21 thoughts on “Anchor Handling Offshore Western Australia Coast

  1. Good informative video of hard and dangerous work handling heavy parts like an anchor🚢⚓️👍

  2. Really well done,anchor handled on and off between Nz and Aus between 1975-2014.Only thing thing i spotted wrong was when work wire was released it should have been taken up the deck a couple of metres to make sure ALL torgue was has gone,seen more than than one guy get hurt.

  3. I Work in .TI DE.MARINE.N. GULF FLEET. un anchor jabalina Boeing supply.golf of México .viva MÉXICO.cabrones

  4. OWNERSHIP / …investimentos, que deu certo … o trabalhador maritimo veio a ter ganhos operacionais … o floclorista / cordelista, ate  poderia  rimar algo … nao mareado …

  5. Video of our latest rig shift of decking the anchor for inspection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZa5YfIL1Ds&list=UUNcpYqWUTETXURSU5aCiUtw 

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