ANC, DA, EFF on the expats' vote as they kick off the 2019 polls

ANC, DA, EFF on the expats' vote as they kick off the 2019 polls

South Africans living abroad are costing the special votes tomorrow and they dependent Electoral Commission says it's all systems go the highest number of South Africans who will be voting abroad are in London at nine thousand Dubai has 1500 South African expatriates who are going to vote and the Netherlands has 1300 South African voters registered IEC chief electoral officer sorry mama Beaulieu spoke to money live this morning let's take a listen to that twenty nine thousand of them have indicated their wish to vote abroad and all missions have confirmed readiness or logistics or ballot papers have been received and Auckland in New Zealand will be the first station where voting will be happening tomorrow yeah so let's talk to sort of numbers and areas that we're looking at so you got twenty nine thousand people who has the most aware of the most registered people the most registered people are in London so they'll be voting at the mission in London just in front of the Trafalgar Square we've made good preparation and everybody should be able to cast their vote without difficulty there tomorrow okay so London is the most I imagine followed by Dubai at one point five London has 9,000 people and the second is to buy with one thousand five then the Netherlands one thousand three and then Canberra and Abu Dhabi just over a thousand that is fascinating because I think a lot of people would want to know like where in the world or South Africans located that that still want to vote still want to participate in South Africa's elections and the electoral system and you know the reasons that a lot of people are away I imagine some for work or some have relocated permanently indeed there's a huge South African expert trade community in the UK in general because of our historic ties one presumes with with a United Kingdom there are students that those that are working and of course those who may feel uncomfortable with the political economic direction of the country but they remain South Africans and they remain with the right to vote in terms of the Constitution logistically how does it work because obviously we know that when elections are happening the voter countered at the particular polling station they are then sent to the IC but when were we talking overseas how exactly does that work after voting informations the ballots will be served in double envelopes and returned back to South Africa and once all ballots are back we will convene a party agents and do a verification of all the powers that were cast and they'll then be there then be counted it's a process that will take approximately two to three days to count all the ballots from from the missions okay so it's counted here in South Africa can it can it can South Africa throated embassies or it's already they know where they're going to vote so it's not that they they have to vote at an embassy or a consulate or any other diplomatic office it has to be a law it has to be an embassy High Commission or consulate because in terms of international law there is territory of the Republic so this votes although happening all over the world they're happening on South African soil throughout the world 821 missions meanwhile the question of who will these expatriates be voting for and did political parties do enough groundwork to their voters internationally we're now joined by Miss Monte sahaja who from the e FF mr. Buller may be from the African National Congress and I think we're joined by mr. Mac Moriarty from the DA thank you so much for making the time to join us this morning you've done the groundwork put out your manifestos are you able to give us an indication of what kind of constituency you have overseas and how they will be exercising their vote mr. Murray well thank you and thanks to your viewers well you will know that our organization the African National Congress having existed for 107 years one of the things we did to consolidate the liberation of people of this country was also making sure that we expand our reach in various countries throughout the world so we've got volunteers placed in numerous other countries so and we hope that they will be doing work to make sure that they could be able to assist South Africans are brought to go out and cast their vote and vote for the African National Congress special who's voting for the e FF abroad well you know that we have structures of the FF that were established in London in New York although of course according to our Constitution they are not constitutional structures of the FF because of how what the sort of guidelines we have in the Constitution for you to be an e FF member however they insisted that they want to have branches I think we have a London branch and in the end a New York branch and of course with the UK having the huge the you know the biggest by a bulk of the you know South Africans who are voting from abroad that's a constructive thing for us and of course as you know we have EF f inspired organizations that have established across the African continent with Kenya now indicating a similar you know intention even though of course they in those countries the expats who are voting or not as many but yes we're definitely looking forward to a stronger showing now than we did then we received in 2014 is there no contradiction with the EF F talking about land now and jobs now which are essentially local issues in fact you know especially the black South Africans who have gone abroad for work reasons and also just to further their studies and those who are doing pursuing their PhDs and any other sort of specialist areas of professional development we are actually very popular in terms of our ideological framing and of course our humanists you know policy framework for us to get back the land even though of course there's an agenda out there by some neoliberal forces to make it look like the land issue is not important for for South Africans but in fact it's a very inspirational issue for for for many a black people who are abroad Mike what's the Democratic alliances share of the International constituency well we're happy to report that in successive elections we've dominated the votes that have come out of the voters from abroad in fact five years ago of the 18,000 votes cast 15,000 were for the da we're expecting a similar kind of proportion this time round we are very well represented around the world we have an organization called da abroad they're very active so much so that they're able to mobilize people to apply to vote it's not easy to actually vote abroad you actually have to make application you have to do it within a very small window and you have to have like we have to register but they register but in addition to registering they also have to apply to say I will be going to vote and I will be going to this particular Embassy or consulate ok so the barrier is a little bit higher and also the distances are large but despite that there are people that actually come just gonna put up a graphic that was provided by the IEC that indicates the spread out of numbers of people as showing that in London it's a bigger number can our production please that graphic on the screen London having a bigger share and in interestingly enough on the African continent Kinshasa has about 797 people what is the importance of the African Diaspora for you in terms of people voting for you from wherever they are mr. Murray well like I've said that our organization the ANC when we were working on the project to consolidate a national liberation in this country we found ourself nicely in foreign soil we were welcomed by a lot of this African countries and a lot of a South Africans found things to do and some naturalized in those countries but others are still loyal and they still remain a South African citizens so it is important that one we consolidate the unity of the continent as a whole but two we are an internationalist organization we understand that there is no way there is no way that we can pride ourselves with sustaining our own democracy when we also do not contribute to the development of other countries in the Diaspora yeah so this is quite a very critical thing for us I'd also like my colleague from the EFS said that between the African National Congress I've got quite a lot of students that we are taking out of the country from time to time very recently the secretary-general of the ANC was sending a young people out to take you are going to study there are many others who are studying in Cuba others in London and all of that so you need to make sure that they could still be able to participate in this democratic project to cast their vote in fact that's the next question I was going to ask what is the benefit of having this international vote is it just so that they can merely take part in the process in this democratic process or is there a stated benefit for us there's a particular interest in the African you know intra African relations because you would know that our position is very firmly and strongly that we need a you nighted Africa but we also need one currency in Africa which is a target that the Union for African organization was supposed to have reached by now I mean it was formed in 1963 even though it was reformed into the African Union but our belief is that we should fast track the objectives of the African Union so the benefit for us is the ffs especially like I said the organizations that have established themselves and now Kenya wants to follow in the footsteps of the e FF are very critical for us in terms of that project because we believe that project is being frustrated by old people in Africa who want to hold on to power forever who don't want to leave you know the seats of authority in government nor the tide is turning there purely to knowledge so the tide is turning we believe that we've had a great impact in that we also believe that you know we need to take over from the hundred and seven year old organization because it looks like it may have lost its way along the way and it all also obviously for evident reasons that corruption and even women abuse has now you know taken hold within that organization and so ask the younger generation and people even younger than us I mean my daughter's 25 so I'm not that she I can correct but the younger generation needs to understand that the agency to unite Africa is an immediate issue but we also wanted to clarify if I can abuse the moment that I think there's a misconception out there about what are united and borderless Africa means it does not mean a lawless Africa when you move from territory to territory area to area issues of security clearance need to be attended to so we've stated very clearly that under the e FF when we transform the Home Affairs into Home Affairs and international security I mean an internal security department we're going to make sure that all immigrants are registered first and foremost when they come into the country and also that their fingerprints are taken as is as happens with sources on record so there's a right thing you also mentioned in your manifesto saying that no xenophobic rhetoric would be tolerated yes on the DEA side there was a call for tougher tougher stance on immigration does the DEA prioritize the African Diaspora specifically as opposed to the rest of the world well there's no priority the fact in the matter is that what we want to see is secure borders doesn't mean to say that there's no entry whatsoever we want people to enter on the same circumstances that Mandisa has just shared what we need is for the people to come with skills and we would welcome everybody that has got a contribution to make to come wherever they come from but what we don't want is just willy-nilly anybody could become for all we know there may be people coming the nefarious purposes even criminals and I think when people talk about us and they try and bring in the word xenophobia I think they're being very disingenuous by secure borders we do not mean xenophobia we actually just mean have the controls in place and if you do that you will actually reduce xenophobia and it's the absolute non application of law that creates the xenophobia and not the imposition of secure borders mr. Bobby just specifically what has the ANC put in place in terms of your campaigning ahead of the Diaspora vote and how ready are you well there's quite a lot that the ANC has been doing to try and cover it in a few minutes you would also remember that just last year alone even beyond the Diaspora even hosted the BRICS summit here on a South African soil there's quite a lot of work that we have been doing throughout the continent to try and demonstrate our willingness not just to wake people here in the country but to also make sure like I said before consolidate our own a democratic gains and I hear that the FF is saying that maybe the hundred and seven year old party might be tired actually we are more energized the reason why we are sending a lot of this youngsters outside the country is to make sure that they are skilled they come back and make a meaningful contribution I mean we are now entering the phase of the fourth Industrial Revolution you are going to need new skills it is this young people who are going to bring this new skills all of us in are different their manifest was talk about jobs how we're going to create jobs we need to first we need to make sure that that people are properly skilled sending them out of the country also assist them to be empowered so that they could be able to participate in the growing world where they I mean we are told that they at some point robotics are going to be taken over if you do not skill your young people today you will not be able to play a meaningful role globally so the ANC is quite ready our own main manifesto speaks at length about the things that we are doing actually almost we are the only party by the way in the country that has got manifesto forums almost each and every Sunday and what we do with this manifesto forums we also try and go at length and explain what is it that we are doing at the international front what is it that we are doing for women what is it that we are doing for youth and there all of that we are addressing agenda we're talking to three representatives of almost 300 parties taking part in this election between talking to three parties the three major ones the African National Congress the economic freedom fighters and the democratic alliance but we are also running a poll this morning where we asking you 29,000 South Africans living abroad will be casting their votes tomorrow do you think their votes will influence the outcome of the election hashtag si decides hashtag elections 29 36 percent say yes it will 64 percent of you say no several polls have been run in the lead-up to the selection and the general agreement and it might necessarily be the case is that EF f will get about nine to fourteen percent of the vote of course with the African National Congress retaining the the lion's share and that the da mo is not necessarily growing the reason why you want to have people go and vote for you so you can be able to make tangible decisions especially in terms of policy what are your expectations in terms of this international vote especially in relation to our poll this morning and do you think it'll have any impact of course because of the patterns of migration out of South Africa and you know the race driven pattern of that migration that a lot of pessimistic white South Africans left to the country and continue to leave the country nobody no one will stop them because it's their constitutional right you would remember that during the tag days of apartheid and during the times when some organizations were underground it was illegal for an African to leave the country so now it's not so anyone who wants to leave the country real is welcome to do that so as is anyone who wants to come into the country to contribute but that said the the pattern I think that they explained it earlier that because of the high oven of the high number of white people reflected within that twenty nine thousand it's a given that they would still have a similar pattern that majority of them will see themselves voting along racial lines because that's what happens with white people white people vote along racial lines the the DA is a white party it represents the interest of white people white supremacists and also a protects you know it's its ultimate agenda is to protect the the privileges of white people of course assisted by the ANC but I wanted to add to some of the comments that Polly was making earlier about them having a you know hosting breaks and and taking students abroad the majority of those students that they take up broad I hugely abused so we know that we're going to get that vote we're going to get that vote from the ones that ace claimed to fund and using the the first aid package again about our student that they turkey the Turkish students of us because we assisted them with some of the issues that were having their with the government the medical students in Cuba I have a cousin actually was one of them greatly abused from the Puma Ranga province after David my Boozer blew eight billion drained and we don't know what happened we know it was like a response to this no no no this is me poins I mean she's she's welcomed to you two to make a what is the position of a party and we will also state what is the position of our party fifty year thoughts though so ultimately I was just making the point that we've been assisting our citizens not just here in South Africa like I said we've inspired other Africans to form EF f like organizations across Africa seven countries so far I mean six countries so far but also we are assisting our constituencies because you know it's a digital world and we are very reachable and accessible through social media and they send us emails and complaints so the Turkish students are going to vote for us we know that from the Cuban medical student base we're going to get votes like I said I've got a cousin there was mobilizing there for the DA will retain about 20% of them and will not grow and obviously the democratic alliance has come out to say they refute these polls or what percentage of an international vote will you need to have to gain impetus in terms of your ambitions for the 2019 poll well you know I think that's the wrong question but certainly if you want to know how much of the 29,000 I get is certainly in the high 80s so percentage so we we are confident of that and I don't know what the racial breakdown is going to be I don't think it's relevant I think these folks are South Africans and I think that if Mandisa wants to come with us to one of our structure meetings or something like that she may be absolutely surprised how diverse the DA is we're not this monster that she makes out to be if they were if it was the case we wouldn't be as diverse as we are but here's the thing the importance of these votes is not the proportion that it brings to South Africa's overall tally of votes it's how much is that important to that individual South African abroad there it's a hundred percent it's totally important and why do I say this it's because these folks are putting a stake in the ground that is South African and they are as Paula said earlier not only potentially and and and very imminently contributing skills and experience that we need but also remittances from abroad a lot of them actually sent finances that's important I do you think that you know the more South Africans that are entrenched in us and what and when I say I suppose Africa I'm not talking about the ground but how much influence will they get in terms of directing and driving policy when we talk about the creation of jobs the allocation of land a provision of Health Services what what what influence do they eventually get to have I mean to just even take us to digress a bit I mean maybe just I don't want to necessarily go into at the mind is I was raising maybe what we will do is that next time when we take them out we will have to invite them and decide to the airport as well so as you could see how loyal this young people are to the African National Congress we went to a China for a political school and we were I mean transpired surprising to see how those young South Africans who are out studying in China even know how to recite the freedom chatter I mean this now shows you how that loyalty is depend amongst them so they know that even when they come back to the country they must do exactly what they taught a Nelson Mandela and many others have done but speaking about the International constituency it's not necessarily only people who are out temporarily yes some people are South Africans but live there's work they make their livelihood there permanently yes the other point I wanted to make the other point I wanted to make is that for instance the ANC here in the country now we're the only party actually that went and made a success admission to the competition commissions thing one that I must fault the the market inquired on data must fall and if you look at the outcomes of that it is actually consistent with what we said must be done and why am i mentioning it about this hour saying they are all over social media now we are even trying to make sure that we are making we are expanding and making that reach on social media much easier you have made promises to a South African based voter yes what promise are you making to an international based voter as we've stated as the FF okay let me just speak it just very briefly on the issue of growth the FF is the only political party by the way that is demonstrating growth in the real terms in terms of the work that we've done on the ground and all the polls have been consistent at least over the last six months in terms of that position here's what I do not garner sufficient growth to be able to be decisive well look I mean the reality is that in how then the ANC is gone as a governing part in terms of an outright majority it doesn't matter which way they want to you know for themselves the reality is that voting trends do not change in terms of the behavior of trends in 2014 they dropped from their previous number to 53% in a 2016 if you amalgamate if you take if you consolidate all the local votes the ANC dropped to between 43 and 45 percent in 2016 and it's 2019 so you need to follow that trend and that's the that's the first critical thing the second critical thing is to note the exponential growth of the FF in the Eastern Cape as well as particularly in the case a 10 and then the northwest province and of course in Limpopo where we have both northwest and in purple where we have already performed in the higher 20 percentiles in some municipalities in terms of the 2016 vote so we are looking forward to a massive growth in housing equally as well the last polls pitted us at around 18 percent and we know that majority of the poses not all of them are always off between 1 and 3% Mike in the previous local election the democratic alliance partied off with the e FF to take local service delivery forward but now there's a conversation that the e FF is now wanting to talk to the ANC how is this sitting with the DA conversation I don't think any political party that's got any brains should be talking about coalition's this side of the election you actually have to determine what the seats look like and then the conversations will start in earnest and certainly that's our position on these things and I think that you know the the commander in chief might be saying something now and I would be confident to say he might say something different once the the votes are counted I agree with Mandisa that how tank is gone as far as the ANC is concerned whether or not they can form a coalition with the e FF is another matter but they cannot win outright similarly with the northern cape let me thank you all we have to wrap up this conversation but just to wrap it up this in earnest starts the voting process what are your prospects for 2019 to 2019 election what are you looking forward to in its entirety besides me and not just separating the internationals well well I think the first one is that we are going to win how 10 decisively that's the first gift that we are starting with the one that where the weight gone gone has been used a lot which is holding because it looks like this is where this is where not even contestation this is where I mean the DA is trying it's like here and there can't attend to issues in Alexander goes and removes posters of the ANC in Midrand you know a pace gun starts to do funny things on the ground so it is all it is all sorts of things that I opinion but like we can tell you now that as demonstrated by the polls and the work that we've been doing led by a president president cell Ramaphosa there seems to be a great acceptance of the ANC say a notion of a growing South Africa you see it throughout all provinces whether it's in the northwest it's in Limpopo it's in eastern cape is in kwazulu-natal everywhere in the country according to the poll so you do you think you will accede yes in fact we will double our votes in terms of my own personal assessment nationally and then in how thing of course it's a given that we're going to dwell the the mistake that many people are making in the contestation of these elections is to think that they usual rhetoric is going to work it won't and one individual will not also win you an election what is critical now is that our people the black of polls are saying that individual will come through that is a big mistake because our people have matured our people understand and also must understand that the FF has done a lot of work in educating South Africans over the last almost six years of our formation now and that is now bearing fruit because people now understand that it's not the ANC sending anybody to Turkey it's their own tax money and the fact that the ANC cannot differentiate between government and itself is exactly the reason why they should and are going down in this province because the citizens of how then get it very clearly that it's their money that is being looted day in and day out and it's them we end up suffering with the usage of their own resources there's nothing more tragic than that so we're looking forward to growth yes that we do as far as we're concerned policy I mean there are different polls and they don't always agree they don't all tie up and you've got to ask yourself is there a difference because I know there's a general trend for each different poll and if you look at the polls like the Institute of race relations they're much more reflective of our internal polls and for us that's a validation that we're on for a good thing we are going to grow nationally we are going to see that the ANC is going to lose its majority in the Northern Cape yeah and specifically so in counting so I I think that you know the race is on there is still a lot of swing vote out there and I think it's up for the parties to maximize their manifestos and they message around those manifestos and my hope is that voters would look at that the race is indeed on Mike mariachi from the Democratic Alliance and – mm I sure hope from the economic freedom fighters and maybe from the African National Congress we hope this conversation has been beneficial to you talking about that diaspora vote that starts tomorrow starting the 2019 election off in earnest

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