Anchoring Aggressively - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights #13

Anchoring Aggressively – Rainbow Six Siege Highlights #13

enemy is about to scan the area like Rita wishing this way life is super so bad he's so lit what their bathroom there might look region whoa there you go now just wrong way five seconds remaining its run from wander I say so who left that door I swear disguise returns who left the door open uh it's good ash has got fucking flesh on your cam you might be able to Pinkas in the door Monte's pushing tomorrow here incoming starting the talk Montes pushing B Oh securing the container is above hatch activity resumes securing the container once the threat is neutralized for neutralized mission successful I did it wonder at both you have an ash you guys mom likes I'm better now oh god wonder in the kitchen yes well whoops I have like three mics and sometimes it doesn't pick up the room this nigga actually tried to fix this might be quiet be quiet one is in kitchen – which ones in hallway right outside objective – it dragged me so I just went underground and then you just like they all tons of you I don't know why they did yeah they all came the same direction never thought sure I'm darkening there's at least two I know oh my god Mira you've got a call-out and like shoot I don't even see him I thought you had that angle covered no I mean like the operator standing or laptop dating up for eliminated mission successful gosh then he advised opted for has located a bomb there's one out there Ella super wet or laptop last one was eliminated nice hit my legion mind somewhere there there's one let him jump in the window again good you're running you oh he's it he's doing friendly how is he I mean II should really reload that upstairs upstairs looks a little uh Northside watch that can I can watch her oh I can watch her hallway no he's a bedroom stairs don't spank okay we can watch hallway okay watch I can watch trophy too I can watch sleepy who comes in trophy yeah I can watch hallway so we're good it's hallway is a main buy stairs second Southwest hallway can you sniffing around good you know Oh God fuckin Christ fucker I saw him in my corner down a five seconds four is located a bomb get ready to engage way go buckaroo slobbering Baghdad America days operator I want to say he's over here right here committed eight seconds some beers in there then you're coming get it go get them you can't get me don't worry about it jump out that window impact it oh shit oh good shit good work no way you

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