Amir Tsarfati: Israeli Election Update

Amir Tsarfati: Israeli Election Update

Ladies and gentlemen, Shalom and good evening from the Netherlands, from Amsterdam. Behind me is the Dam Square. It’s pretty loud over there because… Amsterdam, the main football, the main soccer team is now playing against “Lille” from France. This is one of the European League games, and there were thousands of people who came for this game. So they were shouting and they were screaming and celebrating down there in the street. So, I’m indoors right now just so we can be able to give you the update with the right sound and not be overtaken by them. I also want you to know that we are expecting in two minutes the exit polls of the Israeli elections, the second elections of this year. We are expecting great drama. From what we already know, Benjamin Netanyahu is not having, at the moment, the majority that he needs in order to form a government. The question is, what is Benny Gantz going to get? In order to see if the President of Israel is actually going to have to give him the task of forming a government. One thing is for sure. Tehran, Gaza, the West Bank, Ramallah and even Ilhan Omar are all praying and hoping that Benjamin Netanyahu will lose these elections. That alone can tell you how much we should pray and hope and intercede for him to continue. Because there is no doubt madness is engulfing so many Israelis right now. I predicted that as I gave the last update. If you remember in Deuteronomy 39, “…as Jeshurun grew fat and kicked.” I already told you that a lot of Israelis do not really appreciate the good that they have under Netanyahu. And they just want something new, something else. Just like many Americans do when it comes to the best president they had so far in the last few, maybe 20-30 years. And still you can see that in the polls the Democrats are ahead. But, Ladies and gentlemen, … It is nine o’clock right now here. It is 10PM in Israel, and we are about to hear, for the first time the results of all the exit polls. I can tell you up front that we are not going to see who the next Prime Minister of Israel is, at least for the next 6-7 hours until we get some true results. But again, let me see what the Israeli, 3 Israeli television stations, are going to release as far as the exit poll numbers. Again, great drama is awaiting around the corner. There is a good chance that Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to form the next government of Israel. We are going to be with you throughout the night here. I want to tell you something. I may look tired because I didn’t sleep last night. I was flying over here. But I don’t even get to sleep tonight because of the elections. But I do want to be able to give you a good report. Right now Channel 11, 32 and 32; Channel 12, Benny Gantz is leading in one; Channel 13, Benny Ganz is leading in 2. Let me make it clear that these are the exact same results we had last election. We had the other party leading in the exit polls. However, throughout the night when the real results came, things got better. However, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a great drama. Benjamin Netanyahu is not having the majority that he needs. He’s not even the biggest party at the moment. We will see what’s gonna happen. I personally, am extremely, extremely disappointed. But you know what, folks? When the people vote, God will basically, allow them to do that and then honor their request. Remember, the people of Israel didn’t want Samuel and didn’t want Samuel’s sons. They wanted a king, flesh and blood. And the Lord did not stop them from having one. Samuel took it very personally. And we know that God says to Samuel, “They are not against you. They are against me. I am their King. I am their King of Kings, and yet they want a king, flesh and blood.” We are… and I’ve said that many times that if Benjamin Netanyahu is not going to form the next government of Israel, this is when the mice are going to come out of their holes. This is when both Iran, Turkey, and Russia will feel strong enough, confident enough, to come against Israel. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if this is, indeed, the case right now. At the moment, I’m not too nervous because I know that the exit polls are not that correct. However, I can tell you, folks, that we are seeing a great, great drama. Again, one… TV station is giving a tie of 32, another TV station is actually giving… 2 other TV stations are giving a lead to Benny Gantz. This is going to be a very, very interesting thing. We are seeing the same thing. Lieberman is going to be the one who will decide who the next Prime Minister is. Because he has the exact number of mandates, of seats, that will determine who gets the majority of over 60. Look, the Israeli, the Israeli system is very simple. We’re not voting for president or prime minister. We are voting for parties. There’s 120 members in the Israeli Parliament. In order to form a government, you need at least 61, a majority. Right now, neither one of the parties is able to form a coalition of 61, at the moment. Now, if Benny Gantz and Avigdor Lieberman will come together, they will still need the votes of the Arab parties. The Arab parties are not exactly pro-Israeli. I don’t know if you know that. Many of them are actually working for the Palestinian Authority. So, it’s gonna be interesting to see if Benny Gantz is gonna be the one who forms a government that will lean on the Arab votes. It’s probably never gonna happen because they will not allow him to do anything in Gaza. They will not allow him to do anything that will be perceived as anti-Arab. Of course, all of the Israeli strikes in Syria, in Iraq and in Lebanon will have to come to a stop. This is why we are going to have a very, very long night tonight and probably some long days ahead of us. The President of Israel will have to take a very tough decision. Who is he going to give the mandate to form a government? Netanyahu or Benny Gantz? Last time it was Netanyahu. This time it might be Benny Gantz. If these results that we have right now are going to become the true results by the end of the night. Right now, the real counting of the “true results” has begun. It will go throughout the night. Within 7-8 hours from now, 90% of the votes will be counted. So, we will be way… smarter to tell you what’s going on. In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, a couple days ago, we know that there were about 19 cruise missiles and drones that attacked the largest Saudi refinery. It literally paralyzed the Saudi oil production and cut it in half: from 10 million barrels a day to 5 million barrels a day. Ladies and gentlemen, one of those rockets fell away from the target. Right now, experts managed to get all the circuits and all the parts together to reconstruct the route and the target that was inserted into that cruise missle. From what I know, American experts already determined that all of these cruise missiles/drones came actually from an Iranian military base close to the Iraqi border. The route that was inserted into those rockets was a very smart one. To avoid flying over American military bases so American military radar would not be able to detect where it came from. Now, it’s not rocket science. We already, probably, know where it came from. The problem is that we, [when I say we, I am saying the Saudis and the Americans] are afraid to come out and say it out loud, “Iran attacked Saudi Arabia.” Right now, everybody thinks that it’s the Houthis from Yemen. But it didn’t come from Yemen. Yemen is in the south. This was something that happened on the east and it’s more than 1100 kilometers. The Yemenites don’t have those kind of rockets that will fly that far. Therefore, we concluded it came from somewhere else. And when we… got the pieces of those rockets and we were able to assemble some of them together, we know it actually came from Iran. This is exactly what we’ve been trying to say to the whole world. Iran is not there for any peaceful resolve of the situation. Iran is the aggressor. In fact, the Iranians, instead of being good boys and waiting for the meeting between Rouhani and President Trump at the end of the month at the UN in New York. They actually not only struck but also announced that they are not going to meet with President Trump. This is a big blow to the effort of President Trump to, somehow, bring them to the table of negotiations. Also, it means that the the sanctions will continue in full force. Ladies and gentlemen, America will not be able to help Saudi Arabia. The Saudis, right now, are so afraid to admit that it’s Iran. That they actually said, just about two hours ago, that they do not know yet where it came from. Now, that’s baloney. No country that is being attacked, no country on planet earth, can ever say, “We don’t know who attacked us”. When there is all the electronic means to determine where the rockets came from. The Saudis may have the most sophisticated equipment and weapons that they bought from America. They have the best tanks, the best aircraft, the best armored vehicles. But they have a huge country and they don’t have the army that is able to use all of this to protect. They are super afraid. They’re not even thinking about retaliating. They are really trusting that someone else is going to do the job. Now, America is, most likely… Although President Trump hinted that everybody’s ready and loaded and the Secretary, Pompeo, is making his way to the region. It seems like, seems to me, like the only country that the Saudi’s trust, that is going to hit Iran, is Israel. In fact, last night Israel attacked, once again the Abu Kamal border crossing between Iraq and Syria. We killed at least 10 Iranian militias. The Iranians are so angry. In fact, yesterday, Iran’s leader, together with Turkey’s leader and Russia’s leader, met together and discussed Syria. It’s very interesting because the Iranian leader said, “Israel has been attacking too many times in Syria. They must be punished for it.” The Turkish President actually said, “Don’t… blame the Yemenites for attacking Saudi because remember who started bombing first.” Basically, he said the Saudis struck Yemen, so Yemen gets the right to strike them back. Of course, he was continuing the disinformation that it is from Yemen. Because it’s not from Yemen. President Putin is, of course, trying to walk on eggshells. Because on one hand he’s an ally of Iran and Turkey. On the other hand, the last thing he wants is an escalation over there. However, remember, escalation will serve his purpose because the prices of oil will be jacked up. And… Russia needs higher prices of oil. But the problem is immediately, after all of that happened, President Trump said that he is going to release the reserves of America in order to have enough oil in the markets. America is the big winner of this whole situation. Because if America is now producing 13 million barrels a day, America is now going to do more, to produce more. Every crisis is an opportunity here. And American market is actually gaining more and more strength as a result. Now, let me see how things are going. Again, again, we are talking about Israeli elections. Great drama, folks. There is a slight chance that Netanyahu will not form the government. He does not have 61 seats in the Parliament. Thus he cannot form a government, at the moment. I want to remind you. Last time in April, we went to bed with results like that and we woke up with Netanyahu having 3 more seats than he had in those exit polls. So, I think it’s time for the believers to pray that the miracle will happen. That within the next 5-6 hours, the unthinkable will happen, and more seats will be added to the right wing blockade. So 61 seats will be secured And this nonsense is gonna come to an end. Look, if Iran, if Tehran and Gaza are happy, that means something is wrong. If Ilhan Omar says she doesn’t want Netanyahu to win, then probably he did something good. So I am calling all of you folks. There is a gap right now. There’s about 5-6 hours right now that the real results are now going to be counted. I ask you, folks, to start praying hard that the miracle, the unthinkable is going to happen. That Netanyahu, against all odds, will have 61 seats and he will be forming a government. That all of this chaos will come to an end and our enemies will not rejoice and triumph over all of this. You have to understand, folks. That the Israeli Arab parties are saying that Netanyahu must lose and we must support the other person. So we can actually block the deal of the century. And that we can actually also humiliate President Trump. Folks, it’s not only about Netanyahu here. It’s about Trump also. President Trump is also going to, somehow, be affected by these elections. Because if a new government that is being completely supported by the Arab parties is going to be elected in Israel, there is no chance for President Trump to introduce anything. Now, if the Palestinians are happy with Netanyahu losing. If the Iranians are happy with Netanyahu losing. If the Turks are happy with Netanyahu losing. And if Ilhan Omar is happy with Netanyahu losing. That tells you the type of camp that is there, on that side, that wants him out. This is the madness that I’m not sure… Look, it’s the same thing that you see all over Europe. It’s the same thing that you see all over the United States. The progressive madness, the… very liberal camp that is heavily, heavily funded and supported by the globalists. They have a lot of resources. They managed to somehow brainwash the Israelis that Netanyahu is corrupt. They brainwashed Israelis that he has to end up because this is too much. A lot of Israelis are convinced that this man is a criminal. Although nothing, nothing that they came against him with can hold water. Because listen to me. They accuse him for actually, somehow, getting a bribe in the shape of positive coverage in a newspaper. When in reality that particular news media outlet has never really covered him, in a positive way. I mean, it’s beyond bizarre. They are accusing Netanyahu for drinking champagne and smoking cigars, that a friend of his bought him. There’s nothing there that is really… Just such a great accusation of a leader… Look, all of that is because the liberals, the progressives and the globalists, they want him out. He’s a big accident for the globalist effort to, of course, move their agenda. Let me tell you, folks, I want to tell you it’s time for everyone to pray and pray hard. We’ve got a few hours right now. In those few hours, based on our experience last time, a lot can happen. A lot can happen. The actual counting of the votes just began. Those exit polls mean nothing. Because they’re based on some people who said, “Okay, I voted this way.” But how many of them actually fooled the pollsters and they’re not saying the truth? That’s exactly what happened last time. They hate the media. Therefore, they give them the wrong information. I want to call upon all of us, all across the world, right now, to literally pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu and for the next 6-7 hours to somehow cause a miracle. And give him the 2 or 3 seats that he needs from the other side in order to have the 61 seats and to move forward. Now, if that’s not gonna happen, I’m not gonna be surprised. I’m not gonna fall off my seat. I’m not going to think that… I’m just gonna tell you probably, the prophecies of Ezekiel are gonna take place even sooner than I thought. Netanyahu, right now, is a strong leader that is feared by all of our enemies all around us right now. Feared, because he is a no nonsense guy. The people that are fighting against him, right now, they are so clueless. They are so inexperienced. They are so not even close to what Netanyahu is. That there is no doubt in my mind, folks, that they will be an easy prey. We are going to see just like they fooled the left wing with the Oslo Accord to believe that peace is around the corner. It actually was the biggest disaster Israel had in decades. The same thing is going to happen right now. We’re going to be fooled. Fooled by the left to think that they can actually give us a better hope. The last decade of Netanyahu is the best decade of Israel’s history since the birth of the country. It’s beyond my comprehension. Why is it that the Israelis are not happy. But remember, the people of Israel are never happy. This is exactly why, in Deuteronomy 32:15 it says, “And Jeshurun grew fat and kicked.” Jeshurun is an affectionate name for Israel. It is the “son of the upright” or the “upright one”. Basically, it appeared twice in Deuteronomy as the name of Israel and once in Isaiah as the name of Jacob. The Bible is basically saying, “When things are so good and God has given them everything, they kick and they follow something else. We have seen it in the past. We might see it right now also. But I want to remind all of you, ladies and gentlemen. I want to remind all of you, miracles are possible. We are… We worship the God of miracles. We worship a God that can do all things. All we need, to do our part, is to pray and pray hard. He will do his part. So I want to encourage all of you. Right now the results are not great for Benjamin Netanyahu. No one, no one has the majority, right now, to form a government. The problem is that Netanyahu, according to the polls, is not having the majority even to get the mandate to form a government, even if he wanted. But again, these are just exit polls. Netanyahu right now is not having… He’s not having the results that he had hoped. We’re looking into a very, very long night. The Arab parties have definitely gotten stronger. But we’re going to see what’s happening. I’m personally extremely disappointed from these results. But I remember, I was extremely disappointed from the exit polls last time. Lo and behold hours later, I went back online, celebrating and rejoicing Netanyahu’s majority. Of course, it didn’t help him. Because nobody knew then that Avigdor Lieberman, who was always counted as part of the right wing blockade, would flip and actually join the left wing in Israel right now. Believe it or not. Avigdor Lieberman, the one who was so anti-Arab parties is now in the same block with all the Arabs. No one knew that he was going to pull that trick, and he did. Right now, when we talk about the right wing blockade, we don’t even count Avigdor Lieberman as part of it. If we would have, then Netanyahu would have had already the majority. Netanyahu would have been the next Prime Minister. But at the moment, things have changed. Now, we have to get used to a new reality when Avigdor Lieberman is not part of the national camp, of the Israeli right wing. We will see what is going to happen. I want you to remember, great drama is also in the Persian Gulf. In Saudi Arabia, the Saudis, their oil production was paralyzed for two days. They are back in the game, although they will… It’ll take them a few weeks to repair the damage. But one thing is for sure, we know that Iran is the one who struck. And we know that no one wants to hold them accountable. Because if you’re gonna tell the world that they did it, then obviously a retaliation will have to be expected. Now, Angela Merkel already said, “No need to retaliate. The Iran deal is the most important thing.” We already know that President Putin said, “Hey…, let’s not rush to conclusions.” We need to help Saudi Arabia get back on track.” Look, Iran says, “We’re ready to attack anyone who is going to attack us.” So the Iranians are just acting as the Iranians. And I’m not talking about the people of Iran. I always need to make it very clear. The ayatollahs, the mullahs, are the problem, not only of the world, but of the Iranians themselves. I’ve been approached by many, many different Iranians telling me, “Don’t tell the world that it’s the Iranians. Tell the world it is the mullahs of Iran.” Yeah, I feel sad for the Iranians that are being taken hostage by that group of… lunatics. But at the same time, folks, it is what it is. Remember, according to Bible prophecy, they have to come against Israel. They have to join Russia, Turkey, Sudan and Libya against Israel. Therefore, there has to be a very hostile regime towards Israel in Tehran in order to join that thing. I’m just telling you, folks: if Netanyahu is not gonna form the government, if Avigdor Gantz is gonna be the next prime minister of Israel, I know the mice are going to come out of the holes. I know that it will weaken President Trump’s grip of the Middle East. It will strengthen Vladimir Putin and all of his allies such as Turkey, Iran and the others. So we are on the brinks of a great drama. We are going to see what’s gonna happen in the next few hours. I’m going to probably finish this update in just a couple minutes… This is going to be a long night for you and for me. I don’t know even how I function. I’m on my 15th cup of coffee right now since last night,… Obviously, I don’t think I can even fall asleep right now, with all that is going on. I promise you: I’m gonna turn off the camera here, turn off the light here, and I will be back the minute there are real results. I hope and pray that you, in the meantime, will take the time and pray for Benjamin Netanyahu to be the one who will form the next government in Israel. Again, the drama is big because no one has majority right now. At the moment, no one has the majority to be able to form a government. So there is going to be an interesting… thing. …We will again… People are very happy with… I mean, some people are very happy with all of these results. But I pray that they… all of them are wrong. And I pray that Netanyahu will eventually form the government. It is a sad evening in Israel for me and for my family. And it is also sad for many, many Israelis that are… They love the country and they love our… They love what we have there. But again… look, I’ve seen it all over the world. I travel around the world. I see that the power of the globalists, and the craziness of the… of those… of those people, those liberals. They get stronger and stronger. I pray and hope that not only Netanyahu is gonna rebound here. But I pray and hope that this is not just the bird that is telling us of what’s next, also, every… elsewhere around the world. Hence, America, I’m praying and hoping that we will see a miracle. That we will see a last push before everything falls apart. But if it’s not gonna happen, buckle your seat belt. It’s gonna be faster than you can even imagine. So, Father, we thank you. We thank you because you are in control. We thank you because you know everything. We also thank you because you know the real results. Those exit polls are never correct and never accurate. But we’re not sure what we’re gonna wake up to in just a few hours. But, Father, you are the one who brings governments up and pulls them down. You’re also the one that is sometimes allowing nations to have ungodly leadership, if that’s what they really want. Then, of course, they will be severely judged for it. We see, Father, how Ezekiel 38 is about to come to pass. We’re not sure how fast it is. But we know for sure that if Netanyahu is not in power, it will absolutely be faster. Now, Father, we commit this… these results, these elections into your hand. The Israeli people have said their words. Now we are waiting eagerly to see what the real results are. We pray, Father, we pray for the Prime Minister Netanyahu. We pray for him to be able to not only be the biggest party. But also to have enough seats to form a government and just postpone this craziness, the liberal agenda. The progressive agenda of those globalists that have definitely infected the Israeli public and the Israeli politics. We bless your name and we pray in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. So join me in prayer. We are gonna talk in just about a few hours. Again, when the real results are going to come, we will be much wiser. Remember, it might take hours. It might even take days. Sometimes they have to count the soldiers votes. They have to count people that are overseas. Sometimes, when it’s just a matter of 100, 200, 300 votes and you are really relying on everyone, it can take even up to a week. We’re going to wait a few hours and get back live here to update you on the real results. In the meantime, you do your job and pray. Thank you. God bless you. And Shalom. I will give you post-election updates the minute there is something to report. I’m gonna try and sleep. Although I doubt if I can. But if I will, then the first thing I will do when I wake up is get all the information. Put all the ducks in a row, and make sure that I understand what’s going on. And then I’ll be updating you about everything. Thank you, Shalom. God bless you.

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    A saved gentile who loves Israel! : )

  32. This is it Jesus is coming, People get ready, No time left.
    I read a book years ago, about the elections when the vote couldn't decide a winner. The book was 666 and 1000, In the book it was the AC that won, show up, Took over, The people let him.

  33. I do so apprwciate your updates Amir….
    We MUST NOT forget ……
    Our Heavenly Father Yeshua still has it all in control !!!!!

  34. Praying for Benjamin Netanyahu, weโ€™re going through the same thing in America the left hates Trump itโ€™s chaos here !

  35. Who has the MOST to gain from the destruction of oil fields of Saudi Arabia; and will ALSO "soon" bomb the oil fields in Iran; you guessed it oil RICH (Leviathan field) Israel; and oil RICH USA; so the drone missile attack four days ago on Saudi Arabia was by MOSSAD and CIA


  37. Let's keep praying . Every thing is possible with God . Keep trusting and God will do the best . God will not let His people to be ashamed . Pray and trust . God bless .

  38. Yes but Netanyahu had 17 years to defeat and kill hizbolah and iran. Why didnt he do it? What makes you think he's going to kill the hizbolah I don't understand he had the chances to do it iam jordanian and i like bebe

  39. Praying for the peace and safety for Israel… Gods time clock is ticking down..Amir Tsarfati praying for you for protection and endurance as you share Gods word with believers. Thank you! you are Loved!

  40. Amir, I heard on YouTube congress passed a bill two days before the the strike on the Saudi oil, to stop President Trump from drilling offshore around the Pacific, the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. They knew ahead about the strike. I will have to research this more, to confirm it. The DS is using everything possible to stop the President, just like they did to Jimmy Carter. The DS is doing this all over the world! We are feeling strong birth pangs. God be with Israel! I pray America to turn to our God from their evil ways. God is so sad seeing His children to turn away from Him. God has His plan to bring order back to this world and Satan knows his days are short. God Bless Israel. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  41. This is why the Bible compares us to sheep. I doubt that the Democrats will come close to winning the WH. Exit polls rarely are honest. They can just like the media fabricate results.

  42. Genesis ๏ผ’.1ใƒผ25, AGREED BE ONE TO OUR ETERNAL LIFE (John 3.1ใƒผ36. Matthew 3.1ใƒผ12ใƒผ17. Matthew 28.1ใƒผ20 (19 And 20 MUST START.)) OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST THE LORD OUR GOD.

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