Anchor is a Noob! Help him learn about all the changes in Empires and Puzzles

Anchor is a Noob! Help him learn about all the changes in Empires and Puzzles

good morning afternoon evening how is everybody doing we've still got the the Quitman Otto hanging out how's everybody doing what's going on King what's up man how are you man Darkseid how are you Michelle how are you dear fear what's up man andreas speedy gia oh what's up love scene notifications again cool man glad to hear ya I was like you know what I will do another one I actually I was trying to stream a bit earlier but it didn't pan out that way because sometimes you got to do some other stuff so rage what's up man Kevin how are you Jose Dexter D – how are you Liv Michela says hello thought was done welcome back right time to come back what's up start things yeah PS guys before I start getting all the the haters on it I took my allergy medicine and I have tissues near me so there might be some frequent pauses interruptions in the stream so I can blow my nose and I think I have it found out to where I can mute it so you guys don't actually see and hear me blowing my nose so as a heads up I just literally just blew my nose right before I got here right before I started streaming and Here I am still needing to figure out what my sinuses bro we got a freakish type of freakish environment with allergies here ah Megaman what's up man flush nice to see you again super how are you Erica Clyde Mandy yes you did catch us live again sup Jimmy Franklin lived Mandy says hello as well really needed tutorial pointers what do you mean by that Franklin squeaky what's up man P Marcus how are you oh cool I got a three star variety notice I'm also trying to work on my us and um because this has been a frequent issue and now I just need to start paying attention to it more on the stream and absolutely during my content videos it's so funny the different things that you need to consider going into this because everybody is watching and critiquing and still no way to I'll bring it over and I can look we're having technical difficulties here chat all is right in the EP world welcome back now hold on one second chat I'm gonna be right back I'm also gonna mute you real quick and I'm gonna blow my nose because this is getting already bad hold on you all right sorry about that yeah I tried to try pull my nose I don't know I don't know how long it's gonna last all right so the new hero of the months our couch in Frida and scoffs ant off no and Zog and Zog Margaret and Ranveer what's the schedule for the stream like I don't know P mark I haven't decided yet yeah and then Thomasson or Cena which I'm fairly positive and mispronounce it again how farmer in season two not very far at all sup George did Roz catch me up yet what do you mean by that tell these players what it takes to be a top five Alliance we top 600 that's actually a really good question Opie I will discuss that Laurie how are you Wayne pass on some knowledge on harpoons I don't even know about the harpoons chat I need to get it in and mess with beta and with me on the allergies bad okay yeah so : Medellin two days in a row I know raw here capacity makes baby Jesus cry why is our – most people are more okay so what does it take to be in a top-five alliance which is so funny because it used to be different so I would say the biggest thing is consistency that is the biggest thing B would by the way did you get put into did you get put into anchor Cove B would because I saw that you just signed up so I'm glad that you went ahead and said something fresh this freshers have I enjoyed being back so far yeah I have it's just that the political stuff is something that I'm not enjoying so I'm already kind of feeling that as well I don't I don't want to deal with that that's my biggest thing Chad I just I just want to play the game I want to hang out play the game not deal with drama not deal with issues I want to kind of play it on my own terms I felt like before in the past I didn't really have that accessibility and that freedom and I just want to play it on on my own terms okay echo alright just making sure I was confused by that all right great so I did add you so you've got like three or four names okay so top five alliance I think everybody has different criteria the biggest thing that's gonna be your culture what you're producing people have to know that you exist so a big thing that helped was being super active like you guys don't remember this but I used to be always in AR and always I think it was just a are at that point because we didn't have we didn't have peer support at that point I was always in AR and I was always in general chat and I was always just talking to people you have to be you have to be known and I i I've never made a recruiting message whatsoever in my life I've never made the copy and paste type message with all the colors and all the frills I honestly just made myself known and talked to people especially people that were doing really well I've just became friends with them when I joined actually departed that was over two years ago I sent a message on Facebook so the one big thing that I would go ahead and say to people is be known and you're known what helps out the most is to be present also making content is going to be huge but mostly I would say through networking the really good thing is is that you have the ability to kind of access and talk to people so that's gonna be that's gonna be huge and also don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because I know I left the last Legion to join departed and the last Legion I think was like a top 50 Alliance at that point and I when I first joined I was kind of at the bottom of the totem pole I always tried to make sure to make sure I was at the bottom of the totem pole when I was joining and then I would also prove myself when I was there so that's also going to be huge as far as creating the Alliance to be at that point it's going to it takes a lot of time and effort energy it's just kind of my quick thoughts on that well I stream my war hits against yeah I'll stream it gets our opponent it's crystal assassins I think so I'm pretty sure I hold on a second let me think tomorrow might be a little bit busy we'll see just tomorrow Saturday I don't know yep tomorrow's Saturday and then I'm really busy with church on Sundays so that's actually why I stream today yeah okay let me go fight some stuff what do you what do you guys want to do let me actually I'm red first before I'm also I'm gonna do my Titan heads oh this thing's already almost dead but it's all right so you're in to try and remember you usually will put Grimm in just in case might consider throwing in Richard but that seems really bad that stuff I really bad I want you I think I'm just gonna throw him grim it's my usual a-team so just so you know right now chat I'm also layering my heroes so I have my strongest troop on Athena my next strongest troop on magnet so I always go ahead and make sure I put them in order in the way that they're gonna go in this is red I'm still fine bringing you our luck bye bye okay thank you so much for becoming a member real quick I want to touch on this really quick okay cuz I need to discuss this okay especially when it comes with with donations becoming a member guys nobody ever is obligated to donate become a member or do anything like that I really appreciate it and just so you guys know again a really quick back story on members and anger Cove that kind of stuff like that as you guys see people can just go ahead and sign up to be a member I didn't ask anybody right now if anybody wants to join become a member or anything like that I don't do that because if I don't give good enough value it doesn't make sense to sit there and beg people to give to give donations or to become part of a club or become part of anything i I'm a very firm believer of give enough good value and it always comes back so that's why I don't sit there and try and collect stuff from you guys or or ask anything from you or anything like that so it's really important to understand first and foremost so you can correct anybody if they ever started saying oh anchor charges money to be part of his group no that's not what it is baba baba yaga you saw how easy it was to become a member it was I had randomly people that were watching my stream that became members of my stream which means that they decided that they wanted to go ahead and donate five bucks a month just because I thought that that was the coolest thing that people would even consider going ahead and donating to my channel on a monthly basis again this started about eight months ago okay so people started signing up and I was like wow I really want to go ahead and give back to the community because people have decided that they want to go ahead and support my stream so let me go ahead and do a favor to them let me go ahead and create a group that if people have questions or anything like that I'm always able to answer and and help them out so because that they have enough faith in me that they want to go ahead and donate and be part of this I'm gonna go ahead and create like an exclusive line group that I'm gonna focus a lot of my attention on that I'm there and then I'm gonna go ahead and answer questions just as an added extra incentive this has nothing to do with anything this is just me being like hey this is kind of cool that YouTube allows people to go ahead and set up a monthly subscription well since they're doing that why don't I just go ahead and as a thank you to them give them an exclusive group to where if I'm not streaming they can go ahead and send a question and then I can answer it so that's how anchor Cove started it never was one of those things to where I was like oh I just want to go ahead and charge people no it was because YouTube is like hey you can have members and I was like alright whatever that's cool so they can sign up so that's why that whole thing started so if you guys could if you hear people talking about it you can kind of squash the rumors it was never set up as I think I'm so good that I deserve a group or whatever it all started because people said hey I really want to support you and that was my way of saying thank you to them so that they could still have access to me when I wasn't live-streaming so just please just keep that in mind bring value brother people like myself doing it because treat everyone the same that's so awesome thank you Bob I really really appreciate that thank you so much man okay so that's that's my tippet on that I really don't want to I don't want to go down that road very much on that how am I able to livestream while I play empires and puzzles so I have my computer I have a computer set up and it is going through stream labs correct and then I have what's called a game capture and I use what's called air server so air server is a program I run off my computer that connects to my phone and they talk to each other so that's up and then like I said you guys see stuff like that I didn't I didn't tell Sara to say anchor Cove is a place to be I didn't tell squeaky to say you know like this this is just people just giving how they feel about it so I just want you guys because I have been receiving some some haters especially some haters with with people that donated all straight moms and I I didn't I didn't ask for any of that I didn't ask for anybody to donate if you want to donate it cool if you don't that's cool too I mean there's so many people that are that are in this that have never donated that are just consistently watching the stream and what I want to eventually do is I want to set up a bot that actually tracks people's time on the stream and then they'll have the way to go ahead and access anchor Cove for free and never ever pay anything but I also want to make sure that I keep anchor clothed kind of exclusive because if there's you know thousand people that are in anchor Cove I can't really give myself to a thousand people and kind of give that kind of dedication so it's this weird line that I'm walking so apologize that's it all right um yeah so this is my team is pretty bad for blue so what I'm bringing I think I meant to actually bring antidotes so I'm probably gonna die real quick it's my dad I guess I can just do that one could have said that I should man it up I thought this was all going to take morning so I'm gonna go from left to right just so you guys know chat that's why I have my heroes set up that way say they all gonna burn my dye job I goofed and I also have to blow my nose or a clerk second chat hold on one second I'm just gonna mute myself real quick you man these allergies guys these allergies are killing me it wasn't a bad hit it wasn't a bad hit because I actually have leveled up can we do a dedication stream for zero absolutely the noob level in 9000 over here right zero we got to do something buddy we're gonna do something for you we the zero we're gonna talk we'll figure out a way to I would like to do that mr. Raj oh here yeah I live come over here come say hi to zero you gotta get more in the stream okay second let's get back a little we good did you hear her I don't even help me here Jeff see we couldn't we couldn't even get Livi on the stream we couldn't even get Livi on the stream but she had to come say hello to you no we entered OHS what did I know of three months right squeaky a second I gotta fix this I threw I didn't even use my arrows right there okay that was so bad gonna make them okay things I appreciate that Baba thank you very very much for them okay there's like a humming going on really it might be that's really weird it might be my fan I don't think so live your number 0 fan did you see that try and look into the camera make antidotes yeah I will 0c I need you to show me how to play 0z I need you I I'm lost without you buddy I actually need I need minor mana to Zion over here all right so when just you guys know when I need mats now do both don't make me don't make minor mana why can't I make minor mana you hear the yelling through mate don't we is that better guys is that better with the humming okay alright so everybody's hearing humming alright everybody hopefully that that that is that better all right so save ok so save large booms or harpoons okay I can do that guys let me know the humming better better yes much better okay sorry that's way better alright I gotta keep that in mind see you you might have something it's so funny you learn different things all that was chat was me switching my headset to a completely different USB port that's it Wow Drive anything was converted no I don't am I supposed to convert today hopefully everyone likes this everyone likes this game it's great no I don't have any of my buildings converted since it came out with the new thing I I need I need to be at stronghold 21 first I believe right is that is that true you learned what not to do by watching my streams it's true it's okay but not to do is watch ads it's okay now you can hear live better oh okay yay how do you say banana like a minion I don't even know that means yes anti anchor and to be well at IEP correct that's right thank you so much I'm k-6 I appreciate that thank you very very much you want to be a member you are you're a member okay if you guys could make sure you get mk6 into anchor Chloe I really appreciate it he doesn't learn that so true zero I just kind of do my own thing all right so right now I wish I could show you maybe I'll find a way to have my thumb somehow zeroes the vice-president it's like not that is what it is but I didn't use like any thing speedy man thank you so much for subscribing ok your face doesn't work what's up I like how are you buddy she knows it good evening from Jeremy what's up Pepper Potts you live as president yes that's a zero okay you're the anarchist that's funny all right it's better okay cool how am I gonna take to level up Magne Magne didn't take that long Magnum was like my second pink hi pink how are you dear yeah I do need lessons that's true can you honestly no zero left me so how am I supposed to did oh you don't even know right live live doesn't even know zero oh that he left you know zero quit unfrozen puzzles yy0 now you need to turn on the fan because my game is like lag was it you leave them yeah it was rude Terry cease thank you so much for subscribing Celine thank you so much for can you do me a favor can you go turn the fan on for me please that's a good hit okay all right live we'll be back in a little bit yeah you just wanted to record a hands for a while right I raaah I think I need to I need to get a separate camera I'm sorry on man it's so hard ya know why it's so hot look alive at live comes on because it shows you the game include family it's awesome yeah she she wants she wants to have her own YouTube channel guys that's her goal 0 thanks for stopping in buddy they have is terrible it's all good happens to me too oh cool Peter we'll see you tomorrow that's cool man wanna ask the same question how the rats and rats are doing good Liv you might show the rats you guys get to see fat shadow yeah we rename the rap shadows new name is fat shadow rah you're trying to get me thrown out of the chat I can see that thanks brah appreciate that another heat wave right sounds like a good goal you like how you have the background hi-yah so fear that actually is a green-screen that's what you're looking at but yeah that's that's my the green-screen that was donated by alright so for any of you guys that don't know the back story we got these rats because of this string she likes my she's named shy so weird she's like just chillin yeah she's normally so yeah we got we got the rats because of the stream yeah it was your fault yeah cuz everybody was talking about oh you should get rats we talked because the live came new and she's like oh I want a hamster I was like dude we're not getting hamsters bro if we're getting anything we can get rats and so so we decided on rats so yeah so that's fat shadow for cool throwback to see shadow right you know like cloud cloud real quick but is it better to spend money on troops or heroes at least what troops could okay so that's an awesome question Aaron it's definitely better your heroes need to be priority number one and then it comes down to troops so even myself I don't have my my troops fully leveled out or maxed out to 30 but the heroes are way more important you're gonna get more value out of them so heroes you can't really you have much more progression on your team on leveling up your heroes than you do on your troops is the quick answer yeah they are cool pets yeah we've had him for almost a year now is Richard a good hero yeah Richard it's a pretty solid hero which actually I kind of want to level up finish my wrap party for their first birthday do you guys know the story behind the hammock I know I know the story but I don't think they do the rats just ate a hammock we got them we got them life having scared all right heading out thanks thanks squeaky appreciate it buddy you had away two years agreement for subs yeah that'll happen pepper just suggestion a green screen background maybe this summer background oh that's a good that's a good plain pink thank you for bringing that up next time I'll have a new background that's so funny I didn't even think of that yeah I need a new summer background man if anybody has any cool backgrounds that they would consider like a I'm thinking a like an anchor boat theme something like that if you look closely you can actually see the anchor but I think it might actually be covered by my head but there is an anchor in there okay you always have an oversupply of troops and hams only work one here at a time work on troops here and there yeah I eventually you do run out of troops I ran out of troops I'm not a troops serious thing you've seen today what the rap yeah there that's pretty cute yeah and just so you guys know right now is a really good time because I'm just Auto farming right now so if you have questions definitely right now is is an awesome time to ask any questions that you might have pom trees and Beach and turquoise see something like that yeah surprise me something does woo and Ranvir stack I don't think so I'm willing to bet that they don't I haven't tried it yet but I'm willing to bet that they don't in fact I'm almost positive but I know somebody in beta will go ahead and confirm it while you're here say bye to phat Shadow – shadow no they don't yeah okay what are my thoughts on Morgan la Fey I like Morgan la Fey we're gonna say if I remember correctly has insane title damage too but the problem with Morgan la Fey is that there's so much other better Green Heroes that she's kind of outclass unfortunately what's my thoughts on how I love Hell House actually my favorite hero I would say if I had to choose so this is cloud the subject clouds gone Franklin thanks so much for subscribing Ozzie thank you so much for subscribing as well all right you know it's somebody but does anybody recommend holding off till cage till see Shaq comes out I mean cage is really good in general thanks red night I appreciate that yeah I loved how and I actually I loved held mostly because zero didn't have health so that was why I always trolled and said that I loved Hell so much but Hell has always been awesome should you work on scarlet or Sir Lancelot yeah I would probably do scarlet over Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot though is really really good for the events by Pecha right do I have any sand heroes no I don't am I looking for any I don't know if I'm too crazy if they haven't changed anything sand Queen she's pretty she's pretty she's pretty dope I don't know if I really want Yunnan cuz I don't think I would really run a green tank probably sand Queen if I had to it's a Franklin haven't seen Margaret so it's funny I haven't even really looked at at them too much but I want to make a video on it so all the previous here's a month's I'm gonna make a specific video on that I kind of want to save my thoughts on that and I want to talk to some other people about it too okay so I want to kind of save my thoughts for the video and I'm just gonna make like a quick 10 to 15 minute kind of update on the different heroes that I missed and then I also want to make sure that they hear about is also up today too I think it's good content since you searched everywhere nobody explained Remini or special well okay yeah yeah I could definitely do that no problem save some gems for Hasan yeah Hassan's Hassan is pretty decent good for the events for sure how was your first year here of the month yeah mine too I got how when she first came out yeah both of mine when they first came out okay what's up Lucas yeah young incise but I don't know if I would use the Matt Sonia and just to be running as a tank can revenue our entire like work on the same team ah they can't I'm willing to bet mark that they probably interact the same way that Wukong and tarrlok interact and again this is just my assumption on it but when you had Wukong and tarrlok it was essentially pointless because what ended up happening is you would just you would just get wukong's buff and and the miss and then depending on the way that you stacked it sometimes it would even be a hundred percent plus still missing so it was just not good so it's not going to be it's not good to stack them I know who Kong and tarrlok are not good to stack I'm assuming that Ram Ranveer and their ran a beer brand there is the same yeah he hasn't made a boost that's right that's why he's good okay so recruits wes is out to farm okay thanks ever watch any videos on Nowell I haven't but I can battle her why did I leave her stone I left gaming in general I'm considering whether or not I want to bring hearthstone back into things but I want to actually play magic arena instead if I do play stuff also certain guys I'm gonna have my own YouTube channel so Liv wants to have our own YouTube channel I like if you're good what are you trying to get subscribers right now you haven't even made a video you gonna talk to your mom first why because she wasn't stoked on you making videos that's why mom will go subscribe hopefully so I really want all right cool that killed yeah all right to be trying to figure out I think we're gonna roll the dice and not get a lead all right we didn't get a bead that's good all right so my only hope is to have this purple let's talk about that later okay all right so let me scroll through this real quick okay thanks man you can also make something very like Wukong to are like yeah yeah I kind of want to see with the new what goes on with the new one wouldn't union kill on on fast battle tournament I don't know what that means I already have Grimm to purchase recently a gormak the different colors are important to Mario so gore mecca's is important to Gore mix definitely fine to go and level up you almost went back to our event the update was bad I don't know I I don't know much about the update buddy what's up what's up kill from aggressive how are you man you described a subscribe to live channel nice alright alright so I can I show with this let me see I'm gonna try and get the red diamonds yes a live wants to play scary games apparently sworn if you've heard of five nights at Freddy's okay they've read tournaments with rules where all the heroes are fast oh okay that's what you meant yeah that that that could be that could be useful thanks Baba did you you you got you got added to and Cove right Baba yep we know I am yeah I do know about the emblems yep so if I write that pretty is where you're signing up on a pizza place and um there's like cameras and stuff if there's the examiner charmix at the pizza place say that trying to attack you and there's like what you see four or five and you have to survive five nights and each as you go up the nice will get harder the high the highest I've got is to play night for ya so you're locked in you're working as a security guard with animatronics that try and attack you in the middle the night and you have to survive any after side survive until 6:00 a.m. just like Sam but it's scary because stuff jumps out with it yeah when you get attached they do a jump scare and there's like instant ass when there's like security doors there's no after there's two vents in the hallway I obviously have never played from a thrift the struggle is real that one and yeah there's from five nights at freddy's 4 where where you're a little kid and you need to enter in your room anyway survive till 6 a.m. – well you have two doors in a closet and animatronics will appear in your closet and you ask a flash though I asked I won them their closet and you have two and when you go to the door are you have to listen for breathing and then shut the door it probably would be better if you just showed the game then explain it if you hear breathing but if you don't hear breathing you can check with your flashlight let's take a look on the bed and then that's brown you know Charlie can go to Lesley the freddo's okay so guys just so you know this is something that's really important what's up smokey right now I'm getting back into I'm getting back into getting into the vibe of doing Alliance Wars which is funny because we've got somebody from Crystal assassins that's watching as well as somebody from aggressive that's watching so it's totally fun that I want to go ahead and explain this to you but you should be using your raids as Alliance wars so you should already kind of know what kind of heroes you're going up against what sort of people you're fighting so I know that we're still using Gwen tanks Glenn tanks are still important those are who were pretty much fighting so right now I want to go ahead and get into the vibe of attacking Gwen tanks so for instance I'm gonna bring different teams and these teams are already pre-built that I already had to fight to fight grunting sand go into Alliance Wars so so this is these are all the different teams that I have built I think I'll still probably bring these teams and still probably beat up on different yellow and green tanks and I'm really focused on going mono so I'm pretty comfortable with bringing all of these teams against this being obviously kind of like my weakest one because I'm using all yellow against Gwen and still have pretty good results and then like I've mentioned multiple times it's so Fortin to just look at the board so important to see what's going on see what you're doing I see too many times people are very hasty in their decision-making and I want to go ahead and make sure that I set up good moves so I have this purple move that I'm going to try and get a green to come up which should hopefully maybe created a yellow diamond in the middle to hit Glen so imma go there I got that move there so I have some consideration I didn't throw a whole bunch into Gwen I think I'm just gonna go ahead and kill here and then I still have all my Glen stuff so it's really good on this too because a lot of times all stay away from the purple because I know that it only takes three tiles to kill purple tank all right to kill a purple hero so I don't really have to focus too much on cage and right now my biggest focus is to make sure I get it down to like 2 vs. 5 as soon as possible even though I'm giving up like right there I over killed but it's okay because you guys back yet it's a backdrop okay hold on one second I gotta fix my airserver about one second okay sorry guys I don't know what happened I think might see this is the things you just uh you just have to roll with the punches and figure out how to fix stuff okay alright hopefully you guys heard what I was talking about I don't know how much you guys missed back with the advertisement first right I'm well I I'm trying to consider if I really want Lou tickets or Lutz still on my stream or not alright so this is another good team to go ahead and attack what's up more max how are you buddy alright so alright this there I'm trying I'm trying to make a yellow diamond but I think I'm just saying kill so I have a couple of options nope that's Anna I'm gonna kill her babe can I finish streaming this is why you just ate what you just ate right before we start streaming right okay okay too hot for airserver right alright so let me just start killing stuff it's funny because I actually like Gwen to go off when I've just casted her all right take it go again okay he's back okay the wheel of death again this reminds you when I first start live streams right I don't know what it is just sometimes it sometimes it it works and sometimes it doesn't thank you so much Reverend so after joining acre Cove and watching the streams got to time better and now in a 70 line so it so awesome that's really cool thank you I appreciate that all right let's go find some more Gwyn tanks with good heroes so I can I can try different different teams – this is like where my hero team I'm just playing to figure out how different it is and right now it doesn't feel too much different so this move should kill Lassie because I know it only takes three tiles typically what do you got 32 yeah normally that should kill her slowly down by that was really hopefully this kills you didn't but life yep 73 that's rude how many people are in anchor Cove I think there's like hundred 40 yeah 240 and a huge shout out to everybody that kind of kept everything active I know Michelle and everything was in there Roz was super helpful I know good old Chevy poopoo he was helping out a ton in there too so it's really cool to see people still active and apart being part of anchor Cove and doing that even in even in my absence it's now I gotta try and go some tiles yeah felice MKT doesn't know off I probably should have waited so he goes to this tile alright so now it's gonna be person Keitha all right this should kill her hmm I definitely should have waited but the life game was relevant this was like way too close Wow all right we got it what's up daryun how are you buddy all right as he actually semesters right let's see because that's that's something that I'm curious what sort of what videos do you want explained or produced in like a 10 to 15 minute video so again chat I'm getting ready for war most people don't do this they just kind of raid or attack whatever they can find so I want to I want to go ahead and continue to do that bring this to me again so here the month tips for new players what about mono versus three to four one night I did a video on that with rating I think that that kind of covers it a bit of the play styles a little bit I don't know if I wanna alright so here rating Morgana thank you so much wow thank you we're gonna thank you so so much for the Tahitian Wow well thank you very very much I really really really appreciate that please please like ask some questions video and troupe strategy thank god he's not chasing the gears who found him in the wash part that's funny part two on the tile manipulation yeah I want to get more into that Wow thank you so much all right I'm gonna try and kill this right side over here okay who do I want to off the least like all of them I want dead I don't think that's that's not gonna kill you like hell is gonna be a little bit more troublesome I probably actually should kill great maker instead well thank you thank you I appreciate that Morgana Wow yeah and anybody that uh that donates all of them right thank you so much 6:49 how much did you gain 17 what do I think is a stronger defensive strategy rainbow defense or 1 to 2 I would definitely say rainbow rainbow 107 is stronger advanced war strategies yeah so I think that's something I want to create see if I can kill you potentially do those I may need to ask if it's ok to make that kind of stuff but this this right here just so you know this is kind of advanced level war strategy right here building teams practicing rating like right now I'm practicing what heroes I want to bring what I'm going to use in my Alliance wars the type of Defense's I'm going to face and then I'm building my six teams so that's products something that I would definitely want to make a video on is that I've got all six of my teams these are the six teams that I use in Alliance wars pretty typically because I face kind of the same sort of same sort of teams and with that I want to make sure that I build building 1/4 accordingly so that's uh that's super important then I mean that the and I think that that's that can be applied to anybody it doesn't matter where you're at as far as if you're a super high level or not I would try and just find out those teams cuz you'll find him by just skipping you'd always go for rainbow defense yeah how about something on how to spend your diamonds on draw should wait for Atlantis and event or just elemental some analysis might be cool though they'd be interesting that would be interesting too ominous I don't know so if anybody has done that what I would say what I would say is that I would be curious to see hero tokens versus non Hero tokens what about people who face different tanks every time I think that that just all has to do with still finding those so some some people like I think that no matter where you're at you have an idea or a progression as far as what teams are gonna come up and maybe it might be new colors but or or types of Defense's that you're gonna face but I think at all levels you kind of have an idea or a picture I know at some intermediate alliances they face like a lot of Kuril tanks so building teams around Kuril and you get kind of a vibe for what happens regardless of how it is you should treat your rating like how you treat actual Alliance Wars get the most bang for your buck on you gems yeah I want to try and figure out a way to articulate that these are all really good ideas I appreciate them Borel thanks to Borel and Carole all right I'm supposed to level up some other three-star right is it missus is this what I'm supposed to level up chat we were discussing it yesterday min well thank you so much for subscribing wait for Atlantis and event is almost a month long see we can get for Atlantis than any can go for a saint event that yeah that that definitely would would help I'm also I would say the biggest thing with your gems is just understand that like don't have high expectations I guess that's the biggest thing get the most bang for you gems as far as acquiring gems the most bang for your gems okay and namahage I think it was an AMA huge that I was supposed to start to oh yeah I already started them alright it's also do miss yes to I already have got all leveled up alright so boot off okay so I can do I'm going to see us root off and nomination thinking Mason I appreciate that why aren't troops is level up they are they are definitely they are definitely important to level up but in terms of heroes versus troops heroes are definitely more important and also too you want to prioritize mana heroes over critical heroes that's also one thing that I would that's the biggest mistake that I wish I could go back and change was that I didn't I didn't wait long enough and and do my mana troops so right now I have a bunch of critical troops that are leveled up pretty high that I wish were mana troops instead yeah it sounds really depressing to not have expectations unfortunately during that that's kind of that's kind of the thing I I wish I wish it was a bit different and hopefully with progressive new changes that that's something that does change does help out does it does does go through but we're at the point now to where your expectations on your your gems are not really there do I think the sand heroes are worth hero tokens or should you hold them for pirates well your hero tokens won't get you pirates I don't think is that that's like uh that's like an event but I was never never that huge on the sand heroes Ron is pretty decent unit is is is great for for tanks if you guys don't have same color tanks that type of deal but I was never super sold on the sand heroes Ron is just is an awkward level up being at average speed average speed youngin is an amazing tank but not that great otherwise but I guess a case could be made for like the three stars for the events and for the for the weekly stuff see you see a weapon do not have any expectations Thank You Mason I appreciate that thank you very very much thank you diabolical I appreciate that you're gonna burn some tokens on sand yeah that's fine his song is his gut is good for that save up for Christmas you think Rudolph buddy and mother North yeah I was that kind of bummed me out i I went heavy in December and I didn't I didn't get mother North or Santa I got like it was like 20 Rudolph's are sorry 20 buddies it was so many buddies it was insane is it true the odds are better if we wait to just open up tc20 and have at least ten already or is it random that that's all that's all in my opinion just perceived thing superstitious I don't think that you're really gonna get better results Slayer thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that okay so I think I'm just oh we have this right yeah I definitely need recruits you got to mother north but no isn't no Santa yeah I really wanted matter than Earth because I didn't I saw live Alby I have like a really bad hero's it's funny because I had really bad heroes before I left and now I have like even worse heroes but it does go to show that if you learn how to use your heroes it's going to it helps you out the most see I like even after taking four months off I don't feel like I'm behind if that makes any sense I don't feel like I'm super far behind anybody I think that I'm still like I think I'll still definitely be relevant and obviously time will tell with with war or whatever but it just goes to show you that you don't have to have every hero and I think a lot of times people get so caught up and worried if they don't have a specific hero or don't have a specific something that they really miss out on that you pick up to every two days from TCC to five stars and eight attempts so now I made to five stars and eight attempts is amazing do I have no I don't have Ranveer is he better than Wu yes he's better than Wu 100 cents better than move the the small gap of potentially missing is definitely worth it for more damage and the damage done to it and being fast so Ranveer is absolutely better than what calling the question comes in to is Ranveer better than tarrlok so hopefully that is something that I can have answered especially before the month ends thank you wolf I appreciate that well I will you ever be able to train troops I don't know but I think that they want to make it more accessible from I understand it looks like my stream is lagging a little bit you know what Chad I was also thinking that it might be the position in which where where I have all my streaming stuff set up in my room thanks pink I appreciate you stopping by it's okay you're it's 12:30 over there so I'm just about done anyways you can do this and then probably just do a couple probably two rounds and Atlantis and call it a wraps for today leery I don't think you should be leery on Ranveer especially it depends on if you're going hard for the other the other Titan hero but I also can see that just having who might be okay if you're going to be color specific so some people are gonna be using tarmac some you know for different colors and then the other new guy is specific to so I think that also factors in things if this is all your monk emblems in the wookie edge but here comes yeah so sometimes that'll happen I'm just glad I know that they allow you to reverse the emblems if you need to because right now that's the case you can reverse emblems so but I I would have never advocated to use emblems on will well actually cuz it's a monk I think it depends it depends on where you're at thank you David I appreciate that yeah Oakland opt so yeah Mario if you are trying to not spend a lot of money tc20 super huge super important if you're trying to be more free-to-play then I would try and push to tc20 as soon as possible because you absolutely absolutely need five stars Dirk needs to be promoted okay yeah on second I thought that I you already was will done yeah I know Sonny he was once old never ever reverse emblems no that's fine I think you should absolutely reverse emblems if you're gonna not use it on a hero that you're not gonna be using like I would never have I'm going up heroes that I just I'm not using at all right because that's like the other alternative you're here your hero emblem should be if you're trying to compete at a high level I would focus more on your defensive team in your tightening team so that's why it's okay if stuff's on Wukong but I would have focused everything kind of on getting my five stars up because you're gonna use them the most in the future cheap to play yeah so Mario you should absolutely focus on getting your tc20 up and running and I would probably try and run three three of them have I ever decided on what hero to put emims on for every profession it just depends Darien that all depends on what other stuff you have because if you have like for instance some heroes might be better on different teams just based on your other supporting heroes but I think that kind of covers is far as emblems go they should be geared towards your defensive team as well as your Titan team that's your your main kind of focus I love from it are you good to see again won't see you for a long time yeah thanks for hanging out on dress is it better to use yeah four five star skip I would definitely use on five stars you got three five stars from tc20 from 11 training sweet wow that's pretty awesome Keegan June and vivica Wow yeah I mean that that's awesome is Revere worth it it depends on if you have Tarlac if you don't have Tarlac then and you're trying to compete at a high level then I would probably still do Ranvir because he's just gonna be on every Titan which means you're gonna be using them like every day all right so I think I'm going to Auto farm these two kind of call it a wraps so not keep this too too long shooting max a gear or Frieda next both or at 370 used when is a tank now I would use I would do free to then caber Oh free to Frida is pretty amazing so I put a gear I mean a gear is pretty awesome on offense and everything like that too so I think both are fine but I would probably do Frida just for having the color specifics on the Titans especially if you don't have King Arthur if you don't have King Arthur leveled up then I would absolutely do freedom tc20 a belief will Kong and Sonia I mean those those are I'm able Khan's great Sonia is awesome Ric Flair thanks Joseph I appreciate that buddy yeah well I yeah what other questions you guys got so like I said when when this is done we're gonna call the wraps here invest wizard emblems in Victor if you're missing hell I'm honestly not huge on investing emblems into Victor to be honest with you did you miss yeah zero stop by in the beginning Darien so I was thinking don't forget the ideas few agree on initial great idea right freighter was your first five started need three more scopes Freitas awesome with paladin talents and Kagan's buff hi Richard can do 1800 do you think Kagan use makes sense to make better five-star I don't know if I would really emblem up either richer or Kagan but it all depends said it depends on your budget if you like most optimal no I wouldn't say that's most optimal does that fit within your budget and the way that you play the game then maybe yes if that's the case I get to see back he sub spent in Gem something for the moment she's 20 up probably system Avalon exes event so far 30 trainings Leonidas and Caitlin nice I mean at least you got some I don't think I got any sure I think actually I did I did a few I did probably like 38 TC 20 and I think I got like third June and like second Richard I never got anything that I wanted OTO what do I think of Kagan I'm not huge on Kagan I'm not huge on Kagan 80 Kagan is very annoying the special was off mana troops can make him quite annoying yeah he he's um he's one of those kind of unknown ish i think i yeah i think i have Kagan I don't think I've even level them thanks x2 I really appreciate him in do you have Arthur just not leveled okay so then yeah so quebra I would it's totally funny to do Frida my back for good yep I am is Aries better than going to be or no areas is amazing on Titans and offense their Aries is absolutely better at all offensively the corner here is still definitely better defensively if you have going to be rare and the emblems honor how far would you go I'm just so daring again I'm speaking from the top I'm blooming up Guinevere is not bad at all I would say that's totally fine I would probably just continue to go up on her I don't I don't see her going away like even still right now coming back into it the different things that people are complaining about or whatever I still think that going to viewer is still more of a supreme tank to deal with just given the tempo loss and how aggravating it can be because like a gear a gear can be easily handled right you can go if I got disconnected I think I'm disconnected my back again okay okay have to put Yemen zhongqing that's okay it's not end of the world Sartain our Panther short question from Polish man um I would probably do Panther even though SART an is better on defense pant Panthers just just too good on Titans a video focus on once you get the level 20 important steps to set up for 21 okay I appreciate it thanks thanks super we should put your elbows on Ariel mother north or Coon chin wow I think that that dependent that depends on your other heroes and where you've got on your colors because ultimately you need to set up your colors for defense but I'm ok with any of the three of those you see worth mattes I don't remember who was due Panther yeah versatility al Burke is better than another north yep if you have another red five-star that's not Elena I go for that yeah which up but Elena is actually pretty beastly on Titans yeah I think I think it went off when they came back sorry guys thank you guys I appreciate it yes I understand that finishes raiding them all call the reps anyways saw my last video cool been watching twenty minutes and just now realize you caught it live yeah Chris yeah you caught me a lot buddy any advice on who to give your Clark emblems to need some help yeah I think I already addressed I don't know it just depends on the other ones man who's better Maj on our eyes lar it depends on your other heroes but I would say they're both great my Jonna can tank they're both they're just very different I have both leveled up and I don't regret either one I use that a lot more on offense though I would do June out of those elite all right so we're gonna through Atlanta's chat yeah and aerials actually put a good on it's unstable I'm sorry chat I need to try to figure out a way to direct connect all right chat I am gonna call this wraps here for half the time that we were so I'm gonna try and get more more of these type of these streams in just quick our half good for everybody it's not too too intensive but I appreciate everybody coming and stop them by hanging out all the new members of anchor Cove donations thank you guys so much I really really appreciate it and I hope you have an awesome day you want to say goodbye goodbye everyone so I was definitely here the whole time wink wink okay alright see you guys and I hope you have an awesome awesome day

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  1. I quit because of a lot of stuff you pointed out. Glad to be gone, but it was fun while it lasted! Good luck to ya and 7DD!

  2. Hi anchor!! Welcome back!
    I need an advice about ranvir: having wu and tarlak maxed, and guin/drake maxed..which is better next, inari or ranvir?

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