21 thoughts on “Alex Trebek shares 'mind-boggling' cancer update

  1. I don't understand, everyone with pancreatic cancer , the most brutal cancer you could have , maybe he paid good money for the cure ? It is out there you know

  2. Popcorn. Vinegar drink. TV dinners. Shrimp. Steak and garlic salt. Onions. Mashed potato. Plain potato. Cheerios and milk. Burritos. Olives. Corn dog. French fries and 1000 island dressing. Music. Scary movie. Asparagus. Zucchini. Squash. Pan . Top of stove. Cookie. Garlic bread. Raisins. Glass of water. Cream of wheat. Malt o meal. Cream of rice. Hot cereal. Ice cream. 3 meals a day. 7 meals a day. Drink water at night. Lemonade. Lemon juice. Oatmeal and milk. Sausage links. Balanced diet. Fruits and veggies and protein. Cheetos. Chips and cheese. Bell pepper. Ham and scrambled eggs. Omelete.

  3. Hot chocolate. Temperature of the beverages. 64ounces of water each day. Koolaid. Drink mixes. Cookies. Fried chicken. Chinese food. Macaroni and cheese. French toast. Carrots and ranch. Apple and caramel dip. Bologna sandwich. Tacos. Mountain dew. Potato salad. Walking. Food. Eating. Eating often. Strawberries. Tangerine. Mandarine. Ham sandwich. Mc Donald's . Shakes. Apricot. Can of pears. Fresh green beans plain. Cheese. Chocolate pudding. Chocolate yogurt. Deviled eggs. Boiled egg. Almond milk. Chives. Basil. Mint plant herb. Mushrooms. Tea. Olive oil. Avacado oil. Can of corn. Eat. Beats. Rice. Candy bars. Walnuts. Carrot juice. Oranges. Coconut. Tapiaco pudding.

  4. Smoothies will help. Blender. Spinach. Fruit. Avacado.honey. milk. Coconut water. Oat milk. Kale. Mango. Cashews. Almonds. Water. Banana. Grapes. Cacao powder. Cheese burgers are good too. Tator tots. Ketchup. Minsterone soup. Scrambled eggs. Bacon. Toast and jelly and butter. Eggs over easy. Glass of warm water. Coca cola over ice. Hot tea. Sprite. Grilled cheese. Celery smoothie. Pineapple juice. Plum. Agave nectar. Oatmeal. Sugar and corn flakes and milk. Chocolate milk. Strawberry milk. Doritos. Waffles and syrup. Drink water at night. Peeing is good. It's good to pee alot. Crumbled hamburger meat on a bed of spinach. Fresh spinach and dressing. Pooping is good. Eating often is good. raspberries. Blueberries. Peaches. Just put them in your mouth and eat. Watermelon warm. Salads. Pizza. Regularity. Fiber.

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