Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update, August 11, 2019

Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update, August 11, 2019

Shalom everyone, we are in Tustin, Southern California and we are on a special Middle East update. Today is one of the most important dates on the Hebrew calendar. It is the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, which is the last one before the end of the civil calendar. But it is not, of course, the last one on the biblical one. The reason why Jewish people are fasting, lamenting, and grieving today is because the 9th day of the month of Av is related to several tragic events in the history of the Jewish people. I will tell you that they relate this day to the 14th Century BC when the spies returned from the promised land with the frightening report. They say that it was on that day. Then the 2 temples. The 1st Temple in 587 BC and the 2nd Temple in 70 AD, both of them, in a very interesting way, were destroyed. One by the Babylonians and the other one by the Romans, on the same day, of the Hebrew calendar. Then the Jewish revolt against the Romans, the 2nd revolt, was led by the false Messiah, Bar Kokhba. They say this was one of the crucial fights of the siege over the city of Betar which was a fortress at the time actually, was broken. That siege was successful, and the city of Betar’s resistance was broken on the 9th day of Av in 135 AD. If that’s not enough, both the 1290 expulsion of England Jews and the 1492 banishment of all Jews from Spain were decided on the 9th day of the month of Av. So for the Jewish people, it is a day of lamenting over tragic past. That brings me now to what we are going talk about in the next few seconds. It brings hope to the Jewish people for the 3rd Temple. They lament over the destruction of the 1st and over the destruction of the 2nd. Yet the Temple Institute in Jerusalem already has blueprints for the 3rd Temple. In fact, the Jewish people wanted to have prayer on the Temple Mount today which as you all know is held by Muslims. This is the 3rd holiest site for them, the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock. The Jewish people wanted to go and pray there. There were riots by the Palestinians there and the Israeli police decided it’s not worth it. We don’t we don’t need casualties. We don’t need anything. So they blocked the entrance of the Jewish people for the rest of the day. This angered the Jews and, of course, caused the Arabs to say, “We’re the owners and landlords here”. This brings me now, Pastor, to the Trump “deal of the century”. A lot of people are interested in knowing. Is this the peace deal that the Bible declares in the Book of Daniel as the 7 year deal that the Antichrist will cut, will sign and then break? I always say that it’s not, because the deal of the century has nothing to do, necessarily, with 7 years and all of that. However, the entire prospect of the deal of the century is like a domino effect right now in the entire Middle East. Let me explain what I’m talking about. In light of the Iranian rising threat and what’s going on there, all of the moderate Sunni Arab countries understand that Israel is actually, the enemy of my enemy, is my friend. If Israel is the only country in the world that dares to strike (against) Iran’s aggression almost daily, then the Arabs trust the Israeli response to Iran’s aggression more than any other country. Therefore, they understand. Look, we’ve been fighting Israel for more than 70 years over an issue that is a non-issue, the Palestinian thing. We get nothing from it, and Israel thrives. The Palestinians keep encouraging themselves to stay in the status of refugees. They realize that this whole thing is a scam. The Trump Administration pulled its support from the United Nations Relief and Work Association, which was a big scam by the UN to keep the Palestinians as refugees and not help them get out of that. So now UNRWA is bankrupt, and now they find out that all of the money that came in used to go into private pockets anyway. What I am trying to say is that everybody’s jumping off ship right now. The Arab states want peace with Israel for the sake of protection from Iran. The Europeans realize all their money went into the wrong pockets. The Americans say we are not going to allow that, because that is the problem why there is no peace over there. We will actually help the Palestinians financially, economically. Once they get out of that cycle of poverty, they will see that there is hope, and they won’t send their children to just blow themselves up. So Jerusalem becomes a non-issue. The Temple becomes a non- issue, and the refugees become a non-issue. Look, Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and the world still goes on. My point is, I see the deal of the century as a way to bring about the possibility for the prospect of having eventually, a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people. That is why the Palestinians are so angry right now, because they realize that the carpet they were standing on was just pulled out from underneath. They are no longer feeling the support, the care, and I guess, the international community’s soft hand. How do you see the whole deal of the century affecting the Middle East? It’s going to have an impact and already has. Just to talk about it a little about what has been released about it. The economic summit in Bahrain caused quite a stir and polarized the world further. We have the foreign minister from Bahrain come out and state that we want to be friendly with Israel. We want to cooperate with them which obviously drew the ire of Iran and other nations. The Bahrain thing was all about getting the Palestinians out of poverty. And giving Palestinians $50 billion dollars. Stop saying that you are poor and living in poverty and just start seeing that we want to invest in you. Do you know what this means? It means that some of those billionaires will no longer steal the money, because America is going to supervise what goes where, unlike the Europeans. And that’s why the Palestinians rejected it. One thing, I think, because this issue comes up a lot, is what you mentioned about the deal of the century. Is this the 7 year covenant? The first thing we have to remember is that the church is going to be out of here before the Antichrist can rise to power. So this is not the deal of the century. But as Amir said, it’s kind of paving the way for the thought process that will allow the acceptance of a deal from an outside source to be received by those countries in the Middle East. Amir, I think one of the important things for us to recognize is that the Gaza Strip is 171 square miles. It’s home to 1.85 million Palestinian people. They are according to the other Middle Eastern countries, actually, Syrian Arabs. That is what their nationality is, they are an Arab people. Interestingly, there have been calls recently from the Ayatollah Khamenei saying that we are going to reject anything that the USA offers. Mahmoud Abbas has said the same thing to the delegation of Democrats that are touring Israel, even now. That we won’t accept anything that is offered by USA. The Ayatollah Khamenei has made his statements under the guise of having a passion for the Palestinian people in their plight, and their oppression, and seeking to free them from this occupation. The curious thing is even as we just talked about $50 billion being distributed to 171 square miles of 1.85 million people. That’s a lot of money. The Iranians and their great passion for the Palestinian people, since 2008, have donated $20,000. The Iranians, this oil rich country, has donated $20,000 to the Palestinian cause. However, they have donated millions, and millions, and millions ($) to Hamas which tells us where their heart actually is. It’s kind of interesting if we think back even to the USA involvement. Again looking at this small population of people in a very isolated area, they are #40 of the most densely populated areas in the world. But the fact is that USA, since 2008, has fed into the Palestinian society and economy $6.4 billion. That is just the USA and that doesn’t include Britain and other countries that have sent not quite that large of amount. The interesting thing is that you have this little tiny piece of land that the next country or city in line, below the Palestinians, who have received international support, has received less than half of that which has been given to the Palestinians. And the scale descends from there. In other words, of all the countries around the world that need and receive international support, the Palestinians are getting more than twice as much as any other nation, or area, or city on the face of the earth. Yet here they are clearly, living in destitution. One of the things we also need to remember is that 75% of the Palestinian population is under 25. It is a young group of people who are hungry to be educated and to have the opportunity to obtain a job, make a career, and have a family for themselves. Yet all this money continues to get funneled to the destruction of Israel. This includes building tunnels, attacking Israel, funding those who are making these incendiary bombs that are being flown out of the Gaza Strip into Israel, starting forest fires, destroying crops, and all these other things. Remember, the deal of the century is not the 7 year covenant made by the Antichrist, which means Donald Trump is not the Antichrist either, as some like to say. Amen. It’s interesting because I think that Palestinians, themselves, if they are true to themselves, they understand that there was never a state called Palestine, never a nation called Palestine. They came from different Arab countries in order to attack the Zionist idea of the return of the Jews back to their land. They underwrite this as the rights of their claims over the land. It’s interesting because you may not be aware of what’s going on right now in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. But when they understand that the support is no longer there right now and it’s not there. Under pressure from the White House, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the President of Egypt, agreed to open the Rafah border crossing from Gaza into Egypt. There’s no more siege. I mean, Gaza is not blocked. They can go to Egypt as much as they want. In fact, it’s the Palestinian Authority, may I say the Hamas in this case, that limit the Palestinians who want to go out. Only 400 (a day) are allowed to leave. If that’s their land, why would they leave? But they’re leaving. If they could, they would have left by the thousands or four thousand a day. Four hundred a day is 144,000 a year. Do you understand? They leave because Egypt and Turkey accept the Palestinian passport. It’s interesting because eventually (they go) through Egypt, fly to Turkey, and they are stuck there. That brings me to what happened in the last couple weeks in Turkey. The Turkish Foreign Minister. I don’t know if you know that but I talk about it often. The Turks are now extorting the EU by telling the EU that if you don’t give us 6.8 billion euros and release all Turks from being required to hold a visa if they want to live in the rest of Western Europe. Unless you do that, we will open the gates allowing the flood of immigrants whom we still keep within our own territory. This means millions of more illegal immigrants will flow into Europe, and these are not African, necessarily. These are from Syria, Iraq, and quite a few Palestinians. We are watching an interesting thing right now. If Turkey will be accepted as a member of the EU, Turkey will be the biggest (member), because it has the largest population in Western Europe. You have to understand, in the European Parliament, the bigger you are, the more representatives you have in the parliament. The more representative you have in the parliament, the legislation will always be in your favor. That’s what Germany enjoys today and the Germans don’t want to become the 2nd largest. Definitely, they don’t want a Muslim country to be the largest country in the EU, and therefore they say “no” to Turkey. Turkey says, if you say no then we reject your offer and we are about to open the gates. And the flood will go all the way into your countries. Europe is right now in the most desperate situation it has been since the time of the end of WW II. That is why I always tell people, this is the exact situation that that place (Europe) needs to look up for a deliverer, such as someone who will be eventually, the Antichrist. The temperature has definitely changed in Turkey over the last, well really, less than a decade. Erdogan has been in power for some time, and I think he would like to have that permanent position of president. He has had a couple of “dings” in his administration lately. They lost in the city of Istanbul, and they lost Ankara as well. This next election is going to be rather curious see what happens. But what we do know is that they are being more radically Islamisized. And Turkey, like Iran, prior to the deposition of the Shaw, was very westernized. If you see videos from pre-1979, things going on in Iran looked like things you would see on the streets of Los Angeles, and the same was true in Turkey. But now even having been in Turkey in 2012, our Turkish tour guide pointed out multiple times a woman wearing a full burqa, or even just simply the hijab (the head covering) and said, “This is not something we used to see here in Turkey, but it’s becoming more and more prominent.” Therefore, Erdogan and others are pushing this caliphate idea where he hopes to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire. He really wants to be a sultan more than the president, and see Islam rule, and dominate over the world. This is really kind of one of the tools that they’re using. I think it’s a bit of a misnomer to call this “immigration” in countries like Germany and France. It’s not really immigration. It is infiltration. And it’s for the very reason that Amir just pointed out. When you have a country that will possibly have within the EU, the largest voting block, then the next thing you know is that they are forming coalitions. They’re putting prime ministers or presidents of the EU in power, and all the votes start to swing their way. We have to remember that Islam is not simply a religion. Islam, also, is a political ideology. They have their own law system and that is Sharia law. You are just a step away from moving from Islamic influence to Sharia law governing European countries. This is why I think that especially Germany and others must resist. Did you know that Erdogan, because of the heavy fighting in northern Syria, built military camps in northern Syria? But he opened the gate for at least 95,000 Syrians to enter into Turkey and receive Turkish citizenship. Why? Because in that area there are tons of Kurds, and he wants to populate this area with Sunni Muslims that will be more loyal to him. You can imagine if 95,000 northern Syrians become Turks, and they are already Turks, and if Turkey will receive visa waivers to go anywhere in Europe. Do you think they’re going to stay in Turkey? They will flood and head all the way toward Germany. It’s interesting that all over Western Europe there are new political parties, right wing parties, anti-illegal immigration. Now this immigration, they hate it, but they need it. Why? They hate it, because it completely changes their country. They need it, because without them they wouldn’t be elected. Do you understand? With the illegal immigration, comes the problems, and with the problems comes despair; and with the despair, everybody votes for them. There is an interesting thing of love and hate. Yet everybody can see Europe is changing rapidly. At the moment, as you said, yes, there is a danger that it will become Muslim. But still, Islam is less than 10% in Europe. I’m telling you, I have a feeling that when things will get really bad, those 90% (that might become 80% soon) will rise up and say, “Enough is enough”. When the inclusive, new world leader will emerge in that area, he will bring about a new religion that will suit both the godless Europeans and the defeated Muslims. You need to understand that Islam will come to almost a complete defeat at the result of Ezekiel 38 and 39 war. Iran and Turkey, both are big nations, one being the mother of Shiite Islam and one used to be the caliphate of Sunni Islam. Both are going to suffer such a great defeat according to Ezekiel’s war. God, the God of Israel, is going to just consume them. That will be a defeat of a religion. It will be a defeat of a religious idea, and the millions of religious Muslims in Europe will have to seek for something else. I’m telling you also, the godless, religious-less Europeans will look for some answers. This is the perfect platform. I believe, Pastor Barry, that the Catholic Church is changing like a chameleon right now. It’s changing its face, and its colors, and becoming more, and more inclusive. If the Pope can come and speak at Congress for 45 minutes without mentioning Jesus once, then you can see that Jesus is being taken out of the equation. All ways lead to God. All religions can live together in harmony. It’s not about religion anymore. There is only one god that we all can serve in different ways. By the way, it’s the motto of the EU. We saw some of the artwork of the EU, how they all look like the Tower of Babel, and Europe with “many languages, one voice”. Listen, it’s pretty scary how much they want to be like the Tower of Babel. They want to somehow challenge God and make a name for themselves. This is the only continent that instead of losing the war in Babylon, they actually imported Babylon into their own territory. We will try once again for another Roman empire to conclude and complete that which they started in 70 AD. It’s quite interesting what is going on. Turkey is violating the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus right now, and Brussels, the Headquarter’s of EU, is doing nothing. Even being a full member of the EU, does not mean that you will be protected by the EU. Everybody understands that now. This is why Greece and Cyprus befriended Israel right now. They realize this is a much better alliance where we can get things done. That, of course, angers the Turks even more against Israel. Listen, everything we talk about and what we see is the isolation of Iran, and Turkey, and Russia from the rest of what is going on. We see how Israel is becoming a rising power in the Middle East financially, economically, and how that will be the issue of the next war. You have talked about that before. It’s interesting as some of the things that we are seeing develop is what Jesus talked about. He even introduced what we would deal with in the Olivet Discourse. It is curious that as you were sharing about the strife that is being created and the increase that Jesus indicated that would take place in the last days, included kingdom rising against kingdom. The Greek word there is “basileia”, and it speaks of a governmental system or a person of power. Then He talked about nation against nation. The Greek word there is “ethnos” and it speaks of individuals. There will be ethnic tensions and international tensions on the rise in the last days to a degree that it will cause the polarization and the hatred of one group against another, the bickering between one governmental system with another. We are seeing this happen even now. The curious thing about this is if you pair that with the fact that there are two religions in the world that would not bow to a single system of religion in the world. One is Christianity, and the other is Islam. Islam is not going to bow to anybody. Islam has one goal and that is world domination. The church is not going to follow after a false Christ. The church is not going to follow after a Muslim leader or even as some say, the Assyrian of Micah. The church is not going to follow after Muslim leadership into this world religion. Israel will not accept him as the Messiah as well. In order for this person to rise to power having as his associate (Rev. 13) the false prophet who establishes this global system which is actually Satan worship, 2 things need to happen for that world religion to take place: 1. The church has to be removed, and 2. Islam has to be destroyed. Now I think the church could be removed perhaps today. Yes, Amen. Hello? That’s the advantage of having a live audience. We expect you to (applaud), yes, we do. That’s the best news you’re going hear all day. We could be out of here before the end of the day. Amen. What Amir pointed out is so vitally crucial that we understand what’s developing now. The polarization, even in Islam, you have the Saudis in the Arab Gulf states pitting themselves against the Shiites in Iran. All these stresses that are rising up. Yet here we have in that Ezekiel war scenario, you’ve got the Arab Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia protesting the economic invasion of Israel. They are already beginning to cooperate with the Israelis having kind of “covert” (private) meetings, and then “not so covert” mention of things that they have negotiated, or at least talked about. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you have those nations that are going to war against and invade Israel, now working in partnership, and moving toward that ultimate invasion that’s going to take place. But there is an interesting feature about these nations, except for Russia. These nations that are named: Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Sudan all make up the majority of the base, if you will, from radical Islam. If you destroy the base for radical Islam, you basically eliminated that military aspect and that aggressiveness of Islam during the tribulation period We have talked about this, and I am not setting dates or anything. But I think there’s evidence that that battle takes place early in the tribulation period just because God, Himself, responds and destroys these invading armies. So if you have, prior to the tribulation, the removal of the church that opens 1 door for the global religion. Then you have the destruction of radical Islam early during the tribulation, there’s a 2nd door. The rest of the (quote-unquote) “church” as there are going to be people who attended church, in the tribulation. They’re going to be welcoming any type of system where somebody rises up and says “peace and safety”. We can solve all these world dilemmas. We can even establish a temple on the Temple Mount and therefore, the world can have peace. I thought it was interesting that Chaim Richman, the Head of the Temple Institute, was quoted as saying in The Times of Israel just this past week, “Do you want world peace? Build the Third Temple”. The interesting thing about what he said in the article, he stated that the Dome of the Rock Shrine actually sits where the 1st and 2nd Temples stood, and it is where the 3rd Temple ought to be. He called for Jews worldwide to donate to a kind of a “go fund me” type of approach to establish the architectural drawings for the 3rd Temple. But he didn’t make any bones about the fact that where the Dome of the Rock Shrine stands is where the 3rd Temple needs to be. In essence, we might say that, kind of by default, he is calling for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Hello? I agree with you. You just mentioned that apart from Russia, they are all (quote) “radical” Muslims. So what about Russia? This was a very bad week for Russia, to say the least. In fact, the “bad luck” (quote-unquote) started on July 1st when there was a major explosion. Actually a fire (started) onboard a secret, deep-diving, nuclear-powered submarine and that killed 14 people. This is 10 years after we had the death of 119 sailors in another nuclear submarine. By the way, they just came up with a movie on it. I know because I watched it on my flight. I had so many hours to kill from Singapore back to Zurich. What I want you to know is that that was July 1st when 14 sailors in the nuclear submarine died. But then I want you to know that on August 5th, an ammo depot of a Russian military base in Siberia, said to have actually housed around 40,000 artillery shells and other weapons, suddenly exploded. If you go online and see the explosion, you would think it’s a nuclear explosion. It is a huge explosion that went on for minutes. Because you are talking about rounds of ammunition and they’re all (going off). It’s just unbelievable. If that’s not enough, that was August 5th, then on August 8th which was Thursday, a missile engine exploded at a Russian naval base not too far from Finland. It’s actually on the coast of the White Sea in the city of Nyonoksa. President Putin, last year, boasted that he has gotten new rockets that have nuclear engine. Rockets with nuclear engine, not nuclear warhead, but nuclear engine. That’s a game changer. Well, he just forgot to tell you that they hadn’t tested it successfully. Apparently one of those engines, a nuclear engine, exploded. They are fearing that Chernobyl 2.0 is here. Chernobyl is now repeating itself, and everybody is staying quiet right now. The cities all around were all given immediately an order to drink iodine, 11 drops of iodine. That is, of course, to protect yourself from radiation. The elevated radiation in this whole area was clearly measured. Because these type of things cannot be hidden anymore. Finally, it was in the New York Times yesterday, “Russia confirms radioactive materials were involved in deadly blast.” So it was in the New York Times, “A mystery explosion at a Russian weapons testing range involved radioactive materials”. The authorities admitted on Saturday. Today is what? Sunday, hello? “And as the blast emitted, and the death toll rose, and signs of creeping radiation emergency, or at least fear of one, grew harder to mask.” We are talking about a very bad week, and bad two months for the Russian military. They do not have any success in Syria. The Russian economy is not doing well. The oil prices are now in the 50s, not even in the 60s. That’s the main, main engine of the Russian economy, the price of gas and oil. By the way, the trade war between China and America, guess who blinked first? China. You have an interesting president who is very, very bold, very, very tough and he knows how to play the game. At least from a financial point of view, it was China that blinked first. They tried to, of course, manipulate the currency. America threatened to add them to the list of countries who manipulate currencies, and that means nobody would do business with them. It’s interesting how without a single gunshot, not even one, so many countries eventually decide no longer to play games with the USA and with the rest of the world, not only the US. It is very interesting, very interesting. So we are watching Iranian shenanigans in the Persian Gulf. Russian growing unrest from within and outside, growing number of demonstrations against Putin right now, all across Russia. You see that Europe is flooded with immigrants. The British economy this month, the first month in many years, has negative growth. It’s one thing to have zero or 0.1, but to have negative growth, this is beyond recession. You can clearly see that it’s a desperate continent. On one hand, we see Israel is a rising power, financially. We see that the moderate Sunni countries are now siding with Israel which actually weakens the Palestinians in their agenda. It brings about Jerusalem to be a city of Israel and brings about the possibility for a temple in the future to be on the Temple Mount. At the same time you see Iran angry. By the way, one of the things Iran is angry about is that Israel agreed to participate in the peace enforcing task force in the Persian Gulf. Can you imagine? They see Israeli ships with Israeli flag on the Persian Gulf, patrolling. Now they’re angry, and they said it will never happen. I’m thinking to myself, why is it that an Israeli flag in the Persian Gulf next to Iran is not okay for them? But an Iranian flag on the Syrian border, right in front of us, is okay with them. I actually think it’s ironic that if they patrol next to Israel on the Golan Heights, and we patrol in the Persian Gulf, and they really don’t like it. It’s a big, big blast to their ego. You understand. It’s beyond the financial. It’s the ego that is bruised. It is called the “nanny, nanny, nanny” attack. I think this is exactly why Israel said, yes. It’s not that we’re so excited about patrolling the Persian Gulf. But we said “yes”, because just as you guys allow yourself to patrol next to our borders, we have absolutely no problem patrolling next to yours. It’s quite interesting. So Iran is being pushed with its back to the wall. Russia is being pushed with its back to the wall. Turkey, you see, nobody wants to deal with them. They don’t want them to be a member of the EU as all of the immigrants flow first to Turkey. They don’t know what to do with 3.8 million refugees who are now in Turkey at this point, a country of 82 million people. You’re talking about that, and then you see chaos in Libya and Sudan. I mean, Ezekiel is more accurate than tomorrow’s newspaper, basically. That’s an important thing to point out, because that’s the other component of the Ezekiel invasion. The economic woes are shared amongst all these countries, not just radical Islam. They are all in financial trouble. They all have huge populations of young people, and the young people are becoming more and more frustrated with the leadership. And these types of things. Then you have Putin, where, of course, he was very accommodating to those protesting against him. They only arrested 1400 of them in one day. So freedom of speech all the way. It’s important to keep freedom of speech, you are free to walk in your prison cell, anywhere you want. That’s right. But if you look at this as a shared feature of what’s happening amongst these countries. They are not just all radical Islam. They are not just all anti-Israel. They are also in major, major economic trouble. There’s an association with the petroleum and natural gas products that are now on the horizon making their way into European markets from Israel. This is cataclysmic for an already struggling especially, Russian economy. Iran has their own problems, because of the sanctions and with USA imposing penalties on countries that buy Iranian oil, and on countries refusing to do so. You have these shared features also. Amir, as you were talking earlier, it just reminded me about the whole China and USA trade deal. During the tribulation period Babylon which some say represents a city while others see it as a global system of commerce. But whatever it is, the protests that happen during that time from merchants who are watching the city burn, or the country burn, or whatever it is, from the sea. Their dilemma that they proclaim, in essence, is “who is going to buy our stuff?”. Really, that is where we have the leg up in this whole trade deal with China. We have long been a manufacturing nation. Under some previous administrations, we exported our jobs and began to import cheaper products. We, in essence, have become a consumer nation to a degree. Thank the Lord that President Trump has been imposing penalties on nations that take jobs outside of our country. And that some of these companies are coming back into the country. But all of this plays into the fact that there are huge economic features of the last days scenario, that we are seeing like everything else, begin to boil. Someday it’s going to boil over and cause this “nation with nation and kingdom with kingdom” battle to rise to a level that has never been seen before. Do you agree with me? Of course you do. Okay, I’m joking. But do you agree with me that the finding of gas and oil by Israelis is sort of like the hook that brought Russia all the way down? I have no doubt. Thank you. Because of what Ezekiel tells us. What Sheba and Dedan, which is Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Gulf States, are going to say. “What’s the purpose of this invasion? Is it economic in nature? Have you come to take plunder and booty?” Obviously, in our day, we would just translate as to economic motivations. Like you mentioned earlier, Russia has a much higher ground-to-market cost than what the current market will allow for them to gain a profit off of each barrel. They are losing upwards of $50 a barrel. This is 60% of their gross domestic products, energy-related products, coming out of Russia. This is a major, major blow to their economy. Then with the negotiations for the Leviathan Field, natural gas (pipeline) off the coast of Haifa, making its way into the Grecian market, and then on into Europe, that’s a big blow again to Russia. Russia used to collaborate with the Saudi Arabia to manipulate the prices of oil and to slow down the productions of oil so that the prices would spike. It’s interesting because President Trump picked up the phone and called the Saudi Crown Prince and said, I don’t know if you know, but there are two things that happened in the last 2 1/2 years. First thing is, I won the election, and the 2nd thing is, you are no longer the #1 oil producer in this world, America is. The rules have changed. Whenever you’re going to manipulate the prices, I’m going to continue to produce them so cheap that everybody is actually going to buy from me even more. What happened was that every time the Saudis and the Russians caused the prices to go up, the American market actually gained from it, as everybody went to buy from America. Look, when there are problems in Venezuela, people start buying from America; problems in Iran, people buy from America. Russia and Saudi do manipulation; people buy from America. Eventually, all those shenanigans around the world, from different parts of the world, actually brought America to #1. Therefore, Saudi Arabia can no longer play games. They stopped playing games. With Putin’s crime associate no longer there, right now, and Putin cannot single-handedly raise up the prices. Because nobody cares if Russia produces oil or not, anymore. He is in a very, very big dilemma. Just like the Iranians need some provocative actions to get the attention and cause something, Russia needs that, Turkey needs that, Sudan and Libya needs that. They are in a great need for a war that will somehow make them relevant once again and for their economies. Many people know that a war is the best thing that could happen to some country’s economy. This is why, by the way, it’s not going be won by a military campaign of any country, because what they do is very smart. If you really think about it, all of them simultaneously attacking Israel, mostly by rockets. The Bible talks about that it comes like a cloud, a dark cloud, from the sky. I can only imagine. The Palestinians just announced that they managed to defeat the iron dome. They know how to do it. We asked them how? What do you mean? They said, all we have to do is launch 20 to 40 rockets in 1 second rather than 2. The iron dome will not have enough time to shoot down so many. You can multiply if it’s coming from Iran, Russia, and Turkey. You can imagine how the sky will be dark from rockets basically flying towards Israel and God, not Israel, not America, not Europe, and not even Saudi Arabia. They can protest but they will not help Israel. It will be a supernatural interference, an intervention of God in order to show His hand. As the God of Israel that protects Israel, shows Himself to Israel, but also shows Himself to the rest of the countries, all around the world. I think that, in the natural, their war was actually meant to be a good outcome for them. Their war was actually a bright thing to come up with in light of the weakness of all the countries around. But it is God and not our military who may not have an answer to it, not America, and certainly not Europe. It is God that is going to put an end to it. He makes it very clear that He is doing that, and everybody will know that He did it. That’s one more reason why I believe that radical Muslims are either destroyed or their ideology is destroyed. Because the God of Israel, once again, defeated them. I believe they’re going to shop for something new or something else. Even for the sake of being accepted in Europe, they will want to adopt something else in order not to be outcasts. They will not want to be some “element” that is strange to the Europeans. Let us all adopt a new world religion that is all good, be good, do good, say good, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya. It might work for a short time but not for too long. Wow. I have always looked at that through a bit of a comical lens, if you will, when you think about what is going to happen. You have radical Islam invading Israel. God destroys them with an earthquake and hailstones of fire. It takes 7 months to bury the dead. I think the marketing of Islam is going to be tough during the tribulation. I don’t think people will be saying, hey, come follow after us. They were just destroyed by the hand of God, quite clearly. That I think it is just going to be the ultimate destruction of Islam altogether. Yes, I agree. Keep watching what’s going on in Damascus, because I believe that the fall of Damascus might be the last straw for Russia. It will lead into the Ezekiel War. Keep watching what’s going on around and in the Middle East. Israel continues to strike any Iranian target that is plotting against Israel, whether it’s in Syria or in Iraq. There are only two strikes I can talk about, and I already did in the previous updates. But there are a couple of more that we can not talk about. I can just tell you that things did happen. But you’re not allowed to know, until you do. But Israel is not limited to Syria only. We already made it clear to the Lebanese also. If they continue to receive weapons into their country from (seaport and airport) eventually they will leave no choice for us, but to strike. Their most important infrastructure, their international airport and seaport of Beirut. So, it’s very interesting times. This is why we need to pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu to win the elections, because we have a bunch of clowns on the other side. I mean, maybe they are some decorated generals. But they know nothing about politics and know nothing about handling themselves in the international arena. I pray for the coming elections next month. I know it sounds so weird that we just had one last April and in the same year, we have another election. The problem is that in Israel there is a deadlock of 50:50 basically in the parliament between the right wing (Conservatives), and the Liberals, and the Arabs, combined. All of them combined are about 50% and that is a problem. Netanyahu must secure 61 seats without counting on any of the parties that are collaborating with either the left or the Arab party. Pray, pray that he will win. And you pray for us and I’ll pray for your 2020 (elections). If I think we have clowns, I have some medication to give to some of them. This is terrible. What you see here on the Democratic ticket, it’s just terrible. They almost fight who is more insane than the other. It’s almost like, let’s prove to the world that we really “lost it”. I’m sorry that it might offend you as an American. But you’re in bad shape, if you are not voting for Trump again. And I’m not in America, I can say whatever I want. I’m not pushing for any party. I’m not a member of the Republican Party. I think they have their own clowns. Look, you have to be realistic. This is by far one of the best President’s you have ever had, by far. It’s not that I judge someone by how he says things, but how he does things. Look at your economy. Look at how the world is viewing you now. Look at how your country is in a much better shape right now. Anger and mass killings? I don’t think Trump invented them. If you only counted how many mass shootings you had (before Trump). The problem of America is not guns, it is the people that operate the guns, and guns can never operate themselves. Let’s face it, people are angry that Earth is not greener. I want to remind them that Earth stopped being so green when sin entered the world. Do you want Earth green? You have to deal with the “sin” issue, not with the “CO2” issue. CO2 is something that is required for life. It was always there and will stay there. By the way, you can read all about it if you want. They manipulate the numbers to get money allocated to countries and companies that do nothing but rob the money from the people. There is no problem in the world right now with CO2 emission. The problem is that people think it’s a problem, and then what happens is they change the entire agenda. Again, the same goes with guns, this is a sin problem. Look, 99% of those shooters were fatherless. Did you know that? Fatherless. There was no father in the house. It starts with broken families. It starts with broken marriages. It starts with terrible abuse and terrible life. This is the problem that we have, and that’s what we need to deal with. Trust me, a terrorist will always get a hold of a gun anywhere he wants. You need to take care of the core issue, and it’s the person behind the gun. Just so you know, if nobody would have had guns, then the terrorists would not have been killed. In some of the cases, the terrorists had already killed 20, 30, or 40 people (before the terrorist was finally stopped/killed). It’s not about the guns. It’s about those who operate the guns. Trust me, anyone who decides that he’s about to kill someone, he’ll get the gun, whether legally or illegally. Since when do murderers (think), “Oh, I want to kill 50 people, but I better only do it legally. I will only buy the gun legally.” Are we joking? Chicago has the most strict gun rules in the country, and it has the highest homicide. Let’s face it, it’s not about the gun control as much as taking care of the problem of the families, and the fatherless children, and all of that. That’s the issue that America is facing. Pastor Barry, do you want to conclude somehow or with something? No. That makes such a great point simply because of what’s happened in a short span of time (such as) the radical changes that have taken place in our country and around the world. It is such an important thing for us to remember considering that virtually every demographic study, research group or survey, which looked at the situation developing amongst our young people, was the absence of a father being present in the home. The general makeup or construct of the American home having changed dramatically, was a leading contributing factor to the imprisonment of young American males. Now all of a sudden, that’s irrelevant. Now all of a sudden, in our day, 2 moms are as good as a dad and a mom. The dynamics have changed. All these facts that we have stood upon and based our decisions upon for the last 200 and some odd years of our country, the foundations that we established, our laws based on the Bible, are now out the window. We are living in a time when the delusion is so strong. That easily observable and provable facts are denied when they have been recognized throughout the course of, not just our history, but the history of the world. Listen, I know a lot of people have their own opinion on this, but get out your note pad. I want to run through the list of genders that are actually present today. You ready? Male, female, end of list. That is it. I say that for this reason, because the number bounces around 63 – 67 genders. It is multiple guess or multiple choice, and you can change gender on any given day. Is that wisdom that comes from above that is first pure? Of course it isn’t. Is that evidence of a strong delusion now taking over our world? It’s evidence of a strong delusion that is going to reach its zenith when they believe the lie of the Antichrist, which is him declaring to the world that he is God. I say that for the very reason that we are close, our redemption is nigh. Jesus is coming soon. We need to grab as many people as we can and share the gospel of Christ with them. I think the message is clear, but it’s not easy for quite a few people to agree with or digest. I think that is because (of course Christians will agree), but unfortunately, most of the people aren’t, and social media is going to ban or censor such messages in the very near future. This is why as much as I love social media and as much as I think social media (if used right) can be a great tool to spread the Word. I always urge people to go and either subscribe to our newsletter or go to our website. Because eventually unless you own a website and your own newsletter that you can communicate yourself directly to the people, you might disappear. I know my days with Facebook, and YouTube, and Instagram are numbered. There’s no doubt about it. I can see it every day. I want to urge all of you, back home and right here, subscribe to our newsletter and our devotional. We do devotionals together every week, and we send it to you. Go to our website, and you can subscribe. This will be, maybe one day, the only way we can communicate with you probably, in the near future. You also have a newsletter, am I right? We have a blog,, Okay, so you can also subscribe to his blog. I just want to encourage you to not only rely on social media, as nice as it is, and it is nice. Those days will come to an end, sooner than you think. You have to remember as I saw something the other day that was very important on Facebook. It was a quote from Abraham Lincoln. And Abraham Lincoln said, Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. We have to use some wisdom out there. Just because it’s on Facebook, doesn’t make it real. By the way, people hack into (other) people’s accounts and send them messages that are not true. My point is, unless you go directly to us either by our website or newsletter, one day we will disappear for all of you, unless you have that connection. Look, for us, it doesn’t matter number wise. It is because we want you to think about the day after, that’s all. The day after is that we will not be allowed there. While others will use it to brainwash you, you will not get the truth from wherever we are and whatever we do. So hurry up and sign up for our newsletter and our devotional. We will come up also with tools like Bible study guides, that we want to create along with the messages that we have already, and many more things. But we can only do that, directly with you, once we are banned or censored on social media. If you want to join our 2020 Israel tours, we still have a few openings. Log on to our Web site and go to the Tour Section where you can do that. We also want to encourage you to follow us on Instagram Behold Israel, Facebook Behold Israel, and the YouTube channel. Don’t click and search for Amir Tsarfati, because so many people take my message, edit it, cook it and put it as if it’s me with just my face. Go to the source which is our channel, Behold Israel, and subscribe over there. I want to encourage you to subscribe to, Do you have a YouTube channel? Our YouTube Channel is The Truth About God. The Truth About God, it’s a YouTube channel, subscribe to that channel as well as to your blog. Do you have Instagram? Yes. What are you on Facebook? Just my name, Barry Stagner, Facebook. Barry Stagner has a Facebook official public figure page. Good. Wonderful. You want to say the last thing before we finish? You mean the famous statement? Hi Babe, that’s the famous statement. There you go. People ask him everywhere around the world where we traveled, say hi to Babe. Anyway, I just want to thank you for joining us. We’ve been more than an hour now, live on Facebook. Why don’t we conclude with a prayer? You are going to pray, and I will conclude with the Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew, and you can do it in English. Father again we are thankful for the things that we have discussed today in that we can look to your Word, and watch things develop, and know that the time is at hand, and the hour is short, and the day is approaching. We are grateful that you love us so much, God. That this time that you said is going to be unlike any other that the world has ever experienced, will not catch us like a thief in the night. Because we are not of the night, nor of the darkness. But we are of the day and of the light. Thank you for sending Jesus to demonstrate a love that is incomparable to any other known or experienced by man. To die for the sins of another that we might live forever. We thank you for your Son. Thank you for your Word. We thank you for your Spirit within us that is a guarantee that we have a future inheritance that lasts forever. Lord, we thank you for all that we’ve experienced today and the reminder that we are to be about the Father’s business, as you were. For some day we will stand before that Bema Seat and give account for what we did with what you gave us. Help us to run and fight until the end, Lord, and do all that we do for your name and glory. In Jesus name, Amen. Yevarechecha Adonai Ve’yishmerecha, Ya’er Adonai panayv eylecha vi’chuneka, Yissa Adonai panayv eylecha ve’yaseym lecha shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; The Lord lift up his countenance towards you and give you peace. Amen That peace, that Shalom that passes all understanding. Thank you. God bless you. Shalom from Calvary Chapel Tustin, from Southern California. God bless you, Shalom.

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    (Revelation 17:11-13)
    "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. {12} And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. {13} These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast."

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    The Ten Commandments
    #1 love YAHUWAH your Elohim
    With all your heart mind soul and strength or just throw in the towel cuz you won't ever get to the rest of the Commandments. No Lying, stealing, cheating ,uzury , slavery,fraud ,false witness…. the list of lawlessness is endless.
    do you keep the Shabbat fourth Commandment? No you won't if you don't love him which is the first commandment.

  46. all in religeous partner in INC CATHOLIC OR OTHER THERE is deny to proclaim that is ANYTIME OR ANY TIME THE GOD IS ALWWYS ABIDE US

  47. God bless you both in CHRIST OUR LORD. THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  48. Thank you Brother Amir and Brother Barry, great information every word that was spoken is absolutely correct.God Bless all of America USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ And all of Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ. I enjoyed this all updates. Amen ๐Ÿ™

  49. I think the majority of mothers would appreciate the fathers of their children to be good fathers to them. A woman can be married and yet still be a "single" mother.




  53. The Africanization of Europe is indeed the work of the Jews as Jewish lecturer Barbara Lerner Spectre admits. Just GOOGLE Barbara Spectre and EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION CRISIS.

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