24 thoughts on “Anchored in A Storm | S2 EP4

  1. That has to be the snuggest, warmest, coziest yacht I've ever seen. I've got to have some serious words with my yacht. Enjoy

  2. this is absolutely incredible, more videos like this when the conditions permit. I could watch hours of cold stormy weather contrasted with a warm cosy boat. Too bad you dont have a 360 vr rig. happy sailing!

  3. Great stuff. I've been binge watching your episodes. Looking forward to more. Looking at two years or so and I hope to be doing something similar but probably in a warmer climate! You guys do make Alaska look quite appealing though.

  4. As the inventor of your Kimberly I am thrilled to see how she handles keeping your boat warm which can easily be the difference between happy sailing and miserable hypothermia. We knew this well living aboard even here in Seattle. My Kimberly saved my ass more than once when it came to having to go in the water to deal with "issues" like a rope caught in the propeller. So happy to see your Kimberly makes you happy, warm and well fed…….cookies looked yummi

    Roger Lehet

  5. I think your channel is one of the best on Youtube, i am from Sweden and so i also follow sv Ran and a guy who is biking from Alaska to Argentina. Iohan Gueorguiev.

  6. Great video. Thanks for sharing. What's your yummy no bake cookie recipe? I had never heard of no bake cookies, until you mentioned it. It sounds like a perfect idea for any time cookies. 🙂 Please share if you can. Thank you. -Cheers

  7. Wow that aft enclosure has really made the difference! looks like relaxing couple of days riding out that storm.

  8. I really enjoy watching your videos, you both are so happy with a great attitude, that's the only way to make sailing as a couple work, yeah that is a cute kitten. Kimberly looks like a great heater, and I love you boat setup, well done!

  9. Nothing quite like being anchored in inclement weather and snuggled up warm and dry listening to the wind and waves.

  10. You two are absolutely precious and I've enjoyed your videos. Despite adversity, you both keep chipper, upbeat attitudes and probably have viewers laughing along with you. I've been sailing here and there in the Mediterranean for the past two years and will start doing some Caribbean adventures this year. I'd never really thought about sailing Alaskan waters, but your videos have not only added it to my bucket list, but slide it way up the priority list. GOD bless you and keep you safe! Thank you for the fellowship!

  11. You guys seem pretty cosy in there 🙂 The Anchor alarm is a nice feature! Do you guys have an extra anchor for rough weather?

  12. Thumbs up from me. When was this filmed, the weather seems quite unsettled.
    It would be good to show on the video, where you are currently anchored, and to see where you are heading to… Best regards from🇬🇧

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