Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update, October 11, 2019

Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update, October 11, 2019

Shalom, everyone. Again, this is Amir Tsarfati. I am here live from the Copacabana Beach at Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. We are here on a groundbreaking ministry tour to get to know the Brazilian believers in the country, and to introduce to many churches here the urgency of the times and the seasons, the blessed hope of the believers of the rapture of the church, and, of course, the teaching of eschatology that is, in many churches, missing in this place. We are so excited because we have been warmly embraced and welcomed by so many people. I’m going to give you a special update on the Brazilian part of our ministry in just about 15-20 minutes. Right after we will dive into the Middle East affairs that took place in the last week or so. We’re here in Brazil. It is 4:05 pm. It is already 10 PM in Israel. As you all know, ladies and gentlemen, the situation in the Middle East is becoming more and more interesting, almost, by the minute. Especially for Bible believing Christians who understand the times and the seasons. We have, absolutely, no reason to be alarmed or to be concerned. I don’t think anything that happened in the last 48 or 72 hours, really, is something that surprised God. In fact, it matches more and more to what we see in the scriptures. I will begin with the last thing that happened less than 24 hours ago. At 5 am, the time in Saudi Arabia, an Iranian oil tanker was hit by 2 missiles, about 60 miles from the Saudi port of Jeddah, on the Red Sea. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you probably know that Saudi Arabia is a huge piece of land that has the Red Sea on one side. It has, also, a border with Iran and the Gulf states that have the Persian Gulf on the other side. The Iranians are, kind of, dominating what’s going on in the Persian Gulf. We had incidents anywhere from May 2nd to May 12, all the way to July 10, July… 4th, July 10, July 13. One oil tanker after the other that was attacked. But this is the 1st time an Iranian tanker is not being held hostage or held captive. The Iranian tanker got hit by missiles. The missiles were… flying, excuse me, all the way from Saudi soil. I’ve been monitoring the online reports and it’s very interesting. Some of them were fake news saying that an Israeli navy gunship actually passed by that area and released those 2 missiles. … The last thing Israel needs to do right now is to hit an oil tanker of Iran. Israel is not denying that Israel is attacking Iranian military targets. But attacking an oil tanker will give us absolutely nothing. We are not involved with it. But the fake news is there in order to prepare some sort of an excuse for the Iranians to attack Israel. This is not the first time they do that. Just about 5 days ago, the Iranians actually released a statement. That Israel is standing behind a foiled alleged attempt to assassinate Qasem Soleimani. The head of the Al Quds Brigade in the Revolutionary Guard Corps. We’re talking about General Major General, Qasem Soleimani. The reason why they released those pieces of information is, basically, to add to the long list of embarrassments that they already have. A few more to somehow justify a future strike on Israel, which I’m not convinced will come from the area of Iran itself. But most probably will come from the area of Yemen. And I will talk about it in a few minutes. Now, that oil tanker just added to the heightened tension in the Middle East, already. Due to last Sunday’s press release from the White House that led, less than 24 hours later, to a Turkish invasion into northeastern Syria. Late Sunday night, October 6th, in a very unusual manner… The White House is normally not releasing press releases on Sunday. They released a statement saying, “Today, President Donald J. Trump spoke with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey by telephone. Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long planned operation into northern Syria.” Listen, carefully, to what the White House is saying. “The US armed forces will not support or be involved in the operation. The US forces, having defeated the Isis territorial caliphate, will no longer be in the immediate area. Listen, the US Government has pressed France, Germany, and other European nations from which many captured Isis fighters came, to take them back. But they did not want them and refused. The US will not hold them for what could be many years and great cost to the United States taxpayer. Turkey will now be responsible for all Isis fighters in the area captured over the past 2 years in the wake of the defeat of the territorial caliphate by the US.” This was the statement. A few hours later, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, came out and announced “Operation Spring of Peace”. Within minutes, after he announced it, the Turkish Air Force began heavy bombardment of, what they call, terrorist strongholds. Now, we’re coming to the issue of what is it that the Turks count as terrorists? And what is it that the United States count as terrorists? Before I move on, I just need you to understand. President Trump was taking a decision based on his promise to the American people of the US. A: To pull the soldiers back home. B: To take care of American taxpayers and America’s economy. C: To defeat Isis but not stay there. These goals have all been, partly, achieved. First of all, Isis is no longer a territorial existential threat to anyone. Isis did not acquire big, large, vast areas of land. They are now a small terrorist organization that is in small pockets along the desert of eastern Syria, and a little bit of northern Iraq. The #1 fighters against Isis on the ground were, and still are, the Kurds within the new military framework of the Syrian Democratic Army. Something like that they call it. Ladies and gentlemen, the soldiers of that army are, actually, members of the PKK, which is actually… counted as a terrorist organization by the Turks, which is the Kurdish underground. Now, we’re coming to the dilemma. Before I move on, I just want you to understand, folks. That when President Donald Trump allowed the Turkish President to do that, in his mind, there were 2 major elements. Pay attention, Israel was not even mentioned in this press release. It’s not that the US is pulling its support in Israel. It’s not that they changed their mind about Jerusalem. It’s not that they changed their mind about the Golan Heights. America, actually, said that they do not want the 50 US soldiers of the special forces on the border with Turkey to be there when the Turks started the invasion. All that America did in the past 72 hours was to remove the 50 soldiers that were on the border. So that they will not be on the path of the Syrian invasion. In fact, let me tell you. President Donald Trump announced that he is not giving a “green light” for a genocide against the Kurds here. He’s actually going to cripple, destroy, the Turkish economy if they are, indeed, going to perform a genocide against the Kurds. Now, let me explain that not everything that is being said in the Middle East, out loud, is exactly the truth. Sometimes countries say things in order to create what we call “brainwashing” and some sort of an image of what they would like to be or would like to be seen as. Just a couple of hours ago, a spokesman of the Turkish army said, “So far we’ve killed 340 Kurdish terrorists.” The Kurds, by the way, never said that it happened. Do you understand? The Turks must appear to the Turkish people as those who are cleaning the area from the Kurds. While in reality it’s not happening. Because they are not going to try President Trump and his threat to cripple the Turkish economy. Let me make it very, very clear. In the big picture, you have American troops in the middle of a Syrian desert, overseeing 1000s of 1000s of captured Isis terrorists. They have to take care of their food. They have to take care of their water. They have to take care of their safety and health. And those Isis fighters, most of them, came from European countries. None of them are being welcomed back by the European countries. America has asked the Europeans to help. Nobody wants… America decided that it’s not for America to take care of Isis captured terrorists. I have no problem with that. At the same time, crippling of Isis in eastern Syria, basically, completely destroyed the balance between the Sunni and the Shiites. The minute Isis (a Sunni organization) was so weak, it paved the way for the Iranians to send their terrorists and their militias (the Shiite ones) all the way from Iraq, into Syria, all the way towards even the Israeli border. What President Trump, skilfully, did was to bring back that balance between Sunnis and Shiites, by allowing Turkey not only to operate there and to take care of Isis terrorists. But more so, to open the gates of Turkey back to Syria. For the millions of Syrian refugees, who are Sunnis for the most part, in Turkey’s territory. Basically, Erdogan is about to fill northeastern Syria with Sunni people. And by doing so he’s going to stand in the way of Iran. Ladies and gentlemen, I know it sounds silly to you. But the world will only benefit if the Iranians will fight Isis, and Isis will fight Iranians. And not anything else. The minute Isis was crippled, Iran started meddling with everybody else. Iran started meddling with Saudi Arabia. Iran started meddling with oil tankers from other countries. Iran even shot down a drone or a UAV that belongs to America. Iran is threatening Israel. You need to understand that we need to keep the Shiites, the Iranians, busy with something else. In fact, by the way, the 1st country that opposed the invasion of Turkey into northern Syria was Iran. Iran immediately had a military drill, instantly. Iran is saying this is not going to serve the interests of Syria. Iran says, “Turkey should stay within Turkey’s territory.” The Iranian puppet, Assad, also said, “I don’t agree to this thing.” But nobody asked him, of course. He’s a non-issue here. Ladies and gentlemen, what happened here is merely… not any betraying of anyone. It’s actually a way to bring about a Sunni major presence to that northeastern part of Syria. That was just so empty and such a place to allow Iranian flow. Not only that but to release America from the duty of having to, literally, be the the guardian of 1000s of 1000s of European passport-holding Isis terrorists. That’s what happened. You must understand and people don’t understand. America has neither major influence in Syria nor any interest in confronting Turkey to protect the Kurds. Because Trump was, carefully, trying to avoid war with Turkey. Even when the Turks were not that great. Because he understands in the big picture: Turkey, a member of NATO, Turkey still is in peace with Israel. Turkey… still a place… right in-between Europe and Asia, is more important to us as an ally than as an enemy. Once he realized that the Turks… should stay on his side because… Look, even Israel, let me make it very clear. Israelis are not in love with the Turks or the Turkish President, may I say. But when we have to deal with who is more of a threat to Israel’s existence: Iran or Turkey? It is obvious that it’s Iran. Therefore, we’re not trying to go to a war with Turkey, right now. If anything, Israel is really striking Iran all the time. The US President tweeted something that blew me away. I think that every Bible prophecy lover, reader, and believer should be amazed. He tweeted the following thing. “We will fight where it is our benefit and only fight to win.” Look what he said, “Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and the Kurds will now have to figure the situation out, all by themselves.” America, basically, said, “We have no interest in solving decades or generation-long conflicts between tribes and between countries over there. If it’s not within our benefit or our interest.” Right now, America has no interest over there. America doesn’t need the Arab world anymore. America is the largest exporter of oil in the world. If anything, we benefit from all of the shenanigans there. Because America’s oil export is growing bigger and bigger. President Trump is going for elections in 2020. The last thing he needs is another war. The last thing he needs is coffins of American soldiers coming back home, more funerals. He just admitted 2 days ago, “The hardest part of my presidency is signing those letters for the widows of the US soldiers that died elsewhere.” He is not a president for wars of military. He’s a president of financial wars. He’s done that with North Korea. He’s done that with Venezuela. He’s done that with Iran and he is doing that. That’s why, by the way, he’s threatening Turkey to cripple Turkey’s economy. He’s not even going to attack Turkey militarily because there’s no point in doing that. And this… Listen to what I’m saying, folks. America officially announced that it will not intervene, militarily, in the situation in the Middle East. If that’s not an explanation to why America is not going to militarily help Israel in Ezekiel 38, then I don’t know what. This is a declaration of a US President of the official American policy. “We will let Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Russia figure the situation out.” This is phenomenal. Think about it, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not like America is abandoning Israel right now. It’s not like America is abandoning anyone. America is declaring America’s policy ever since Trump was elected, basically. By the way, make sure, he didn’t say Israel here by the way. He didn’t say, “I’m going to let Israel figure things out.” He’s super committed to Israel’s security and safety. But he basically announced, “I am not intending to intervene militarily in this region.” This caused, immediately, Benjamin Netanyahu to say, “Israel will have to take care of Israel and to also ask the… Israeli government to approve a new and increased budget to Israel’s Ministry of Defense and Military.” I needed you to understand, folks. This is not America abandoning Israel or the Kurds. This is a clear and, in a way, smart understanding of an American President that is running for election. Who promised to bring back the troops home, who promised to take care of the American economy, who promised that once he fights Isis, which he did, he’s not going to stay there. You cannot expect US soldiers to stand with guns, to guard and to chaperone 1000s of Isis captured terrorists over there. I can understand that. I can see that. I can understand… in an amazing way, how it plays into the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Let me tell you even more. You may have not heard about that. But late last week there was an urgent cabinet meeting of the Israeli government. The Mossad and the military intelligence all came and gave presentations. The presentations were all about the new Iranian capabilities based on what we saw in their performance against Aramco in Saudi Arabia. In that main briefing, the Israeli cabinet was briefed that Iran actually sent 12 cruise missiles. What we call, Quds-1. We’re talking about 506 mobile units on trucks. Each and every one of them had double launchers. They just moved them, launched those cruise missiles, and drove away and disappeared. If that’s not enough, also, we’re talking about UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles. That were going all the way into the Saudi oil fields. These are suicide UAVs of Qasef-2. Folks, I know the names of the entire top hierarchy of the Iranian decision-makers, right now, when it comes to this thing. There is Gholam-Ali Rashid, the head of the entire command over there. Hossein Salami, he’s the head of the National Revolutionary Guard. The Major General, Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, he is the head of the air force or branch in the Revolutionary Guard. Under him are the cruise missiles of the al-Quds-1 headed by Colonel Mahmoud Bagheri Kazemabad. There is the head of the operations who is Brigadier General Mohammad Fallah. Also, Colonel Saeed Aghajani, who is the head of the suicide UAV program of the Qasef-2. Now, if I know that, that means the Israelis all know that. That means the Israeli intelligence knows that. That means we know exactly what the Iranians are capable of doing. I can tell you one thing. The Iranians are smart not to deal with Israel, from Iranian soil, not to give us any excuse. What we fear… Israel is not afraid of something coming from Iran. Israel is afraid that the proxies of Iran will get it. Now, we were very successful in stopping Hezbollah from acquiring those cruise missiles and those UAVs. But we cannot be so successful in having [preventing] the Houthis in Yemen acquiring that. That’s too far for us. This is what we are a little bit concerned of. The Israeli military is on its highest alert since the middle of last week. Every time the Iranians are accusing us for something, we know that it is, in a way, their way of preparing public opinion to strike Israel and to somehow restore their dignity and pride. Iran is humiliated when it comes to Israeli operations. Iran feels very strong after it hit the soft belly of Saudi Arabia’s economy, the oil industry, and destroyed 50% of its oil production for at least 2 weeks. Iran is very encouraged that America did not even do a thing to somehow attack back or to help the Saudis. America, by the way, announced its intention to send 1,000s of troops, right now, to Saudi Arabia. But my point is very clear. The lack of US retaliation which, by the way, I understand. I totally get it. President Trump does not want to fight wars that are not his. I get it. But what I also see is the Iranians becoming bolder and bolder. Israel is watching it from the side. It’s going to be very interesting to see what is going on. While America is not retaliating militarily, every other Gulf state country is watching it. This is why there is a report on negotiations of Israel with several Gulf states on what we call a “non-aggression” pact as they face off against an increasingly emboldened Iran. “This historic deal aimed to put an end to the state of conflict between the Gulf states and Israel.” By the way, that completely takes the carpet from underneath the Palestinian issue. It reportedly will “pave the way for friendly relations and corporation in variety of fields and no war “ovens” or incitement against each other.” This plays significantly in Bible prophecy. Because these states headed by Saudi Arabia will actually condemn and protest. But not take any active part in the war that is going to happen in the Middle East. You have to understand, folks. That more things took place in the Middle East that nobody’s talking about it.. Chaos in the streets of Iraq, right now. Over 250 people died only in the last week or so. And when reports are coming to us… Actually, locals are sending videos of, not only the protesters, but also the police being shot at by unidentified militias onboard civilian vehicles. We know that these are Iranian militias. Iran is stirring the pot, even within Iraq, to create chaos. Because chaos serves Iran’s interest. When it’s chaotic in Syria, when it’s chaotic in Iraq, then Iran can operate freely without anyone taking any notice of what is going on. Ladies and gentlemen, I also want to remind you that Israel just celebrated Yom Kippur just about 48 hours ago. Their holiest day on the Hebrew calendar. On that holy day, there was another terrorist attempt in the city of Halle, in eastern Germany, Where a 27-year-old super anti-Semitic person approached the local synagogue that… had more than 50 Jewish worshippers. Thankfully, they were all locked up inside the synagogue. But he showed up with, not only with a rifle, which he used and killed, unfortunately, a woman and a young man. A woman next to the synagogue and a young man who was in a kebab store died. But, also, he brought with him 4 kilograms of explosives that we found inside his car. He was about to create a massacre on the Jewish worshipers. In a live video that he broadcasted through a special platform that is used by switch players. He actually said, “1st of all, there was no Holocaust. 2nd of all, it is the feminist that caused the low birth rate in Germany.” And 3rd, he said, “The Jewish people are the cause of the problems of the world. It’s time to put an end to them.” That’s how he went on a mission. He was captured alive, by the way, and he was brought to court in Germany. But I can tell you one thing. When Germany is doing business with Iran who denies the Holocaust and wants to destroy Israel. Do not be surprised that people within the country will adopt the same mindset. That there was no Holocaust, the Jews should be destroyed, and do stuff like that. In fact, I know that there’s a lot of people in Israel that are calling all Jewish people in Germany. As long as Merkel is embracing the Iranians, to actually leave Germany and come back to Israel. Let me tell you something. Anti-Semitism is growing. This is part of what I call the “mystery of lawlessness” that is already at work. I can also tell you that, eventually, we know that when the Antichrist is going to offer a temple to the Jews and peace in the Middle East. It will probably be that most of the Jews might be already back in the land. I want to share with you another thing that is very significant. Ladies and gentlemen, you know that there is a Temple Institute in Israel. They are already having blueprints to build the 3rd temple. We know that Bible prophecy tells us that the Antichrist will allow the Jews to build a temple. Yet later on he will walk into the temple, as in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and declare himself as God. But I want to tell you something. Something new started as of a couple days ago. This coming Feast of Tabernacles that begins in just a few days. For the first time in 2,000 years, listen to this. A big choir of Levites, a Levitical choir, is going to gather on the southern steps of the Temple Mount. To renew a 2,000-year-old tradition of Jewish singing during the Feast of Tabernacles on the stairs of the temple. This is again… They already started renewing the sacrificial ceremony. They already started renewing the Levitical order of doing that. But this is the first time there is a public calling to anyone whose name is Levi or Cohen. To come over to the Old City of Jerusalem, to the Jewish Quarter, to the southern steps, on a specific day. For the first ever in 2000 years, a mass gathering of Levites in order to sing the Songs of Ascent during the Feast of Tabernacles. This is phenomenal. If you really think about it. We are preparing ourselves for the creation, not only of the temple, but also of the traditions. That were attached to the temple and the lifestyle that was attached to the temple. This is phenomenal. Look, while the Middle East is burning, Israel is flourishing, and the enemy’s closing up on Israel from all sides. Israel is not only getting busy in defending itself. But also getting busy to the day after: When the temple will be built, when the peace will be introduced, and when the Levites are going to sing. This is mind blowing. Look, I’m reading the tweet of the President. I am watching what is going on from all sides, all around Israel. I see the Turkish invasion, adding that to the Iranian and the Russian invasion into Syria. I see what’s going on in the countries below: in Sudan and Libya. And I see anti-Semitism growing around the world. I see how non-aggression pact is between Israel in some countries in the Arab world. Now, you see that within the Israeli society there is a mindset of renewing our ways with God. Listen, you probably saw a picture that I posted… a picture that I posted of the night before Yom Kippur, at the Wailing Wall. A record number of 100,000 Jews showed up. Because they know something big is about to happen. They can feel that they there is a great danger around the corner. They can see that as a nation they will have to rely on God and on God alone. There has never been such a great gathering of Jewish people at the Wailing Wall, the day before Yom Kippur as we saw now. I saw it and tears came to my my eyes. Because I know this is what Paul described in Roman chapter 10. They have the zeal, but they don’t have the knowledge. They really are ready. But they don’t know the Messiah. And when the Messiah will come back, he will only come back when they will ask for him. And say, “Baruch Haba HaShem Adonai”. “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Jesus said, “Jerusalem, you will not see me again until you say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” This is phenomenal. We talked about the Iranians and the Turkish invasion. We talked about the reasons why President Trump is allowing that to happen. But at the same time he is threatening the Turks with an economical destruction if they will perform genocide on the Kurds. We talked about the reason why there has to be a balance of Sunnis and Shiites. Why it’s actually a good thing. We talked about the Israeli state of emergency and the likelihood of a strike from Iran coming all the way, actually, from Yemen. We talked about the situation in Iraq, the non-aggression pact with the Gulf states, the anti-Semitism growing in what we saw in Germany on Yom Kippur. We talked about the amazing Levitical choir that will be, once again, singing after 2,000 years on the stairs that lead to the temple in Israel. At this point, I would like to move to the 2nd part of my update, which is even more exciting to me. I’d like to show you… We are going to talk about something that the whole world was dealing with just about 2 weeks ago. When a young, Swedish, mentally challenged girl was used by the climate change advocates. Basically, to say that the world is burning, collapsing, and it’s all our fault. You’ll remember those big fires in the Amazon, basically, are the fault of the Brazilian President. I would like to introduce to all of you, my good friend and brother, Bruno. His name is 2 surnames, Bruno Raphael. Yes? Your family name is? Batista Santos de Silva. This young man has been used by God to bring Behold Israel, to bring myself and Pastor Mike who is traveling with me to Brazil. To share the amazing message of the urgency of the times and the seasons to the Brazilian people. But before that. First of all, Bruno, tell me a couple things about yourself. Before we talk about the ministry, let’s talk about the climate change hoax. That was attached to the Brazilian President, Bolsonaro, and all of that. I was privileged to be, yesterday, in the church that is actually the home church of the First lady of Brazil, Mrs. Bolsonaro. …We were in Sao Paulo and the first day that I arrived… it’s the mayor of Sao Paulo. A city of 12 million people, the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest cities in the world. The Mayor of Sao Paulo, who is not a Christian, came to listen to my message on “Jesus in the Old Testament”. At that church. It was phenomenal. Bruno, tell us a few words about yourself, then let’s talk about Bolsonaro, and then let’s talk about the Amazon. Most of you probably don’t know that I’m in Brazil. Look, the sky is blue. There is no smoke. There is no pollution. If anything, the only thing you hear is the regular music from the beach and some police or ambulance, which is normal here. So Bruno, tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How is it that you got even to know of Behold Israel and myself? Then we talk about Bolsonaro. Hello, everyone, it is really a pleasure for me to be here. It’s a privilege to be next to Amir now. It’s been almost 3 years that I’ve been following Amir on YouTube. Because I saw that there was a lack of knowledge, especially in Brazil, when it comes to eschatology. I felt the need of approaching Amir to see whether there was a possibility for Behold Israel to come to Brazil. In order to bring and share the light of the gospel regarding Revelation. I, myself, I’m Brazilian. I was born in Brazil and I’m married to an Austrian wife named Jasmine. It has been 6 years that I have come back to Brazil. I can say that I spent half of my life in Europe. Wow, Bruno… Let me tell you how it worked. Because this is, really, only God. It’s not anything that we can do. The Lord put on my heart a few years ago to say, “yes” to an invitation of a small little church, in a small city in Croatia, which is a small country. Nothing made sense in that invitation to accept because it is a tiny place in a tiny country. Yet I felt strongly that I needed to go there, the city of Pula, to the church of Maranatha. I went all the way there. I spoke and I taught there. It was amazing. I loved it. But God used my willingness to travel to a small place in a small church, to actually meet there 2 people from Austria, Romanian descent, an Austrian lawyer and an Austrian doctor. They opened the door for me to come to Austria to teach in Vienna the next year. While I was in Vienna, I met Bruno, who heard that I’m going to be there. And he happened to be there at the time visiting his in-laws and the family that he also has there. So he came to the meeting a year ago, maybe a year and a few months ago. Then he invited me but I was a bit skeptical. Because we did receive invitations from Brazil but nothing was ever serious. I thought, this is a young man, what can he do? No offense but …. And to my amazement, a couple months later, Bruno contacted us and said, “Amir, Let’s plan it.” He started working hard. Bruno, what is your education, exactly? It’ll help people understand why you did it in such a way. Oh, yes. I studied Business Administration in Vienna. Thereafter, I went to study in England for Master’s Degree, and in France as well. I’m specialized in Management and in Strategy… Exactly, especially in the field of Strategy and Innovation. Strategy and innovation, and with that strategic mindset, he managed to come and start making phone calls. Trust me, the churches were not super excited in the very beginning. They had never heard of me. I’m not a pastor of any big church. I don’t have any name anywhere in Brazil. Bruno insisted that it’s a message that they need to hear. To make the long story short, we made it, Mike and myself to Brazil. The 1st church, the mayor of Sao Paulo… We managed to speak in some of the key churches in Sao Paulo and in Rio. This is phenomenal. Because, right now, not only that they know us. But they actually opened the door for us to hold conferences even next year if we want. And to invite everyone from all different churches all around. It’s all because of the faithfulness of 2 people, a couple, that were so dedicated to do that. Thank you for that. Let’s move to the Amazon. Half of the world is sure that half of the Amazon is on fire. It’s all because you have a terrible president. Let me ask you, “What is going on here? Because I was given the impression that I’m going to land with the airplane in Sao Paulo through a screen of smoke. Maybe have to use a mask to breathe properly in the country. I was obviously, beautifully, surprised that it’s not the case. What is going on in the Amazon? First of all, I think we need to address the bigger issue, which would be: What is going on in the media in Brazil? The media in Brazil is absolutely very, very biased. This is leading, of course, to other consequences. For example, to wrong conclusions. People are thinking that, indeed, the Amazon problem, which is a problem. But it’s not as bad as people are saying. It’s leading to confusion. This is the thing, I believe, we need to address. By the way, Bruno, behind you there’s a military helicopter. That is about to, probably, land here, in this fortress, not far from us. Oh, yeah. I saw it this morning taking off. But as you can see the media, I call them the medianites. They are always telling you what you don’t need to hear and don’t tell you what you need to hear. After we talked about the media, let’s talk about why Bolsonaro is attacked. Why no other president before was given the blame for the Amazon forest fire? And Bolsonaro is. What do we know about him that was not the case of the other presidents? Yes, we know about him that is really willing to tackle problems. That are very rooted in the Brazilian political system. Which is corruption, which is many values, Christian values that were kind of neglected in the past and so on. His wife is a born-again Christian. Exactly. His wife is a born-again Christian. He, himself, goes to that church as well. He considers himself a Catholic, but he is going to that Baptist Church. During his coronation as president… Actually, I saw pictures of him on his knees and the pastor [exactly] praying over them. He professes to be a believer in the Bible, a great friend of Israel, and a great friend of biblical values. Exactly. Definitely. He’s really for biblical values… Folks, Rio de Janeiro hosts, once a year… Let me explain. Once a year, a carnival… You all heard about the carnival in Rio. That is a very famous thing. I had no idea, but actually it’s a carnival that was allowed and even officiated by the Catholic Church, originally. Get rid of your carne, of your flesh, before Lent begins. Then you’re not allowed to eat until Easter. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what’s going on here puts Sodom and Gomorrah to shame, during the days of the carnival. Now there is a born-again Mayor of Rio. The mayor said, “… I cannot maybe change the fact that there is carnival here. But I’m not going to sponsor it. I’m not going to give a dime from the government money.” For the first time, the Brazilian Government of Rio, the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, gives zero “real” towards the carnival. This is what I’m talking about. I’m talking about it’s hard maybe to change things. It takes time. But it will always start with bold people. They will always be attacked, always be attacked. Now, Bruno, tell us a little bit about eschatology in this country. Because this is a real challenge. We are watching people who are not exactly 100% well versed with eschatology. By the way, we have been asked yesterday, by one of the largest churches here in Rio, to put together a curriculum for their Bible school on eschatology. They want our teachings on Bible eschatology to be the main official curriculum, on eschatology, for all of their students. You’re talking about a 12,000 people church, and it has campuses in many places around. Also, there’s 200 churches all around it, as well. What is it that they do believe in? I mean, tell us. Yes, basically, in Brazil, we do believe, most of the churches believe, that one day Jesus will come back. But I believe that the problem starts, also, at this point. Because we don’t talk about anything beyond that. It’s only, “Okay, Jesus will come back”. Because of that there is lots of confusion going on because there is no clear definition regarding that. Pastors don’t really address the issue. They don’t really explain how… Because of that, I think, there is even a lack of encouragement, which Amir talks about. The pastor told me that after we were done teaching on the rapture… I taught the rapture. After we were done teaching on the rapture, he told us that somebody called him and said that he could not stop crying for 1 and 1/2 hours after he got back home. He was, on one hand, excited about the rapture. But also concerned that people are not getting ready, are not doing anything. The teaching of the rapture and the teaching of the pre- tribulation rapture. The fact that the Millennial Kingdom is a true kingdom and we will be reigning. All of this gives people the urgency of the times and seasons to check themselves, first. But also, more so, to proclaim the gospel in a much more excited way. That’s what I saw in the eyes of the people. They were… We stayed until 10 pm, almost four hours teaching and it was a phenomenal. Bruno was an instrument in bringing me there. This is a church that did not give you an easy life In the beginning. Yes, no easy life in the beginning. They thought, “Who is this guy that he is trying to shove into our time frame, some Internet guy?” Exactly. They didn’t know me from Adam. And, of course, I’m not a pastor. I don’t have my own church that I pastor. So, I’m a hard product to sell here in Brazil. We have also the barrier, here, in Brazil of the English language. Because most of the people are not able to understand it. Yeah. Listen, we’re going through amazing days here. We’re watching people’s lives transformed. But we’re mostly watching churches that are finding in us “an ear”. Also, they really, truly connect with us and invite us. I believe that next year, we’re surely going to have a conference here for all churches. Here in Rio and one in Sao Paulo. I’m so excited about that. Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world. More than 200 million people live in Brazil. Six million people live behind me here in Rio, alone, and in the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 12 million people. In Sao Paulo, 12 million people live in the city and about 20 million live in the state. Listen, guys, we’re talking in the millions here. Not even in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. This is phenomenal. That church is growing 5,000 people a year. They don’t even…. It’s pretty amazing. So I really want you to continue to pray for us. Pray for… I believe, Bruno… I hate to tell you that you and Jasmine are going to be attacked, even more. I’m not wishing you that. I’m just telling you that because I have seen it. But Jesus said, “When these things happen to you, you should be glad. Because great is your reward in heaven.” Amen. I feel the attacks every day. But I am going to share some now, with you, and Mike, and others as well. Bruno, we understand that there is a great openness in the church here. … If you had to put in one sentence, the greatest problem or danger of the church here in Brazil, what is it exactly? Oh, that’s a very difficult question. I think, perhaps, people currently are just living for the moment. So many churches get distracted by the values of this world. They are not focusing anymore on celestial things, on heavenly things. I think this distraction might be the greatest problem we’re facing here. Yeah, this what we call, … complacency. They’re complacent. They feel, They feel, I mean, this is it. That is what life is all about. Let’s live the day. Let’s not worry about tomorrow. Folks, this is exactly how Israel was 2,000 years ago when Jesus came. That was the last thing they had in mind, “Let’s good ready Messiah is about to come.” And when he came, he said, “Jerusalem, you’ve missed your visitation.” We know, now, much more than they knew then. Although they knew because of the prophets. They ignored. They did not believe. Jesus rebuked the disciples, even. He says, “Foolish ones and slow of heart to believe that which the prophets had said.” So we want to wake up the church in Brazil. We want to wake up the believers around the world not to fall asleep as others do. The Bible says, “To wake up.” In Romans 13, in 1 Thessalonians 5, “Wake up, do not fall asleep as others do.” In Romans 13, it’s even more so. He says, “For our redemption is nearer.” The redemption… of the soul of the believer happened already the day he got saved. “But the redemption of the body, [as in Romans 8] is nearer than when we first believed.” That’s why we have to live the holier life… Obviously we must be about our Father’s business. We’re very excited about that. I am super excited about what God is doing through Behold Israel with so many invitations to many places around the world. But I’m also aware of the fact that this is why the enemy will continue to attack, day and night. Because if there is one thing that the enemy wants is for the people to be asleep. He wants us to fall asleep. He doesn’t want you to understand the times and the seasons. He doesn’t want you to think that the redemption is nearer than when you first believed. He wants you to think that, okay, there is time. … Life goes on. Carpe diem, live the day, and that’s it. That’s very, very sad. Bruno, we’re going to conclude this in a few minutes. I might ask you to pray, also, if you want? To pray for Brazil, especially. But I want to remind all of you, folks. For those of you who consider to go to Israel with me, we still have few spaces on the February tour. February is probably one of the best months in the year to come. Everything is green in Israel. It’s lush and green. We opened a bus for a 3-star hotel so it would be affordable to many more people. So you have a 5-star. You have the 3-star. So you can… There’ is a wide range of prices so more people will be able to come. Please contact us through our website and register. Also, there will be, the 1st time ever, next year an “Awaiting His Return Prophecy Conference in Jerusalem. And around that conference there will be several tours going on. Two busloads have been filled up already. We opened a 3rd bus. If you want to be part of a tour and the conference with local Israeli teachers, Israeli worship, as well as myself, and pastor Barry Stagner. Please secure your place ASAP before it’s over. It will be wonderful. That’s November. That’s about Thanksgiving of next year. These are the 2 tours that we still have openings for 2020. Okay, Bruno, it’s time to wrap it up. We’re already an hour, almost. You’re going to pray for Brazil. Then I will conclude it with the Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew. Okay? So let’s pray. Lord, we thank you for this privilege of being here. Thank you for your Word. Thank you because no matter what happens, you’re always with us. We can rely on your Word who said that you will never leave or depart from us. Thank you so much, my Lord, for sending Amir and Behold Israel to Brazil. To share your Word and to call the Brazilians to awaken, to wake up. Because your return is very near. Thank you so much, my Lord, for this opportunity. In Jesus name. Amen. Then let me bless this city, this country, and the rest of you all around the world with the benediction, the Aaronic Blessing. Yevarechecha Adonai Ve’yishmerecha, Ya’er Adonai panayv eylecha vi’chuneka, Yissa Adonai panayv eylecha ve’yaseym lecha, Shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance towards you and give you peace. Shalom. In the name of the Prince of Peace, who is the Lord of Peace. Who can give you peace now and forever, here and everywhere. In the name of Yeshua, our Salvation. We pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you, Bruno, for your faithfulness. Thank you for your hard work. We are hosted on the rooftop of a building here with the best view ever. Thanks to Bruno and his family. We want you to enjoy the Sugar Loaf mountain over there. As you can see there’s a building on the very top. There’s an airplane now passing right next to it. This whole beautiful beach is now coming to afternoon and evening atmosphere here. Hopefully, tomorrow, we do have only a few hours to tour around. We are going to see Christo? Yes. How do you say it? Christ Redeemer, Cristo Redentor. Cristo Redentor. Christ the Redeemer. The big sculpture of Jesus standing above the city of Rio with his hands spread out. We might take a few pictures and send to you from there as well. Again, thank you. God bless you. Shalom from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Continue to pray for us: Pastor Mike, myself, Bruno, Jasmine and her family, and your family. We thank you, again, for your faithfulness in doing all of this. Now it’s time for us to drink Brazilian coffee and eat Brazilian food. Oh, yes. All right. Thank you again, Shalom. God bless you from Rio de Janeiro.

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