Amazon Employees Speak Out About Workplace Conditions | NBC Nightly News

Amazon Employees Speak Out About Workplace Conditions | NBC Nightly News

inside this fulfillment center outside Dallas the focus is Amazon signature speed efficiency and customer satisfaction but Amazon employee Vicki Shannon Allen says Amazon's work demands are ruining her life it's been the ultimate nightmare Allen says she processed an average of 600 items an hour on the job here at a broken workstation that injured her back it felt like somebody stabbed me in the back and drugged a knife all the way down Alan showed us documents and claims Amazon attempted to minimize her injury by not sending her to a doctor for weeks and not paying her during the dispute over her workers compensation claim now she's homeless sleeping in her car often in the Amazon parking lot so you're sleeping right in here Alan is not alone this year Amazon which has over 175 fulfillment centers around the world and more than half a million employees was ranked one of the 12 worst companies to work for by the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health a nonprofit that advocates for worker health and safety as by far the largest online retailer for American Amazon's record is difficult to compare to other major brands this summer people protested against Amazon worker conditions and wages in New Jersey and Spain in Minnesota three current and former Amazon employees spoke out to NBC News alleging injuries on the job Allen says Amazon offered to pay her thirty five hundred dollars if she agreed not to discuss her experience and to absolve the company of any responsibility it's not worth me giving up my First Amendment right to be able to speak about what's happened to me at Amazon Vicki Shannon Allen is one of about 2,500 employees that work at this when we put these allegations to Amazon they open their doors so we could have a look Amazon staff escorted us through the facility and calls Alain situation unfortunate it's offered her medical treatment and more recently spending money along with a new less physically demanding job the workstation that she was working on did have a component missing that day and when she found it and reported it we immediately fixed it senior vice president Dave Clark oversees fulfillment center operations worldwide we have hundreds of thousands employees working tens of millions of hours every year across the network in the overwhelming majority of those are safe hours where people come into great work for customers and go home safely but the former head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA during the Obama administration strongly disagrees dr. David Michaels issued this warning letter to Amazon in 2016 critical of the in-house service providing medical care at fulfillment centers letters like these are rare and other companies have received them in fact we actually issued a letter of warning to Amazon because it really made some terrible mistakes and people who are very seriously hurt were treated very poorly Amazon responded saying it disagrees with OSHA's conclusions and recommended changes Allen says she has not accepted a new position because her back injury so keeps her off the job on doctor's orders Amazon continues to provide her with medical treatment but she now raises money on her GoFundMe page to pay for an occasional night at a motel what should a customer know out there when they're cooking to buy something to have it delivered to their home they should know that that's our blood sweat and tears that's that's going into that that's my back that's somebody else's arm that's somebody's life Jolene Kent NBC News has lit Texas hay NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

22 thoughts on “Amazon Employees Speak Out About Workplace Conditions | NBC Nightly News

  1. Wow! Amazon will be my last choice! This is a tragedy for employees. Watched video of Ridgely center in UK! Shocking!

  2. If you don't learn a trade or educate yourself, with all the free access on the internet,setting down your phone it's your own fault. Companies are not responsible to provide a job and your are no different than a machine on a balance sheet. Get the socialism out of your head.

  3. I was injured for three times as a whitebadge in Brampton, Ontario last year. They want 100 % every hour in 10 hour shifts, asking for accidents. How is that ok in North America??? White badge in the Amazon universe means no health insurance (at least in Canada) and if you break a leg on the job, you could face huge medical bills.

    Luckily, I have a STEM degree and start my new career in software development in Germany soon.

  4. One day this this company will seriously do something major and class action lawsuits will put amazon in there place.

  5. "1st amendment right", doesn't apply to Amazon. Sorry.
    I hope you get your workmans comp and everything that's coming to you. They broke you, they need to pay for you.

  6. The production per seconds it’s so high that workers hold their human call as long as they can and they don’t even wash their hands after bathroom break because they have to keep up with their production or get write ups

  7. Shameful! I sincerely hope Amazon, a rotten, American grown sweatshop,is brought down into its grave. People need to look past their addiction to acquiring more and more material goods, and boycott this despicable company that chews up employees and spits them out. I have never bought even 1 item from stinking Amazon and never will
    It is built on human suffering. Jeff Bezos will come to the end of his life sooner or later and will have some very heavy explaining to do
    Boycott Amazon,do not buy through them

  8. It’s a easy job tbh but there’s so much wrong. I respect Jeff for what empire he has built and no way we can take that away from him but us a workers want him to work there for one week and he’ll see how horrible it is to work there. The breaks are so little and since the warehouse is huge half your break your walking to sit down lol. I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t last 2 days. He needs to also lower the rate because he’s asking the people to do so much man. This is not a job you will enjoy. It has good benefits to it but the way this was setup up is a complete mess. To be the richest man alive and not even make this a better environment to work in is a complete joke

  9. I quit using the company headed by Jeff Bezos as I will not allow my country to be plundered by jokers like him,you keep pointing and clicking probably while you read this you're on line shopping for more trinkets better stop before this happens to you ,and don't think it wont!

  10. Man theres kids in Africa digging up diamonds and getting killed for not digging fast enough. So dont talk bout hard labor. Someone out there gotta alot worse. Be grateful your alive. Some dont even have a car to sleep in. Sry dont mean to be rude but com on man.

  11. I worked at that location at dfw7 about 2 years ago. Worst job ive ever had in my life. They need to unionize for collective bargaining. 10 hour shifts on your feet. 1 30 minute lunch and 2 15 minute breaks. Kicker is you dont really have 2 15 minute breaks. It takes you 5 minutes to get from just about any work location to the break room then 5 minutes back so you essentially get 2 5 minute breaks and 1 20 minute lunch. God help you if you are late 1 minute. The managers they have there will let you know.

  12. It's time for a global bycott. This is why anti-trusts are not needed. When a firm becomes bigger than ever, they become devilish that they are bound to fall

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