All Mass Effect Reporter Punches

All Mass Effect Reporter Punches

Kelis had been seen in al Juhani westernland news would you answer a few questions for our viewers what do you want to know you've been given a unique position to represent our race people want to get a sense of how you'll do that humans have been trying to get the respect of the galactic community for 26 years with that in mind what are your feelings on being the first human Spectre we all know it should have happened years ago I hope the council realizes that we won't sit at the kids table forever some believe that without firm action on our part the council will continue to treat us like poor relations have you encountered any situations where the citadel asked you to place its needs before the needs of Earth I think they know not to ask me to work against my own people I think our viewers will be glad to hear that commander you've been given command of an advanced human warship for your missions is there anything you'd like to say about it I've had enough of your snide insinuations you son of a bitch I'll make sure everyone in the Alliance sees that your career is over Calise been seen in LG Lani westerlyn news I interviewed you two years ago when you first became inspector you presented your case very well on camera do you have a minute what so you can try to do another smear job on me now Shepard you may object to my methods but we're on the same side you're bad you're news I just want to give your story it's due sources claim you were at the heart of the Presidium during the Battle of the Citadel it's fair to say the course of the battle hinged on your words if true you told Admiral Hackett to assist the destiny ascension costing hundreds I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions I wish I'd done that the first time we met you son of a bitch I'll make sure everyone in the Alliance sees that commander shepard police have been seen in algae Lani isn't it true that you were on earth when the Reapers attacked how do you justify running away while millions of people on earth die is that the best we can I've had enough of your tabloid journalism huh you want some you're angry I get that but I came here to get help for Earth not answer your questions stay down

46 thoughts on “All Mass Effect Reporter Punches

  1. In my Mass Effect 2, she actually references the punch in Mass Effect. In my Mass Effect 3, she says not this time

  2. In ME1 first time play through I was rollin after I saw that punch, it was like Shepard was just casually answering questions, then i select the 'not so nice' comment and BAM reporter gets punch. That escalated quickly lol

  3. As much as I love this gag "You've been given command of an advanced warship" isn't really a snide insinuation.

  4. Everyone used to openly hate the obviously biased and corrupt mainstream news media, but now that we have a president who tells them to fuck off, half the population acts like the media are untouchable paragons of virtue.
    It's only been a few years, but if these games came out today, imagine the outrage. SJWs would make them patch this shit out immediately. It's such a shame what happened to the game industry.

  5. Wow, she totally deserved the third one. Insulting a soldier, calling him a coward, and insinuating that nothing he's doing is for Earth in the same question? Adios, media parasite.

  6. "you presented yourself very well on camera…remember? When you knocked me the fuck out?" lmao this game is awesome!

  7. Journalists: hall monitors, tattle tales, and teacher's pets grown up and combined into one loathsome humanoid creature

  8. May I ask what "snide insinuations" she made to earn the first punch? Seemed like he did it for no reason there.

  9. First time I did this was ME3 and I didn't press the second prompt so I just got punched and looked like an absolute idiot on alliance tv

  10. I love Shepard's face when he's about to punch her in the first game. He just looks so cartoonishly angry.

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