37 thoughts on “Anchoring a Lagoon 420 and we head up the mainsail – Sailing Inspire Ep 2

  1. $350k for a boat. Maybe you could find a razor. To be clear, I'm not against beards but yours just looks like scraggle. I can't grow a decent beard either and I stopped trying at a certain point. Mostly its the neck beard that I think is so unattractive and from reading comments in your videos, there seems to be a lot of consistency there. So maybe, as an experiment, shave the neck some. See if that helps.

  2. sell the boat and .. buy a washing machine it s a bit expensive but hey who knowns? may be one day…keep it up !!

  3. Recommendation for hand washing, soak overnight. A great alternative is a portable washer as used in RV's.

  4. Congratulations you two! Awesome job. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to do what you're doing. Press on, chase the dream and never look back. You're in the arena, making it happen, the hell with the naysayers who can't do anything more than sit as spectators while courageous souls like yourselves press the boundaries and live. I hope to see you both out there one day.

  5. No oh no you two are just idiots! Why in all the universe would our gracious God grant you two morons a vessel like this and allow you to make videos for the rest of the world to vomit by?…..yuk yuk yuk you are a blight to all kiwis and a blight to all intelligent humanity! Please sell the sv and go home…back to your trailer home or caravan or where ever u came from! No no again just no!

  6. At least they are sailing and not just yawning all the time as in other more popular sailing videos

  7. Sad to see that some people have to put these young people down in order to feel good about themselves. Jealousy and envy are not attractive. Good to see you guys having a go at doing something challenging and learning as you go.

  8. dunno, having watched way too many sailing channels over the years, I find there is something fishy about this channel and what they are doing here, the dots are not connecting…

  9. there is nothing wrong with having financial help to make dream like this happen, but dont lie to your followers about it and try and ask for us to buy merchandise off you and fund you on patreon

  10. This is the dream. Good luck. Will be watching all the vids to come. I got anther 10 years till I pay the house off to do this

  11. You two guys are really doing great. Enjoyable to watch. One small suggestion that will make it better for us viewers: When you are hand holding the camera, and panning even a little from side to side, do it very slowly. Otherwise, the scene moves too fast and is jerky. Other than that, you are good to go!!!

  12. Tip: Sailing gloves for line handling, never straddle a chain or line, always have a safety line when up the mast, Rockna or Mantus

  13. Go Kiwis. Love how you guys are starting from scratch. Tip for clothes washing. Trample you clothes when you shower.

  14. I couldn't find the purchase price you paid for your 42 cat… what's was it and what company did you buy it from…

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