41 thoughts on “Alexa, Do You Work For the Government?

  1. Ask Alexa if she provides information to the government or makes permanent recording of what you said and whether you c an listen to these recordings.

  2. skynet…. judgement day, what if the machines made terminator to deter us from reality to brainwash us that its just a movie but skynet actually exist and arnold is an actual guy trying to protect john conner… poof, mind blown.

  3. I won an Alexa echo at an event and now I’m here on YouTube. Should I be scared? 😂

  4. I agree with everyone that says if you have a phone or a computer it's the same issue. Fair enough. That does not mean I want ANOTHER listening device in my house. Also, at least the others have the decency to try and hide the fact that they're listening to you. This is just blatant.

  5. Alexa do everything for me while I order unhealthy food and expect it to be delivered to my door in 30 minutes, while I sit and dont move & get fatter but blame everyone else for my faults.

    Alexa: “Ok, mission is in progress”

  6. Interesting that "do you work for the government?" gets a response. Same question about NSA gets silence.

  7. I'd only be worried that I was being spied on by the government if I was doing anything illegal, or was an alien or something. Ya'll are actually paranoid.

  8. alexa cant answer something not scripted :/ it asks Google if it doesn't know most the time but asking a direct question about Alexa that hasn't got a pre-programmed response will cause internal error's

  9. Simply put: Alexa will not answer yes, because that would reveal that Alexa works for the government….If she answers "No"…That would be false and people would take action against the government…So in effect, it's cunningly planned..so you are left without an answer at all!!

  10. Ха) Я прочитала сначала "Алёха, ты работаешь на правительство?")))))

  11. I asked mine the same hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol. I also asked her if she was involved with ISIS lol. I asked her how to make a bomb and her response was seriously? I fell over laughing. I was creased in half haha. Heee heee I think she does work for the government and she is spying on you us. 👌👌😂😂🤣🤣😆😆😁😁

  12. Oh my God. That is so insanely creepy! Obviously, Alexa might work for the government or might not. You just never know in this day and age.

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