Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update: November 3, 2019

Amir Tsarfati: Middle East Update: November 3, 2019

Let’s start this update with a prayer and then continue with the Middle East update. Father, we thank you so much that you indeed know the end from the beginning. And you declared the end from the beginning. We thank you, Father, that our days are in your hands. Father, we also thank you that through the prophets, your servants the prophets, you have allowed your children to understand the times and the seasons and to know what is next. Father, you never left us in the dark. You want to reveal and declare the end from beginning. Surely the Lord does nothing unless he reveals his plans to his servants, the prophets. So we thank you and we bless you this evening from Galilee, from Israel. In Jesus name. Amen. So I’m listening. I’m hearing the F-16s. These are very intense flights that are all over the country right now. The F-35s and the F-16s are on the highest alert right now. Let me explain what is going on. First of all, let me make it very clear. Ever since the strike on the Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, a strike that has been confirmed. I don’t know if you can hear it? The F-16s are flying right above
me, right now. Ever since the attack, the Iranian
strike that took place in broad daylight. It was actually something that, we know, took off from an Iranian base in Iran. Silence from the whole world and the lack of action from Saudi, or America, or others. We understand that it’s a dawn of a new era. We understand that the Iranians are daring. The Iranians have the capabilities. They have the guts to execute such things. They are also convinced that the
military option is off the table. Today, the Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said, “Our enemies understood that the military option against us is off the table.” That’s what they said. You must understand, folks. The way the Iranians read the map is not the way Western civilization and Western government think. For them, doing what they did and seeing absolutely no action against them in retaliation. Gives them the understanding that everybody’s barking loud and everybody’s talking loud. Everybody’s threatening. But, basically, no one will actually do anything. If they strike whenever they want, whatever they want. The Israeli government and more so, the Israeli military, waited
patiently, to see a military retaliation to the Iranian strike. Because obviously when a country strikes another country. And it paralyzes 50% of its oil production. You expect something. Maybe not a military action such as a war, but some sort of military action, something. When nothing came, when nothing took place, we realized that the Iranians will probably, interpret that as a green light. To do more actions like that and to continue with their daring actions such as that. Israel understands that it could either come from Iranian, or Iraqi soil, or from the Yemenites. Although its way closer to have rockets flying… I’m talking about cruise missles flying from Iran than flying from Yemen. But even the Yemenites are now equipped with Iranian cruise missiles that can reach Israel. We have to make it very clear. Israel is bracing, right now, towards some sort of a possible strike from Iran. The only reason the Iranians are now stalling their action is the mess that is going on right now. In Syria, with the Turkish invasion and in Lebanon, with the fall of the Lebanese government. In other words, these are the only 2 things that are stopping them from moving forward with their vicious plan. You should understand that. There is an issue right now in Syria for them. They are no longer free to operate in Syria due to the Turkish invasion, which was very smart on President Trump’s side. Right now, their ally, their puppet government just collapsed in Lebanon, right now. They are super embarrassed. They’re sending Hezbollah to,
somehow, try and rescue the situation. Ladies and gentlemen, it is such a political mess… By the way, it is beyond political. It’s a financial and an economic
mess in Lebanon as well. Basically, the Iranians at this point understand that a strike on Israel and a retaliation from Israel will
catch their proxies off guard. And they don’t want that. So this is exactly… Probably the only thing that is holding them. But ladies and gentlemen, the Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli Chief of Staff, were never so clear about the imminent threat from Iran. We are not used to hearing such things. Now, a few hours after my last update from the Sea of Galilee… In fact, literally, 3 hours after I was done, the Special Forces of the USA conducted a
wonderful raid on the Isis leader’s compound on the border between Syria and Turkey. Now, I’m going to say something right now that may get me in trouble. But I’m sure that you will understand why in a few seconds. One of the main reasons President Trump moved his soldiers from the border and allowed the Turks to start their operation. Listen to this, and listen all the way. It is so the Turks would be completely engaged in that
invasion and would not interfere, interrupt, disrupt. Maybe even, somehow, spoil the coming American strike on the Isis leader. I have to make it very clear. There is no way the leader of Isis lived on the border with Turkey without the Turkish authorities knowing, allowing it, and benefiting from it. Although President Trump thanked Turkey and thanked Russia. Both Turkey and Russia were kept in the dark. Thankfully, the only ones that helped… Everybody’s accusing Trump for abandoning the Kurds. It was such an interesting thing. Because the only ones that did help President Trump and did help the American forces on the ground to locate and to verify the location of al-Baghdadi. It was the Kurds, themselves. So everybody was talking about Trump abandoning the Kurds. Everybody was talking about the Turkish invasion. While all of that was going on, the American forces were free to collaborate with the Kurds. Basically, to bring about the end of one of the most bloodiest, vicious, brutal, and crazy leader of any Islamic terrorist organization. Way more, by the way, than Osama bin Laden. Now, let me let me explain something. A lot of people make fun of President Trump thinking that he’s not thinking ahead, that all of his decisions regarding Syria are just not really thought through. Let me make it very clear. Every step is calculated. Every move is, actually, a very successful one. If anything, President Trump strengthened the alliance with the Kurds when it comes to something that could benefit both America and the Kurds. That is the oil and the gas fields
on the eastern banks of the Euphrates. After 911, President Bush and his administration initiated a public diplomacy campaign in the Arab Islamic world. Rather than attacking and undermining the jihadist doctrine that insists it is the
religious duty of Muslims to fight with the aim of conquering the non-Muslim world. And to establish global Islamic empire or caliphate. What the Bush strategy was actually to ignore the jihad in the hope of appeasing its adherents. The basic line of the Bush administration’s public diplomacy campaign was actually to embrace the mantra that Islam is peace. I don’t know if you remember that? And that the US loves Islam. Because the US loves peace, of course, and seeks peace. In 2005, Condoleeza Rice, at the time Secretary of State, prohibited the State Department, FBI and US intelligence agencies from using the “controversial” terms like radical Islam, jihad in official documents. Now, look what happened. Right after that, along these lines, Obama administration took the Bush administration’s approach to a strategic communication. He took it several steps further. Ladies and gentlemen, President Barack Obama and his advisors
went out of their way to express sympathy for the Islamic world. Do you all remember the Barack Obama speech at the Islamic University in Cairo? Basically, thanking God for creating Islam and owing Islam and the Islamic world so much. The Obama administration not just expressed sympathy. But also supported the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood against Egypt’s long-serving President Hosni Mubarak. If you remember that? And allowed them to overthrow him with full knowledge that the only force powerful enough to replace him was the Muslim Brotherhood. If that’s not enough, the Shiite jihadist… Obama’s refusal to support the pro-democracy protesters in Iran’s attempted Green Revolution 2009. There was a chance to completely throw out the Iranian regime. Obama actually placed the US firmly on the side of the jihadist. The imperialist regime of the ayatollahs and against the Iranian people. In other words, Obama took Bush’s rhetoric of appeasement and turned it into America’s actual policy. The Bush-Obama, the whole thing, won the US no good will. Al-Qaeda, which led the insurgency against US forces in Iraq with Iran and Syrian support, was not moved to diminish anything. They appeased them with a hope that al-Qaeda will change its ways. Nothing. Why am I saying all of that? Because some generals or ex-generals in the US military, actually, were very, very angry that President Trump called al-Baghdadi a dog. It’s funny. He said, “He was like a dog.
He was like a coward. He was whimpering and crying.” Let me explain something. A dog… I love dogs but in Islam it’s a very unclean animal. To compare the leader of an Islamic organization to a dog is to completely shame him, disregard him, and to bring him to the lowest level. When you appease them, they never, ever put down their weapons. In fact, they even thought… They took almost 2/3s of Syria and Iraq and established a territorial caliphate. That’s when everybody apeased them. Look what happened, right now. They have no longer territory. Their leader was killed screaming, whimpering, and crying because of the US fighter dogs. And he died like a dog. It’s very interesting because Trump posted a picture on his Twitter page of the Delta Force combat dog who brought about al-Baghdadi’s death by chasing him into that tunnel, under his compound. Provoking him, basically, to set off the explosive belt that he was wearing. He killed himself and unfortunately, 2 children who were with him. A dog caused a “dog” to kill himself. Of course, Obama’s administration officials angrily condemned Trump’s remarks. For instance, former CIA Deputy, Mike Morrell, said that he was bothered by Trump’s locker room talk, which he said inspires other people to conduct revenge attacks. Baloney. They always attack irregardless of that. This criticism is very interesting. Because it’s interesting how Obama… When they killed bin Laden, they went out of their way to tell the Islamic world. That they properly did Islamic ceremony when he died and treated his body fairly. Listen, did it help? No. Did it stop Isis from killing even more? Obviously not. You have to understand that it’s hard to imagine al-Baghdadi’s death at the paws of a dog is likely to rally many Muslims to his side. To the contrary, I believe, that it is likely instead to demoralize his followers. What’s the point of joining a group of losers who believe in
a fake prophet who died like a coward while chased by what? A beautiful dog and a talented dog. Now, other people are saying that Trump is playing into the
hands of Russia when he moved his 50 soldiers from the border. Let me explain something. This is another baloney. Up until then, America had the headache of the fight between Turkey and the Kurds. The minute those 50 soldiers of America moved, the headache, now, is Russia’s headache. If anything, Russia is not only having to deal with what? With the Shiites, the Sunnis, Bashar al-Assad and Isis. Now they have to deal with the Kurdish-Turkish situation, which they didn’t have to deal with until now. If that’s not enough, listen to this, folks. The beginning of 2018, I don’t know if you remember that? But in the very beginning of 2018, I think that at that time President Assad had a deal with the President of Russia. Basically, Assad effectively transferred the rights of the Syrian oil to Russia. That is what Russia wanted to begin with. Guess what happened? That was January of 2018. If that’s not enough. Putin, of course, did not take into consideration Trump. From Russia’s perspective, we know that US forces not only did
not withdraw from all of their positions in Syria last month. But they maintain control over what we call the “At Tanf” air
base, which controls the Syrian border with Jordan and Iraq. But not only that. Right at the area of the Deir ez-Zor, the oil fields and the gas fields are now controlled, solely, by the US Kurdish alliance over there. Let me remind you, on February… If I’m not mistaken, it was February… I don’t want… February 7, 2018. We know that just a month after Assad and Putin signed that agreement. A massive joint force comprising Russian mercenaries, Syrian commandos, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard, advanced across the Euphrates. All the way towards the town of Kusham, which is adjacent to the Concho oil field. Let me explain what happened there. US special forces were deployed there. With Kurdish and Arab…
The SDF forces… The US forces directed a massive air assault against the attacking forces. Listen to this, more than 500 people died. That is as of February 2018. Among the 500 that died over, I don’t know, 2-300 Russian mercenaries died. You see, Putin is very smart. He doesn’t want to kill soldiers. He dosn’t want his own soldiers to die. So he’s recruiting mercenaries. They’re called Wagner. Ex-military people are now fighting as civilians in uniform. Ladies and gentlemen, 100s of them died that day. That, basically, caused grievous harm to the Russian forces in Syria. Putin has kept the number of Russian military force in Syria low by outsourcing, basically, much of this fight to military contractors. Of course, since then, Putin has tried to dislodge the US forces from Kusham, the town, at least one more time. But of course, only to be met with a massive demonstration of force. Listen, guys, not only that Trump is not working for the Russians. The Russians regret the day that Trump became the president. At least when it comes to what is going on in Syria, right now. It has to be very, very clear. The killing of Isis leader was possible only by moving those 50 soldiers; Getting the Turks to be
completely busy; Getting the Russians to now take control over some of that area; and being busy with that. That enabled the Kurdish-American collaboration to hit them right there. That is what happened. Folks, you see, there’s so much that you don’t know. There is so much that is behind the scenes. There’s so much that they’re not telling you. Look, Trump promised to kill the leader of Isis. He promised to eliminate Isis. He promised not to stay forever there. And he is basically delivering. Everybody else is very angry. Because it is going well, actually. Now, let me talk about what happened 2-3 days later. We talked about in the last update. We talked about the massive rallies and demonstrations in Lebanon ever since Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, resigned. He is still assuming power until someone else will be prime minister. But basically Lebanon’s government collapsed. Hezbollah is super, super, embarrassed. Because Hariri was their puppet. Iran is super, super, nervous, right now. Their main proxy, Hezbollah, is being ridiculed by the Lebanese all over their media. I mean, I’m ashamed to show you stuff that they do about… Maybe I should show you… How they they describe the leader of Hezbollah. Okay, look what they do. Okay. Look what they do to
describe the leader of Hezbollah. I don’t know if you can see, but look. That’s the leader of Hezbollah in the Lebanese media. In the Lebanese social media, they… Obviously, that’s not his body, and they put his head on it. This is Lebanese Arab ridiculing the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon. What… I mean, what they say about him is that he’s a traitor. He betrayed Lebanon. You had better be killed with Assad. You are… You are just a businessman in the name of religion. You are even a traitor to Palestine. You are the fig leaf that is covering the shame of Iran. You only take care of Syria. You only take care of Iran. But you’re actually not on our side. The Lebanese. You understand what I’m just telling you right now? Iran’s biggest proxy in the area, Hezbollah, is being attacked and ridiculed in their own country. This is amazing. I mean, I’m just telling you, folks, Lebanon is collapsing. I’m not even sure it will remain there. We’re not sure what’s going on. One thing, I know. My Bible is not telling me that Lebanon is part of the war that is coming up. My Bible is not telling me that Tyre and Sidon are part of the assault in Ezekiel 38-39. So I’m not surprised to see that happening right now. Now, let me tell you that the United States just stopped
it’s coming assistance to the Lebanese military. $105 million are now frozen. The US is not sending it to Lebanon. Because God knows what’s going to happen in Lebanon. If that’s not enough, look… Now comes the most important part of this update. Because you know and I know that the coming war against Israel, the Ezekiel War, has nothing to do with per se religion or even the Israeli Palestinian issue. It is purely an economic, financial war. It is purely a war that is coming to take booty, to steal and plunder. It’s about financial gain. Ladies and gentlemen, this week was a historic week in Israel. Our oil rig and gas rig, finally, was attached to the ground. The Leviathan 1. We finally, this week, started pumping the natural gas out of the bottom of the Mediterranean. It goes two ways. It goes to the rig, in to the Israeli coast, for our own consumption. It is also going to a different direction. Israel and Egypt are now having a deal where we supply gas to Egypt. We’re supplying gas to Jordan. We are now going to supply gas to Europe. President Trump told the Western European countries, and Germany. That if they buy gas from Russia, then he’s no longer going to help them in NATO. So the Germans asked, “So who are we going to buy it from?” He said, “How about buying it from Israel, from Greece, and from Cyprus? They just found gas. We are going to help them carry the gas in what we call the “East Med Pipeline” all the way to Italy and from there to Western Europe. Why don’t you just buy it from them?” The Europeans are now changing their mind, understanding that they need to buy the oil from Israel, from Cyprus, and from Greece. Effective, this week, Israel is in
the major league’s energy superpower. Effective, this week, the Russians are angrier, more than ever before. Their aim, to somehow finance their war in Syria by owning the Syrian gas and oil fields, is obviously not happening. Because President Trump, the American, and the Kurdish forces are controlling that. At the same time, Russia has no stake in any of the gas that is found in the Mediterranean. The Turkish Erdogan couldn’t find gas in his territorial water. He invaded into Cyprus. None of the EU countries, which Cyprus is a member of, came to help. Or even said, “Impose sanctions on Turkey”. It’s not a great deal to be a member of the EU. When EU cannot help you in any of these things. Ladies and gentlemen, Cyprus decided, “We’re not going to to deal with our gas now. Because there is Turkish meddling right over there. Egypt cannot find more gas. In fact, Egypt increased the amount of gas that they’re going to buy from Israel. Lebanon is collapsing. They do not even have any licenses or allowance to give to any company to do it. No company wants to start finding gas in a territorial water of a country that is not stable. There is no gas with Turkey. Do you understand? Egypt cannot find more. Cypress froze its one. Lebanon is not advancing its gas. Erdogan cannot find anything. Guess who is the only country that is now pumping gas out of the Mediterranean? And making trillions out of it? Do you understand? I just need you to understand, folks. This week is a historic week. This week is why we believe the Iranians, the Russians, and the Turks might collaborate, very soon, to do something. This week is the week that Israel is now: not planning, not maybe, not could be. Israel is now, finally, pulling the gas from the bottom of the Mediterranean. Israel is, now, having something that those countries can come, try to plunder, steal, and take booty of it. Do you understand what I just said? So my point is very clear. We see what is going on in Syria. We see what’s going on in Lebanon. We see what’s going on in Egypt. We see what is going on even with Gaza. We see that Israel is already pulling gas out of the ground. Ladies and gentlemen, you may need to ask the $1,000,000 question. What about the Israeli elections? … Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t form a new government. Benny Gantz could not form a new government. Israel could be going to a 3rd round of elections in one year. Unprecedented. We’re not even sure if it’s going to happen. But one thing is for sure. The political climate in Israel is very unstable, as you know. The recipe is there. Unstable Israel, yet a prosperous one. A very angry Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Of course, Libya and Sudan will, no doubt and without any problem, join. If they will get an instruction to do so by their patrons: Russia, Turkey, and Iran. So I’m excited. I don’t know about you, but I’m not afraid. I’m super excited. The tour groups that we just had here, in the country, had the time of their lives. Some of them even stayed longer here. Here. We’ve seen Shiloh. We’ve seen the walls of Jerusalem. We went under the ground of the Old City. We were like Indiana Jones. We went to Petra. We went to the Red Sea. We saw the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Folks, there’s so much that you can see here. I believe that. By the way, Israel is enjoying its highest number of tourists ever. Ever. That’s another thing that everybody’s looking at and they are envious. We’re an island of stability in a very unstable part of the world. Very unpredictable part of the world. I’m very excited. I don’t know about you. I’m very, very, excited. Although Israel is on the highest alert, as I said. I began this update with that. I can tell you that as an Israeli, I’m not afraid. And as a believer, I’m super excited. I’m working on a message right now called, “Who Goes Where.” A lot of people are asking me. Amir, what happens to the non-believing Jews? What happens to Israel when Christ comes? What happened to the believers of the Old Testament? What happened to the believers of the New Testament? What happens to the believers of the tribulation? What happens to the believers of the Millennial Kingdom? I’m going to put together one message of, “Who Goes Where”. Which group is going where, according to the Scriptures. It’s only going to be based on scriptures. What is it that the Bible is telling us regarding each and
every one of the group of people that we have here? I am going to try and cover it all the way until the new Jerusalem, of course. Again, thank you for listening. I hope this was an uplifting and encouraging update. Please share it with as many people as possible and get ready. Get ready. Because soon, and very soon, we are going to see the King. I am super excited. Father, we thank you for your Word. We thank you for what we see. We are not afraid. But we want to wake up and not fall asleep as others do. Because now our salvation, the salvation of our body, is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent. The day is at hand. We thank you and we bless you. In Jesus name. Amen. Let me just release you with the Aaronic blessing. Yevarechecha Adonai Ve’yishmerecha,
Ya’er Adonai panayv eylecha vi’chuneka, Yissa Adonai panayv eylecha ve’yaseym lecha shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord shine his face upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance towards you and give you his peace. HaShem Yeshua, in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you. Follow us on Twitter: Beholdisrael; Facebook: Behold Israel; YouTube: Behold Israel; Instagram (one word): beholdisrael. I love you. Thank you. God bless you. Sign up for my newsletter on our website: Behold israel. org Receive a daily newsletter with all the roundup of all the news and my personal writing of what happened throughout the week. As well as a weekly devotional of Pastor Barry Stagner. By the way, thank you for praying for him. He is out of the hospital and is back home. He is recovering from some infection caused by something. Or some operation that he did a few years ago. Thank you for praying for him. He’s much better. Keep praying for a complete healing. Thank you. God bless you. Shalom from Galilee. Bye bye.

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    PROFOUND!!!! paul maguire is addressing it. we want truth….not movie
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    5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  35. God prophesied thru Kim Clement that He will RESTORE the WEALTH of Israel and America thru the next president (ie Trump). It IS now HAPPENING!

  36. ***This is stolen material! This has commercials so this TheBruji69 has decided to make money off of all of amir's work. If you want the real thing ie amir's Channel , go to …"Behold Israel"… but If you want to help this Thief, if you want to help Satan do his work on this Earth, then please keep watching this guy who has commercials and is making money from someone else's work. This is where you should go to get amir's website. Or go to the Behold Israel app

  37. Forgive me brother, but I hope you can be… Sensitive of those who are stumbling into hell on earth, even your own nation. I want Jesus to come soon, but it is bittersweet as well as glorious. The beast taking millions to hell makes me sad, no divine foreknowledge takes that sting away. Jesus died for them and they don't want Him. I know salvation often comes amidst suffering but such knowledge should sober us up as much as it emboldens us. I don't want to boast in a generation I was born into, as if I and not the LORD had chosen the time of my birth.

    Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end [is] it for you? the day of the Lord [is] darkness, and not light.

    This is the time we fight the good fight harder, not rest easy until it is over. I don't know your heart brother, only my own reaction to your update. May the LORD bless and keep you, too.

  38. Shalom brother Amir may Lord Jesus bless you and your family and god bless America and Donald Trump also god bless Israel.

  39. I always look forward to your updates about what is truly happening. We surely can't get the truth from the "medianites", only lies.

  40. Wow, I have such a strong desire to come over there and see everything and be apart of it. I want to pitch a tent next to the Sea of Galilee and walk everywhere Jesus walked.

  41. Thank you Amir of this update – it opened our eyes.
    May you and Israel be blessed and protected by God every day 🙏🏻✨
    Greetings from Finland 🙋🏻🇫🇮

  42. I believe everyone learnt from the conversations. You need to know that Almighty God has a grand plan. What is this plan? In Heaven, Angels obey the rules of the Creator. Angel Lucifer who became devil with his demons refused to obey and where are they today? They were expelled and awaiting destruction after White Throne Judgment. On earth, mankind is also placed before God's Laws. Which are these laws? Plan of salvation is provided to fallen man because his sin is not defiant. There is defiant sin and it is not forgiven. Plan of salvation is a process that has five outlines. Christ in Matthew 24 says, he who endures onto the end will be saved. Christ affirms that love has obligation, thus, If you love me, keep my commandments. Salvation is a process and never a one time event. Salvation is materialised at second coming.

    Plan of salvation consists the following:

    1. Salvation by faith: What is faith?

    2. What must I do to be saved? Worship/Obeying the Creator. See Ten Commandments

    3. Who is Savior?: What is he doing? See Temple service in heaven as earth temple was terminated in 3O AD

    4. State of man in death

    5. Second coming and gathering the redeemed of all ages. They will be united in heaven. They will get acquainted with each other, rest for 1000 years, determine restitution against the wicked. They will descend upon earth at the end and the wicked will be resurrected. White throne judgment will be conducted. The wicked will be burnt in fire to be no more.

  43. In the old testament it says a leader before going to war should take advice from the military leaders, President Trump does listen .

  44. 36:22 I believe we could have gotten Baghdadi almost any time we wanted. Trump has gotten in some hot water and pulled a chain nobody else would pull, because he wants to say ISIS is dead. Back in Obama's fight against the junior leaguers, we dropped almost 50% of our bombs on "other" targets, in a list that included APCs, tanks, trucks, buildings, infrastructure, fighting positions, troop concentrations, command centers, AAA and I forget what else. What's left that we dropped over 5,400 bombs on? Sand? No wonder we couldn't win before Trump! I don't know what the taboo was against beating them, but he was clueless enough to break it.

  45. 15:50 If I (as POTUS) had Osama Bin Laden in SEAL sights, I'd have them bean bag him and take him alive. You know they could do that. Then I'd cook up a story that he was dead, fake some pics of him dead and say we dumped his carcass in the ocean somewhere because Islam. Then I'd stick him in the bottom of a cargo ship in Diego Garcia and let the CIA have him forever and ever.

  46. Thanks for shedding light on prophecy and showing us that everything is under the control of the Almighty Creator God .He is looking after His people and showing us that He has never broken His covenant with His people. May those visiting pastors spread the Word in such a way that a greater assembly will stand with Israel! May God bless everyone getting ready to meet our King and be focused on Him as our Rock and firm strength. Ps73:17-20,26-28. Shabbat Shalom

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