All Clones that Disobeyed Order 66 [UPDATED]

All Clones that Disobeyed Order 66 [UPDATED]

The entire Jedi Order was brought down by
a single command by Palpatine, when he issued order 66 to all of his clone troopers to betray
their Jedi leaders. But not all Clones obeyed. In Canon, the clones had inhibitor chips in
them which forced them to mindlessly obey order 66. It’s also implied that these same chips
helped them cope with the fact they they just executed their long time comrades, and possibly
even close friends. We know of only 3 clones who removed these
chips, with them being Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, and Commando Gregor. Although we don’t exactly know when Wolffe
and Gregor removed their chips, we do know Rex removed his before order 66 was issued. When order 66 was given, Rex helped Ahsoka
escape, and they later faked their deaths before splitting up and departing to live
in exile. Rex eventually met up with Gregor and Wolffe,
where they ended up living inside a modified AT-TE walker on Seelos. They were later visited by the Ghost Crew,
whom would ask for their assistance to fight the Empire. Initially the clones refused, but after having
a skirmish with the Empire and having their home, the AT-TE, destroyed, Rex decided to
join the Rebels. While Wolffe and Gregor stayed behind and
took the remaining AT-AT and transformed it into their new home. Then we have commander Grey. Although he did initially obey order 66, he
did finally come around and began to question what he had done. This later led him to sacrifice himself by
betraying his clone comrades and saving a Jedi padawan named Caleb Dume, whom would
later change his name and become Kanan Jarrus. Last we have clone medic Kix. After witnessing Tup kill Jedi Master Tiplar,
he was later confronted by Fives and was told of the conspiracy of a plot to kill the Jedi
before being asked to contact Anakin and Rex and have them privately meet with him. This contact with Fives led Kix to have his
own questions on the matter, leading him to investigate himself. His investigation eventually led him to discover
the truth behind the biochips and the plot to destroy the Jedi. But before he got a chance to tell the Jedi,
he was kidnapped by the Separatists who placed him in a stasis pod for safe keeping before
delivering him to Count Dooku. As the ship was transporting Kix, it got attacked
by Republic forces. Desperate to not have Kix fall into the hands
of the Republic, the droids on the ship decided to jump to a random coordinate in hyperspace
in an attempt to escape. When they came out of hyperspace, they crashed
landed onto a desert planet. Overtime, the droids ran out of power and
shutdown, leaving Kix alone frozen within the stasis pod. 50 years later, and Kix was discovered by
Sidon Ithano and his pirate crew. They released him from his stasis pod, to
which Kix started to ramble about the sith plot to destroy the Jedi and how he needed
to get back to Anakin Skywalker and the Republic. As this was happening, the ship they were
in activated its remaining security defenses and the pirates were forced to escape the
wreckage. After escaping, the pirates told Kix of how
there was no longer a Republic and then explained to him of what had happened in the past 50
years. Sadden over the fact of not being able to
save the Republic and the Jedi, Kix eventually joined Ithano’s pirate gang and helped them
search treasure across the galaxy. From what we know, he is the last surviving
Jango Fett clone in the galaxy. And before we move onto Legends, we can safely
assume that all clone deserters, like Cut Lawquane, didn’t obey order 66, simply because
they never received it. In Legends, the Clones didn’t have an inhibitor
chip that forced them to comply to order 66, instead they were engineered to be dependent
to a command structure and were basically brainwashed into being loyal to the republic. The first known clone to disobey order 66
is HOB-147. He was a clone pilot who flew a V-19 Torrent
starfighter for Light Brigade Division. During a space battle, he was shot down and
went unconscious, and he drifted in space within his starfighter. He was unconscious for several weeks and missed
order 66 when it was issued. He and his ship were later salvaged by Hurd
Coyle, a scavenger who used reprogrammed separatist battle droids to help him around. When Hob-147 finally came to, he was told
of order 66 by Coyle. Initially the clone believed he was captured
by a separatist, after witnessing the battle droids. After attacking the battle droids, he was
tased and placed into a holding cell. While in his cell, a Jedi padawan snuck in
and mocked him, but she was quickly taken away from him by Coyle and placed back into
a storage room. Witnessing this, Hob-147 believed the scavenger
was kidnapping Jedi padawans. This propelled him to break out of his chain
and to find them. He eventually discovered the 11 Jedi padawans
hiding in the ship’s storage room, all of whom attacked him after spotting him. But they stopped after seeing that he wasn’t
being hostile to them, and they later explained to him of what had happened. While this was happening, Coyle’s ship was
contacted by a group of clones who were inspecting suspicious cargo ships for possible smuggled
Jedi. But before the boarded clones got a chance
to search his ship, Hob-147 came in for the rescue and told them about how Coyle saved
him and that he had already searched the entire ship and found no Jedi. They believed him and left. It’s unknown what happened to Hob-147 afterwards. Next we have ABLE-1707, also simply known
as Able. He served under Shaak Ti during the clone
wars. During one of his missions, he was shot down
and was eventually left stranded on an uninhabitable planet after his comrades were killed around
him in battle. With no way of contacting the outside galaxy,
he was forced to survive on his own for the next 20 years. It wouldn’t be until after the Battle of
Yavin, that he would finally make contact with other people. A skirmish between the Rebels and the Empire
took place on his planet near his campsite. Believing the stormtroopers to be clones in
new armor, he ran to them in his phase 1 armor. But the Imperial Officer believed it to be
a rebel trick, so he ordered his men to fire upon the clone. Able was able to escape, but was left confused
with why they would attack him. He eventually ran into Luke Skywalker and
Narra. Initially puzzled at what was before them,
Luke and Narra explained to the clone of what had happened to the galaxy in the past 20
years, and how they were fighting the empire that destroyed the Jedi. Luke then proceed to show the clone that he
was a Jedi, just like the ones Able fought under during the clone wars. This prompted Able to join them and help them
escape the planet from the Empire. After successfully escaping, Able decided
to join the Rebel Alliance and to work within the Alliance Intelligence Core. The next group of clones were all Commandos,
meaning they possessed a higher ability of independent thought than regular clones, allowing
them to operate away from the more standard command structure and freely think more for
themselves. First is Omega Squad, which was an elite clone
commando unit. Members of this unit were Darman, Atin, Fi,
Corr, and Niner, the leader of the squad. When Order 66 was issued, Omega Squad did
not comply as Darman, one of the commandos, had a relationship with Jedi Knight Etain
Tur-Mukan. Omega Squad instead decided to desert the
military with Kal Skirata, their Mandalorian instructor. However, the carefully laid plans to evacuate
Coruscant were jeopardized when Tur-Mukan was killed during a skirmish, which also left
Niner injured in the process. Afterwards, Atin and Corr were able to escape
to Mandalore with Skirata, while Darman remained with the injured Niner. Unable to rejoin their brothers due to the
establishment of the Galactic Empire, Darman and Niner were forced to remain commandos. They were combined with survivors of Galaar
Squad, becoming Squad 40 of the 501st Legion, where they were tasked in capturing surviving
Jedi. Next is Ion Team, which was another unit of
clone commandos. It was attached to the 22nd Air Combat Wing. Members of this unit were Trace, Ras, an unnamed
third member, and Captain Climber, the leader of the team. When Order 66 was issued, Ion Team refused
to execute Jedi Roan Shryne, Bol Chatak, and Olee Starstone, believing the order to be
a false enemy signal. They then saved the Jedi from being ambushed
by the forces of Commander Salvo by setting up a counter-ambush and allowing the Jedi
to escape. As a result, Darth Vader killed two members
of the team, but Captain Climber and Trace escaped into the forested hills of Murkhana. Vader ordered his men to hunt the commandos
down and return them to him alive. After Vader decapitated Bol Chatak, a clone
shock trooper informed him that the commandos had been apprehended. Vader then sent them to be imprisoned on Agon
Nine. Next is Ordo Skirata. He served as an Advanced Recon Commando. Throughout his years as a soldier, Ordo questioned
his purpose and criticized the Jedi for using a slave army to fight their war. Over the years of the war, he became less
and less loyal to the Republic and Jedi, while spending more and more time looking for a
cure to his accelerated aging. When Order 66 was issued, he refused it. Ordo eventually witnessed Omega Squad try
to smuggle Tur-Mukan off of Coruscant, but their plan to save her failed when they were
discovered and a skirmish erupted, resulting in Tur-Mukan’s death. Ordo tried to revive her, but failed. Ordo would go on to desert the military and
join Clan Skirata on Mandalore. From there, he continued his search for a
cure for his accelerated aging. Last is Alpha-26, also known as Maze. He was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando
captain. Maze was stationed on Coruscant for most of
the war, assisting Jedi General Arligan Zey. Maze developed a grudge against Ordo, after
being beat up by him after he attempted to lecture Ordo to obey Jedi Generals. As the war progressed, Maze used his downtime
to read, and developed strong opinions about the state of the Republic. While no fan of the political leadership under
Palpatine, he thought the Jedi should not interfere as they were not elected. During the Great Jedi Purge, Maze returned
to Special Operations Brigade headquarters to find Ordo and General Zey talking about
the events leading to the purge. Ordo demanded to know from a wounded Zey if
the Jedi did indeed try to overthrow Palpatine. Zey admitted to as much, stating that it was
his duty as Palpatine had revealed himself to be a Sith Lord, known as Darth Sidious. Maze wondered what the Sith were and Ordo
explained that they were the exact opposite of the Jedi. After Ordo left, Zey would order Maze to execute
him, knowing what would happen if he were captured. Maze did not comply and missed Zey on purpose,
giving Ordo the idea that he executed Zey. Later, Maze would contact the Skirata Clan
and ask for refuge on Mandalore.

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  2. Able was my favorite clone. I read the comic that he was in. It was very believable like an MIA soldier upon seeing the military he was fighting with after being separated for so long. It was nice how Luke was able to speak to him and get him up to speed.

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    Thanos: If you say so. Snaps fingers

    Vader: I don't feel so good.

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