Anchor is back on Empires and Puzzles with 7DD

Anchor is back on Empires and Puzzles with 7DD

welcome everybody how are you guys doing it is good to see everyone figure some people boom might be shocked others not so much I just came back I haven't played at all I hope everybody is doing awesome but you guys are gonna have to like educate me a bunch cuz uh because I'm played I think we looked it up and I haven't played since my stream was like March 2nd so so um so here I am downloaded the game get a haircut I know it was supposed to I was that I actually was gonna get a haircut today but uh but didn't have time so yeah you guys are gonna have to you're gonna have to give me a heads up lots to talk about I'm I'm like a ton to talk about I'm assuming so yeah um Gretchen how are you Spencer what's up super glad super glad to be back what's up in the shell how are you you're part of 70d cool speedy that's awesome man what's up David Darian how are you maying how are you buddy Suzanne hello what's up john curran yeah it can't be can't keep a good man down right yep I'm back what's up John Phillips ondrea's how are you JD what's up Prince yeah zero left I will be kind of talking about that as much as I can I guess Jenny T how are you miss March miss you too jeremy constantan yep thanks appreciate that Amanda how are you miss you too is well Naomi what's up Victor how are you man Billie yep thanks thank you Kay burrow you need to catch up on the hero grades I know right right darkside right right this is what I'm talking about guys I go I go out of town for a bit and no I'm just kidding what's up Jimmy are you being mega trolled no you're not being mega trolled flesh yep Mary how are you Tony what's up unreal I know what's up really us you got your brunch back I know right alright gosh alright it's gonna take me a little bit to get through all this yep the wrench is back wrench is back okay hold on one second okay what brings me back that's definitely something i'ma go ahead and talk about Dave for sure Jenny tea thank you so much for becoming a member I appreciate that thank you very much okay okay all right Myesha are you there's new strong low levels yeah emblems yeah I knew obviously but the emblems why did you leave I'll talk about that a little bit Jenny tea thank you you read about 7dd discord fantastic I've back in the game thank you you know Thank You Walter I appreciate that yeah zero departs anchor comes back right what's up Aaron how are you Cody how are you why did he leave y'all talk about that a little bit yeah it's been a few months so I think like I said it was March March second I think was the last stream so and I haven't logged on since then thanks plastic appreciate that Jimmy thanks appreciate that Benji thank you back what's up squeaky men so tiffer anchor level 10 stronghold comfort level 5 forge to level up troop silo what we had guys I'm gonna literally need any advice from you guys sev what's up I know high five don't call it a comeback right Prince what's up okay gosh alright you guys are uh going pretty quick on this eight second I'm trying to figure out where yeah it's definitely gonna be best true through here sorry guys I'm going through all this I want to make sure I say hello to everybody thanks lying yeah sorry guys I'm on it because this is this is this is important to me to make sure I do this with you guys I know right Gotti Prince Malvo what's up Wayne thanks thanks for having me back famous in your alliance feel like royalty that's a funny Jamie no just regular dude what's up David Nelson thank you appreciate that jyothika hi Steph how are you the crow a gear is good now I've heard I've heard SAR thins empires and puzzles cool glad you got a channel I'll have to check it check it check it out Lauri how are you jason prier video is help that's so awesome what's up 70 97 I can't I can't read Brady how are you God you guys are awesome this is see this is really cool really cool to see you guys excited to have me back this honestly you guys chat this is the reason why I came back I miss you guys so much I really really really really really really really really miss streaming I really miss streaming I really missed hanging out with you guys and I'm trying to figure out a way to make sure that I get away from that and just kind of enjoy hanging out with you guys kind of talk with you guys have fun playing the game and go about it that way that's really that that like that's what I missed the most and I'll get into it again and a little bit as to why I'm back what's going on what you guys missed everything like that but uh but I I missed you guys a lot I really did and the overwhelming support even after I left was just insane I mean even my my my subscriber count is still been going up ridiculously I think even I mean I I hit 10,000 subscribers like a month ago or something like that and I've already gained like 500 subscribers right now so it's like people are still obviously subscribing still care about it still want to know the content want to want to see what's going on and stuff like that so that's I guess that was I don't know it uh it made me feel really special it made me feel like you guys were they cared and and I really cared about you guys because that this this was the hardest part was kind of like leaving you guys and going away from this because because I built a lot of connections and I had a lot of friends and everything like that and a lot of supporters and it was still so encouraging to see everybody still supporting and I had still so many people that were still part of anchor Cove lots of things were still going on with that and and things kind of changed around and even I had kind of gone away from anchor Cove and still people were both still part of it and still still reaching out and stuff like that so so I really appreciate all the support you guys don't even know how much it means Boff the game 444 for four days alright Jeremy Falco good to see you too alright this jumped me down give me a sec I I'm really far on really far behind on chat give me a second okay okay all right glide it back back to work though alright so you called just in time for eight days strong old twenty-one yeah yeah so I did hear that Thank You tiara who's the guy with the beard I think that would be me hey first time wife how are you doing I'm doing good fear okay what's the main reason why I quit the game I did release a video on that I'll talk about that for sure Jeremy still Pixar Jimmy still picks on you that's good there's a hunter's lounge yep so like I'm gonna have to get your get your opinions on that stuff Luigi thank you so much I appreciate the donation thank you thank you very very very much I really really appreciate it Luigi yeah Luigi's um oh sorry is anyone there yeah I'm still there sorry I'm Luigi and I still still been hanging out and stuff like that still talking so thanks thanks for the support buddy Mary thank you so much for for becoming a member I really appreciate that anybody that that becomes a member will will be invited over to anchor Cove if you guys could do me a huge favor make sure you get Mary added as well as Jenny tea we need to get Jenny tea and Mary added to anchor Cove so just as like an update to you guys my focus on this my focus has always been sustainability so sustainability to me is being able to go ahead and produce content I wanna like it's been bothering me not being able to make the content I want to make so I want to make some more content because like even I've been track and I've been seeing what's coming out and people have been doing doing awesome as far as you know still engaging audiences and everything like that but there's lots of stuff I didn't get to say lots of stuff I didn't get to produce and put out for you guys so I want to put myself in a position to where I have the free time to go ahead and make the content as well as stream as well as be active within the Alliance and stuff like that so I'm going to probably limit myself on where I'm at mainly I want to be you know accessible by stream and through anchor Cove I'm going to try and stay away from a lot of the line groups and everything like that but I want to make sure that I'm still available and still here so that's uh that's what it is move oh I did say hello I did say hello I just pronounced it wrong I'm sure jerk what's up oh my god you guys are so awesome thank you guys so much thank you Chiara yeah let's see the epic offer yeah so this this looks this looks decent it's so funny back from the dead I love this back from the dead it's got its got three epic tokens 1900 gems and some some fly so I'll probably I gotta decide on this I don't know what I want to do as far as the whole money thing with this game so that's something we'll definitely talk about so I don't know how I feel about this year I mean it's it's an amazing offer for eight bucks getting three hero tokens and 1900 gems is definitely worth it so it's just a matter of if the capacity on what am i do yes I return how're you rook how long have I been playing so Marcos I started playing over two years ago yeah was over two years ago and I just took I took a few month break or quit I should say cuz that's that's better word King thanks alright see you Jimmy couldn't believe when he got the notification yeah Lenore I'm here hello pink how are you dear you guys are amazing give me a second I couldn't go through all this thank you Mary appreciate that Griffin thank you nobody can put your names like like anchor that's so true fear thank you so much for the donation I really appreciate that buddy I appreciate that very very very much I will turn you into moderator soon a gear is really good for serious yeah I've heard a gear is actually good I'm just finding out am I gonna take a new approach streaming and parsing puzzles ah Brady I don't know I don't know yet James thanks so much yeah I don't know surely you knew this would get kind of response yeah I did I did know I did I did expect that people would be for first and foremost I did I did know that people will be shocked that I would even be back because I didn't tell anybody so I didn't even know that I was going to come back until last night at like 7 o'clock so yeah I apparently have listened to kill the killer put your names o Killa oh yeah if it's too funny yeah I remember kik Killa Killa struggled struggled with uh with the names oh my goodness gosh me a second chat God you guys are so awesome thank you guys so much okay um what do I think of Killa Killa I love Killa Killa he's an awesome dude hold on gosh alright yeah we're – okay I'm gonna get through this I promise Thank You Michelle alright uh welcome back to enjoy the developments I don't know yeah yeah we'll see okay I did show you that no stay put right I ain't your anchor Cove wasn't the same without you cook yeah I'm glad glad to be back glad to be back you wouldn't on sup in a million years thanks ego thank you so much give you a hug bro I'm giving you a hug this hug we're giving hugs over here do I have anchor Cove line chat group yes I do Kristin Thank You Nathan Thank You poppin my collar I appreciate that okay what's up Dexter good to see back what's up Robson how are you very happy to see you alright susannah thank you so much for the donation thank you very very very very very much thank you so much Susannah I appreciate that yeah kayla is a really really good died i I I really enjoy Killa yeah so Brady yes am I gonna shake a new purse streaming it's gonna be up to you guys it I've always kind of made this stream like kind of whatever comes of it so I want to just be a little bit more consistent the good thing about it is summer is here and that actually means I have more time so I'm not gonna have as much restrictions when it comes to like Wednesday Thursday and Friday we're always really difficult for me just because Liv was in school and I was going back and forth and it's like two-hour commute and stuff like that so I don't really have that much so it'll be it'll be a lot easier for me to stream so I just I just want to be streaming more to be honest streaming and making content videos that's really really what I want to do because that's I think that's what I enjoyed the most so thank you Sartain thank you so so much for the donation I really appreciate that what does anchor Cove so anchor Cove is pretty much probably going to be the only place that I'm gonna be in line chat with the line so in the past it's been kind of if anybody is a member they get invited over to anchor Cove and and then they are part of the the exclusive group that I'm part of that if you have questions or anything like that then you can ask questions so and anybody that's a member pretty much gets gets invited to the group but I know that they've kind of done some stuff I haven't really been active within because I earned all my notifications off online and on discord and I purposely stayed away from it because I wanted to make sure that I wanted to that I gave myself space to go ahead and reflect and think about how I feel about things so is there new here in the month he's kind of wukong 2.0 yeah I'll look into him figure out whatever think of the new challenges I don't need new changes I I still look I do have access to beta ivory downloaded beta I've been kind of seeing the line stuff go through but I haven't really been following it so I've briefly looked at it when I've peeked into the line line chat with beta but I haven't been I haven't really been seeing them too much Jimmy thank you so much for the donation I really appreciate that thank you very much I became obsessed and turned to a whales oh really oh that yeah it happens opilios yeah if you guys could make sure you make sure you reach out to Michelle Thank You Michelle I appreciate that okay thank you hi how are you say hi to live yeah lives uh lives actually live is uh she's watching her video she'll probably come by and say hello to you guys here real soon can't believe her hanging out again I know right Griffin for the paint room over it yeah so so I did a paint photo shoot with live I'll probably post it in anchor Cove probably tomorrow but we just we did a photo shoot where we just threw a whole bunch of paint on each other so um so that was uh that was what we did we run super far on on chat live just so you know so you'll see you'll see in a bit where people are gonna say hello make sure you look you're kind of okay back from the dead everyone chance buy it buy it right okay it's a good deal thanks Luigi start playing it last year we'll quit the game four months as well to see if we get that – yeah it depends Luigi yeah I think everybody kind of um they need to have their own space and I think that that was all I was a really good reason why I should come back now because I know there was a lot of changes so I think that it's encouraging for people to take to give yourself permission to go ahead and take the time lady how are you I'm glad to be back lady welcome back get ready to whack by much lower level opponents the whole whale talent grid is ruined the grid because people now kind of paid booster heroes yeah I gotta I gotta get the the feeling of everything Khaleesi hello hi Rory d2z how are you oh it jumped me all the way to the bottom hopefully I'm getting through all this see all that left alright hopefully I know I'm still pretty far behind okay all right uh yeah I might are how are you buddy all right yeah I'm actually not that far away just as three how are you hi Sonny how are you anchor Cove is exclusive flying group players of this game yep great news anchor welcome back thanks I appreciate that Todd also some girls send some pictures I'll read through the other part Stream is blowing up crowds on the return yeah okay so excited back from Canada Kylie where's love yeah see there's live I see you see how far we're okay hi mr. smiley well surprise when notification popped up glad to see playing yep all right we should talk about the co-payments can you do some farming yep probably any second um all right so as possible just join the line group yeah 97 anybody that kind of becomes a member I get it I got to figure it out I gotta I gotta see what's going on with this I don't know what's going on with anchor Cove to be honest with you I don't know what the direction or what's gonna happen with it you need a complete season to fight Ursula yeah so I do need to do that I haven't messed with any of that stuff they talked to Horton they talk about how bad thorn is it's a funny yeah hi lip season not now everybody is seeing you all right everybody see you know hi Jimmy Thank You mr. moto I jumped me all the way down because people are okay all right there we go I'm almost almost to it I'm almost to it there's a little princess okay what about the grades bro there are no more grades since March I thought that they I thought that they did it well fix all this so guys I promise EP DLM thanks man yep been going for a while what will I do today kind of everything how's Donny doing son he's doing pretty good actually talked to Sonny the other day so he's doing good she's been focusing on her on her studying and everything like that so we talked I think was like two days ago we talked before we started this trip I went to a dentist yeah Liv went to the dentist what's the name in the Alliance seven days departed yes Ani is not playing Empire some puzzles anymore the attorney – chef kitchen yeah I heard subscribed while back hope I'm doing good yep flush thank you so much for the donation I appreciate that very very much I miss somebody else a second um yep you go girl thank you so much for the donation you go girl I appreciate that okay all right rainbows thank you I appreciate that did anyone mention a gear yet yes it did get a mentioned you're looking for a strong lights okay for the first time in your life you've been watching anything live just started playing barely over a month ago saw the alert had to see oh that's so cool that's so cool gah that's so cool alright um cool alright so chat I did I did I did cheat a little bit so this is how much I why did I cheat because my my storage was full so I did start stronghold 20 I haven't collected I don't think I have really done anything with my heroes um oh this is full I need to collect from here so look check could you guys see this ninety days ago was the last time I was attacked besides seven hours ago so seven hours ago I just I just setup I just redownload it everything seven hours ago but ninety days ago was 92 days that's so funny karai gotcha buddy that's Fi yeah so you can see when the last time I guess I guess the hundred days ago well I'll see 102 days ago yeah so I haven't um it's been a long time chat so I'll collect there I don't check I don't know what I'm gonna level up to be honest with you I think that I yeah you can do that I don't know what your name is on there we'll see Dee are you signed into an account I don't think you're you I think you can watch my video but I don't know if you can do the live tab but try it so live got a Nintendo switch for her for Christmas and she she doesn't play any games on her Nintendo switch and literally just watches YouTube on her Nintendo switch of other people playing the game which is kind of funny because here we are you guys hanging out with me watching me play a game so it's interesting on that this stream is gonna be five to six hours stream marathon how do you spell anchor it's a N ch Oh are ya 90 days departed right flush that's funny three months and nothing yeah no I was uh yeah March March the second was when was my good goodbye stream another guy there was another guy making live streams with a together with a girl don't remember names oh okay two three cool learn so much from my gum I don't even know I don't even know where to begin like I'm really far behind chat I don't even know what to level up right now like I have my heroes I don't think I have anything that I really want to level up right now I think I'm finishing a regard I know that so everybody this is a stream inception so stream within the stream hold on I want to wait until the stream catches up to it so I'm looking at the stream within the stream I subscribe to the channel okay yeah let's see hold on cuz you're gonna sit watch this live you're gonna see down here it's gonna switch to seeing this let's see hold on man this lag is uh flagging a little bit I can't wait I know it's not I'm just I'm really really dumb cuz it's just gonna be this okay so there all right figure you want to see the well you're the super chat the live you going to the super chat by don't can you see the name of the Alliance um what do you mean my alliance I'm back I'm back here at 7 days to harden back with seven days I'll never leave departed I'm either I'm either departed or not pretty much oh yeah it's done there I don't you I think you need to have a youtube account I don't know we can figure it out I think you need to sign into an account before you can actually be a part of the live chat are you hold on chat I'm sorry I'm trying to keyboard X let's see if this works oops nope oh that's just chat with you yeah so you're not signed in we have we have to set you up with a new channel dude or we have to set you up with an account I can't do it right the second babe I'm streaming when I'm done streaming we'll set you up for that I can't okay and then you'll be able to subscribe to people okay all right can you make a hue Tube channel for you you want to be a youtuber like me you're really cute right now thank you danke um we'll talk about it yeah okay you wanna support my channel thank you baby all right miss datastreams yeah okay they're not streaming anymore learned a lot from us okay please tell us you're back yet I am back okay what's going on there all right okay learn so much thanks sir I appreciate that okay the amount of Benedict Arnold's in this game is getting ridiculous I don't know what that means all right great to see you back now you can look for me a raid Oh oh it's kender what's up kinder okay you're very strong account um yeah uh I don't think anybody Rose isn't on Omar if you want to win some when somebody from 7dd gets on I'll have them message you and that they can take a look at your accountancy and see what as soon as they think yeah these these aren't TC to one these are just alright so first chat I have to I got to start leveling up something I think I'm working on a second regard all right I guess that fear thank you so much for becoming a member I appreciate that very very much if you can do me a favor somebody from anchor Cove if you could do me a favor and get him added to anchor Cove I'd appreciate it thank you so much fair I appreciate that very very much okay so yeah so these were just I didn't have chat I didn't have what the only nine that's my hero capacity so I feel like I ate one that all right I think I almost need I think I'm open to leveling up Proteus I don't think I've chat should I be leveling up like three stars and stuff like that I think I need to be leveling up three stars right for the events do I care about the events chat I need to know should I care about the events what's our thoughts on this is the rewards worth it you can always put some roster discord section yeah yeah that's a good point speeding yeah a lot of traders out here these days oh yeah good to see a player who actually cares yeah add who so Vega if you could our fear of fear vaquita all right yeah so there's there's a tournament so not worth it so chat what do we think event events give emblems yes I have heard that need three stars for the raid tournament not the three star events not worth it anymore alright so the event itself is worth it Luigi bravi how are you all right so all right so we do care about the tournaments all right so only one tournaments okay all right so we like the events what's up Coco Rico welcome black soccer swagger right okay alright so the emblem completion Awards is worth it to finish all three levels okay Ward's a bad easy to fill chests okay what's up Gawain alright so emblems are key now yeah I figured emblems would be key I knew that that was going to happen I mean we knew that going into it trying to think of second regard is worth it let me let me check my three stars right now you need muggy he's insane this a three star muggy I don't even know muggy is Jimmy thank you so much for becoming a member I appreciate that TRR tyr thank you so much I appreciate that very much for becoming members guys thank you thank you thank you I think they I think actually is funny too because YouTube sent me an email and they're like hey bro we just made it a lot easier for people to become members and I was like oh it only took you like a million months to make this process actually easy for people because before in the past it was just it was a hassle like people wanted to become members but couldn't Roz how are you Roz the fear this leader Roz Congrats on your promotion miss Roz Roz I think somebody is interested in in potentially joining departed in the future so they're in here alright let me know let me give I gotta promote some people real quick so you guys are going really quick on me okay so about that so anybody that donates to the channel becomes a moderator so you're gonna see quite a few people get mod status here okay so Jimmy's already and I think that's okay God you guys are I can't I can't believe the support thank you guys so much I really really appreciate it all right and if you guys got to make sure you let me know if you don't get added to anchor Cove please please please make sure you let me know all right I think oh myyy show wow you got a few more people maisha thank you so much for becoming a member Kylie thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that thank you very very very very much Myesha as well if you could do me a favor we're gonna we're gonna get Michelle busy in here adding people if you guys could do me a huge favor and send a message to Michelle on line and we'll get you into anchor Cove so it's a n our m and then hamster and and then anybody that becomes a member please send her a message so Roz I'll figure out who was that uh that was interested in joining us no I definitely won't be making a second part clam okay ramit l thank you so much for the donation thank you so much revitol thank you wow thank you man wow thank you so much I appreciate that Martin thank you for subscribing God you guys are oh thank you guys David I'm glad to make you the happiest person ever all right yeah so anybody anybody that's got a little wrench next to them or definitely with a little anchor next to them they they'll be able to go and do it Cheshire Cat is good to level voice we're saying okay all right oh all right so zero leaves and come back the same day yep well it was funny because I was uh Darien thank you so much man thank you so much Darien I appreciate that Wow Wow God you guys thank you guys so much I appreciate it what took us so long right Shakira what's up buddy I don't know man um Wow thank you guys gosh thank you guys so much I appreciate that it was a it's been a lot I bet I've been thinking a lot I've been staying really I've been staying really really busy not not actually not as busy not as busy as I thought I've been really involved with my church gosh thank you guys so much for subscriptions cake I appreciate it worst Raven thank you so much David thank you so much I appreciate it thank you thank you for subscribing show me a return from the dead luck on polling okay all right let me um all right let's do it hold on I think give me one second yeah let me do this real quick you figure out which password it is yeah all right okay we're gonna try this one all right we'll do it Thank You Darien well uh we'll pull we'll see we'll see what we get thank you Dave I appreciate that sad to hear as always respect for Gi what's going on shank Shakira I'm just doing my thing living my life mr. Morris I've heard about that buddy I've heard about that man I'm excited to come back Dave man thank you so much oh gosh Dave you're killing me God you guys are killing me man Oh Dave thank you so much man thank you so so much wow you guys are crazy man you guys are so crazy thank you so much thank you guys I think I got to use this all right backpacks are used wow thanks thank you um I miss you guys it's like I said just shot like I really I really missed just like hanging out with you guys I really did because there was no drama that that's that that's I know telling you no crying I know I'm trying right Roz I'm trying it was God it was so hard to leave chat it was so hard to leave it was really hard to leave and um and I was even like I told Roz I was I was I was thinking about messaging her because she talked about Facebook and kind of mentioned what was going on and and I've been thinking about it and like I said it I've been involved with my with my church and everything like that I've been going through a lot of different things and and I'm just kind of like listening to listening to – everything listening to how I felt and just different little things have been coming up especially especially like lately so like for instance I haven't been I haven't I turned all notifications off online and discord and I apologize to everybody anchor Cove because I know that it was still active people were still in there people were still commenting people were still about it and I just had to take a break from everything and and then I just started getting a lot more messages just randomly on discord like as of late and I've been thinking about coming back I've been wanting to come back and I think there was definitely a progression that was made within empires and puzzles as far as um okay so don't pull now wait okay so I gotta wait till Thursday any okay so I gotta wait till Thursday all right Jane I will wait till Thursday but um but there was um I really thought about it and there's there's there's definitely some changes that have been made within within empires and puzzles as far as the direction I know that the the hundreds of hunters lounge I think is what it's called and progressions have made for the Ascension items I've still been kind of tracking a little bit as far as what's going on with beta I think that they've been kind of listening a little bit to it and and so I think that I think there's been some progression that has been made and I think that what is important and what I really realized is that if I want to go ahead and make progressive and good changes towards this game I think that it helps the most by being a part of the game and being a part of you guys and then being able to go ahead and make sure that it's kind of pushed in the right direction so I know that I will have a bigger impact as far as helping out the direction of the game because that was ultimately that that was a big part as to why I didn't really want to to be here anymore was because I wasn't really appreciative as far as the direction of the game and I want to make sure that the people that I care about that if I if I can even have some sort of an impact that um that I'd be able to be able to have the most way to have an impact and I felt like I was always kind of like walking a little bit on eggshells and I feel like less walking on eggshells as of now because I can just I can just hang out with you guys you know what I mean so so I don't really have restrictions so how about this I I'm gonna I'm a I'm gonna do these will do all do these tokens here and then we'll see we'll see we'll see what goes on on Thursday all right fry Chuck okay cool what do we got here those are 26 we'll just we'll throw wherever we gotten this and and then we'll take it we'll take a look at my three stars and see we'll take a look at my three stars let's take a look at that there was like five burdens in a row all right so chat is there any good three stars that I should be leveling up or four stars so I don't I don't have Proteus yet I don't know if I want to I don't know if I want to finish my I don't know if I need my second regard I know cuz my wor stuff is pretty is pretty packed yeah hundreds large alchemy lab one more to come hunters release so far yeah so I gotta I gotta check out beta and see what's going on there if you don't show up you can't change anything true from which were more that yeah that's right Gretchen it's good news emerging oh you're an emerging cool DN cool the cursor Friar Tuck right nothing but rares it's all good thank you Eric I appreciate that alright so muggy from Atlantis so mugeez uh mugeez the cool one yeah I I think well I'm just saying um so I do have that Proteus so I'm trying to think chat what's what's worth it in terms of my like what's what's my focus I don't know um I don't know if Alliance force need to be in my focus or if my focus needs to be like the events I don't know if I have enough three stars Chad do I have enough three stars leveled so these are all my three stars that are leveled right here do I need more three stars Proteus before regard yeah I mean obviously Proteus is sick three regards nothing less gilroys specially where it's at alright so Gilbert Gill Rose pretty clutch one what's really good for the events are not the events but the weekly challenges so yeah their weekly challengers anchor is it note that's not my new accountants my old account Samuel alright you want to get muggy you didn't get them all right I think it's gonna be at least five hours right yeah I don't know I haven't even started playing yet I haven't done my I haven't done I haven't done anything okay I don't think it'll be that long I haven't eaten today so all right so tournaments are super important all right so Roz what do you think I need to level up for tournaments yeah so three and four stars for for the attorneys so I think proteus might be good I don't think I I don't have Proteus level I actually just got Proteus oddly enough it was so weird sell my war teams yeah yep so war teams yeah I mean I didn't I didn't get rid of anything so these are still my levelled stuff I mean we can look at my items – I think if I need to I don't think I really want to ascend to onit Oh so lights wars are not that great alright so Titans so events so read tournaments thanks fit Vitor thank you so much alright so Malia manusia rudolph and muggy so those are those are the the big ones all right so I have let's take a look sorry to have buddy leveled and or do I have Rudolph leveled I don't think I don't think I would leveled up Rudolph I don't think I do I have Rudolph I don't even know if I have R it off chat all right so I do offer it off all right so Gilroy Vinicius Rudolph so sometimes it's blues band the green alright so it's three stores everything nothing is safe okay all right so I'm about to sneeze chat oh I can feel it coming oh sorry I know get them cups up I know god I haven't even done a raid Gilroy I know I have Gilroy pretty sure I've Gilroy where's Gil right out cop – all right so Gilroy all right so so Gilroy is Opie from what I'm hearing chat right what's up up some Gilroy and I only need one of them right chat or do you need multiples you probably need multiples I'm guessing of course it would make it that way all right all right it's all Malia a second-tier chat I'm just gonna start leveling like anything all right you guys are uh I get something like way far back okay they're protesting the cat I know anchor is the noob shaking my head right okay scrolling through Seabrook thank you uh martini thank you where's Gwen I I don't have one ole Mars beast sunny thank you so much for becoming a member again mono doesn't work any more seamless tripping the tiles yeah I I'm excited to be back in two wars all right heroes this oh man are really viable because yeah they just man his feed yeah I didn't know that what kind of sorcery is this I don't know Gimli man apparently I have a bunch of three stars I have to level up we're gonna yeah I was dairy and I was working on Richard but no not Richard I never started Richard thank you to t yr thank you so much for becoming a member okay so can somebody please send a message Sartain can you can you send a message to Michelle on here and and they'll get you don't get you add it in so Sartain don't go away until you get until you get added to the to the line group all right all right is it okay that I'm the other fast level is it okay for me to be leveling up Goro's this okay oh I think I over leveled Cobra on accident I hate it when I over level they didn't they didn't change that obviously there should've been a notification hey by the way your way over leveling past the stage okay where you at I just still didn't finish this Carol so gosh where'd you go did I just oh my goodness where did it go was it all the way up here huh why'd you get up alright there we go oh and I'm also working on a Donna apparently da all right okay it's funny too because I didn't eat I didn't even have a hey I didn't even have that much going in TC 11 when I left so you would think that I have like a million but I don't see it's a TC time gotta you know that way this it's good these backup chat what yeah like I said chat I'm probably I'm definitely gonna be very restrictive to where I'm gonna be at just in terms of time because I want to I want to make sure that I can can answer the most amount of questions and if I keep on hearing individual questions those are the kind of questions that I want to try and answer on the stream and then those most importantly are videos that I want to go ahead and make content videos for so that's why I'm trying to I'm just trying to be more efficient with my time that's all see this is what I don't like chat it was just about to let me go ahead and level up all this way and I didn't need to do that so I send this guy all right so apparently three stars pretty easy to level hopefully I'm not hopefully this is worth it to be leveling this Oh up alright sorry I think um okay alright scrolling through give me a second I will read through chat real quick alright so sorry then I think that she's gonna be adding you yep anchor Cove is online Edie it is online not discord for right now can I do polls on the sand event starts on the 24th according to the calendar I don't know a Samuel okay three stars okay so I only need one of each Jacob okay no Scotty I have any I haven't even done much on season two David so there should be a way that you should see it should be in here that you should see become a member I don't know for the people that that became members today was it easy to become a member or you can also do it through PayPal which is in the in the description thank you XC XC x CXC that's interesting didn't think you see miss yeah what's up be fishing okay it's uh actually you can't go through seven DD gaming just check the description what's up UV everyone remember to like the video yeah do I have namahage leveled no I don't should I level up nominate care to share what am i sharing yes please link them on our lines Facebook rude the okay I appreciate yeah yeah rough 42 I hope I hope I hope to to do it yeah you V 0 left I came back anchor and 0 the same person right so excited back never pulled support never pulled my support operated by faith oh thank you I appreciate that Barbara thank you uh-uh how would you and that you would sure but how do I make sure it's still active um I don't know I don't know I think I think if if you didn't cancel it then it should still be active thank Sarah I appreciate that all right so nonage so we will work on all right so d2z is also saying out Mahesh all right Gilbert is okay to level up right chat is Gober okay to level up yep you in school a little closer left you know you're just hanging out it's being a little creep all right you guess no am I just leveling up a terrible you guys are just letting me okay alright so yes on camera all right thank you no she's too ugly right can't level the ugly ones yes only throughout case alright so I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad that I'm not goofing on this one here live watch alright yeah in your chat box there should be a dollar sign click it donate or join okay okay so if you okay so if you click join cool okay super special okay cool I'm curiosity did I get any back yeah I did I did get out did I get anything no I didn't get anything from it the back from the dead the back from the dead offer was was a whole bunch of three stars and I even used the I used the gems to okay not all right ah alright so covers good alright so we're good on that start giving a I know right error that should be an error comes back starts leveling up Gilroy right so camera is go bruh okay too low up as he dumps 3k Peters into her right whatever it's just a game right I'm not supposed to take this seriously that's all great just part of the number one alliance in the world I got to get back to saying that cuz they're gonna make it make it super truthful right freedom play is playing so slow play for like one year six telescopes thorn from six only halfway through 360 so and Zoe you I think I want to make I I want to make a free to play video stuff to help out for that because you don't like the like the most important things to consider when doing free think you live I appreciate that I think I should just be doing 11 maybe board yeah yeah thanks to cursor thank you so much Roz says hello live Roz she said hello not my age is a mix of Leila I'm bringing because don't poison yours okay cool yeah so I guess I guess after this I'm supposed to love up namahage sure Ben you can have some more blueberries and blackberries if you'd like all right your lip still feels numb okay all right stockpile don't force sir Matt's good for five years nice yeah so I got a I want to try you you know what chat I really want to uh okay so I haven't attacked anything either all right we got through that Matt thank you so much for becoming a member I really really appreciate that thank you Matt um I really really appreciate that all right still there okay um if you guys could please do me a favor okay yeah um mess Billy oh what's up Milian oh Malini Milian oh okay Massimiliano it's interesting to say I'm probably pronouncing like completely wrong Miroslav how are you can I remember how to read I don't know Wayne we're gonna figure that out we're gonna figure that out should I do I think we do tighten hats we're of requests right now okay any parents don't care about those so chat this is where we're at on season two look at that is it is is that is seeing that is that like are people like sighing right now how far behind I am what's up what's up man so you were able to check your membership still active okay cool yeah it should it should be still because people were messaging me telling me not to cancel so I didn't cancel so just anybody that did cancel I just obviously had them cancel so they just cancelled so and I'm not gonna like I don't know hammer anybody back from there yeah so province 18 this is this is how this is how bad it is all right but I think I'm going to season two rewards or nuts what do you mean by that Jacob leonidas or an RIT level first I would do an re get it done alright so Lancers riser okay so I'll have lots of Atlantis coins it's good perspective alright so I just fight with this raid all right so I got a raid first move can I even like look at the board still chat I'm so like it's so weird seeing the board it's my first time making my switches my uh alright do that oh that's just all died really quick half the cost for Lance's 50% bonus on items okay only during Atlantis rises events okay cheaper flowers per level it's like riding a bike you got this right season two bosses purple Titan she's hard to beat okay make some raids yeah I got a there's lots of stuff I got to do so it's so funny I'm like not even paying attention so it's only yeah Chris I think I think if you have an anchor next to you you should still be subscribed I believe okay thanks Luis thank you I appreciate that so I am like reading chat and save my loot tickets for Atlantis alright Andres alright oh well I messed up my purple diamond why do I like Inari and are you sick she's like awful right now like I just this is probably the this was just me using my defense team and I'm pretty sure I'm pretty yeah this should be just normal so so hopefully I don't just die for having an RA in with no healers winning going against a bunch of enemies rip thanks my stuff I appreciate that new dairy oh yeah I don't have Ariel I don't know I don't know how much I'm really going to be working on like chasing heroes I think it's just gonna be like one of those things that like if the channel supports it maybe I'll do it but I don't I don't see myself spending a ton of money on the game I don't think I have no loo tickets I don't think I don't think chat I'll like look I also have to make a new team I think – I do I have loot tickets I don't think I have loo tickets oh I have six loot tickets look at me just living in loo tickets 72 coins it's cute so are the coins is it gonna be half off with the coins yeah Ariel isn't saying I knew she was yeah I knew Poseidon was gonna be good is it a game because we're all playing with nope I'm using my phone so I just I have it's streaming through my computer um using my device none I'm not uh no controller I'm just just playing Thank You Barry part glad to be back no still 100 coins to summon all right I was like man maybe I maybe I just got like super super awesome value because I just didn't Thank You Aussie or Oh Zee ruse I can't read no random enemies spawned drop coins for oh okay next is green okay oh fast decision-making oh yeah he is returned yes David what's up Milstein shesh shot is a hero okay I don't think I've even looked at Cheshire I think Seshat might have been one that I missed because I have seen the current hero I knew that I knew that he was coming so I've kind of been peeking and looking at beta a little bit I want I what I really want to do chat is I really want to try and see if small giant will let me stream beta that's what I really want that would be sweet because it is it still set up right now is like a a no bueno no content making I doubt the let me I don't know we'll see yeah I did I I knew that that uh Poseidon would be kind of a jerk for uh for Gwen who do I prefer June or Poseidon I haven't I haven't looked at Poseidon I haven't looked at a new heroes yet I haven't seen I haven't seen their their finalized version alright so I'm gonna do that I'll probably bounce back into that I think I have to go hit this Titan oh wow this thing's like almost already done alright I gotta bring green dudes right all right let's uh so we're gonna have you last I think what I want first alright so that I think of what I want my order to be I think it's that that that are you out nope not you you think that's the correct order so I set this order up tarrlok can go anywhere but I do want I want the buff from Gaddy eros so I should actually run but I want Gregory on to get that buff not there I'm fine with this I don't need to be using that that's for sure I don't even remember what items they use it wasn't minor we use these right it's all right 500 I think I wanted these yeah I like those better how often Maya is streaming I don't know hopefully pretty often all right what's my thoughts oh yeah it's gonna be I think I'll I'll take a look at it raw we'll look at it together all right yes no baby sharing okay yeah loco thank you so much for subscribing nothing changed on beta restrictions what's anchors playing guys beat up on all the other alliances that's the plan hopefully I'll be streaming more I want to be streaming like more often so long as it frees up my time honestly to I I kinda I almost want to get some like interns I that sounds like maybe a little pretentious or not but if I could get like people to just make like even just graphics just even just making my my youtube channel art and stuff like that that stuff would like help like if I just had like an intern that was uh that sounds like I don't know I I hate saying that word but getting an intern I don't think I deserve an intern but setting up a setting up the YouTube thumbnails would be like super helpful like even just like something silly is like setting my YouTube thumbnails with like I think because today's thumbnail was super easy to make and because it was so easy to make I was able to like really kind of like do things quick so if Ike if I can have like a process in place where it makes it easy for me to stream it's good because I have like my I still had all my all my streaming equipment kind of set up so it'll just want I just need to make the process easy for me to stream if I can do that then it'll be easy but I I just need like new thumbnails and like the thumbnails I get too hard on it so if if I had if I have like thumbnails that were just created that would be like that would be so awesome like that that'd be like new new thumbnails created and show people how to like do it that would be like that'd be so huge don't need doats with banner for this out for this site oh okay we'll just throw some arrows etem i guess which i shouldn't be using arrows on him all right I'm gonna fight this guy I don't even know how to do this hopefully this nope didn't the first titan backchat I didn't even use well you died he's 25:41 okay is it God 25k 41 alright that's pretty decent I'm okay with that being my first alright new bright got a great great surprises start following me right around the time I decided leave big fan oh cool 11 well glad you were able to to come and hang out alright check out the calendar if I want to okay so there's a calendar alright Sam you'll have to check that out good chat rolling back up I knew I'd be back thank you my teas a mod slash member you don't even need to be fluid with Photoshop I use a free program use a free program just online I and it's actually like a website we should go onto the website make it super easy I love all kinds of green on the board don't know how to do this right now that's a welcome back board was it that good round of applause was it a good hit I don't even know d2z is is this is that still a decent hit I don't even know anymore I mean I'm looking at this that was not very nice oh I meant to move that tile it's not that good bro like 26 okay all right it's going up Brad plus it's doing doing I don't know what that means the kingís back thanks Michael appreciate that oh all right biggest was 95 all on seven nice Scotty's I think Gretchen wants to be okay Gretchen it's super easy Gretchen if you really want to I could show you what's up one that was rude blue diamond that's so for us getting something mmm I didn't mean to do that all right so 20 maybe 12 all right how do we do on this thing 79 on my three hits that's okay that's fine man but these guys are killing it look at that I feel so like I feel so deflated um all right cool Titans been hit let's collect here okay let me see scroll back up here what's up lon okay any good to come back stories um I don't know what you mean by that Riggs what a lot like what's a comeback story how are am I not using woo because tarrlok is just way better who only works on green rare Titans right what's up warrior I don't know what that is in that language get the Wilbur buff to keep you alive even though it's blue no I like montemagno green is definitely the way to go on this the gear would work well I don't think I would do that I still I would just go color focused mono green on this that's so funny follow Lutz that's so funny it's like not even shouting out my own boots did I my training camps run I kind of not really I did but didn't it was pretty pathetic I think I have probably like 300 recruits or 300 heroes that were made I didn't care no I didn't beat season two yet squeaky and they they hear that I hear oh that's better than whoo is yeah Ranvir will definitely be better than whoo for sure what am i thoughts on the car okay so let's talk about this guy Ren beer all right so first and foremost like obviously insane on titans because it's dealing damage plus it's giving 195 attack does have the accuracy defense down or City the accuracy down gives all holy allies 46 against dark so this is 100% really good against Titans I don't know as to if I would use it all of the time I see so it's a 195 attack 35 decrease so we have the comparisons so I should probably just you know chat I'll probably make a video on this just a single video on it so this is gonna give a hundred percent but it has no issues with that um see where we at will feel so bad we was so neglected now well yeah we're gone right so yeah I mean it's just infinitely better than Wukong like it's not even a question I think it now just becomes a matter of do you use Wukong or do you use our soy do you use Ravan er or or tarrlok is gonna be the question so that's that's where it's gonna be oh yeah plus he's fast Andy deals damage yeah so yeah I'll have to talk probably with beta as far as getting some some opinions but um but uh Ranveer and tarrlok are definitely gonna be used on all Titans so I don't know as to if it might even be super useful on on um what's it called on defense potentially I haven't tried you put a lot of your albums that's okay Scotty's man that's fine you know you don't you don't have to worry about that you don't have to worry about that all right so I can't join this right I love you too baby all right so leaderboard stuff chat is this like pretty is it mostly rng or what's the what's the situation on this yeah zero retired you have max Ranbir he's better than Wu but nothing special honestly really okay I wonder if it's better than tar-like so that that's a crime een you just compare them side by side Ram veneer is 100 percent better than what Kong there's like no debate on that I don't know sama Margaret I haven't looked at Margaret I got a look at it Sammo I think I what I'm going to do is I'm probably gonna make a video on previous heroes of the months and just give my opinions on them from the outside looking in so I'll probably just do like a quick video on all of them that were in the past that I have missed and I'll give kind of my thoughts and opinions on that and then I definitely want to make sure that the hero gray gets updated and set up in place because I don't know what the status is on that but I will figure that out alright so rate events are pure luck yeah so did something happen so I guess I could talk about zero I mean obviously like I said I haven't talked to anybody really until yesterday having to do with this game so zero hits what everybody kind of hits it becomes a matter of time versus what you're getting out of it and it's a lot of time and especially if you have family involved and everything like that it makes things very stressful and hard so for the time being zero has quit the game and is no longer playing empires and puzzles so I mean if you look at my last dream we never assumed that I would ever be back so who knows but uh I guess that's that's the bit on zero he did post an official kind of statement on discord and and you can read that in the 7dd gaming discord yes I am officially back okay so very fast okay so yeah I'll have to look at Margaret look at everybody go Brett thank you or Gilbert thank you so much for subscribing alright so one harm percent used on green and yellow Titans revenue our red purple and green okay so that's that's the consensus there where to view the hero grade so pet Petco if you look at the description of this video it'll say anchors complete guide to hero grades it should be a link in there alright so tarrlok hits harder it's stronger but revenue is really fast yeah so that's that could definitely be an incentive so August here of the month is a blue tarrlok 100% okay interesting so so obviously it would be tossing back and forth between on that zero we'll be back just need I mean we'll see all right so Matt saying tarrlok over route Ranveer yeah Ranveer over wolf for sure what did I miss the most Maria I missed you guys I miss hanging out streaming that's what I miss the most Thank You Brent yeah no I I just missed hanging out with you guys like that was like for me that was like super fun oh my god like this is so funny so this this person's level 39 my cups here should I just I'll just attack with this obviously this is not a good team to be bringing in on this so I have the green match that might potentially set up I might be able to get a red diamond out of this green match they're close to it no I didn't end up getting the green aemond a red diamond so making the green diamond choice all right so he's having all this stuff go off here which this'll be good with him kitty finally got a red diamond Rob 42 thank you so much for the subscription how's he kill me in June all right that was rude I don't know if I really want to use this yet I guess I will uh Lee thanks okay you really appreciate all the work to put into the hero gray and helped me a lot grow tons because 70 family oh that's awesome thank you appreciate that man thank you worried I appreciate that alley thank you you predict a loss the years Opie maybe this is the time where I bash a gear because everybody loves a gear now so now I just need to get on the team like team agir hate because everybody assumed that I loved him or maybe maybe maybe SG just really wanted me to come back and that's why they buffed a gear I'm go with that all right so we're just gonna bring mana red and we're just gonna fight it gear tanks how's that sound I mean this guy didn't have the greatest of the greatest of a supporting cast but let's go let's go get our cops back man we had a gear come here let's go fight this Oh seven days counting how many seven days alliances do we have chat can we can we can we get a consensus on the amount of seven days alliances there are I've never even heard seven days and Counting is this even an official 7 days Alliance all right so this is gonna set up a red dragon that'll be a nice cascade 37 right how many are you of okay so let's do I think that think that they think that I wonder what this is going on all right so that just took it out 77 7.7 you made Surrey burn how cool Barbara cool there's a bunch of fakes out there all right so it's departed forever ascending reborn condemned all right so this is not somebody actually in seven days departed this is what we call a fake this is a hacker yeah we got a fake on our hands all right so here is just like healing everybody so I can see how this potential is gonna get really annoying to deal with you're holding out for seven days redundant oh it's too good chat am I just gonna die is it you're gonna get me am I gonna get a geared pitcher like all there interesting yep forgot about that forgot fermented now fermented alright so jewel is saying departed reborn emerging hunting condemned ascending forever and tenacious what is tenacious yeah I was in rusting alright Chad I think we're gonna lose this one alright we lost this one we're gonna rematch you of course your gear is no match for me the year is an awesome tank I bet you guys never thought that those words would be muttered alright let's try and get a red diamond I do not give me a red diamond let me think this out I think there's a red diamond I'm missing in this I think if I can just get everybody to go off at once I might be okay alright so we're gonna do this first this first okay so you're in tenacious now all right cool Sara nice well so chef is in tenacious okay Wow that hurt so this is just like a slow team all right there's got to be a red diamond in this so I think this makes a red diamond yep that's gonna make another Rhode Island all right so I'm gonna do that first all right cool don't go anything cool alright still alright so I'm gonna wait on that I think should hopefully kill you grip I wish there was a an auto because I would just like I think you oh no this is gonna dispel it because I just wanted to burn damage to kill zoom kitty all right let me look oh you created tenacious after I left okay chef came back to departed when I left all right uh this is yeah it was bad board you didn't call her up on a gear no no Ron I'm just having fun this definitely isn't like efficient see I'm just trying to kill with fun I'm killing in a way that I'm not supposed to be killing because that makes it fun er chef 70 he's better than Gordon Ramsay that's so funny I'm trying to like read and this thing will not die all right you've been trying to get me to your team switch of blue tanks or suck on red yep it'll happen all right can you just die please it's funny because this is actually like one of my best war teams it's like super consistent five minutes left just trying to kill as them kitty man all right well these Rita's will kill you I talked about why he retired pretty much just needs time and break space away from everything okay let me go look all right chef and the whole team tenacious amazing including including the syrup vertical our ninja bet okay it was a level four player this Orion a Magus yeah everyone please right yeah like the video you can do it while we're alive oh it's so crazy – there's 215 I've I've never like consistently had over 215 people watching like the entire time yeah I agreed on the auto alright Hagar couldn't find an anchor Cove home line up so discord wouldn't be added so Edie we've got people part of acre Cove typically just set up if you're part of the the membership will join killers podcast I don't know Killa hasn't asked me to join his podcast but I'm sure it would all right we're gonna go fight this guy double blue seems good worst combination ever all right so I have a potential to maybe make a blue diamond which will help clear out stuff there it is see look at that chap I'm gonna clear this out got to make way for our red tiles state decided they didn't want to show up initially we're close to getting a red diamond do that we might be able to get a right dive and that's my peewee red Dimond yep very cool we got it there I had two different directions that I could have got the red diamond so I obviously don't care if a gear goes off right now I'm trying to think if I want to click this diamond right now or not yeah hopefully a lassie doesn't kill somebody that was the one I didn't want you to really go this is probably the strongest team that I've fought so far just using obviously not a good team against this so I have a feeling like my mono green team would just annihilate we're really far behind right now this is like defense against defense because he doesn't really have a way to kill me besides OPA Khan and alas II actually is some really wished I could get this red diamond well that was not very nice all right I don't think we can win this really I'm try it again all right well go to Rhode Island so I don't know if I I really don't want to click my red diamond but one two three four five this will charge up everybody all right so this first that that we did it we're so good at this game guys all right thanks ollie appreciate that yeah my goodbye did have that but I'm just saying like I can understand I guess maybe I can understand like but my goodbyes I don't think it stated it I don't think it stayed at 200 people I don't know maybe I think I was up to like 350 I think with the goodbye red motto blue I can secure without speller right that's what we do is sunny we have fun did I ever get in yo nope I didn't Sarah that is a very good question no I never did get any Scotty's backyard barbecue nothing he's like the official sponsor of my stream and I still have never had it so no I have never had Scotty's backyard barbecue apparently Scotty doesn't want to send me Scotty's backyard barbecue to my barbecue to my backyard dragged us on thank you for subscribing I appreciate that glad I caught this in stream highly respected member of the community and good for the reason time put into it glad to have you back got a riding kitchen thank you rob 42 thank you so much for a subscription to yeah yeah I was like 350 people I think hello well that's wrong right Sarah that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying I've had I've had like he specifically makes his name Scotty's backyard barbecue and you guys know me I address everybody when they come on and they're chatting and everything like that and then they like so I have to say cuz he's always been like super active I have to be like Scotty's backyard barbecue so I've just been giving him plugs like I don't know it's probably like six months because Scotty I remember if you're like what level you because I remember you subscribed this had to have been back in September I think you're subscribed in September because I remember Scotty's backyard barbecue showing up on my my emails and I'm like what the heck is this I was like is this person gonna transfer me to like do this and here you are now super involved with the game yeah anchors goodbye I was like who's the who's goodbye tour right yeah you lost the address now yeah hopefully yeah saw me emailed you my address yeah seems it seems typical if it yeah you have level 58 now which is funny I'm level 59 welcome back yeah I'm a yeah sash I'm in 7dd I'm back and departed that's so funny look at you Scotty you got like a level behind me haven't played in four months just catch catch me in two years I've been playing for two years just catch me alright let's find some more gear tanks figure where you see now instead of instead of going when hunting chat I get to go we're a gear hunting and then I got to do it with mono red just to be super disrespectful yeah he did me he did meat didn't mean sunny all right yeah I'm gonna be Sasha sash I'm gonna definitely help out with the hero guide for sure that's on a major priority alright well chat see this is how this is how you become really good at this game is you just have opening red diamonds that's how that's how you good my TED talk is done for the day just have good red diamonds this should hopefully kill make the purple diamonds now we just get rid of we're gonna get rid of blue for sure oh is Kunshan is is that troublesome you're still playing a partisan puzzles yet what do you mean by that oh it's gonna use our rate refill chat we're gonna house splurge and going wild over here oh I don't like it just because it has this we gotta find it better we gotta find a better one especially with ten emblems dude I have like none this is so pathetic I'm so far behind on emblems there's probably like one of the worst things to be is like behind on emblems were you out of gear were you hiding a gear so funny cuz I see like no Glen tanks I'm so glad I didn't take down the a gear video cuz if people can just go off of that grade like wow this grade is actually right now on this okay alright this oh this will be fun pretty sure I just have to kill Albee man this is gonna be annoying so they're just like the whole met has changed it's just like annoying alright let's see if I'm like a red diamond mm all right so I'm decently close on a red diamond I need this red to be right there I think that did it see look at that chat see so many times people like people think that it's just lucky but I literally planned out that move all right what do we got one two three four five I think I'm gonna wait on doing that I kinda almost I think I want to wait actually with using everything there at first that the nests than this and then we're even just gonna make this move first for as lar and then we're gonna click our diamond rip by you got a wave to them and you kill them all you just wave say bye I found my address all right Scotty I'm waiting and I'm just gonna spend the entire like I just want to spend the entire stream just eatin Scotty's backyard barbecue see like I said like if you guys go back and watch that you'll see that that I purposely moved those tiles on purpose to make my diamond how's my baby girl she's good she's hanging out she said hello alright so punchin on a tile or gear who is a better tank I think probably a gear potentially but Kunshan seems really good should i art to chat do i need to be fighting Kunshan to bring mono purple against conscience you need to climb higher then you will see a gear yeah all right do you think I'm bars and puzzles will sponsor you since I'm back I doubt it APA fan I know you can write Sarah maybe maybe we get some order for Scotty's backyard barbecue grave tanks are boring getting hungry for barbecue now right alright so we gotta go fight clinch in all right so what look what mono color do I do I bring mono purple again scrunch in let's find some Coon chin all right we'll bring mono purple against this how's that sound pretty sure PFDs like been around for a while kudamon what's up man based on my players so it's my favorite rainbow team I don't play rainbow okay rainbow is for scrubs I'm just kiddin um I don't know it just depends it just depends grave takes mono green will do it I had scared Marcin II I'm scared and scared I mean you're now it's never play uppers again puzzles right yeah peace I did I pretty much said that I was not playing under the state of what it was and then they started mentioning a whole bunch of new things that came out and some stuff has come out so things could be different thanks honey thanks honey bee thank you all right let's bring so this is a shrunken mono purple all right we're gonna mono purple I could do that I scared my mono purple is actually really good that's probably not a good thing for you to be saying – this the burrito gets in there Jana seems good alright mono teams aren't working like before since version 21 in the game I don't know I just crushed it with the themer especially in wars yeah revenue areas level is definitely worthy of leveling up if you don't have tarrlok I would say I have to say your mono teams video will blow your way of Atilla scrub snort yeah no I I just I don't I don't get it I'm kidding I just think it's funny keyonna not Ling oh I goofed that up good catch all right uh we've got a potential for a purple diamond in the making let's try this so that's not gonna give me what I want so it's funny too because three three purples will will kill Delilah if I got third purple there Ramon oh thank you so much for subscribing I really appreciate that buddy see I'm so good at the scan chat chat I'm so good like I can't believe it just get in it's like such a good like such a lucky do I want you dead because you like the way you play the game thanks I appreciate that Freda Graham Sonia Borel Triton thank you peace I appreciate that has some of the medic catch up of guys calm down with the updated questions right oh yeah okay no it's fine Oh rainbows for scrubs Oh correction no right rainbow is actually it's just you play style I just I just from me I love focusing on one color I've got one color and then I can like adjust and shift and make whatever moves I need to make for that color I think people get too intimidated all right cool I can i I mean rainbows fine everyone ripe rainbow in the chat so anchor and Driver afraid it to real players put together rainbow synergy teams you should do that I know I should I'm doing mono purple against couch endings oh yeah country all right look at this a gear crunching I don't know how he kills me just coaching into laying out well this is pretty cool team um c-can I see we can set up a purple time and not see you know I mean if I get super lucky – nope whip no that was super lucky what how's your teeth feel alright sure babe alright so we're gonna go here I think this might kill you no alright but go here and then hopefully yeah this should definitely kill everybody rainbow you guys think that rainbow is it okay you can see I could be good against Titans yeah I do have my stronghold going so one of my planes got ya back to competitive play leadership streaming yeah I don't know EP I'm hanging out I'm helping out however seven days to part it needs me that's what I'm doing right now alright so everybody's singing rainbow alright rainbow against what alright is this a good team alright this is fine w CD T alright what am i alright so my just build my own rainbow team all right my rainbow team wait so I know I'm I want you and I want you who Aries might be good I lost clean Luther I've maybe Wow sign we good Greg you run tar-like and just kind of fatigue them out any they go Drake or tune like it's Drake let's go we'll do this team I'm okay with this rainbow raids are harder I don't have Freda all right let me think so this will make a yellow diamond I'm still hit here so I want to try and kill him before he goes off this will set up a blue diamond see chat this is what I'm talking about do you guys see the blue diamond so I had the blue diamond right here so I had the blue diamond right here and then I also just made this blue diamond – I don't want to click my blue diamond if I can I would prefer not clicking my blue diamond but I really need her to go off that was rude that was really rude I wish I wished she would have been able to go off but I could still I could still no that's going off alright you owe me okay sport wasn't that great no don't go off I I'm gonna go here miss nun all right or did I miss why didn't you get blinded to do withstand I don't know what happened that I definitely just threw Drake falling into you and nothing happened Wow all right that's fine all right um yeah I'm okay with just doing this I don't want to click the diamond 3 I don't mean out make the green diamond I click the green diamond alright I should be able to win this one I'm okay with doing that all right it's going up all right you should be dead oh you can't deaf detail and II found him oh okay which we alright I'm gonna do I'm Brent I'll just bring the same team against this I mean this doesn't really count because I have three diamonds on two moves I don't know if I really even want to click them any of these I definitely want to click red because that's what I'm gonna give me a tonight I'm gonna fill me I want green to go off now this is gonna be fun don't have going off again thank you all right we'll go here and then there I'll do that one maybe makes another yellow diamond yep all right okay you only missed out on Frida as all Margaret no huge loss yeah why am i simple I don't know man I feel like it's from me talking so much cuz I definitely didn't like have any issues I need to like blow my nose feel bad alright trick following typically does nothing right what we see the Drake Fong or Jun talking about the stuff about empires and puzzles back shake my head was enough views on the other game lame right right camera boy no gamer boy I think there was a lot of changes that were putting put in place and I honestly I just miss streaming and seven days to part it could definitely use my unless a use my help but it was a good time to come back I think that it took a lot of pressure off the Alliance itself and I miss miss streaming with you guys so my views haven't really changed but I think I already addressed it Bobby if you're really curious as to what I had to say about it alright so yeah so and I David I talked about that can you explain the defense button news for I don't even know what the defense button well that that's what your defense is have I seen that dad and killers I know I haven't what I do it yeah EP already said if they asked me I'm sure thanks Gretchen I really appreciate it thank you so much I appreciate that we can go back to mom right what's up Petro how much it's Tracy it's just it's five it's five bucks a month if you want to become a member it's up to you though anybody that becomes a member they I just send them over an invite to tanker Cove no it's all good Rob I mean it's a good question I don't even think that's a hater question it's fine it because it does like all the dress I'm okay with it gamer boy it does kind of seem kind of like I'm going back on my word and going back on on what I said I don't think that my opinions really have changed but I do see that I do see that progress is being made in terms of fixing the issues that they had to make it less about less about RNG especially now seeing the alchemy amount of all alchemy lab being produced I'm gonna be very curious to see what goes on with that with the hero lab and I honestly felt like if I want to make a change or help things for the better for the whole community I think that I'll have a better chance of doing that's still being active and part of the game so that's kind of that's kind of where I'm at man but like I said I I don't think it's a hater question it does sound very abrupt it is what it is but I'm not I'm not worried about it what happened with hearthstone I I just I haven't played it I really wanted to take a break from games just in general so I took I took it like after I I stopped playing hearthstone probably a few months ago I took a few months and and I didn't play hearthstone either so I didn't play any games for a few months and then I got called upon to uh to help out with a different game and just did that and I think I can really prioritize my time and still be okay uh Tracy I think that it should be I think if I don't know where it's at now because I think YouTube change it but we had quite a few new members come on board it should be it should say like join or something like that it should be next to the money symbol I don't know she on so I think Lera might know as she left but Tracy if you don't see the the thing if you don't see it then you can always just do the the PayPal way which is um which is just in the description of this which actually should probably check that to see if people I think people might have give a second okay so all right so I need so Brian Brian joined as well he joined through the link Brian Brian Phelps are you in here are you still on the stream brain Phelps Thank You Joel I appreciate that yeah does anybody yeah that the PayPal link is honestly that's the easiest way Tracy you can just click on the link that Jewel just posted played hearthstone for two years over it now still dabble time done like I am I'm i'm considering playing hearthstone again I haven't decided yet Thank You Samuel thank you how hard should I push date to level 20 as soon as possible on your townhall pretty hard in our killer I think you should pushed that's probably that's one of your your uh-oh Brian Phelps can you um thank you so much for for subscribing Brian can you do me a favor can you send a message to Michelle so we can get you an anchor Cove buddy so that will so can get you in so I really appreciate you you becoming a member in thank you very very much check sure let me um let me do this – I gotta go through and see in a second and you were just right here we change this thank you buddy thank you I'm ed thank you so much with all the new stuff coming to the game yon Ned that was a big part too because I've been kind of tracking and seeing what's going on so uh so I I hope like I said I want to get involved with beta oh I still I didn't I didn't get rid of my beta so I still have beta to attack this guy I guess Yeah right right there that that that line ID so Samuel it's more important to push this to stronghold 20 I definitely wouldn't worry about upgrading individual things too much stronghold 20 is super important especially if you're gonna be free-to-play Hannie he tell voles fan I said hello all right let me look at this board so I have some potential to make a purple diamond coming up around here that won't do it I could make nope that'll do it that'll mess it up that's fine we have potential make a purple diamonds didn't happen all right so I'm gonna try and kill Gwen didn't happen but that's okay that wasn't rude or anything all right um you hope there's a season three empires and puzzles I don't know we'll see yeah that was actually really rude to bring hell back so close Bolivia 124 he got me I think I think I would have won that if didn't get brought back let's try and get a purple island all right so I gotta count this one two three four five six seven eight yep red diamond that's going to do that to make a yellow diamond my life yet 157 after the heal wow you went to for life that's cool bro alright I really want you to miss a diamond alright should be pretty clear to win as long as I'll be doesn't go off so we got a green diamond match right here Wow alright that's cool I mean just revive them all I got a red diamond wow that's really cool Albee thanks bro supercool you forget how annoying Alby is all right let me scroll up and read real quick purple diamonds second move I missed it probably you don't see them all man logically there when you see you in three is yeah I'm sure they will nice he was just about to talk about living baby shark yeah you played fifteen eight on lantus rising with loot tickets last time I had twenty five hundred recruits in TC 20 Wow devs have said they hope to have season three sometime near the end of the area how do you long do you think it'll take season two to watch your face oh is it that bad been streaming for two and a half hours now looks like watching Lord of the Rings movie right Michael alright serious question I'm sure you know player base hasn't changed so what am I going to deal with the toxicity you have to the effect towards moving forward to instant I mean Chris I have to focus on what I can focus on buddy that's really what it is like I'm only responsible for myself and what I can and can't control so that's going to be my focus the way I'm going to deal with the toxicity is I'm just not going to be involved with as much stuff as I was and just kind of do my own thing that's really what it is like I mean I don't I don't owe anybody anything I don't have to do anything and I'm going to focus on doing the stuff I want to do which doing stuff I want to do is just like streaming and hanging out with you guys and and that's it and I don't have to deal with the drama in in different groups or different things and like that to me is what I would like to do I mean ultimately there's different things that that can be done but I don't have control over those things I think I've already made them pretty well addressed within within empires and puzzles I really think that stuff can change on the form I don't know I haven't been on the forms I don't know what's going on I don't know if they're addressing anything like that so I don't know but like I said I'm Shane handle what I can do guide on how to create diamonds yeah so Sasha ie my um my raids video talks about it you're still at it right Naomi Thank You Sartain that's so cool Scotty Josh Laine thank you so much for subscribing I really appreciate that but Oh Derek's over here in Crystal Sansa hang out with off alright what am I am I still bringing this we're white what Alliance the only Alliance to be in telling 70 is departed that's it uh I think I'm okay just bring this I'm trying to think if I want to yeah I'll just do that hopefully it doesn't activate you up jerk mmm could you show us sure I'll show you my heroes give me a sec all right so you're gonna miss and then you're gonna miss not as much missing as I would like really 211 life let's see how much you gained 180 alright let's hope we get this yellow diamond didn't happen Derek's gonna appreciate me losing still mad this grin should be dead for the record you guys wanted me to do mono I wouldn't be tomorrow or not mono rainbow I meant Jason thank you so much for subscribing I really appreciate that man all right let's think about this hopefully this makes purple diamond close all right okay scrolling up let me read real quick yeah show you my heroes so the first reforms have been reasonably polite more moderated the dev scene focus on building raid tourney and matchmaking still has issues yeah I haven't checked out that the matchmaking on this if it's just a matter of it just being random that seems kind of silly with it being weekly raids but hopefully they figure out was zero leaving the game today impact coming back yeah it did actually be lots of DEP it did actually impact it quite a bit so Ross reached out to me yesterday on Facebook letting me know that he was heading out I've been thinking about coming back for sure I was going to give it a couple more months I felt like before I came back and I just I really wanted to it was kind of important I think for the game and also kind of for for the Alliance itself just to kind of be back with everybody and I think that it was a big morale boost for me to be back and hanging out with them and stuff like that so it definitely it definitely impacted it for sure do you think this some like sometimes a game through z-bone by giving a good board no I don't think so at all I think like people just need to track it if you were to just I think people have actually tracked every single board and found that there's no difference in boards when you count up the tiles that it all equals out welcome back thank you for taking a break everyone catch up Yeah right thanks Matt I appreciate it are there any Heroes that I missed I'd have to look again to be honest with you Andre this is why you passed on Glenn tanks yeah rainbow is so bad I know right Travis what's up so happy I'm back it was not the same without you really mean Thank You Rivka I appreciate that Christian thank you so much for subscribing to the channel Haley thank you so much for subscribing Jason thank you guys so much for subscribing I really appreciate that I think let me do this I think it probably and I call it a wraps for right now I think three hours is definitely enough I'll probably try and yeah rainbow makes no sense three to four raids still mono and Wars yeah I'm still definitely probably gonna be on it do I regret leaving the game no I don't I don't regret it the only thing that kind of stinks is um the only thing that kind of stinks is being so far behind on emblems I think that that's the only thing I'm kind of like me about but it's not the end of the world I'll be okay I'm not too worried about it heroes there's no heroes like I I want to show you guys like it's not the end of the world to to miss out on some heroes and I think that that'll be okay like I'm okay with that yeah so let me see actually let me see this should actually hopefully be fine I'm gonna trying Auto this hopefully I just don't die can you imagine is just dying oh sorry I forgot to show you my heroes after I finished this raid I'll show you heroes sorry Tony I'll show them to you guys you have a learning and catching up to do yeah I know I know DJ one giant returns one comes back yeah I don't know yeah it's gonna it's gonna be tough it's really gonna be really really tough just you guys know like I was really really really really close personal friends with zero especially just like because zero I promoted zero to co-leader the day I took over seven days departed so I really leaned on zero for a lot of a lot of advice and things that he had to say so it's gonna be it's gonna be a lot with him being gone because I've always been used to kind of playing with him and him being there and and I would say probably I mean absolutely the smartest player that I've played with in the game I would say easily probably top five players in the game and it's tough but for me like I said it was more important it was more important for me to to come back and help out with but departed that was more important because I was seeing that uh I don't think that his reasons for leaving were making a stance I think there was a lot of personal reasons tied into it and and that's okay so um you know hopefully his life will will catch up and he doesn't have to worry so much and focus on it because like running departed like I said I mean I know it took a lot of time took a lot of time to do it and with this I think that you know I think that there can be a way to balance and it just unfortunately the balance comes from being less accessible to the public and that's why I want to be streaming more being less in groups less involved with kind of stuff like that and if people have questions and stuff like that I'll probably respectfully just have to refer them either to my streams or refer them over to like anchor Cove because I want to make sure like I value my time and be able to like focus on that is that the guy who made the burn video I don't know zero zero I don't know if you made a burn video I don't know what that means do I think auto farming chests dumb dumbs down loot no I think that people put too much like stigma on things like or you know or like like think that weird mojo like things happen oh I meant to go there instead um the only thing you won't miss about zero leaving is being jealous and maxing new heroes in just a few hours right on that yeah I was always a little jealous of that I can't I can't even imagine I literally can't even imagine I've never been able to do that I've never power leveled any hero I think um I think the closest thing I got to was actually putting Mad Hatter to level 70 so yeah so somebody said thank you for supporting the stream like Seymour Lutz because oh that's so funny I thought that that was like somebody like saying something and Here I am just like advertising that ah guys let's take like some like last minute questions and stuff like that and then um the guy oh no no no no no that was that somebody else just powerlevel get wrong oh I did I did just powerlevel Kilroy that's that's true all right to run to 19 yeah I know that that was uh that was soo or not it's it's ooh yeah that was sooo yeah that was a very much an awful video to watch I agree she is trained you know whatever he's a training heroine Cora probably should read these who should you max first Alvear tarrlok uh if it's your is it your first green eighty Spencer it depends oh god I forgot to show you my heroes I'll do it after this Tony I'm sorry man what hero I Monica when I don't know if I want Gwen or not still but whoever now is actually it might just depend on tanks but probably Gwen is Gwen was always the one that I never was able to have and I tried very hard when excuse welcome back anchor enjoy the game skip the mess later right do I regret leaving no Chandler I don't at all it was really really good to have like a complete break from from all of it and everything and not have to worry about anything whatsoever that was actually really good I really I just I regret missing like hanging out with you guys like that I knew and I knew that that was kind of like the bomber so many new things what's my next goal stronghold upgrade Atlanta season 2 yeah Jul I'm just gonna pretty much just play the game I obviously have to get through through season two apparently and got to do that I want to check and check out and see what's going on with beta and everything like that obviously getting up the stronghold I think some people I think in departed some people have already used gems to go ahead and get stuff completed but I what I was never really I was never really poor on on ascension materials so it's not a huge thing I'm just excited now I think next goal is to just grow the community more get more people involved with streaming make it more of the norm which is why it's so cool I would like even even while I was gone I was still showing up to kill the Cold Stream showing up and checking it out and stuff like that like I would just like to see the community base grow in streaming I think that that's that's a goal of mine go to look for me rate cool time what's the best setup for Titans mano yeah you want to use the least amount of colors that are strong but also still stacking properly so you want to make sure you always have attack power up defense down color specific defense down high tile damage and if you can get all of those in four colors then then that's that's ideal so that's that's your best team make a video fighting season to Titan like to see how I do it yeah all right I will I prefer from what I hear I guess I need to fight him so yeah I've been hearing that Ursula is Ursula that bad you may just poke LAN not really now you really want a shot yeah here take a look at the new heroes it's gonna be cool having when not be the premier tank maybe we'll see you're making your harpoons oh that's so cool rainbow four Titans never took 45 minutes beter wow that's insane oh yeah great makers insane great makers another hero I wish I had bring your a-game for Ursula is it is it gonna be as bad as the the the stream I did for for uh for Santa Claus and everybody the thing where like people had to feel bad that felt so bad for me oh my god I think that like that was that was the worst I wanted to like make a point and bring like lower level heroes to do it and I was like oh I should be fine we bring this in like everybody should be able to do it and just like got annihilated on stream am I gonna be able to stream beta I don't know I hope I'm gonna try and see him figure something out Thank You Lauri appreciate it thank you Matt teen least 30 minutes wow that's crazy she dies and responds as a Titan okay seems to be the toughest fight in the game okay that's cool earth Sania Sania yeah miss GM last Atlantis portal I don't I don't know like to be honest with you guys like I'm not I have zero intentions on going crazy with doing polls in this game like you you guys saw earlier when I you know if I get like donations and stuff like that then yeah like I'll probably do some but I'm not I have zero intentions on going crazy like the game like I will definitely stay true to like if the stream supports me poling then I'll pull but if not like I'm not I'm not going crazy you maxing your second grade maker soon want your third yeah I'd appreciate that chef thanks all right so our Sania Sania Sania Sania all right Thank You Brooke I appreciate it we're available last round got bowled than 110 pool that's pretty sweet he's on a farming role right yeah she looks like Ursula right see that that's what I'm saying just call it Ursula just get it over with you guys didn't even notice I'm not wearing glasses did you guys see this no glasses I'm wearing contacts the first time I've been wearing contacts on stream i miss the yellow diamond this is auto farming buddy we're doing anything thanks Spencer I appreciate it thanks for uh for coming and hanging out yeah I'm gonna call it wraps as soon as I'm done with farming I've only got oh so now I said it wrong person yeah see Percy Emma or Sienna or Sienna all right or Sienna jumping on a stake glider back thank you I appreciate that say hey you must be trying to say their names yep still here still being awful my stone beta yep I'm still in beta what's up that dad how are you buddy are you still being a dad like that dad are you being the dad that is that dad or Sania Sania why can't it be our Sania no that's bad it's like I'm translating Greek illa right I'm adding a syllable I don't know who cares you know some live was on yeah all right I sure I'm gonna do it right after this guy's dead man I'm like slacking on showing the heroes that Dad you got top ten last event buddy why be competing in monthly events I don't know I don't I don't have the mats for it I don't think I also haven't eaten today what I had uh some beef jerky that's it that was the one chef top ten off this one can't take credit for that one chef you got top ten too buddy good job man oh he was on the podcast explaining how he did oh okay cool is this thing I'm just gonna kill me that was close all right hold on to show this heroes oh excuse me it's gross all right so these are my heroes thanks Bobbi ray I appreciate that buddy Thank You P Marcus glad to have back yeah I'm definitely gonna be doing a yeah P Marco sets P mark I'm definitely going to be making shorter like ten to fifteen minute videos I want my goal is to try and do one a week so we'll see we'll see how how much I'm able to do that but from a YouTube standpoint those videos were like what kept my channel afloat and had had contributed to most of my growth on my channel so it's definitely focused mine so those are my heroes thanks he's thanks enough yeah I do have Richard but I don't but I wasn't leveling I'm was a hold on one there did I love one Minnie oh I did oh I apparently leveled him to 70 I didn't even know I completely forgot that I did love them up thanks ty thanks for doing the rainbow Jones yeah no problem still point my new players my early videos Thank You Tracy appreciate that are we gonna do war hits videos in future for sure absolutely be silly if I didn't I should tell them not to kill the Titan wait an hour and a half to kill his seitan are they gonna kill it but I I should tell them like wait an hour and a half don't kill the Titan my chest will come back yes I think I'm just gonna do two more season two's then we'll call it a wraps uh – I enjoy her Stern yeah I still do um I I haven't played hearthstone since I deleted all my games but I'm considering going ahead INRI downloading hearthstone I still really actually to be honest with you I want to play Magic the Gathering arena is what I really want to play but I'm gonna wait a bit to do that because I think that I'm going to to do it you'll stick with MTG arena yeah it's funny I didn't even finish reading what you said you have a lot of friends who play it yeah I didn't even finish reading but arena looks super super fun I'm so glad that MTG did that they were they were stupid for not doing it earlier seems like a good good plan for them alright so muggies fun you pulled two buggies muggy muggy was apparently the hero to get see you Tracy yeah I wasn't expecting to be on here for three I was just funny they said five hours I was like five girls never was maybe an hour – maybe I'm gonna show you two-handed tighten my two-handed tighten techniques I don't know how I can film that I can figure out a way maybe I can film that Thank You Lenore yeah it's um I think a lot of it is just processing at different times it's actually amazing plus you can actually make the pro-league by grinding arena yeah I want to UM I don't know I think that Alan I really want to get back I want to I want to buy a modern duck to be honest with you I'm like I'm a storm player like even for legacy I played gob and char Beltre so I'm very much into like fast combo ducks that require just strong critical thinking initially and then just executing so I've always been into that type of deck so I want to build I want to build storm in modern and play that and I would like to get paper it's good because my daughter is old enough now to where I can potentially actually show up to like FM's because I you like I used to play kind of semi-professionally I used to fly around the country and play Magic the Gathering and played in some some decent tournaments and stuff like that was a was qualified for like the invitationals and played in countless GPS and everything like that my good friend like I have like a lot of really really really good friends that are are really good at magic so I would like to potentially get back to playing magic so it's your first stream cool Michael thanks thanks for joining I'm actually about to head out but uh any advice my advice I need to make a video on this because there's a lot of different things don't get too caught up in what other people are doing I would say play it your comfort level figure out what you want out of the game and do that so this game is very easy to spend a lot of money but uh but uh you can easily spend a lot of money and but you don't have to it's just gonna cost time so it's either time or money you're gonna invest into this your stone blade player legacy oh cool you have modern burn yeah somebody was was okay I just I don't really I I like doing stuff that's different and I when I saw gob and char belter I thought it was like really fun I actually um I II I missed out on a top eight legacy top eight star sitting on my winning in just by messing up messing up on priority so I've played against some really top level players and legacy my good friend actually his name's Mike West Hadley he does really really good with goblins and has uh he's pretty he's pretty pretty much featured and a lot of lot of legacy stuffer for goblins but um somebody it's fine III I don't know it just seemed too clingy that's why I wasn't too big into it oh yeah ruck that that's a that's a good point you should definitely check that out Michael Ross check out the link looking forward to more streams yacht definitely Evan you still have not spent money except for the five bucks on the little dragon that's awesome Scotty good for you buddy yeah you're not on the forum so Michael Ross it's it's form dot small giant calm is what it and that that is actually really really really really really big love to have a beginner guide video I think that I think that a vicious made one but I want to make Carla top ten tips for beginners and I'm partisan puzzles I want to make like videos like that so but no it doesn't it doesn't actually alan which is really cool so the cool thing about it alan is it doesn't just punch it doesn't punt to it Game one typically I'll get them but game one I'll know what they're playing and my sideboard has really good against blue so and it was actually really cool my buddy just did was asked to do a podcast and explained like especially for legacy and modern a lot of times it's not about playing the best deck it's playing the deck that you feel the most comfortable playing and have the most experience playing so I have I've played I've highlighted a lot of games with my Belcher deck and and did it did indeed quite well even though it was kind of like that odd row B type deck because like the amount of times that I get Game one is very very high and then I just have to figure out what deck they're playing to figure out what hate they're bringing in and then I've seen so many times to where if they don't have like force of will or they don't have interaction that they're that they're Mulligan ting down to like four or three and I'm so far ahead so there's definitely there's nothing ways around it and there was actually some spoilers that just came out that I think really helped out there's a that one mana costs green card that just that they just leaked that makes it so you can't like you can't counter spells and then it and you also draw a card if they cast a blue spell this turn so there's some cool stuff that's that's uh that actually might be really that might make gum Belcher relevant so but III haven't I haven't played magic in like five years comfort about cheapest I don't I don't think it's the cheapest anymore especially with LEDs like imagine what LEDs are going for right now Thank You Anthony I appreciate that seriously just thinking about turning on YouTube back to my good oh thank you Peter I appreciate that can you shout out your Alliance it's Christy Lewis Christy Ellis I don't know how to pronounce it quit saying um I'm trying I'm trying JM I think what it is is I'm processing a lot of different things at once 250 Wow oops yeah they're 250 bucks apiece that's insane I think I got mine for 60 apiece I don't have the deck anymore 250 apiece that's a thousand bucks right there I'm gonna figure out a way I'll probably get back in the monitor before I do legacy you want to say goodbye to everybody yeah zero is leaving y'all come and say goodbye all right guys thank you so much for coming and hanging out with me I really appreciate it I'll be back soon and I want to make some new content videos if you want to maybe leave yeah I don't know Underground seized from revise or 700 yeah I actually bought just you know on a quick thing I bought a playset of the dual lands for 2 grand little over six years ago so I was able to get a full playset of all the dual lands for 2 grand 6 years ago but I ended up trading them and selling them I sold my magic collection to start my restaurant did I quit before the Pats won the Superbowl while the Pats won the Superbowl right it's funny all right thank you guys I appreciate it everybody come in and stop and buy I hope you guys have an awesome awesome day thank you everybody that that domain donated as well as became new members and you guys have an awesome one so thanks

35 thoughts on “Anchor is back on Empires and Puzzles with 7DD

  1. Your back because u miss the free money for being boring. And secondly because u seen the developers don’t give a crap about u and u leaving made no difference to them, ur tiffy fit was for nothing……imo

  2. Don't get me wrong I'm glad you're back, I missed your videos.. but literally nothing has changed… The reasons you quit have not been addressed.

  3. Yayy he's back!! You really missed by many in the E. P. Welcome Back our Anchor! thanks for coming back 🤗🙏💖

  4. Hey bud, ursena is not as bad as everyone is making her seem. I beat her on hard in under 10 minutes. Went mono green: tarlak, Evelyn, lianna, cabin boy, alberich. Bring timestops and I believe I brought bombs, heal and mana. Wasnt bad at all.

  5. As for 3*'s. You can only get muggy during atlantis. But he is amazing once you get him up. I used him in a couple of raids. Once you set off his ss, keep doing that. When a team member dies, muggy's special allows them to be ressurected. But only while his ss is active on them

  6. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww…this is so awesome… really missed your videos a lot. Hopefully, don't take too much stress this time..just chill and enjoy the game 🙂

  7. Not sure how this works, but I did subscribe….happy to see you found your wat back to EnP, Anchor!

    this is LINE ID: fluorosemibullvalene

  8. Princess 3h Stream, when shall I see that? I need about 1 week for it. I love you, I missed you, great that you are back

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