34 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano goes after Jon Voight for supporting Trump

  1. when in doubt, praise baby jesus….. jesus when are we gonna take back our country and get politics clean again….

  2. YA know…. all these washed up actors,like this stupid Beach, want to get back in the limelight and they all figure Trump is an easy target because the Media, Hollywood , Idiot College Professors and the lot hate Donald Trump.What the hell has Alyssa Milano done lately that has any merit ….NOTHING !!!!

  3. all a product of the evil from cabal in the world has infected the dems this time around and its sick, as sick as Milano

  4. Each and every day I wake up and turn on Fox News and watch for about 30 min. Then I thank the heavens and marvel at my good fortune that I am not Republican…then I go jump in the shower and wank.

  5. Alyssa is a loser. Even in Hollywood, she was never high on the food chain. I guess this is her last attempt at a real career.

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