American Voters Divided On Impeachment, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

American Voters Divided On Impeachment, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “American Voters Divided On Impeachment, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Hang on, yesterday joe was hysterical that the polls showed a majority in favor of impeachment!
    I see a civil war coming.

  2. The division is fascist vs non-fascist. The non-fascist pacifist need to look at Europe's bone churches to see what happens to those who hem and haw. America set precedence for German race laws, Belgian labor laws in the Congo, SA apartheid and anti-Palestinian laws with Jim Crow and slavery. They're toying with a monster who "always wins".

  3. If these polls bother you so much that you have to come on here and say you don't like them, then it's easy to tell that you really do believe their validity. People are so easy to read, especially when they are driven by fear and ignorance of how polls work. Those things are hard to hide, fyi.

  4. 18,101 people polled, error rate 1.1%. fairly legitimate. unfortunately most people are totally ignorant on how their gov actually works, so Id take ALL polls as indicative, but NOT definitive.

  5. Why is MSNBC parroting the GOP false narrative that the impeachment inquiry/investigation should be public? Since the AG has abandoned his duty to act as such in favor of becoming Trump's personal attorney and pursue charges against those who dare to investigate Trump, the House must fulfill its role and investigate the Ukraine issue itself. Investigations aren't conducted publicly. The AG, in dereliction of it's duty, refused to investigate it.

  6. What's being overlooked is that many people aren't responding to polls at this time. When the report comes out, that might change.

  7. They testify publicly at an impeachment hearing, and Trump and Barr will have them arrested for crimes against the party.

  8. I see Betsy De Voss has just been fined for contempt of court for enforcing loans on defrauded students.
    An American diplomats (intel agent?) wife ran over and killed a young man in the UK and she fled the country claiming diplomatic immunity.
    The US abandoned their Kurdish allies to their fate.
    What sort of disgusting cowards are you America??

  9. Impeachment is inevitable , and if the lunatic right crazies want a war then bring it on. We fought once before to save our democracy, this time we can clean house of the right wing supremacist.Live free or die always my motto.

  10. What everyone should take from this is that. It's ok to ask a foreign entity to dig up dirt, investigate your political rival. All you have to do is say your worried about corruption. No matter whos corruption it is. "I've heard your mailman was corrupt" so before I give you the money promised to you. Im gonna need you to look into my dog groomer.. see its easy.. I'm glad Republicans are passing this law.

  11. Impeach both trump and pence 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸make America great again

  12. Dem supporters demonstrate good, basic, logical thinking for the benefit of all Americans, and especially for those who are easily led! Despite all the the comparatively overall rapid improvements Pres and Repub party has and is bringing about; because of his forthright and less than diplomatic personality and his opposition to Orwells "1984" type globalism for this nation, there must be some technicality with his business oriented mind set with which they can remove him. Where there is a fixated, frozen will, there's a way! (At least it might keep some of those deep state from arrest!)

  13. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) detailed the House’s impeachment role in an August 2019 research report.

    “The House impeachment process generally proceeds in three phases: (1) initiation of the impeachment process; (2) Judiciary Committee investigation, hearings, and markup of articles of impeachment; and (3) full House consideration of the articles of impeachment."

    NO WHERE does it say the "INTELLIGENCE" committee has the ability to hold a secret witch hunt in the basement.

    It is the JUDICIARY committee with the ability to activate other sub committees AFTER the process is formally initiated by the HOUSE.

    If you believe this sketchy impeachment business needs to stop, and DUE PROCESS is your RIGHT – CONTACT YOUR STATE SENATOR

  14. Who are these 10% of Dems who dont want him removed? I am curious as to their thinking….. just how does that make sense?

  15. 89% of Republicans are saying its okay for a Democratic President to openly admit to commiting a crime, commit a crime and not be impeached or removed from office?

  16. The big number is 9% Republican approval. As they are not allowed to have opinions of their own, that number is huge. Despite being told what to do, they still see the criminal.

  17. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — Gee, Republicans and the media have been politicizing impeachment from the beginning, and continue to do so, so naturally the public is confused about what's really going on! SMH!

  18. I just don’t understand where they get these poll statistics from.
    When do they make these polls available to be taken? And where can I find it so I can participate?
    Whose actually taking these polls?
    What demographic ? Who are they really asking?

  19. Repugnant rat Master "Hates" Gaetz has no answers why rules and laws don't apply to him!?!  Or why Republicans having access to depositions pretending they don't, conducting fake protest!?!  Why Republican lawmakers covering-up high crimes and rampant corruption, playing stupid, misbehaving badly!?!

  20. "Republicans are not going to get a spine, their cowardice will just turn in a different direction." Spot on, Rick Wilson! Impeachment will succeed!

  21. Impeachment for what provable offenses exactly? Any future democratic administration should anticipate resistance to them on a far more active level-not involving merely obstructionist measures-but the full righteous rage and fury of the millions they chose to threaten through whatever means.

  22. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — So, which is it, media; Republican Senators going to impeach, or not? Depending on the news segment and panel, it constantly keeps switching back and forth from day-to-day, and sometimes even within the same day! There is no consistency on this topic from either newscasters or within/among networks. How about just admitting there is no magic crystal ball and making such silly speculations so early  is nothing more than so much media mental masturbation, meant to manipulate and mesmerize the masses? BTW, WTF? Media can't figure out for themselves that if Senate doesn't convict this patently obvious criminal and corrupt cretin by the end of the trial, this country would go ballistic in revolt? Media BE better, WE be better!



  24. "Now is the time for all good (dem) men to come to the aid of their country," and impeach the rash, outspoken, undiplomatic, forthright business asset to this nation in favor of a progressive humanist, globalist, deceptive, pleasant talking type Pres, who would not hurt any feelings, or disrupt many church goers misguided conclusions.

  25. Of course America's divided, this case goes both ways, and it's only matter of opinion that puts you on one side or another. If it was for his campaign, it's illegal. If it's to investigate corruption, it's American SOP. *IF*.

  26. So, there you have it, they Know all about Russia and Muehlers “ not able to find sufficient evidence (because Manafort did not crack)-the absolutely solid obstruction case that Muehler detailed and repeatedly told a Frightened Republican Congressman- “Yes, the day Trump leaves office he can be indicted for Obstruction”-“this Obstruction”-“Yes!”

  27. Now they know he did the same thing with Ukraine, but He had the leverage, not Russia, amd they see people falling around him.They remember all the Jailed people in the 1st thing but “Trump was not able to Crush all of that with his endless lying.His people ( the entire Republican Party minus the 15% Never Trumpers), CAN not turn on him

  28. It is not even in the Realm of possibility. Our side with Impeachment Madness ( unless they arr using this just to get solid evidence to Indict him-please, Heaven let it be so) are forgetting that old Christian Ideal “walk a mile in your enemie’s shoes”. Noone except an excessive Fanatic of a Beyond Honorable Person ( like a Muehler) would do this

  29. The whole Party say’s Absolutely Not “You do not Impeach Trump, even if they prove Putin talked to Putin about the Election, We do not care about Ukraine-of course the couch this in their delusional belief of America (New Russia Style) 1st. No Democrat Senator would vote against 85% of their-Guilt and Proof do not matter, you Cant vote against your Party

  30. I will conquer this excessive wordiness, I dont believe anyone will hear you, if you cant get it all in 1 or 2 sentences ( the hyper-modern psychosis, no attention span at all- just say it all in a Sentence! It is easy to see this is part of what the Super Rich want.” Keep their minds going so fast, everything will be a blurr). It works

  31. What polling numbers would prompt the headline “American united” on, well pretty much everything. I’m sure that that’s the nature of polling. One need not poll for unity.

    One need not write utterly fatuous headlines.

  32. The specific time I am thinking about was one where Trump lined everyone up in the morning on both sides of him and demanded to know Who the whistle blower was and yelled at e everyone and finally said this is Treason.

  33. The reason the voters are divided on impeachment is because too many people still think that the lying MSM are telling the truth, when the truth is quite different that what is reported. MSNBC is at the top of the list, right along with CNN about dishonest reporting. MSNBC has fired way too many honest journalists for telling the truth about crooked liberal politicians, such as Phil Donahue and Jessie Ventura, among others lesser known. Nobody should take anything that the MSM says seriously now. You've been caught manufacturing news, and spinning the facts too many times to ever be believed again. IF you ever did tell the truth about Trump, nobody with the ability to think for themselves would believe you again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

  34. It is hard to believe that trumprtards are almost 50% of this country. We are in a very dangerous time in which ignorance can take over just like in Venezuela. My friend / My friend / My friend – a total corruption! Why do you Republicans go to Venezuela and see how they live today! Is that what you want to make america so great with ignorance and corruption?

  35. Why would any American, regardless of politics, want a lying criminal and traitor to run the country????
    Every American should want Trump impeached and removed from office. Maybe some haven't been paying attention to all the laws Trump has broken? Geez, pay attention; your democracy is at stake. This is serious stuff and the evidence against Trump is staggering.

  36. Why Russia,why Ukraine, look at TNK-BP closely at the players and corporate structure,it's what they want to normalize ,they want zero government oversight, they believe the deals they make are only their business it's the Russian Ukraine model presently ,the American and British corporations are used as vehicles to get the stolen Russian and Ukraine strategic resources money out of Russia and Ukraine into American and British financial institutions, but they would like to do business above board with these despotic regimes and use their commodities in these despotic regimes for the American commodities market, trillions of dollars for wall St, government retirement funds and foreign investment in their American corporations,can you imagine if Putin took control of Facebook, OMG he would be great at taking the wind out of our democracy

  37. Bots and trolls attack the polls, attack the process but have no answers for the crimes Trump has committed. Americans are paying attention and your Russian troll farms are a big fail.

  38. Republican politicians act like treasonous scum , or maybe they act out of loyalty to their party. Either way you have to be totally devoid of any ethical and moral principle to go to such lengths to help and defend the indefensible. Country should be first! In any event it is very troubling to see and hear this administration's constant misbehaving and lying and their attempts to obstruct justice. There is already a deep divide in our society the likes of which I've never seen before. And I've been around since the 50's. We are witnessing in a grand scale corrupt behaviour throughout huge portions of our society. It is sickening.

  39. I guarantee you that pole is inaccurate. Enough of the impeachment crap. Is there nothing else going on that the Demoncrats need to be working on.

  40. Most Presidents peak, but this one peaches. He's the rotted fruit that's remained much too long on the tree and must be forcibly removed from the branch.

  41. the right is taking actions out of the Nazi playbook, there's about to be a fire. they controlled all three branches of government they has the narrative for three years. they keep talking about 2016, you guys won get over it. now start representing what the people want, resign.

  42. POLLS do NOT represent the ''American people'' but a minute sliver of the 300 million total population. 1000 people online is not enuf to count as a 'sample' of American opinions.

  43. Follow the evidence, this is not about party or left or right issues. This is about the constitution, democratic norms, rule of law and the office of the President not its occupant.

  44. America should not be divided on a decision like this they should agree to impeach Trump but some say that he has done a great job sorry to burst your bubbles but NOT he hasn't done diddle now most who have voted for him regret that they did voted for Trump he is the most corrupt President in history.

  45. Can’t Stop LmFaO on the Corrupt msm clowns 🤡 Keep On Choking On THIER own bull Schitt 🤮spinning disinformation 24/7 🤪Bad Actors

  46. This doesn't surprise me! Half of America voted for Trump and half of America voted for the liberals girl Hillary. This not eye opening. Trump 2020.

  47. They can't removed our president from behind closed doors..What the Democrat's Congress are doing behind closed doors is not right what so ever…We American citizens put our president in our office with our votes..

  48. We American people are above the law too..We build this America with our tax money..So,Nancy Pelosi has no say so that nobody is above the law..

  49. It's too bad the American Congress is incapable of impeachment. Thank GOD the Christian deplorables will return to the polls in 2020 to reelect Trump as president and end the evil Democratic stronghold of our nation. KAG!!!!!!!!

  50. In another Poll, pollsters polled othe pollsters to find out if polling polls was an effective way of gauging polling relevancy – 100% said yes, 100% said no, 100% said it was totally ineffective and 100% were undecided.

  51. It's unfair to use notes, facts and evidence against Trump. Everyone knows he can't write, doesn't read and is truthy deficient.

  52. it’s obvious to anyone following this realizes trump is not fit for the presidency..however, there are many Americans that have no idea as to why he is being impeached because they don’t follow..

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