Amir Tsarfati: Israeli Post Election Update

Amir Tsarfati: Israeli Post Election Update

Shalom everyone, this is Amir Tsarfati. This is a post-election update. Following yesterday’s dramatic exit polls that were not good for Benjamin Netanyahu. Well, so far, things are almost the same. After 90% of the votes, it seems like both the party of Benjamin Netanyahu and of his rival, Benny Gantz, received the exact same number of seats, 32 seats. Last elections, a few months ago, both of them received 35, each. So, the big parties weakened their strength. They are no longer as big as they used to be. And smaller parties have gotten a bit bigger this time. But what we can clearly see from the results so far is that. The right wing in Israel is 56. The left wing and the Arab parties are 55. And Avigdor Lieberman has 9 seats. Of course, he is the person who will be required to form a government by both sides. One thing is for sure. Netanyahu has bigger chances to get Lieberman with him than Benny Gantz. Simply because Gantz requires the Arab parties who are by far… There’s a wide consensus in the Israeli society that they are non-Zionists. They are not exactly on our side as a Jewish state. They are actually more collaborating with the Palestinian cause. So it’s going to be very hard for the rival party to form a coalition. Unless, and now comes the point. Unless there is some sort of a last minute agreement for both of the big parties to join hands. And to have what we call “national unity” government. If that’s what we’re going to have, then we will have to decide. Are we leaving the ultra-Orthodox out? Are we leaving Lieberman out? Who is staying out? Because both of them, right now with 32 each, will be able to form together, 64 seats. A government that will be… able to last. Now, the biggest problem of these elections is that the rival party has absolutely no platform besides: “everything but Netanyahu”. The question now is: Who is going to lead that government? Who is going to be the prime minister of this national unity government? Benjamin Netanyahu is definitely not going to give up his… status as Prime Minister. He’s definitely leading the largest blockade of the right wing with 56. The left wing, without the Arab parties, are actually 43. If you add Lieberman to it, it’s still… Without the Arabs they will never be able to pass the right wing. There’s definitely, amongst the Zionist Jewish Israelis, a majority that supports Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel. The question is now: What will the President of Israel decide? Who will he give the mandate to form a government to? Just so you know. It’s not an imaginary scenario that a 3rd round of elections will be forced on the Israelis. We’ve never had it before by the way. We have never been so divided. Unfortunately, though, with Netanyahu comes a great platform of continuing, “making Israel great”. The other party is not exactly with a sustained and reliable platform. Besides, “we will just do things better”. As long as Netanyahu is out, everything will be great. Well, that’s what we have right now. Ladies and gentlemen, 56 seats for the right, 43 seats for the left, 12 for the Arab parties, and 9 for Avigdor Lieberman. We are in a deadlock, right now. Unless someone is going to decide, such as Lieberman, decide to gather with Netanyahu. Or Gantz will decide to join Benjamin Netanyahu and not insist on being the Prime Minister. Then we have a government. I find both scenarios hard to believe as possible. Because if Lieberman would join Netanyahu, he could have done that 4 months ago. And this whole 2nd round would have been, of course, saved from us. But, unfortunately, there is a lot of personal rival between… Netanyahu and Lieberman. It doesn’t look like Lieberman, this time, is going to join hands with Netanyahu. We are no longer surprised. We were surprised months ago when he didn’t jump on the wagon and start the government. But we are no longer surprised when we see the way Lieberman conducted himself in the last few months. It is evident that he literally flipped to the other side. And he is taking the votes of all of his people. That’s 9 seats. He is taking them to, actually, join hands with a leader that they don’t even know. And they don’t even vote for and support. It’s… a little bit tricky. But one thing is for sure. We are watching a drama that is not yet coming to an end. The next few days will definitely… The next few days will definitely… determine everything here. There is a… As far as the large parties, Gantz’s party is 30,000 votes higher than the Likud of Netanyahu. And even there… Although they have the same number of seats, because there’s a certain number of votes for a seat. Right now they are equal with 32. But if we will only… Folks, all it takes is the votes of the soldiers. Votes of some of the diplomats. And people that voted earlier that haven’t been counted yet. All it takes is for that to flip. Then Netanyahu’s party will be the largest. The right wing will be the largest. Of course, that will make the life of the President of Israel much easier. When he needs to decide who is he going to give the mandate to form the government to. So I, unfortunately, don’t have… Look, throughout the night things got worse for Netanyahu. Towards the morning, things got better. As more and more votes were counted it seems like there was a comeback. Netanyahu was actually behind by 2 seats. There was 33 and 31. Now it is 32 and 32 which is good. Because these 2 parties have the same number of seats. The right blockade is actually bigger. The right wing is bigger than the left. That might be easier for the President to put on Netanyahu the task of forming a government. However, even if the President of Israel is giving Netanyahu the task to form a government. Netanyahu does not have 61 people to recommend him as Prime Minister, at this moment. So at the moment, we need a miracle for some people to defect and move to Netanyahu’s camp. Or for Gantz to decide that he is… willing not to be Prime Minister. Or for Lieberman to get back to his senses, to get back to his home base and join hands with Netanyahu. I guess that’s the most likely scenario. If he will get everything he wants, it might work this time. And we won’t have to go to another set, another round of elections in Israel. So, again, we are watching. We are watching the drama continue. One more thing, folks. Let’s move to the Saudi-Iranian conflict right now. The Saudis are planning a press conference today. In that press conference, they are planning on unveiling proof that Iran is behind the attack on the Saudi refineries 4 days ago. Now, let me make it very clear. Some of the rockets did not explode, did not hit the target. It was easy to recover them and look at everything inside: all the commands, all the computer commands, and all of their electric circuits inside. To come to the conclusion that they were indeed fired by the Revolutionary Guard. From Iranian soil, trying to deceive the the whole world, that it’s actually fired from Iraq. Or as they said in the beginning, “It’s actually a Yemenite strike.” We are watching 2 different dramas unfolding at the same exact time. In Israel, everybody is waiting to see who the next Prime Minister is going to be. It is still unclear. And in the Saudi area with Iran, tonight we are expecting a press conference. That will unveil the proof that Iran, not only is behind the attack. But it is actually an attack from Iranian soil. By all international laws, Saudi Arabia has the right to start a war. To strike back and to not be held as someone who, unilaterally, started something. By responding to that strike, Saudi Arabia will have all the justification in the world. No country on planet earth, including the UN, will be able to condemn them for that. The problem is that all those that are deep in bed with Iran and the Iranian Government are already saying. “Hey, let’s find a diplomatic solution.” I mean, Saudi Arabia was attacked by cruise missiles. Half of their oil production was paralyzed. Germany says, “Let’s find a diplomatic solution”. Russia says, “Let’s find a diplomatic solution”. Turkey says, “Let’s find a diplomatic solution”. It’s interesting how those countries are protecting Iran’s interests rather than justice and the truth. That is why we can never trust them. Never, ever, ever, ever trust them when it comes to the Iranian nuclear schemes. Iran, under the nose of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Under the nose of all the superpowers was operating secret sites for the production of uranium. Iran never ceased for a second to produce uranium weapon-grade uranium. We’ve proved that. Traces of uranium were found in places where we said. “Hey, they are doing those things where they say it’s a carpet cleaning factory.” Which is baloney as you don’t need uranium to clean carpets. My point is, folks, Iran is deceiving the world. Israel is blowing the whistle. Now, Saudi Arabia is going to blow the whistle. America cannot stay indifferent. Although I believe America will not strike, itself. It might allow Saudi Arabia to do something. Limited or some sort of, I don’t know, maybe, cause more financial stress on the Iranians, somehow. I’m not even sure if there are any more sanctions possible. But one thing that is for sure. It is the same Iranians, the same intention, the mullahs, the same ayatollahs and the same intentions. And why… are we surprised? We know that they are not going to change. They’re not going to turn into “angels”. We know that eventually, they will physically come against Israel as well. We’re watching interesting things happening in Saudi Arabia… between them and Iran. But at the same time, the political deadlock in Israel continues. We do not have decisive results that will determine who the Prime Minister is. And when will the government be formed. We are going to wait for many, many days. First of all, the first thing we need to wait for is: Who will the President of Israel get the mandate to form a government” Because that person has to sit and start negotiating with all the parties. If Netanyahu will be given the mandate, then it will probably be easier. Because he has more people that are going to recommend him as the Prime Minister. The president of Israel is now expected to receive leaders of all the different parties. And ask them who do they recommend as Prime Minister. After he hears all of them, then, officially, he will give the mandate to the right person to form a government. That person has a few weeks to negotiate and bring a government to the approval of the Israeli parliament. That’s where Netanyahu failed last time. He was recommended by enough people. He did… receive the mandate to sit and start negotiating. But then he realized Avigdor Lieberman is not going to be part of my… government. Thus I do not have the majority. Are we going to see the same thing again? I hope not. But I would rather see that over Benny Gantz becoming… the person to form a government. I really, really hope that Israel is not going to commit a “suicide”. By voting for or by having a prime minister that is completely leaning on the vote of those who absolutely are not in agreement with Israel, as a country, as a state and as the… home for the Jewish people. We’re gonna have to see what’s going to happen. This was a post-election update. I’m here in Amsterdam and am leaving tomorrow all the way to the US. I just wanted you to understand, folks. There is no decisive result in Israel. We will wait for, probably, days to know who the candidate to even try to form a government is going to be. Then weeks to see if that person will eventually even be able to form a government. Until then, Prime Minister Netanyahu will continue: as an interim prime minister, in an interim government. Until we see what is going on. Yes, these are not the results that I had hoped for. But actually, this morning is better than last night. Last night the other party had more seats. And the left was actually bigger than the right. We woke up this morning to a tie of 32 on both parties with the right wing, having a majority. So things look better this morning. But still not good enough to already know who the Prime Minister is going to be and have a government formed by him. Thank you for watching this post-election update. Keep… watching what I’m about to share. Because there are dramatic developments in Saudi Arabia and Iran. It might involve America and Russia. We might see a regional war over there. But at the same time, in Israel, the acting prime minister right now is still Benjamin Netanyahu. His fight against Iran and against Iranian entrenchment, against terrorists in Gaza, is still on. I sure hope Israel is not going for a 3rd round of the elections. Thank you. God bless you. Shalom from Amsterdam. I hope to give you better news and a clearer picture on my next update. Thank you. God bless you. Shalom from Amsterdam.

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  1. Hos 3:4.For the children of Israel shall sit solitary many days without king, and without prince, and without sacrifice, and without pillar, and without ephod or teraphim;
    5. afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and shall come trembling unto the LORD and to His goodness in the end of days.
    Jacob's trouble is verse Hos 3:5

  2. I agree, never trust Russia. Could be on the edge of a time of sadness. Iran is pushing against America and Trump will follow God's Holy Spirit on the way thru this mess. Same is right! Good post. Thank you.

  3. God will continue to bless you and your family, Amir. We keep you in prayer always, and Israel in prayer always. Love from the US ~~~~~

  4. Praying for Israel. Praying for Netanyahu and family for God's grace,protection,guidance and salvation. Thank you for these trustworthy updates and information. King Yeshua forever.

  5. Plz read Jesaja chapter 56-58!! If we have we are not afraid and fear. May the lord be graceful for righteousness. Love you all.

  6. Avi Lipkin formed the Bible Bloc party with christian and jewish members, if they managed to get enough votes it would be the first time christians have ever been in the Israeli Knesset.
    I cant find anything regarding how Avis party got on, does anyone know?

  7. Amir, your favorite friends ''medianites" are saying Bibi is facing corruption charges…hard to believe though…to me he is the end-time PM is Israel. What actually caused Israel to face this historical second-time election in the same year? Please bring the truth. We believe ANN (Amir News Network) than the CNN or BBC…Thanks for taking time to answer this….God of Israel does not sleep nor slumber. Shalom be upon Israel.

  8. Maybe God is doing this because he doesn't want trump's peace plan to be announced yet ! even though who won't to win isn't winning outright, he is the leader until they have another election !, so God is using him maybe 6 month increments to just get we're Israel needs to be because he doesn't need him as president for that long . Be for God sends his son for his saint's ๐Ÿ˜‡

  9. Israel wanted a King, God said give them their king, so they will know I am God, read the Bible to find out what happened to Israel

  10. sounds like stalemate. Netanyahu might even gain power by withdrawing, but being his party leader, and let the other guy sit in the "hot seat" for awhile. If the other guy offends enough, then Netanyahu can run again next time and get the seat back. I think a second election stands better chance of weakening Netanyahu, which would be even worse for his future aspirations to retake the office in future.

  11. Do you really understand what is going to happen if Saudies start the war? Iran will crash them!! There will be no more Saudi Arabia!

  12. I have supported Bibi for as long as he has been on the world scene. How should we pray one might ask?
    In the natural for the short term, of course, I would say Netanyahu. But the supernatural realm should be considered and the long term affects giving the Orthodox control? We do have to consider who Bibi is tied at the hip with.

    Matthew 23:15 (NET)

    23:15 โ€œWoe to you, experts in the law and you Pharisees, hypocrites! You cross land and sea to make one convert, and when you get one, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves!

    So that said while I expect the Viper to take control eventually just as in the days of the 1st visitation should we help by praying them into power? Neither side looks good to me. I don't know who should win only Christ alone will win. In some ways, it may not matter since its in His hands alone.
    Shalom and His will be done.

  13. i dont know what i did so wrong that my kids are not close to God.
    Please pray for them daily.
    Thank you so much for your channel thank you for the updates thank you for the encouragement Christ! Their names are Alyssa and Colton she is about to be 30 and he is 23 both have been baptized when they were old enough to choose to do so

  14. Make Judea ISRAEL Again!

  15. I'm not sure why but there's something about you that just don't sit right with me ,,,I don't know what ,,, I don't know maybe it's a simple as you don't know who you are or you from the tribe of Judah are you and is Railey are you a born-again Christian what are you confused probably,, people can never lose the accident ,,,why because you like it,,, I can't stand it personally ,,,
    Benjamin Netanyahu is a Brager ,, and a liar ,
    Benjamin needs to go take a break find God get right

  16. Not even 5 minutes into the video and it sounds so similar to, but somewhat better than what has been going on in the United States. Definitely haven't been a United anything since (a long time!) the early 2,000.
    All of us that stand for and with Israel must pray for Israel, daily. And by daily I mean every time a person has "any" free time. Or we will be guilty if Israel is in the hands of the Arabs instead of Israelis. God forbid!
    What we are seeing in Israel is little different than what has been going on in America, actually for those that keep watch we know this is the direction that most of the world is now going. The real fight is between good and evil. Which out weighs which? We must keep the faith. We know that evil (Satan) does win battles but it is Adonai that wins the war – for Israel! Shalom! Amen and amen…

  17. Mic:4-9 tells of this event, have a look. Also, for what it's worth, a mystic Rabbi said 40 years ago that the Messiah would come when there were elections but not a government. (same as Mic: 4-9)

  18. Bibi is trailing 33 to 31 and the vote is leaning heavily towards 34 to 31 Gantz with approximately 3 percent of the vote left to count – the Israeli Military went heavily for Gantz

  19. Amir is not a prophet. He can't teach like a prophet. He is trying to take the place of Samuel like Saul did. God never changes!

  20. Same thing happened with Trump election, we thought for sure hillary was going to win. …BE PATIENT AND TRUST GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!!!!!

  21. Lord help the people have wisdom and discernment to keep PM Netanyahu . Expose those who are not good for Israel in Jesus name we pray.

  22. Very informative Amir, God bless you for your tireless work! Praying prime minister Netanyahu wins, but the Lord is in control, praying for the peace of Jerusalem! Maranatha! Shalom!

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  24. Amir I was totally convinced that the Antichrist was going to be a Muslim, until until I listened to your speech – Europe is closer to the Antichrist. And it's perfectly clear now that it has to be a European! if Donald Trump would not have been elected president they would have just eased off into a one world government. without Donald Trump there would be no Antichrist. He had to be elected this is plan B… " GOD'S PLAN" Donald Trump messed them up. It's crystal clear now!

  25. Anticipating an update from Brother Amir. I KNOW that God is in control ! He is and always has been. God knows exactly what He is doing and how He makes everything work together is just totally amazing and sometimes mind boggling. Yay God you are an awesome God !!!

  26. Amir, are you aware what Rabbi Yitzka Kaduri said 40 yrs ago , when asked what signs would precede the Messiahโ€™s arrival, he responded โ€œ When there will be elections ,but there will not be a government โ€œ source -israel breaking news .

  27. Brother Amir. This came to my spirit today (Friday 9/20/19). I will pose it as a queation. Could Israel's inability to form a government symbolize, at least figuratively; that they have "No Walls"? Weakness and/or vulnerability?

  28. Benjamin Netanyahu maybe the last of Israel's great leaders which are like the modern day Judges of the Old Testament, raised up by God to save the people from their enemies. If this is so then the time may be leading up Israel becoming even more apostate than they already are.
    The time of Jacob's Troubles are approaching. Netanyahu's departure is making way for that time period, that must happen.

    Judges 21:25
    In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

  29. Thank you for the update Amir.
    I am an Israel supporter but I have lost my fondness for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his visit to Poland in February this year.
    He was rude and inconsiderate while visiting Poland, more so, because he was a guest in there.
    Unfortunately, now I have mixed feelings watching his political troubles after that .
    Nevertheless Jesus Christ is the King of Israel!

  30. It's possible for power sharing. Nathanyahu is PM for 2 years, during which time the Temple construction commences on Fort Antonio enraging most Muslim to war.. perfect setting for the man of peace to arise ?

  31. I am sad to hear that Netanyahu has lost. God's will be done. I hope The New PM treats your folks right and does not allow the Arabs to gain control of your country. God works in mysterious ways. To those Iraelites who need a helping hand. Please start choosing cut proof clothing and protective clothing to help combat any outragious attacks on your countrymen. Here is the cheapest way to make your own armor protection plates foryourown personal use.

    Please Pray to the Messiah for his love and protection, that he keep you safe. Peace to Israel and all his children. Again your folks in Israel need to support personal protection clothing it's a little more expensive but all can be a little safer with it on.

  32. Thank you Amir, for better understanding of the election. I am an American ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Christianโš“ who prays for Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ and the Israeli people. GOD bless you.

  33. Why is no one talking about what happened in Italy and Mexico? Their oil refineries were hit too. It was all over twitter. Did Iran do that too? Or are we saying that some other organization/country hit them. Coincidence, I think not.

  34. Jag har lyssnat till dig en del och inser att jag har mycket att lรค nรคr du pratade om hur ett nytt tempel i Jerusalem ska byggas o att antikrist ska i framtiden sรคtta sig dรคr o sรคga sig vara Gud…….mรฅste frรฅga, nรฅgon annan jag lyssnat till menade att Paulus anvรคnde tvรฅ olika ord fรถr tempel, det ena ,byggnad o det andra syftar till vรฅr kropp. Kan det inte vara sรฅ att det var vรฅr kropp han menade, i dessa dagar av yoga, o pastorer som utropar sig sjรคlva som messias. Tack fรถr all undervisning, hoppas pรฅ svar.

  35. Shalom , dear Zionist leaders please understand the problem raised in second election, you people are choosen people by the almighty god.

  36. God is for Israel. Period. Iโ€™m standing with the citizens of Israel. I pray always for Israel. Godโ€™s peace upon Israel in Jesus Name.

  37. Support Bibi it's a no brainier ! He is the only one who really cares for his country just like our Trump Go Bibi and Trump for 2020 !

  38. Please Free the people living in Hellcasting prisons of Israel called Gaza and the west bank they could use some human rights DEAR GOD

  39. Who would finance Iran if they went to war? We in USA hear they are being crippled financially. Are you saying that Russia or China would go against an uncertain outcome if USA backs Israel and Saudis? There is something off here. Who gives Iran guard their marching orders? Or, are you saying Iran has some rogue operatives that launched the drones? And by bombing Saudi oil fields – who benefits? It gives Saudi opportunity to raise oil prices except President Trump thwarted that plan by releasing US reserves. None of this makes sense.

  40. Isreal has a king. His name is Trump. Seems half of Isreal remains fascist. I will always remember how Yahu,s hate speech got Yitzak Rabin killed 1995.

  41. Christ Jesus the Almighty is the King of kings & will eventually reign in Israel, this after decimating Israel's enemies! (Revelation 1:8; Isaiah 9:6-7; Zechariah 14; et al).
    Shalom, the real shalom, not the "'Peace, peace,' then cometh sudden destruction" sort, though the prophecies regarding the fake peace will indeed play out before eyes soon. Ultimately, as said earlier, Christ Jesus the Almighty & His own win, though.

  42. It's scary! It's exciting! The worse it gets here on earth, the closer our Saviour Jesus Christ comes to remove the Church from this world! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Keep your eyes on Israel! Wisdom 2:24 "But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world. 25 And they follow him that are of his side." Our Battle is the Lord's! Amen

  43. Netanyahu is going to court next week. Maybe things will be very different for him these last 10 years. Too long of Netanyahu being in office Time to say good bye. Or get indicted. Shalom.

  44. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. All earthly powers can fail but our God NEVER fails! Him you can ALWAYS trust. He will never forsake His people even when we turn away from Him. I will continue to pray for the people and the Holy land of Isreal.

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