Ana Kasparian STUNS Republican On CNN

Ana Kasparian STUNS Republican On CNN

>>Ana Casparian was on Cuomo last night and
she took issue with some of the way another guest on the show was presenting the impeachment
inquiry, some of the right wing talking points that he was spreading. Here’s how she responded to that.>>If I were the democrats, I would want this
to be held open and very fair, very transparent because they’ve got a lot of convincing to
do.>>I am so tired of Democrats constantly caving
to the type of framing->>That Republicans demand. Finally for the first time you have Democrats
standing their ground. They have absolutely no obligation to hold
that vote. I believe that the way that they’re conducting
this investigation is not only legal. It’s the correct way to do it, and the reason
why they’re not holding open hearings is, number one in 2015. John Boehner, pushed for and successfully
accomplished a law that indicated that they could do these closed hearings.>>True.>>And more importantly, we don’t need a circus
right now. What we need is to get down to the facts and
figure out exactly what’s going on.>>Yeah.>>My two favorite parts were Cuomo going,
true.>>It’s the opposite Trump, what does Trump
do, fake, lies?>>What was the one, wrong.>>That’s what it was.>>Wrong.>>No, Ana, you’re the puppet.>>Okay, so, my second favorite part was when
she popped that guy’s knee out.>>Bam!>>God damn, yeah man!>>And when she’s like, waiter, receipts please.>>Well, and also one of the points that he
makes. This is a general thing whenever you watch
interviews like this when he is like, if I were the Democrats I would. Just discount everything that comes after
that because the last thing he wants to do is give the Democrats advice. Meghan McCain always tries to play that, I
think what they should do is this, they should jump through these hoops that I will lay out,
I will never support them even if they did that. But it would be convenient for me as a right
winger if they were to do what I say.>>My favorite’s when they give us electoral
strategy. I think you should pick the weakest Democrat.>>The one that no one really likes and is
pulling a 2%.>>Yeah.>>That’s why Trump is tweeting-
>>At Joe Biden, I hope to see you in the general sir my God! Well now we know who we probably shouldn’t
elect.>>And also the reason that he goes into,
here is what I would do if I were the Democrats. Because he doesn’t wanna talk too much about
what’s being done right now because although he’s there to imply that there’s something
nefarious about it. He knows as she knows that these were rules
that were set up under John Boehner. The process is going forth in pretty much
the same way it was back in the 90s. They’re doing some initial fact finding interviews,
of which we have, let’s be honest, we have a lot of information about what’s going on
in those rooms. Regardless, the Republicans have even more
because they have dozens of their members who are serving on those committees and they’re
there for all of those interviews. They want you to forget that, but it’s true. So you can’t actually take issue with the
process on specific substantive grounds. You can only talk vaguely in circles around
the process and really fast on that. One of the things that I loved about this
is we know that the Matt gates, the brovasion of the rooms was a big stunt. That’s all it was. But AOC pointed out one particular way that
it was really a pathetic stunt. Ryan J Riley had reported that Fox News reports
that some republican members quote asked to be arrested during that. And so she said there have been many aspects
of the GOP’s little flash mob that have relied on mountains of entitlement and privilege. But then asking for the police to be arrested
is just, well, let’s just say my community would find it hard to understand why anyone
would ask to be arrested. But we know why they want to, so that then
he could come out and say, I was thrown in the slammer for just trying to find out what’s
going on.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, wonderfully said. So I decided that next time I’m debating a
republican on TV I’m gonna flip it on them.>>If I were the democrats, I would just surrender,
they usually say it along lines of John. John would say, I’m gonna flip it on. If I were the republicans, I would support
a criminal president but I guess you went in a different direction, so I find that to
be a little bit more egregious than some obscure process thing that you’re complaining about
that isn’t even true, as Ana pointed out.>>Just ask them if they’re scared.>>Mm-hm.>>Just that, are you scared, but say it like
that.>>If I were a republican I’d be scared.>>Okay, we gotta get you on Cuomo now, but
there is more of Ana’s appearance, here she is.>>Guess what, Jeff okay, our colleague on
the show previous on Anderson show said, most of this stuff is hearsay based on top of hearsay,
okay.>>You know it, you’re a lawyer.>>This is not a trial. It’s not a legal process.>>Chris, you’re a lawyer, would you take
hearsay upon hearsay?>>Come one, listen.>>When you have members of Trump’s administration
testifying against him. You have a US Ambassador, Bill Taylor, under
Trump’s administration, testifying that there was quid pro quo.>>It’s hearsay based on hearsay.>>You have Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff,
Mick Mulvaney.>>It’s not hearsay based on hearsay.>>They are specifically saying, quid pro
quo all the time. I mean, you have members of his own administration
saying it and then you have Donald Trump constantly intimidating individuals from coming forward.>>Hold on a second, Dave don’t make it about
me being good or bad. Chris you know that you would not bring a
case based on hearsay. You not proceed forward with a case based
on hearsay.>>Hold on, how is it hearsay if Bill Taylor?>>Are text messages hearsay?>>Are text messages between Bill Taylor and
Gordon Sondland hearsay?>>Ana’s 100% right there and I found most
of what Cuomo said there to be incredibly frustrating. But, look the Bill Taylor stuff is great and
it’s not hearsay at all. It’s literally he said, it’s not hearsay. But more importantly than that, Donald Trump
put out the transcript of the call.>>And everything you need to know to be extremely
concerning about whether crimes were committed, was in there, it wasn’t hearsay, it was, he
printed it out and presented it to us.>>Yeah. I just like how Ana is doing a bit of a better
job than Chris is at the moment.>>Well she’s the one debating to be fair
to Chris.>>Chris is doing a great job not saying thank
you for having TYT people on, love it.>>Love it!>>Do more of that.>>But also the other dude, I don’t know who
he is, but he’s like, Chris you’re better than this, when Ana’s talking. As if to say, you’re better than having Ana
Kasparian on, and almost a little sexist. This woman, tell you what you’re doing.>>No, no, no.>>I didn’t like that at all.>>Francesca, I totally agree with you. I got the same vibe. I won’t even deign to talk to this woman.>>Yeah.>>Right? And what is Chris, you’re better than this
mean? It means you should shut her up.>>Right?>>Yeah.>>Why are you allowing her to say things
that are demonstrably true?>>Right? So that hearsay talking point is from months
ago. When they, the whistle blower, it’s just hearsay. Now, some of the things that the whistleblower
had was direct evidence and some some of it was hearsay. But to John’s point, we’re not talking about
that anymore because we already have a rough transcript, and even that shows that he did
do it. And then we have the text that Ana mentioned,
none of this is hearsay. Then we have Taylor come in as a witness and
say it was quid quo pro, that is not hearsay.>>Add everything Rudy Giuliani has said on
Fox News.>>That’s not hearsay, none of it is hearsay. He’s gone to an old talking point, and he’s
basically saying, how dare this liberal woman disagree with my old talking point and prove
me wrong?>>He didn’t get the update.>>See, republican talking points are like
IoS updates, or software updates. You can’t keep ignoring the update, because
then you don’t get the new talking points.>>And I’ve been frustrated by a lot of stuff
as we’ve proceeded with this. But one thing is, we’re still hearing from
Trump primarily but from others, attacks against the whistleblower. They really wanna know who it is. What’s the source and everything? But, from my point of view, and I acknowledge
we got the text messages, we got Taylor’s thing, all that contextual stuff. The whistleblower raised the concern that
I heard crazy stuff on a phone call, you need to look into this. So we got the phone call. What do we care, what the whistle lower told
us to look into it? So we’re looking into it, we got it. It would be great for him to come and say,
yeah, I was really concerned about the phone call and you can literally look at it. It was really bad, but I don’t get why we’re
still focusing so much on the whistleblower, we have primary source material that indicates
a criminal quid pro quo.>>I think that when you have a guest and
I mean I get and I like that there are sort of left and right debates on programs like
Cuomos. I think that’s important. But when someone goes on to television and
PBS is actually a good example, we always talk about, cable news, but PBS and NPR are
super guilty of doing these things too, which is both sizing something. They’ll have people on, who continually lie. They’re lying about the facts. So then, as the media, what do you do? I mean, it’s the Kelly Anne Conway syndrome. It’s like do we continually invite this perpetual
liar back on or not, and I feel like at some point we have to just let him go.>>Yeah.>>Just not put him on television anymore
if you’re gonna continue to lie.>>Yeah, look, and so we get criticism, they
say why don’t we have more conservative voices on, look, you find me honest conservatives
and I do have them on. John Ziegler, don’t agree with him at all,
and we’ve had wonderful, hilarious shouting matches, right? But he’s an honest conservative. And he genuinely believes those things that
he says, whether you agree or disagree. And I can name you a couple of others. In fact, Hilton from Fox News, honest conservative,
I’ve heard him on and sometimes we actually wind up agreeing when we’re having an honest
conversation. But 90% of the people that go on cable news
to defend Trump or just even republican talking points are purposely dishonest>>Right.>>So we don’t have them on and then mainstream
media goes, why don’t you even it out by having some liers on too.>>So obviously I agree, like today on the
damage where I had an activist start a nonprofit around autism I did not feel any sort of need
to add on someone who feels like we should be funding autism research less, I don’t know
what that would’ve added.>>But obviously, I don’t think that the network
is requiring that sort of balance because they think that it gets you to the truth. They do it because it’s an investment over
a long period of time that has resulted in the right wing respecting CNN. No, it hasn’t. It hasn’t worked at all. So why are you doing it?>>It’s a complete waste of time. They don’t care about you. They hate you. They think that you’re fake news.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Yeah, I understand they have political
pressure. They have economic pressure. They have media pressure and a culture of
group think in my opinion. But again, look, I get that we have a self
interest here, we kidded around about it earlier. Well, you have to give Cuomo and CNN a lot
of credit because it’s a very rare show that bothers to have an actual progressive on.>>That’s true.>>Against these guys. Normally it’s one of those guys and blah,
blah, blah and a meek democrat going, sorry, right?>>Yeah.>>So this is much more preferable to that,
which is 98% of cable news.>>That’s true.>>Love you, Chris.>>Yeah.>>Love you, Chris.

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  6. In a court of law it is hearsay even the released transcript. BUT! These items would generally fall under a hearsay exemption and would likely be allowed into evidence by a Judge.

    Republicans are saying a half truth which is where most good lies exist. Most citizens would be unaware of the hearsay exemptions that would allows this evidence into court even with it being hearsay.

    TLDR: Republicans are right about it being hearsay but wrong that evidence is not relevant. TYT is wrong that it is not hearsay but right that the evidence is relevant.

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  17. Anyone who hears Ana Kasparian spew out her hatred and disdain for patriotic Americans is way beyond tired of her. We are tired of Democrats trying to "impeach" the president since they have been trying to do it virtually from the moment he was elected. We are tired of Republicans who have let the democrats and the media get away with their constant anti-Constitutional tactics, and even though Ana thinks this is "legal," I think she is wrong but regardless, it is seriously unethical and disallows the president from his Constitutional "due process" rights. Ana's opinions are clearly tainted by her hatred for this country and for Trump and for the fact that Trump is doing a pretty good (not perfect) job as POTUS. This is their worst nightmare – a Republican wins and the country does well. All of the Young Turds are nothing but a bunch of communists and why any one regards them with respect is a mystery to me. I mean really – Ana who? Furthermore, impeachment is a "process" and therefore "process" is everything. There are only two things to which Republicans can object: 1. Whether impeachment is legitimate (and they are certainly making a clear case that it isn't). He has done nothing that would warrant impeachment; if he had, they would not hesitate to take vote (they all know that he hasn't) and 2. the process undertaken by the demoncrats to accomplish impeachment. The Republicans are only pointing out the obvious. The hypocritical demoncrats clamber for transparency from everyone but themselves. Ana thinks that the democrats are going about this the "right way" because it benefits the democrats, not because it is actually right. Remember, "right" to a Commy like her is determined by whether or not it furthers their cause; not because their actions are judged by any real definitive, orthodox standard of right and wrong. Her opinions therefore, are irrational and worthless.

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    not — he speaks from the flat-line Republican Party line; she is honest, he is not.
    He is male pale and stale. She is not.

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