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  1. Watched this in 2019, this info is 11 yrs old – I think Stanford should pull this now. I intend no disrespect to this Dr. I have tried every modality discussed here + many others. None of this helped me at ALL. Only 1 helped: the one they don't want to give you. My Dr. gives it to me as he knows me very well, but it really only takes the edge off. I'll take it . They just haven't figured this out yet. Took me 20 yrs to find a good Dr. I am so blessed with him that I wouldn't consider leaving my state and lose him even though I wish I could move to a warmer climate. What he gives me is empathy, kindness and validation. My 1 suggestion is learn how to meditate ( !!) I send my sincere love to all who suffer.

  2. There are multiple methods for resolving fibromyalgia I’ve seen for myself, that actually work in many, and some in most cases and they are explained below. It often has multiple aspects to it requiring more than one method for healing. MD’s very rarely have the skill set required unless they are a functional medicine doctor, who often do along w natural Paths experienced w fibromyalgia & some mainstream medical doctors who have learned so called traditional methods are useless for most chronic conditions and have found what actually works. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 25 years, and have been aggressively looking for a root cure. I’ve been studying natural medicine since hearing of fibromyalgia being cured by it 15 years ago, and my mother was able to cure hers w just what I learned in the first 6months. Since then I worked 5 years in a residency clinic for doctors of natural medicine & saw them cure people no one else could. I’ve been an exceptionally tough case, and I was t one of them, but I had a dozen doctors who taught & trained new docs I learned from and help guide my own research and 100s of things I’ve tried. There’s been cures out there a long time but they don’t get publicity. There’s limited money in cures & so much in have an expensive issue for decades. Dr. Daniel Dantini has a 70% cure rate w fairly heavy rounds of viral meds & food sensitivity identification and avoidance. He reversed his arthritis after an elimination diet showed which foods he was sensitive too, after needing a double knee replacement at 35, and has his b4 and after xrays from another doctor. Almost everyone w fibromyalgia has food sensitivities causes by candida and/or 1 of 4 viruses still active in our symptoms. I had 2 friends who worked w him or years and saw him cure 100s if not ,1000s. His book explains how to get his protocols handled w ur own doctor, if they’re no open minded enough u can find one who is. I didn’t respond to the protocol but asked to try Armour thyroid & 25 years of energy issues disappeared in less than an hour & pain was down 80% within 6 weeks…until they changed “a binder” & it completely stopped working. My doctors had all said my thyroid was perfect for 25 years as well, but a chiropractor had found a few years early this was not true. Over half of thyroid issues are undiagnosed & their #s are calculated into what is considered normal. Everyone of the tens of thousands w fibromyalgia Dr. Tenenbaum has worked w had substantial candida overgrowth, usually systemic, which actually causes full fibromyalgia symptoms in itself. Unfortunately, most mainstream MDs deny systematic candida is possible outside of the ICU, while functional medicine & other holistic doctors know it’s extremely common, especially in those of us w chronic issues and treat 1000’s of cases. I recently had not choice but to reluctantly take antibiotics, which is almost always what causes candida overgrowth in the first place and had a drastic increase in candida and the same drastic increase in fatigue joint pain brain fog and muscle pain, related to activity. I’ve tried almost everything including pharmaceuticals, which are actually less effective than natural methods of reduction and very toxic and hard on the system I t’s a fairly long process that must be taken slow and first and gradually increased. Biofilm must be dealt with or much of it will survive understand shield and come back as soon as it’s not being hit w antifungals(Candex is the best supplement for this according to many experts in this area who don’t sell), multiple antifungal herbs are almost always required(Purely Holistic has a really good one 120 tabs $20, probiotics are a must along w a low carb high fat diet, free of yeast containing foods like cheese bread most vinegars & especially alcohol. PB8 is the best probiotic for the $ and often less than $10 for a bottle of 120, but the best method is usually to make ur own own Kefir Milk or water kefir with real kefir grains. Some natural-Paths recommend going slow at first since it has trillions of probiotics in a serving, and anything that combats candida can cause die off symptoms from the extra toxins released when they are killed. Saccharomyces Boulardii, is a Probiotic that actually eats candida & quite a few pathogenic bacteria including C-diff. Usually even beneficial yeasts aren’t a good idea w serious candida but this one is recommended by the best specialists out there for candida SIBO and as a great probiotic to take during antibiotics, if they absolutely must be taken. Out of everything I’ve tried to combat Candida die off, which can be absolutely brutal in the beginning if u don’t start very slow, Thorne Research – Molybdenum Glycinate 1mg capsules are by far better than anything else I’ve tried. Highly recommend at least getting a bottle to have on hand, and they’re only $11 on Amazon. Just taking 1 w antifungals is often the difference between no symptoms and feeling rough, but when I’ve had really bad detox symptoms, taking 4 on an empty stomach eliminated 80-90% of them in 15 min! That, staying very well hydrated, going slow, and taking less antifungals when not taking them w food have been the main keys to not getting sick.

    Also look into upper cervical chiropractic. This cures my migraines and most of 25 years of back pain. Didn’t even have any real issues w my neck, but neither do most others w fibro & one doctor found 90% of his patients had up cervical issues that were causing many of there symptoms. I didn’t think I had issues w this or any of the other things that turned out to be at the root of serious fibromyalgia arthritis migraine etc symptoms & many of u probably don’t either. It’s case is a little different but a VERY high percentage
    Of us have all of these issues that most doctors will tell u they’ve never heard of them, or they don’t really exist if they have. I’ve learned to follow the evidence of those who are getting cured, or curing others, or at least getting huge improvements in symptoms who just covering them up.

    This is all the info most will need to be able to look into it for themselves and get better.

    I’ve also found many incredibly useful supplements for fibro related symptoms like reducing arthritis joint pain allergies over 90%, after experimenting w hundreds that were useless or only had limited results. Let me know if u have questions or found anything else w profound results

  3. Amazing talk. I don't have firomyalgia but I do have postherpetic neuralgia and so have chronic pain. Not sure if there is a cross over but I really enjoyed this talk – I felt like it was the pain I feel that you were talking about. Thanks

  4. thank you all for visiting my youtube   video    advances in fms/cfs treatments, and thank all of youfor your personal responses.    DOC MIKE WITORT

  5. You refuse to learn the proper technique for the MRI for the most consequentle spinal cysts . allopathic care at it's best?

  6. Great seminar. I can relate to so much of what you've covered. I'm sore all day and all night. I begin sleeping at 6 or 7 am each day. I'm mentally exhausted of it all

  7. There isn’t a doctor that will really understand it , it’s cruel I’ve had it 5years & yes it gets worse meds do not do anything

  8. The best video on this subject so far. Thank you! My symptoms feel relief just listening to this lecture.

  9. What causes a reduction in glial cells? Are there other conditions that we know cause glial cell reduction?

  10. Umfortunately I am too freaking smart for my own good. You can’t convince me not to believe what I feel, so I can’t pretend I am not in pain. I can’t make my brain go with the ‘how much pain you feel is how you think about it’ stuff. It hurts. It keeps hurting. I can be reading the best book in the world, and I still hurt while I am laughing and enjoying myself.

  11. Very informative. however I do not agree about reptilian nonsense. God made man in his image and not as based in anything reptilian.

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