fourth dimensional field but you are walking around also in a third dimensional field so you're walking around vibrating in a fourth dimensional field and also in a third dimensional field that's quantum for you that's being that's being a quantum human that's understanding the quantum field okay that's what it means to be quantum you're vibrating in a fourth dimensional field and yet you are walking around with other humans that are vibrating in a third dimensional field so you are actually in one dimensional field walking around where there are is another dimensional field being experienced and guess what there are other dimensional fields being experienced at the same time that you're experiencing your fourth dimensional field there are other humans what well if there's another human walking around in a fifth dimensional field you would absolutely know it because they would be vibe you would feel their vibrational rate would be impossible to not know impossible they would basically be very light beings they wouldn't have this dense form so you wouldn't know but the point is is that there is a fifth dimensional field right now right here that we can access we already are accessing it so when you understand that you're a fourth demented into a fourth dimensional field and yet you're still walking around in a third dimensional field as well and in a fifth dimensional field you just can't access that fifth dimensional field because you aren't vibrating there yet so the way physics and energy works is you can't access a dimension until you're vibrating at that dimension and yes I have to mention still exist just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist there are very dense third dimensional humans that would think that you're crazy saying that there is a fourth dimensional field that you have just anchored into oh and by the way there's a fifth dimensional field that exists as well around you that you can't access they would think you're nuts you're cuckoo no way prove it you can't prove that kind of energy yet maybe you can I'm not up on all the energetic scientific stuff that's coming out it's possible you can be great sure it will eventually come out but that's quantum that's the quantum field it's pretty simple right it's not that challenging quantum field is I'm a human being you're a human being I'm vibrating a fourth-dimensional field you're vibrating the third dimensional field my reality is very very different than your reality and yet we're still walking around on the same earth plane but my god how I see it and how you see it very different how I resonate and experience it very different from you two different dimensional fields being experienced at the same now moment that is quantum that is the most simplest way to describe and understand the quantum field so when people talk about quantum reality it's not that challenging right I mean am I am I thinking that it's easier than it is I think it's pretty simple there you have it my friends now a lot of you guys are gonna say well what is the fourth dimensional how do I know I'm Ankur din – a fourth dimension I did a video on this so I'm not gonna go into it now I did a video all about the characteristics or spectrums of consciousness that can be experienced in the 4d so you can go watch that video I think I have it as 3d for I think I don't know how its labeled it's about four videos down I'm also doing a masterclass June 28th all about anchoring into the 4d it's gonna be a really really jam-packed to our master class and I will be discussing all about this field that we are bridging right now the bridging field or dimension between the third and fifth we all have to go through it we all have to recognize when we're in it we all have to begin to familiarize ourselves with it and I'm gonna do a master class all about it I'm really really excited June 28th it's $29 and it's recorded so if you can't make it live it's a 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time if you can't make it lie which is California time you'll get the recording the link to register for the master class is down below and you can also send me an email or reach out to you on Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions but I'm really excited about talking about the fourth dimensional field and anchoring it it's a very different thing to anchor than to tap into right and this is how ascension works you have to anchor into one fundamental field and anchor into the next dimensional field and you guys the more you understand dimensions the more you understand spectrums of dimensions the more you can understand and navigate your own ascension process right and you can understand when someone says unity consciousness right or when someone says the quantum field or when someone says you should be doing this or when someone says I'm not resonating with you anymore you start to understand what all of that means you start to get it right you start to understand more and more we're peeling back the layers together and understanding all of this this just came to me I didn't know any of this this just was Dilek dropped in and delivered to me and I said holy this makes a ton of sense I'm gonna serve it up see who it resonates with we're all learning this we're all learning how to do this this has never been done before ascension like this in physical form and so we're all learning together anyway if you want to join the master class it's gonna be awesome and I'm gonna talk all about the fourth dimensional anchoring into that fourth dimensional field is there anything else I wanted to share with you guys I can't I don't know I think I'm I think I'm done so anyway you the more I talk about this and the more you kind of digest it and experience it in your every now moment the more you're gonna understand when someone starts to talk about the 5th dimension you're gonna understand well are they anchored in the 5th dimension or they just happen into the fifth dimensional consciousness nothing wrong with any of it but what are they talking about and when someone says they're in a fifth dimensional consciousness you know you can understand that more or when they're in a fourth dimensional consciousness you can understand that more and what does it mean and how do you do that oh that's what I was gonna say I'm not going to go into a fifth you know what what the spectrum is for the fifth dimensional consciousness although I did say I would do a video on it last time and I haven't done a video on it I mean basically in a fifth dimensional consciousness there's no murder there's no killing every single beam is completely respected and loved it is a reflection of the others consciousness right so if I'm standing in front of a snake or giraffe or whatever animal maybe in that field with me it is me I am them right we are all one we are just choosing to experience ourselves in that unique form right there is complete telepathy there is no need to kind of communicate with words although you can always use your words but it's much slower using words is much slower than using telepathy and energy there is a constant connection to the much bigger picture of what this experience is all about you are deeply deeply tied to connect it and aligned with the spark of source or God consciousness that's inside of you right and so you know exactly who you that's how you have unity consciousness that's how you have oneness oneness that sense of oneness that we are all one we are all the same spark comes from you being able to feel within your own being that spark as soon as you connect to that spark you there's you can't turn away from the fact that every other being experiencing their human body has that spark inside of them they are that spark of God as well right and then the other aspect of them is that they are a light beam or a consciousness as well as you there you are no better or less that's 5th dimensional consciousness 5th dimensional consciousness is holding a much higher vibrational rate so that what you eat and digest is very light there isn't a lot that you'd eat and digest the body is running off of energy light right there is an ability to instantaneously manifest your next now moment there is no want there is no desire that's a want and desire is a spectrum of consciousness in 3d so in 5d there's no want there's no desire there's no suffering for sure right there is an absolute knowingness that you're a creator being and that anything you desire for your highest good and the high is good of the collective at hand will be presented to you you're deeply connected to what other whatever aspect of consciousness you most recently dropped in from you're very very aware of the earth as a breathing being of consciousness and her own journey you're aware of some of the dimensional aspects that are around you you may not be able to tap into them yet because you are still vibrating at a fifth dimensional field and consciousness but you understand more of what is around you and you really start to understand the gift it is to be able to ascend in physical form you start to understand and you remember you remember the whole game you in a fifth dimensional consciousness obviously there's no judgment I mean that goes without saying there's absolute neutrality obviously right I mean you could sit and think about fifth dimensional consciousness and what it must be like there's no hierarchies there's no groose there's nobody telling you how to be teachers don't speak to you the way teachers speak to people now in terms of this is how you do things follow me and I'll show you the way that doesn't exist in fifth dimension fifth dimension is I am a reflection of you let me show you my abilities you show me your abilities let's play in this field of expansion and creation right so there is no kind of hierarchy or guru status or I'm gonna you know sit in front of me and I'll be in the front and you're gonna listen to everything and I'm going to be in charge that doesn't exist in a fifth dimensional consciousness obviously present moment in a way that that is present moment nothing is planned there's no plans there's no calendars there's no dates to set in the fifth dimensional consciousness no-one says hey I'll meet you at that place over there and in two days or tomorrow that doesn't that that's not even a comprar that doesn't even be isn't comprehended there's no plans in a fifth dimensional consciousness okay my love's I'm gonna be I'm gonna finish I feel like I hope I clear I hope I did this well I hope I explained this well I always in my my videos and I'm like I did I did I explained it so hopefully I did and please pass this video along to those of you that know people that are curious but are confused or that may be able to find some sports spark of aha this makes sense right we have a lot of people in our lives right now that are trying to understand what's going on and if this video resonates with you and you know people that are trying to navigate their own awakening and ascension send this to them see if it resonates and it makes sense to them if you liked the video please put a little thumbs up if you haven't subscribed to my channel subscribe to my channel you'll get notifications of when I go live I go live every other Tuesday here on YouTube at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and I answer all of your questions for at least an hour sometimes two so every other Tuesday my next one is coming up soon I don't know when this video is gonna be out but anyways every other Tuesday you can check back but if you subscribe then you'll be able to be notified as soon as I go live I love you all so much please leave any comments down below if you have any questions go ahead and leave them below I'll do my best to answer them I don't answer all of them but I do read all of the comments and I appreciate every single comment I appreciate the effort and the time it takes to make those comments and I appreciate every single one of you for listening to this video for being here with me and this community on YouTube as well as being in your physical form during this most miraculous shift from a 3d field to a 4d field to a 5d field and we're doing it I love you all so much I'll see you next video bye

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  1. you explained it beautifully Lorie as always. I'm trying to enjoy this process of naturally shifting as much as I can even though its tough sometimes

  2. So awesome, I'm so happy I was guided here today – makes so much sense and I was looking to understand more of this!! Thank you so much 🙏✨💗

  3. Just like we are choosing to Ascend in the physical body correct? Which is not right or wrong. It just is because we are choosing it, correct?

  4. Can you please explain are all people ascending. Or only a percentage. Are all ascending people lightworkers?

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  6. GREAT VIDEO…. Dimensions are now clear… One question… What are densities and how do they relate to dimensions?

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  8. A constructive aspect of CERN is that they “scientifically proved” the existence of the 4th demension. Which perhaps means the expansion of the 3D spectrum to include the awareness of the existence of other dimensions.

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