An update and what’s happening.

An update and what’s happening.

Hi YouTube
so another video. I know it’s been a while since I uploaded
I think it’s been eight months sorry, but this video just quick one
just to address some comments that I have got about the wood, building with wood and the living roof and how its standing up and then I’ll give you some
information why I haven’t uploaded for 8 months and what’s coming next. So in New
Zealand wood is the main building material our house is a wood frame house
the red brick is just a fascia it’s not structural the houses is on wooden
piles it’s a wooden frame, that’s how they build the deck, right I’ll show you
the deck now, so we put the deck in 15 years ago when we bought the house it’s
never been treated except for how the wood came
we’ve never stained it coated it and as you can see after 15 years alright it’s a bit dirty and a bit messy it could do with a clean
but it’s structurally sound it’s as solid as it was the day we put it in Wood here lasts a long time yeah one day it’s gonna rot but we are
a long way from that probably decades for the deck same for the shed. So the
living roof is brilliant, it’s still as it was when we put it on we’ve done no
remedial work, its self-sufficient you don’t have to feed it or water it. When
we first put it up the birds were digging around in the substrate for
grubs worms and whatever to eat and they did clear the earth off the plastic
because the seedums had not bedded in but now they’re bedded in and got a root base
that doesn’t happen, it only happen two or three times in the first six months.
We have thrown one more bag of compost on just to fill it back up but that’s
all we’ve done to the roof. I’ll show you inside and the plywood that’s still
perfect it’s just a good roof yes so inside the shed. First as
you might notice it’s empty we’ll get to that in a minute
so the shed is as I built it have not had to do any remedial work, repair anything add
anything. So I’ll just show you the plywood in the roof and the rafters as
they are now and so yep the plywood well you can see it now in the film it’s fine
it’s perfect it’s never leaked, but I love it and
it’s so warm in here it’s so quiet you can probably hear its a bit echoey,
that’s how good the soundproofing is, you can’t you hear, there was a chainsaw outside you
can’t hear it now so let’s get to why the sheds empty. So
back last year work got really busy I travel a lot for my job when I travel
it’s long hours, my job is very stressful and very exacting and the wife was
having enough of her job. The wife and I sat down and we decided it was
time for another lifestyle change. So we’ve sold the house, we’ve bought a new
house in another city further north the winterless north, not the winters
that bad here and I had to finish the refurb to put the house on the market it
took a couple months to sell the house it took us a couple weeks to buy another
house and we’re in the process of moving to the new premises. It doesn’t have a
shed but it’s a double storey house and it has garages a rumpus room and some
storage area under the house. I’m going to show you a few things I was building a
camera slider, in future with my videos I’m still going to do time lapse for
some jobs but time lapse doesn’t work with a lot of things I want to do. So I
started playing some stop-motion with the camera slider I was building
because when you programing it or you making the small fiddly bits or you’re
doing the electronics, time-lapse we’ll just miss too much. Stop motions
brilliant for it but it takes a long time so I will be doing some stop-motion
but not for every film I make. So gonna be a mix of different videos I’m gonna
have to redesign the cyclone or the air, the dust extraction system for the new
workshop that would be different so that will be a new project, finish my
camera’s slider and I got a load of other things I was working on but I had
to put to one side to get the house finished. So yeah that’s what’s happening
that’s why I haven’t uploaded but at the moment we’re just having a break
de-stressing. So I forgot about the batteries in the camera yesterday and I
hadn’t charged the other batteries what happens when you don’t use your cameras
a lot because you doing other stuff so well there’s not much else to say or
showed here, I hope the people enjoy my shed as much as I have and they make
good use of it. So let’s go to the new property so here we are at the new property and
behind me is going to be my new man cave. The whole area needs lining,
soundproofing but it’s a large area so it’s got a ranch slider as well as the
garage door, it’s your typical double garage under the house quite high
ceilings but they all need insulating and lining, so does the whole place the
problem is my whole workshop is in here, all the wood that I’ve kept all my tools.
Also have. There’s no light in this room so I don’t know how well you see it but
there’s a large office space and I’m gonna make this my printing room I just
need to put some power in same again line it and do all the important stuff.
But this is twice the size of the shed plus that room, yeah the first couple of
videos are going to be me turning this into my workshop and storage and
everything else so like I said I’m thinking that room for printers and then
I’m gonna box off another room just in here for electronics and computers and
stuff. I dunno a lot of stuff got to get the bike running again it hasn’t run for a
couple of years. So I’m sorry if this a little bit of videos a bit jumpy and all
over the place but still unpacking still looking for my camera equipment this is
just the explanation why I have been so slack in uploading, people started to
wonder if I’m still about, yes I am so hope you enjoy, I hope you tune in
subscribe for the rest of my videos. I hope you like, any comments, anything
you’d like to see change don’t like let me know and we’ll go from there. Bye

5 thoughts on “An update and what’s happening.

  1. Thank you for taking time to provide an update. Wishing you the best in your new home. I look forward to seeing your projects as and when you are able to share.

  2. Omfg.. When you were explaining about the empty shed and the pressure of both your jobs I thought it was the worst possible news coming… Glad it's not, good luck guys. 👍

  3. Thanks for the update. Just happened to stumble across the first garden restoration video this morning and went to the next and next and next — all the way to the workshop is finished.

    So it's your fault I didn't get the heat alarm wired for the car this morning.

    But you've had no problems with the workshop because of some excellent craftsmanship. I wanted to say thanks, here in the US I never heard of sealing the seams on a roof. Makes way too much sense to me, so given the chance I'll do the same.

    Good luck with the new house. I've been retired almost 2 years, it's very nice. Something for you to look forward to.
    Jim Y

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