UPC codes FN SKUs gs1 are you confused I'm gonna straighten it all out for you stick around what's up guys welcome back to my channel and if you're new here thanks for joining so ever since Amazon changed their UPC policy over a year ago there's been so much confusion and in my opinion misinterpretation of Amazon's policy and it's just been spreading through the whole FPA scene and people are just confused on what to do when they buy a UPC code to whether they need to buy you a certified gs1 code or can they buy one from a third party seller okay but in my opinion a lot of the problem actually stems from the confusion of what an UPC code is in the first place okay now UPC code UPC stands for universal product code now everything you buy in a store has a unique code barcode on it okay and that barcode is called a UPC code and if you didn't already know that's the bar code when you go through a cashier and they scan your product through the laser and beeps that's what they're scanning it's a code and every single item in the store all over the world has their own unique code on it there's no two that are the same okay that's what a UPC code is and I'm going to give you an example so if you go to the grocery store if you buy a carton of eggs there's a UPC code on it okay same with the carton of milk or whatever or you know you buy a pack of playing cards okay this is what gets scanned this barcode right here that's called UPC code okay go to Best Buy get a gopro there is a code on it right here okay that's what you that's what gets scan that's the UPC code alright or you know set up Apple iPods air pods there's a UPC code everything you buy at a store has a code and it gets scanned and that's how they know that what you're buying and how much the how much to charge you for it so think of it this way think of a new PC code like a name a name for each product in the entire world that's ever been sold and is ever going to be sold but no two products can ever have the same name so if you were to walk into let's say a Best Buy and you yelled out a name only one product would ever raise its hand okay a UPC code is a unique name for every single product they'll never be to the that are the same so if you pick up a product and go to the checkout counter and scan it through the laser and it beeps it'll pull up what the item is the name of the item and how much to charge you for it they'll never be another product that'll scan a code that'll pull up the same information okay I hope that clarifies that for you so this code is what you need to buy if you're doing private label at Amazon all right so here's Amazon's policy okay and they're saying right here that you have to have a valid UPC code what does that mean straight from Amazon's policy it says that the UPC is going to get checked against the gs1 database all right and the UPC that you use has to match the information that's provided in the gs1 database what's G s1 g s2 and each barcode is registered to a company that originally applied for it nowhere in Amazon's policy and this is where I think the misinterpretation stems from nowhere in Amazon's policy does it say that the information found in the GS 1 database needs to match your name and your private label it doesn't say that anywhere ok it doesn't even interpret that and apply that I mean ok so what it's saying is that the UPC code has to match the information that's in the database so you cannot use AUP a fake UPC code for one and you can't use a UPC code that has mismatched information or that has been reused has already been used alright so in my opinion gs1 barcodes from third-party resellers are completely valid and Amazon looks supplement they have been accepting them they haven't been kicking anybody off or shutting down any listings that have them okay and I actually have a screenshot of not me but someone else I contacted seller central and seller support themselves said here that you can buy from a third party okay you can read it here as long as this brand new barcode you can use it alright so gs1 if you want to it's a clear up to you you can buy gs1 barcode from straight from gs1 their website just one u.s. org right here okay it's $250 and there's a $50 annual fee and that 250 that you buy that you were paying buys you 10 unique barcodes registered to your name your company if that's what you want to do alright but there are third-party resellers that sell gs1 barcodes you can see here it says just once such as nationwide barcode for $10 each okay so it's a lot lot cheaper a lot more affordable in my opinion buy these they're just the same and you're not gonna have a problem using them okay gs1 barcodes from nationwide barcode barcode mania any of these official third-party resellers I personally would avoid ones you buy on eBay get them from authorized very popularly used resellers such as nationwide barcode and barcodes mania okay now what do you do with this barcode with this UPC code when you create your listing in Amazon if you're doing FBA you need to choose the UPC code as the identifier for your product okay and you do that by choosing UPC in this drop-down menu when you create your product listing right here you're going to then that barcode UPC barcode that you bought okay and here's the important part once you type this in and save it you can throw away that UPC code get rid of it you're never gonna need it again because once you enter that barcode into your Product ID right here and save it you're gonna generate an FN SKU and that's how Amazon internally keeps track of all their products in the Amazon Marketplace okay and FN SKU and what's an effing SKU F in SKU is a fulfilment Network stock keeping unit and that's the Amazon keeps track of all the individual products in their marketplace okay so once you do that here if you can then generate an effing SKU and an F in SKU label is what looks like this here okay this is a unique bar code with your FN SKU number on here and it's gonna have your product title listed here as well this is what's gonna have to go on every single unit that you have okay every single unit that you have so let's just say you are selling air pods you're gonna put the same effing SKU label on every single unit have your supplier do that okay now you can either be a sticker like here this is a sticker or it can be printed on your package like how this one is printed on okay now if it's printed on you have your graphics designer designed it into the package now let's just say you need to restock if you need to restock and need to print out more labels you can go to seller central and in your inventory click on the edit button here and you can click on print item labels and I'll bring you to this page where you can choose what size labels you want and how many you need and print them here okay and then you can email it or save this file it's a PDF and email it to your supplier and then they can stick it on your units if you're being if they're being stuck on with stickers alright pretty simple now how many UPC codes do you need is another common question you only need one UPC code per product so if you're if you're bundling let's say you're you're bundling two products inside one okay you don't need a separate UPC code for each product inside that package you just need one UPC code for the whole bundle okay and that UPC code again you're going to convert to an F n SKU and that F in SKU label is what goes on your bundled package I hope that makes sense for example these air pods has the air pods in it it has a charging cable in it and it has some stickers and manuals whatever that are inside is a whole bunch of things in here it's a bundle okay but each item in here doesn't have its own FN SKU on it this box itself is one unit and it only has one label eopns q on this which represents this whole package as one okay like these dozen eggs there's twelve eggs in here but there isn't twelve labels cousin isn't twelve labels there's only one label because one label represents this bundle of twelve eggs okay I hope they hope you uh hope that clarifies it for you guys alright and that's it for this video I hope that explains the difference between a UPC code FN SKU label and what a gs1 is and I hope that clarifies whether or not you need to buy straight from a gs1 or a my interpretation you can buy from a third-party and that'll save you some money alright if you found value in this video please consider clicking the subscribe button and I'll see you guys in the next video

26 thoughts on “Amazon FBA UPC FNSKU GS1 Barcode Policy EXPLAINED

  1. Hi Crescent, you are a lifesaver! Thank you very much for the concise information, straight to the point. It makes things much more clear, specially for a startup like me. Thank you very much indeed!!!

  2. Hi Kao, If I have one product in one box does just the box need the fnsku or does the box and the product inside both need a fnsku?


  4. Thank you very much for this video! I have watched many amazon FBA videos and NOT ONE mentions how this works! THANKS!

  5. Crescent – really useful video thank you – I have a question. I am creating a product which required a bar code – I plan to sell it in both retail outlets and Amazon. Do I need to put on the packaging BOTH a UPC code and an Amazon FNC. Therefore I would have two barcodes on my products.

  6. What is your personal experience regarding your suppliers' abilities to print the needed FN SKU labeling affixed to each of your products ? Have you any pitfalls in trust management … in regards to accurately making the inventory arrive, in a correct fashion to Amazon FBA warehouseing ??

  7. Damn. What a clear message across. You were clear and audio was good and you were straight to the point when other videos always have a lot of unnecessary chatter. I will subscribe cause I want to learn more. Thanks a lot.

  8. Hello, and thank you for the video. I have 2 questions;
    You show UPCs at the beginning of the video, that are ON the packagings.
    Then later, you explain that we can print or stick the generated FNSKUs ON the packaging.
    My first question is;
    – should we have them BOTH on the packaging, or just the FNSKU?
    – Outside of Amazon, only the UPC would need to be on the packaging, correct?

    Thank you very much for your time

  9. Hi Crescent Kao? Do I need GS1 label on every single the private label products and also apply FNSKU to cover GS1 label as well? or can I just use GS1 label instead? Thank you!

  10. Thanks so much for this video! You've clarified a lot but I'm still confused on something. I'm selling multiple colors and sizes of one product. Let's say theres four different colors. Do I need to make 4 different shipping plans to generate FNsku for each color? Do I need 4 UPC's?

  11. Hey I bought some Puma's from a authorized retail store. The Puma's was built with one shoe bigger then the other. I dont have the receipt. I called puma to investigate the store. They said they cant do nothing without the receipt and cant back track using the UPC or barcode. Is this true?

  12. so .. do you need separate upc codes for different colours? and also would ten of the same colour for example all have the same code?

  13. Thank you Mr Tao for this very simple and clear explanation about barcodes. Just a question for you or anyone else roaming the coments section… I understand the FNSKU code goes on the product packaging, is there another code that needs to go onto the larger box that holds single units in? Hope this makes sense. For example if I have 30 units in one box, does that one box need anything on it? Thanks in advance for any help on this

  14. Thank you so much for making this video man. I'm right in the middle of getting my packaging designed for my very first physical product, and a couple of days ago I JUST realized that I had no idea how to get barcodes onto my product! After watching this I feel a million times better. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  15. Thank you for awesome VDO as always. What if I have 1 product but in 12 different colors, How many UPC I will need? Thank you in advance

  16. If you have multiple units of the same item (not bundle), let's say 10 coffee mugs, do you need 10 different barcodes or it's the same barcode printed 10 times for each unit?

  17. If you buy a item from a store and you resale the item on Amazon can you still use the UPC code that is already on the product? Or do I have to have a new UPC number?

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