38 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Border: Where China Meets North Korea | ABC News

  1. they don't swim across because they will kill your entire family and everyone you ever knew. i can't help but wonder what happened to the people they filmed who asked them not to….their lives were at stake …way to ignore them ..nice.

  2. Mr. Wooddruff, any chance you asked about the treatment of the N.K citizens locked up in terrible labor camps? Nope, your fake news visit was nothing but a big joke for you and ABC. All of you tree huggers should think about what that country is doing to their own people, real humans being treated like animals. I guess climate change and impeaching our president is much more important to your network. You're a joke, stick to fiction.

  3. …and this is why white people get killed. They think they are above the rules and can record, steal paintings, sneak in and out when told not to.

  4. So basically the Uncle was trying to help in keeping a friendship and tourists to come back and forth and Kim Jung Un wasn't happy. It seems like the Uncle was almost a peace keeper in all this and probably Kim Jung Un didn't like that. This is an amazing video btw! Getting to see the real life of North Korea and not video of Pyongyang where it's propaganda.

  5. I may believe many things but I cannot take that man at 31:34 serious as being a security guard. That man is like 70 years old, he's sitting there sleeping.

  6. Great Grandpa Joe is very upset but won’t speak of it except to mumble “propaganda” and light another cigarette. I wish he would tell of the Korean War but he won’t. He is addicted to the show “Quincy”

  7. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 3 times more than that of China’s. USA is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries. Why the kind Americans of democracy allowed their government’s atrocities?

  8. so this guy is in a no filming zone and filming with his phone hidden but his cameraman is able to film him steadily. did he pay some Koreans to ask him not to film for the camera? stupid documentary.

  9. That guy that took him under the bridge is decentl definitely Korean.whether from the north or south I'm not sure but he waa provably defector 20 years ago during the famine…the famine he actually speaks oflol

  10. US president said North Korea has tremendous economic potential, because they are hard working as their south part.

  11. They got ping pong, egg foo yung, all the little people living in China!
    They’re wearing loafers, collecting posters, all the little people living in China! Living in China!!

  12. Americans are about helping those that unable to help themselves. If there’s anything else then most likely we don’t know about it, because if we did we would stop it.

  13. I feel sooo soooo sorry for the both Korean people. They're treated like animals. Like enemies really. And if they just say something the outhoritues don't like, they are dragged to work camps. Including their families.
    Very inhuman circumstances really. Communism is not good.

  14. Precious Minerals go to China and Consumer Goods and 1.3 Million Cash Sales proceeds for the minerals on a daily basis go to DPRK

  15. As an American, I apologise for this shit journalist. He is being an asshole and rude to the people he meets. This is the shit journalism feed to us.

  16. I feel kinda sad for Koreans. The Vietnamese fought for their freedom and won. 1 Million Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war… Only 50 thousand American soldiers died. But at least they drove out the Slave masters/ imperialists. Now North and South Vietnam is one country.. All their money still has the face of their father and hero – Ho Chi Minh in it, but I believe they are no longer Communists but rather "Red capitalists". But still, Government heavily subsidizes gasoline prices and controls basic necessities and commodities. They have the cheapest yet most delicious food in the world because they are able to maintain their ingredients' prices still quite low. If the US did not lose and leave South Vietnam, they will also be divided like the Koreans. Because of that, the south prosper.. with KPop and all the shit.. But the North Koreans.. We don't care about them right?! Anyway, their leader Km Jong Un is evil. Let them all die.. Give them sanctions.. Anyone who does not bend to the will of the white masters is an enemy. FUCK ONE KOREA!.

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