‘All Lies’: See Trump’s Own DOJ Shred His ‘Witch Hunt’ Claims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘All Lies’: See Trump’s Own DOJ Shred His ‘Witch Hunt’ Claims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘All Lies’: See Trump’s Own DOJ Shred His ‘Witch Hunt’ Claims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Fox and company are not taking this lying down. I'm no devotee' of Murdoch's propaganda hub… but here's Tucker's piece on this, he's playing hardball.

  2. McCabe should be exonerated fully from all of trump's unjustified pillorying, his reputation
    restored. and full restitution of cancelled or suspended benefits. But this is hardly enough. trump should be sued for gross personal libel and penalized for unfairly and brazenly besmirching McCabe's character. A trump apology? Naw … it’s worthless.

  3. This is who they are, the filth of man. They are dismantling our Democracy, to hand it back to the 1% owners. You have no power to stop them, they control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. They will do all they want, for their Idol god drumpf will fulfill his destiny. It's called the Last Days and they are the Gentiles.

  4. There is so much against Trump.. How is it possible that everyone can,t See it and why on earth is he still there and not in prison…,.,, I,m lost!!!!!!!
    He s above the law!!!!!


    Russia is having their cake and eating it too. If the Senate let's Trump off, will other Americans be obligated to uphold their oath to the constitution?

  7. but barr and durham have rejected the facts found by the IG. this is REALLY dangerous because the wackos spreading and defending these false, pro-Russian conspiracy narratives are in control of the Whitehouse, the state dept, the justice dept and the senate! when facts don't matter, reality is rejected and the law is ignored criminals are free to pursue whatever retribution and persecution they wish. i'll almost guarantee you the next is PROSECUTION of those who exposed trump's crimes! this is serious indeed

  8. Is it appropriate o contemplate what will be left of our country after all credibility has been usurped from our governmental institutions by this group of aliens?

  9. When the FBI decides to investigate a candidate based on false information, you're telling me there was no foul play, disregard for protocol, political bias, or however you want to call it? The point is that there was clear intent to investigate Donald Trump regardless of whether the document they were basing their investigation on was true or not. So it's disingenuous to think that this report means nothing

  10. I don't believe Ari when he says he's gotten through a bunch of those documents. This is the same News Network who over a month have been calling the very short memorandum of the phone call I transcript even though not even 10 lines in it says it's not a transcript. If you can't even handle one page from the memo just like pretty much 95% of the mainstream media and these YouTubers there's no way he's reading. Document

  11. why invite on a guest if you're only going to give him a minute to talk? Just do a full interview and edit it down to air on tv and put the rest online.

  12. Well, you served us the dessert on fine china plates to entertain us. Now, why don't you give us the meat and potatoes of all the inaccuracies and errors mentioned as well? Or didn't you read the report as some of us have? Horowitz and Barr are both correct, if explained logically. I'm getting tired of your reporting treating us like little children.


  14. At some point I bet we hear that Barr was compromised by accepting favors $$$ from Russia. Putin has got his players ready to win on the Chess Board. Stay tuned for the 2020 Presidential Election and Putin says,"Check mate!"

  15. I think legality of the FBI actions will be investigated by Durham. The IG report reads like an auditor’s assessment. Did they follow procedure? Did they fill in the forms correctly? Durham, I think picked up what the IG was highlighting. So logically, the IG report is the first phase of the investigation. I’m not saying that there is anything illegal but I am saying that the IG report will look different if criminality is found.

  16. This sounds like Benghazi all over again. Trey Gowdy repeatedly going after HRC emails and spending a $#$%% fortune to, in the end, find absolutely nothing and NO indictments.

  17. Can we say one day at a time Barr also needs to go jail and the IMPEACHMENT chump trump is about damm time the started illegally running the presidency by PUTTING MONEY in there accounts so it was doomed from the start the trump are just thugs that's all we hear and see sad sad

  18. I think we should change our National Anthem to a more fitting song,


    I fell into a burning ring of fire

    I went down, down, down

    And the flames went higher

    And it burns, burns, burns

    The ring of fire

    The ring of fire
    …. Go on ahead and youtube it guys….
    I fell for you,
    like a child
    OH but the fire went wild….

  19. Which of these "facts" are wrong?
    1. The Steele dosier was used to generate a warrant for spying on an opponents presidential campaign. 2. It was false and unverified 3. it was paid for by the Clinton campaign 4. 17 "mistakes" were made by "professionals" that all cut to validate the warrant in the eyes of the FISA court 5. Horrowitz could not document any political bias but does not nearly have the investigative scope as Durham who heads up the grand jury and says there was. 6. There might be a deep state.

  20. So what happens now to all of the elected officials in Trumps corner now that they have destroyed their credibility by lying to cover lies ?

  21. President trump Russian allies and buddies plus Putin before he was elected the word Nyc knows real estate associates till this day sold building mansion blood money laundering fabricated paper documentations fake tax two sets of papers filing normal for Donald trump before being elected

    Still as a president has not change his way bad habits are hard to break can’t teach a old dog new tricks

  22. Trump has turned USA into a KKK state where only inbreds and low IQ, uneducated people rule. The rest of the country and people should NOT allow these RACISTS to prevail.

  23. without emallumentz chargez u cant uze calling trump relativz az levrage 2 keepm from turn'n trial into fiasco pluss he getza way with all thoze cimez agiin-2 bad americaz 2 dumb 2 focus on more thana cuple itemz "phonez keepda sheep asleep" PG

  24. I honestly believe after almost enduring 3 years of the orange evil, the truth will come out that trump was working for Putin as a way of paying back the Russian money he owes .

  25. @Ari Melber, either you're deceptive or just outright dumn, in any case you're dead wrong!

    The IG conducted an internal compliance investigation, and could therefor have never reached the conclusion that the FBI was or was not politically biased. It was not within its scope, although the report was damning anyway!

    However, Durham's investigation has a much wider scope and will investigate whether (amongst others) the FBI was politically biased, etc. This can even lead to indictments of FBI (ex)leadership, and can be far more damning.

    So, in this case Trump (and Barr) is right.

    More to come!

  26. I love hearing Truth!! What about you? Thanks Ari for bringing the true news to us! Fred Flinstone AKA B Barr, is a flunky and lost dog if he can't make Trump happy.

  27. “The investigation that has been investigated by investigators will be investigating by a new investigation to determine if the investigators’s investigation was perfectly investigated by the investigators”

  28. Trump and Barr need to be impeached and removed, then jailed for all the damages done to our country. This is dangerous and unprecedented.

  29. No Evidence….

    you left out “testimonial or documentary” very misleading much like your entire story.

    Alls I can say is read the report draw your own conclusions. Don’t listen to this Duce bag.

  30. More wasted time. After 4 years you're reporting on nothing, still desperate to find a crime. What happened to the "Quid pro Quo" jargon? And then later "Bribery"? Neither of which were articulated in as articles of impeachment. If you're going distribute news, at least have some facts. Emotions and imagination are not helpful.

  31. Ag Barr Debunked this in your other interview with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRKFo0JmuBc Durham has a far wider reaching investigation than the IG!

  32. What really surprises me is how many people have been taken in by a president who lies, and is clearly in the wrong? It makes me. Wonder if they've been brainwashed

  33. Cleaning the swamp – It’s hard when the facts present themselves and what you believe in was a lie all along.

    The elitist Dems are being exposed and will be brought to justice.

    The news helps spread the lies you are caught up it. It eill be difficult for you to see the truth when it comes out but we will be here to welcome you back to reality.

    It’s not your fault you were tricked. They are good at tricking the public. They’ve been doing it for a long time.

  34. Here is an idea
    Trump and Barr should launch an investigation that investigates the investigators who investigated the investigators
    Down with Trump
    Down with Barr
    Down with this GOP
    Down with despots
    Down with corruption
    Down with crooks

  35. Patiently waiting for #arimelber & #trms to part & parcel the Senate hearings into "real news" and "gop fantasy hour" has me scratching at the walls.

  36. We all know barrs investigation is bogus its anthr trump sideshow trying to get the attention sm where else instead of impeachment inquiry he is such a loser and so is barr he really thinks he trumps attrny instead of the ppl our goverment is so screwed up frm trump and his voters really believe all tht crap trumps and barr are putting out there D.O .J NEEDS TO JUST SHUT THM DWN

  37. The MSNBC is either not well informed or hiding what it knows. Hunter Biden has admitted he got the Barisma gig because of his last name. Moreover, the Ukranians DID conduct an investigation and found that the US Vice President Joe Biden's son was up to no good. The Barisma owner is now being prosecuted for corruption which also involves Hunter Biden.
    Pretty heavy pieces of new information (most of which has so-far not appeared in the MSM in the USA) show that the ex-prosecutor Viktor Shokin repeatedly contacted NABU (National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, a governmental entity) about criminal proceedings involving Burisma but only got formal replies. The activities of Shokin irritated Joe Biden during his fifth visit to Kyiv in two years on December 7-8, 2015. The purpose of that visit was to have Shokin removed as Prosecutor General to prevent him from looking into the affairs of of Burisma, its owner and the reasons behind Hunter Biden's financial involvement in the company.
    Hunter was to be investigated because from May 2014 until October 2015, Burisma transferred $4.817 million to the Javelin missile co-manufacturer in Rosemont (Illinois, USA) which transferred $871,000 to Hunter Biden. It was not due to brilliant recommendations or anything else that could have resulted in any successful business of Burisma. More news are under way. Meanwhile, MSNBC (particularly Nicolle Wallace and Ari Melber and Rachel Maddow), please try to not make even bigger fools out of yourselves.

  38. Is it all about what was said over a bear in a bar? As for the Russian probe the recently released Horowitz report clearly describes the mess that existed within the FBI and for which James Comey was responsible. Despite the fact that it found that the FBI properly opened its investigation into Russian interference in the American 2016 election the report lays out FBI's extensive FISA failures and total of 17 significant errors in how the FBI conducted its work.
    For example that the FISA application was in many ways inaccurate, incomplete or unsupported and that the FBI failed to look into some aspects of Steele's past work and how the Hillary funded Steele dossier largely contained unverifiable and non-factual pieces of information that was used by the Obama administration as a pretext to surveil (spy) on the Trump campaign. Hence, the Obama surveillance was based on uncorroborated intelligence. The democrats call these "facts" even though they were mainly speculations that in essence essence from word of mouth or hearsay, not seldom over bears in bars.

  39. William Barr disagrees with his own department’s assessments on the Horowitz report. He has stated that the FBI did not have adequate reasons to investigate unsubstantiated ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Barr said: "The F.B.I. launched an investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.”
    John Durham, a federal prosecutor who runs a criminal investigation on the causes behind the Russia probe, disagrees with the report's conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ct/pr/statement-us-attorney-john-h-durham

  40. Barr is a bigger(pun intended) POS than this ILLIGETIMATE, fake president that denounces media and facts,…..deplorable, DISPICABLE administration. SAD

  41. I AM in favor of impeachment, but I'm wondering why the quote at 1:30 is as follows: no "evidence… of political bias or improper motivation" in investigation. "No" is outside the quote marks – so that leads me to think that another word was used there. And the "…" inside the quotes leads me to think that this statement is taken out of context. Believe me… nobody wants him out of office more than me (my Facebook page is filled with impeachment information), but he has to be removed based on facts and evidence. Don't give the Republicans justification for an unfair process.

  42. Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia!! Now Trump, GOP and Russia tries to blame Ukraine!!!

  43. that's not what I read in report! 17 infractions,,,,, MSNBC need's to learn to report the TRUTH! Not everyone blindly believes your MSM Swamp Press BS! some of us FACT CHECK! You people are SICK!

  44. Thank you YouTube for allowing these comments. To be clear, I do not live in North America. I live in a country that has been under communist/Marxist-socialist ideological control for the past fourteen years. I have seen firsthand how an extreme fascist government comes to power and operates. Regarding my comments on YouTube videos, I do not converse with any of my countrymen nor any of my family concerning the political events in the U.S.A. And, even though your government significantly influences events in my country, as it does in virtually all countries, practically no one here cares much about the impeachment undertakings involving President Trump and the complaints against his staff and faithful, if obsequious, Republican partisans. All of my information on the situation there comes from the Internet, including YouTube videos and only three Online Newspapers: ProPublica, Snopes and Associated Press. I have no endorsement for any political party – neither Republicans, Democrats or any of the other nearly-60 registered political parties in the United States.

    I have taken an outsider´s interest in your politics because I am concerned that the “I AM RACE” (a spiritual anagram for AMERICA) is faltering in its role as the greatest expression of political and social freedom on earth. That responsibility began with the The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America and the subsequent Constitution of the United States. Those original documents, and some of the amendments to the latter, in my opinion, represent the most humanitarian and unbiased social decrees yet to appear in the annals of human history. “WE THE PEOPLE” has to be the most powerful introduction yet written to any statement concerning the laws of earth´s governments. That said, I am adamantly opposed to extreme fascism, while indeed recognizing that any country with laws, is in some form fascist. Fascism, as I define it, is a system of administrative control over a country´s subjects expressed in degrees from nominal to extreme. I do not relate it to a “type” of government.

    Some governmental policies and laws are socially beneficial and humanitarian while others are not. I am in support of some of the ideology inherent in communism, for example, yet contra to communist fascism, which I see as the enemy of cultural expression, spiritual evolution and individual freedom and thinking. I am in support of some of the ideology behind capitalism, yet contra to unfair market strategies, false advertising and corrupt business practices and exploitation that lead to the harm or suffering of any people. I am especially concerned that currently, all of humanity is controlled by only 0.2 percent of the populace, otherwise known as politicians.

    In my country, we elected a president who advertised for coalition and unification among the many ethnic groups and myriad social interests in the nation. He wanted to make the country great and free from corrupt politicians. I personally voted in favor of the president and I wholeheartedly supported his platform. I enjoyed thinking of living in a racially-free and fair-to-everyone country. In short time, he nationalized all of our natural resources, expunged foreign businesses and imposed unheard of tariffs and taxes on intrusive commodities. Statistically, the economic status of the country grew as did the minimum wage and employee benefits. But people were out of jobs because businesses could not afford to hire them. Rich politicians and their consociates got richer. The poor stayed poor. And, the Middle Class began disappearing, mostly merging with the poor. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The president and vice-president surrounded themselves exclusively with supporters of their own communist/socialist political party. They replaced the supreme justices in the country with like-minded implants of their own who invariably ruled in the party´s favor regarding any controversial legal matters. They claimed that false journalism was dividing the country. That led to creating policies against any reporting that criticized their office or politics. They closed certain radio and television stations that broadcast opposing political ideas or exposed corruption and malfeasance among their party members. Journalists began disappearing; some were imprisoned and some just disappeared. Even cartoonists were jailed for drawing humorous depictions of political leaders. They prohibited certain books from being printed and promoted their own publications that justified their fascist control and their hatred of foreign imperialism and traitorous citizens. Fueled with fanatical nationalism and even racism, they called for the extermination of anti-government protesters and generally announced that those opposed to their regime should leave the country. The president met personally with Vladimir Putin and made secret plans relating to the exploitation of our natural resources and the establishment of Russian business ventures in the country. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Early in his presidency, our elected leader hinted that becoming a dictator might be the necessary course to follow in making the country great. Then, following two terms of office, the legal limit, as it is in the U.S.A., the party held a special, unconventional referendum asking the general public if it wished to reinstate the president for an additional term of control. The greater majority of people voted against the proposition. Nevertheless, the president convinced his Supreme Court to overturn the wishes of “We the People” and the president stayed in office for a third term with the idea of remaining indefinitely. At that point he became the dictator he had hinted at becoming. Through deception and blatant lies, the president and his henchman vice-president, maintained national and international support by falsely promoting concerns and policies for environmental and human rights. Does any of this sound familiar? There is not room to describe the dozens of other similarities your government and mine have shared since the inauguration of President Trump.

    We held new elections following his illegitimate running and again defeated the dictator president and his party by popular vote. But they again rejected the will of “We the People” and remained in office. That was too much to accept without seditious protests. Serious and deadly consequences transpired. Currently, my country stands in the throes of incipient civil war. The president and vice-president escaped the country, seeking asylum with a known corrupt government but not before cleaning out one of the countries’ biggest banks and leaving huge caches of Russian weapons for use by their faithful supporters. The two threaten to return to the country and regain power, which, if attempted, will certainly result in an indescribable blood bath.

    There are two main differences between your government and mine: One is, that your country claims to be democratically capitalist and mine claims to be democratically socialist. Yet, despite the semantics, they are both heavily influenced by Russian-inspired communist fascism, which is oriented toward complete control of their citizens through one-sided propaganda campaigns, restricting “The People´s” self-evident freedoms, aggressively subjugating the populace through powerful laws and silencing any opposing human expressions. The second main difference is, that in my country the presidency was controlled by an executive who followed his own prejudicial political predilection; whereas, in your country, the executive is a temperamental, eminently influential individual with high narcissism disorder, which, from my point of view, is much more dangerous for you and for the planet.

    I believe the Russians are gaining support across the globe for their fascist interests while your president is detaching himself from the true democratic countries on earth. Try to remember that fascist communism proposes that ANYTHING is justified in order to gain political control – lies, deception, murder, theft, detainment, genocide, et al. I hope you never have to experience that control first-hand.

    Thank you for reading to the end.

  45. oooppps
    trump accidently called the Kremlin .. and ended up talking to Carter Page and offering him a job as the 2016 chairman of the "Trump Election Campaign Committee of Moscow".

    think of all the times you accidently called the Kremlin … and ended up hiring Carter Page as the chairman of your Election Campaign Committee of Moscow

  46. Remember when Nunes came out with his memo, and the MSM ripped him a new one saying he was a liar and a traitor, and then Schiff came out with his own memo debunking Nunes? Well, turns out Nunes was right, and Horowitz just proved it.

    Also, all the errors and inaccuracies and omissions by the FBI were completely by chance…nothing to see there…move along.

  47. Blah Blah blah. News reporters used to report. Take it from someone from Ukraine, this is what happened.

    The media has brainwashed Americans about what really went down in Ukraine before 2016 elections. Snakes everywhere, and this is the biggest one. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49130719481/in/dateposted-public/

  48. Maybe Barr has dyslexia when you say something it comes out back words. Because even a 1st 2nd or 3rd grader could understand what the IG said, and yet this so called great intellectual can't figure out what everybody else has figured out. The russian investigation was legal and fair you moron.

  49. So. Here's the most important thing that you Americans need to understand. The rest of the world is watching intensely and in between laughing fits wants to see if you are going to rid your government of all these criminals.

  50. Trump has been given every opportunity to answer the charges against him. He demands friendly witnesses, yet refuses to allow his most loyal supporters to testify. He complains the proceedings are unfair, yet refuses to allow his lawyers to participate in the hearings. If Trump really could prove he is innocent of the impeachment charges against him, he would have made some effort to do so by now.


    Pro-impeachment GOP group targets McCaul, Thornberry with billboards demanding candor from Trump.

    Ads show Giuliani, Pompeo, Bolton and Mulvaney with mouths taped to dramatize the president’s alleged obstruction.


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