33 thoughts on “Alex Jones – The Government Is Using DMT To Talk to Aliens!! | Joe Rogan

  1. Alex, aliens dont exist and never have! They are called Angels & Demons, please study demonaligy and the spiritual realm of Angels…

  2. After 4 days I still see delusional comments about this shill when do any one of you idiots learn this truth hmm?

  3. Listen to these two guys… I've never seen two people desperatly trying to find a reason for life. So simple…. ask Jesus. No ritual, no cult, no church. Simply ask Jesus.

  4. So if a group of people take DMT, they see the same aliens or machine elves? If so, I believe everything Alex is saying. What a mind fuck.

  5. LSD put me in front of a orange door to like another dimension with 2 beings at each side smiling waiting for me to walk through. I never did. πŸ˜” I was afraid.

  6. fools there are jinns in this world andddd if u do as they say for example taking hardcore drugs or going against god eating shit make dumb rituals like make a circle cut a lemon and eat a snake head they will give u like an amount of future information but with a thousand misguidence look up for jiin in google u will understand this whole thing these motherfuckers are saying its so stupid and obvious

  7. Alex is full of shit and that's why he got kicked out of many places! Don't believe anything this man tells you!

  8. i had dmt and saw my gf having sex with other guy.I was out of dmt i asked her "baby you cheated on me" she said yes please forgive me.. Dammnn this dmt makes you omnipresent.Thnx dmt helped me in catching my bitch slut gf…

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