35 thoughts on “Alberta Votes 2019: Election Night with CBC

  1. Canadians are tired of Cuckdeau. Liberals have been losing all over the place! Conservative minority government coming at the federal level.

  2. Most pathetic reporting since you reported on the last one. They are all pathetic, leftist journalists. What happened to “fair” reporting? You don’t even hide it anymore. It’s because you are desperate. Your crazy ideas are failing all over the world! Lol.

  3. NDP is doomed. It will be gone if conservatives turn the economy around!

    You people hate anyone normal.

    You are actually the racists. You think you “whities” have to take care of “the dummies” you pity. Conservatives think some just need a hand up.

  4. What does that mean when you have no women leading any of your “states?”

    Women are too emotional and have insane ideas.

    If you had some conservative women leading, it would have been different. Those leftist women give all of us a bad name. Smh

  5. OMG CBC in Alberta is just dense… Dizzy… and can't comprehend Notley lost because of her controversies, not Kenney's "controversies' as this host claims.

  6. watching a replay is really funny. seeing the 3 NDP supporters with 5 or 6 screen names each trying to get things going . ROFL. CBC has become an infomercial network. Clowned By Cash = CBC

  7. wtf like every 1 was beat by ucp but the state own news try make it sound like it was close cuz notley won and she like hilliory clition

  8. Albertans, you have redeemed yourselves! Time to get those drilling rigs back turning to the right! #learnfromyourmistakes

  9. She says a 44 percent drop in child poverty. I dont believe that. I suspect that they have changed the metric and added taxpayer funding, which is not reducing poverty, it is subsidizing it. Remove the funding and the poverty is still there.

  10. As a guy from BC and a former , hoe/loader/gravel truck/steamer operator, wireliner, coil tuber and fracker in the BC/AB/SASK patch.

    It's NOW time to put the screws to BC and Eastern Canada, hurting them so they understand your pain.
    And make ALL these babies build pipelines and refineries, so that CANADA PETROL products that Canadians buy are 100% from/made in Canada while employing Canadians.

    Trudy is next!!!

  11. I give him one year before the ghost of the wild rose party raises its head again. The only thing that United these people was the short term goal of getting into power.
    That short term is over. These people have proved in the past that they can't work together.
    Kenny did not address any of the problems that split the PCs up, he just glossed over it with "No NDP" rehtotic. This party will disintegrate within a year.

  12. I am living in Canada (Saskatchewan) for about six months now. I’m trying to listen to people and understand their political views, hopes and fears. 99% of comments I read in videos or social media are emotionally driven rants, arguments with no support on any data or even on a relevant empirical experience. It’s just offense and displays of ignorance. Social media degraded political debate here, as much as it did in my home country, Brazil. I expected I was moving to a country where democracy was better anchored and that people could debate without the grief, despair (or even insanity) that I have always lived with in Brazil. Canada is a very privileged country, it’s institutions work pretty fine. Looking at social media send shivers down my spine, though…its the same damn insanity…

  13. Good for Alberta. Ontario kicked the liberals out and Alberta kicked the NDP out.
    Next, we'll have to kick Justin Trudeau out of Ottawa.
    No more socialism, no more liberalism. It's killing Canada.
    Enough is enough.

  14. I told my wife the CBC panel would call UCP supports white supremacists, racists, and bigots and they did not disappoint. I hated helping the CBC's ratings but I couldn't resist watching all of the political hacks masquerading as journalists hold back their bitter tears of disappointment all night.

  15. Edmonton is the capital city and is full of newly appointed government union jobs plus The Alberta Party split the vote in about 80% of the ridings. I don't know a single person that voted for the orange clowns

  16. When the Alberta party beats out the liberals to make the vote counter you know that liberals are also a joke 😂

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