Alastair Campbell vs Tony Blair: Will Corbyn Become Prime Minister? | GQ Politics | British GQ

Alastair Campbell vs Tony Blair: Will Corbyn Become Prime Minister? | GQ Politics | British GQ

32 thoughts on “Alastair Campbell vs Tony Blair: Will Corbyn Become Prime Minister? | GQ Politics | British GQ

  1. Quite a lot of Blair and Campbell hate here for Iraq and its fallout. Hmm I wonder if those same people will be criticising Rees Mogg, Farage etc for the fallout years down the road if Brexit happens. Watch this space folks.

  2. There is SO MUCH MONEY to be made in Africa.. and surprise surprise.. Blair and Bush both have DECIDED that they can help this countrys blight.. and chosen it's the country they feel they need to spend time in… looooool … so obvious.. use there connections from power to line their pockets..

  3. Tony Blairs legacy is the Iraq disaster, which led to the total collapse of Iraq and proliferation of terror groups and the death of hundreds of thousands of people, the repercussions of the decision to go to war in Iraq are still with us today, it led to the mass destabilisation of the region, he can say "but saddam" all he wants but he had no right to take us into war against a nation that never attacked us, it was totally preemptive and was not in our national security interests, it would have made no difference to the UK if saddam was in or out of power, he never a threat to us.

    Blair told Bush he would "be with you" if they went to war in iraq even before any intelligence was presented, he made the decision to go to war then cherry picked intelligence to back up the case for WMD.

  4. For anyone under the age of 25, these two are war criminals disguised in British manners. I grew up with these two in power and it has resulted in dire, dire consequences. Do not believe anything these criminals say. They murdered 1 million Iraqi's & 100,000 Brit/Americans for the sake of money.

  5. GQ testing to find out if we've forgotten that Blair lied and took us to an illegal war and has never apologised or admitted to lying. Blair and subsequently Brown left a 2 trillion pound national debt for us to enjoy and set the social conditions awry. Campbell the unelected special advisor or whatever he was– communications. Here are two evil men. Blair's networth increased to tens of millions of pounds after taking public office. Ambassador to the Middle East after instigating the Arab Spring. Thank goodness for Youtube as all these other modes of media are part of the same club, it seems. Planet Earth is so topsy-turvy. Shameless. Time to become an ostrich!

  6. Defends Trump and is an absolute mouthpiece against Corbyn. What a git.

  7. Can’t and won’t criticize Trump. Can’t and won’t criticize May. Can’t and won’t criticize Cameron. No such problem with Corbyn though. Says it all!

  8. Campbells first question; why did you stop telling the world you’re amazing. Could he be softer?

  9. Blair is a sophisticated fundamentalist. His done good things out of this stringent belief system but like all fundamentals failed to convince England or word to submit to his beliefs.

  10. Blair and Campbell sofa sophistry the elites two favourite puppets. We've lived the path these two have taken us down, country 2 trillion in debt, debt to GDP up from 40% to 80%, mass open door immigration ,to rub the rights nose in diversity as they put it, wages pushed down cost of living pushed up.Let them carry on good by the UK .

  11. Memo to Alastair Campbell… learn to shut the "F" up and let Blair finish an answer. This could have been an interesting interview if not for your obnoxious style!

  12. The toxicity comes from the people. The Masses. The great unwashed ! As you two twisters left that gilded cage,you realised the majority saw through your dark glasses politics. You still don't get it do you. But you DID make money you ponce !!!!

  13. Tony Blair is wrong about Europe. He does not understand nationalism, a nationalism that has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

  14. Blair clearly lost it after 10 years as PM and becoming a war criminal in the space of one term. the mans off his rocker

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