43 thoughts on “Amazing Technology Invented By MIT – Tangible Media

  1. Its amazing but, What's the purpose of this invention?
    It's just like spending millions of dollars to develop a pen that would write in space instead of using Pencil for the same purpose.

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  4. Well it looks cool and all, but once you think about how to make one, you realize it's not that difficult. All you need is a camera sensor that correctly identifies object distance, and a physical board with motors that change the elevation of each block based on distance data received from the camera sensor. So technically, lots of gimmicky fireworks but no actual innovation.

  5. Well this technology is great…. It can be used easily to create models of further future technology easily if used wisely 👍

  6. Amazed to watch the brainy extent of human. Hope it will be of some utility for coming future generation.

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