Anchor Bend or Nilsson Knot How to Tie

Anchor Bend or Nilsson Knot How to Tie

hi and welcome back again in today's little exercise what we're going to do is we're going to create the Anchor Bend what I will do is I will show you how to correct create this knot and then at the end of the video I will put some links up to other knots that may be of interest and useful to you and also anything that is actually mentioned in this video itself also don't forget to check out the description down below because in that I will also have some additional information with you regards to the anchor Bend and so another thing about this knot is that it is also used by anglers and in the angling world they call it the Nilson knot and it's after a Canadian angling author and they use it for attaching fishing hooks lures and swivels and so therefore this is also a useful knot for the fruit efficient fraternity but in my case under Matt Lowe I'll call it the anchor Bend but that's the other names as it goes by and once again W I'll put additional information in the description below but in this one I'm just going to show you how to tie this knot okay so let's get on and tie this knot you but as well doesn't add up I've got my court here and basically this is for it's a safer not to use than a round turn and two half hitches especially when you're working with wet or slimy roads it's just a little bit more secure and it's really an easy one to tie and so basically what we do is we parse our cord like so take a fair bit through pass it through our ring like so we then take another turn through our ring like so and what we're doing is we're keeping a loop just here so at this point here we still have a loop we then take our working end take it over both cords there and take it through like so it's a little bit fiddly with a fiddly when i'm trying to do it for camera as well and then just pull it up a little bit and then we go round again for a second time like so take it through and then pull it up tight and you can see that as we pull it up tight it is all locking into place and once again it's another one of these knots that isn't going to go anywhere so yet it's a really good not to use if you've got slimy or wet ropes instead of two two round turns and a half hitch or cut off as sorry around turn two half hitches instead of doing that you can then use the anchor Bend and also once again don't forget as I said earlier it is also used by the fishermen in this world for their nose swivels and hooks etc and so what I'll do is I'll show you that again and it's relatively easy to undo again but it is a secure knot this one so we pass the working end through our cord like so we then pass it through our court a second time and what we're doing is we're leaving a loop just there so I can pass my hands through there we then take the working end and pass it through that loop once and then go again pass it through twice like so pull it through and then just pull on your cords and it will nicely lock into place and then just jiggle them about a bit just to secure it properly and then it's very good and that is now nice and secure on there and that is basically how to do an anchor bed very simple very easy right so we're at the stage now where it's tips and tricks time and the only little tip or trick I can show you with regards to this one is I'm going to show you how to do a slip version of the knot and I'm not sure if it's any more or any less secure it's probably a little bit less secure because it does have a slip knot in it however it's another quick-release system and so basically what we do is we tie our knot again as normal so I'm throwing the working end over our cord like so I pull the bit through we need a little bit more than normal and then I've just put my fingers in that gap there so that when we pull that one over there we've now got a nice little hole there and what I'm going to do is just let it pull up a little bit and then I'm going to take my working end bring it round through that hole we've created there bring it round once and then this time I'm going to just put a little bend in it like so and then pull it through again and then allow it to pull up tight and so you can see here now we've got a quick release system of the knot and what I'll do is I'll pull it up tight and so to be honest that once again that knot not going anywhere and so we've now got a quick release system in our knot so that when I pull this I'll pull that it's quick release and everything is now loose to undo and I can take it off slicer so that's just my little tip and trick for this knot so once again thanks for watching and see you again shortly alright

25 thoughts on “Anchor Bend or Nilsson Knot How to Tie

  1. If that really doesn't go anywhere with tension, this is a perfect knot as well for its simplicity. Thanks!

  2. I disagree with the folks that complain about too much talking. Johnny is clear, concise, and welcoming. Very different from those who drone on about their knots, who lose the thread, or who bark. Good job! No wonder you have 6700 subs!

  3. I can positively say that this is a lovely little charmer. I've used it many times on my boat anchors with great success. Good video, chap!

  4. So glad I ran across your channel, finally someone who takes their time to show and explain how to do all different types of knots, thank you , please keep the videos coming 👍🏼

  5. For more information on how to make the Anchor Bend more secure:

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