ANCHOR 2016 - The Opening

ANCHOR 2016 – The Opening

[Applause] Oh 18-1 BTW the anchor 2016 has officially started i'm pleased to present to you the jury please give it up for Anna tanhai singer-songwriter emiliana torrini she plays piano and sings you Coco kind of music for the South by Southwest Music Festival James minor because of you pretty much every legend there is Draco we off the legendary deathmatch homepage I'm gonna approach it like a fan oh yeah I just use my gut instinct only to the nominees for the anchor 2016 England right Polly McPhee oh they're relaxed and hypnotic sound is great Division one in war parcels Alvin Lee Mel dial think Alvin is one of the most exciting and fascinating prospects to come out of Scandinavia in recent years woman the cathedrals turned on its head the feet are tapping O'Connor youngblood exceptional and everything he does exceptional a jam session with Connie Cass on a cold island with a view of the sea anytime Shay the guys personify some of the best English pop traditions Olivia Sebastien Le doing her own thing there's no better way of describing the young Englishwoman attitude combined with top the competition has officially started the drury are going to be heading off to the club's enjoy the music and join us here on Saturday when we reveal the winner of anchor 2016 you [Applause]

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