Alif Laila (अलिफ़ लैला) || New Episode 06 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Alif Laila (अलिफ़ लैला) || New Episode 06 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Thief of Baghdad! Thief of Baghdad! What’s the matter? Thief of Baghdad! Here are the documents
of your house and lands. Now, you need not fear anybody. All of you are free. You’re an Angel. I knew you will come to help us. Here’s your tattoo. When I will grew up, like you I will also help poor and downtrodden. May God bless you! You’re our messiah. An angel. -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! -Thief of Baghdad!
-Long live! I heard no one can catch you. Your game is over, thief of Baghdad. It’s not my cup of tea
to compete you, brother. Every time you defeat me. I recognise you from your breathe. It’s not easy to fool me. I must accept,
God has granted you with this talent. I’m just your disciple. Aatif, stop talking now. I’m very hungry. Let’s go home and eat something. Come. Uncle, see what I’ve brought. Wow, nephew. Sister Sheena, come here. See this. Wow! Nephew, you’re not a thief but an artist. I’m proud of you. Thank you, uncle. This is not fair.
I know I’m brother’s disciple. But at least you praise me sometimes, dad. Aatif, you’re too much. Both of you are incomplete
without each other. May God bless you both! Okay, Ahmed. Tell me one thing. Those labours were from which region
whom you gave away the riches? Baghdad, mom. Baghdad? Why did you go to Baghdad? I’ve always warned you not to go there. I am sorry, mom. But the circumstances
were such that I had to go. No matter what the circumstances are. But you won’t go to Baghdad. Not at any cost. Understood? I don’t understand what is the mystery that mom gets angry
with the name of Baghdad. Don’t worry, brother. You know aunt. Her anger will also be temporary. She will be alright in some time. Right now, I’m very hungry. Let’s go and eat something. -Let’s go.
-Yes. Sister. I know you from 15 years. Ahmed was just 8 year old when both of you met me, you were running
to save your life. What had happened 15 years ago that you shiver with the name of Baghdad. Brother. I still remember that incident. I start shivering
when I recall that scene. My husband Hasan was a loyal minister of Sultan Humaid of Baghdad. People of Baghdad were very happy under the rule of kind-hearted Sultan. But time changed and the Satan magician Mingla
eyed on Baghdad.With his evil powers
he made an attack on Sultan.But my husband Hasan reached on timeand saved Sultan Humaid.And arrested Mingla.Arrest him.Mingla was announced death sentencefor betraying the country.But Mingla’s evil powers came to his help.And killed Sultan and my husband.Mingla captured the throne of Baghdad.His atrocities rose on the subjects.Help. Run…run…With great difficulty
I escaped from there with Ahmed. I was lucky enough to meet you, brother. I see. Now, I understand why you used to shiver
with the name of Baghdad. Even today that Satan magician
is the sultan of Baghdad.What I am worried about is thathis evil powers have
become stronger with time. Now that Satan magician
has become more dangerous now. This is the magic of your Evil powers. My master. My respects. Hail Opera. Nobody can harm me as long as your blessings are with me. He’s a demon and not human. Promise me. You won’t send Ahmed to Baghdad in any circumstances. I don’t want Ahmed to
face the same that his dad had. I promise you, sister. I will keep Ahmed away
from Baghdad’s border. Thank you, brother. Wonder what is going on
in that Satan Mingla’s mind. I’ve sacrificed human life and satisfied your satanic thirst from years. Now, it’s time you make me immortal and the most powerful sultan in the world.That time hasn’t come yet, Mingla.You must do one last thing.Then no one can stop
you from being immortal. As you say, Master. Tell me what I should do.You must win a princess’ love.She will kiss on your
lips and make you immortal. A kiss from a princess? Who’s she?She’s the most beautiful
girl in the world.She can fulfil your desires.Basra’s princess Nilofar.Indeed she’s very beautiful. How do I get her? And if ever I get her will she accept me? You called me, master? Take a look at this beautiful girl. She’s Basra’s princess Nilofar. I want to get her at any cost. As you say, Sultan. I will bring her to
you as quickly as possible. Princess Nilofar. One kiss by you and I will be immortal. Brother Ahmed. These girls are so unpredictable. Take for example Shabana. If you love her, she gets annoyed. And if you get annoyed,
she comes to appease you. If you appease her,
she wouldn’t relent at all. I am so confused what to do. This is not love but a disease. Once contracted, you get mad. Thank god I’m still
untouched by this disease. Don’t say that, brother. No one knows when one would fall in love. As it is said, you never fall in love. It just happens. From where is this reflection coming? This seems to be rich people’s caravan. Shall we loot them? It’s against our ethics, Aatif. Do you remember what uncle says? We loot only them who
snatches poor’s rights. But the question is whose caravan is this? Catch them. What’s this new thing? Caravan is going to get attacked, Aatif. Let’s go. Don’t worry. No one can touch you
as long as I am there. “Alif Laila.” “These tales are famous from centuries.” “Every chapter has a new story.” “There was a dream boy and a dream girl.” “It’s the series of
promises and memories.” “Alif Laila.” “Alif Laila.” “It’s the new story again.” “Alif Laila.” “Alif Laila.” “It’s the new story again.” “Alif Laila.” Before touching a girl,
you need to take her permission. I am sorry but sometimes even
the eyes give permission. Your eyes reveal that you’ve no objection. You know what? You can get a death penalty
for this misbehaviour. If the misbehaviour is so beautiful I don’t care about the death. I’m Basra’s princess Nilofar. And I never give my hand to the strangers. I am Baghdad’s thief. And I’m the master in winning hearts. Princess. The caravans is ready. You go ahead, I am coming. I wanted to say one thing. Till date no thief has
dared to enter in Basra’s palace. “Welcome!” Let’s see. Who that daredevil thief will be who would dare eye at
the treasure of the palace. Inform your guards
that soon Baghdad’s thief is going to come and loot their treasure. “Alif Laila.” “Alif Laila.” “It’s the new story again.” “Alif Laila.” So, what were you saying, brother? That love is a disease. Now, you tell me. You’ve also got this disease now. Brother. Brother, I am not the princess Nilofar. Why are you running after me? I’m sorry, Sultan. I failed to bring princess Nilofar. If that man had not come to protect her… Who’s that man? Who did this condition of yours? Tell me his name. Master. You told me to bring that princess. I sent my most loyal man. But he got killed. How’s this possible, master? How?Love can never be obtained
by force and power.I told you,
until princess Nilofar wouldn’t becomeyours by her own will, it’s
impossible for you to be immortal. Alright, master. Tomorrow, I will leave for Basra.Till date no thief has
dared to enter in Basra’s palace. Let’s see. Who that daredevil thief will be who would dare eye at
the treasure of the palace. ‘Princess’ bracelet? You stole her bracelet? After all, I’m a thief.
I can’t give up my habit. You shouldn’t have done this, Aatif. Sorry, brother. But I didn’t steal it.
It fell from her hand. I kept it as your repository. I thought you’ll introduce
me to her with this pretext. Will you? You’ve won my heart.
Sure, I will introduce you. Why not? Isn’t this beautiful? You’ve won my heart.
Sure, I will introduce you. Why not? Isn’t this beautiful? Very much. Soup for you. What were you talking about? Mom, we were talking that since you don’t like me going to Baghdad I will stop from now on. But tomorrow, I will head towards Basra. -Right, Aatif?
-Yes. Drink it. Thank God. You took me seriously.

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