Airman Leadership school | Q&A

Airman Leadership school | Q&A

what's up guys today I'm going to be talking to you about some more ALS I know some of you guys are like hey I'm over the ALS stuff okay I don't care it's not entertaining those of you that do care about ALS are going to be going through ALS you might want to stay tuned because I made a list of questions right here of things that I had before I went to ALS and now I'm going to answer them for you guys based off of my knowledge of completing ALS but for those of you that don't care this is an entertaining video so you can just click off of it this is the people that are trying to go through the Air Force career progression and are required to go to ALS so let's get started with question number one how strict are inspections now this was something that everybody freaked out about everybody gets like anxiety because of it because you're just like everything has to be perfect and amazing this is true to an extent you have your instructor which looks over you and then looks over the next person and the next person and with that they might miss a thing or two usually they don't sometimes they might now for instance I need someone that had gone through ALS prior to me they have losing section his pants how they're hemmed at the bottom like they fold them in and the hem the hem came undone and so it was like folded out and like flopped out so he folded it back up and put a staple in it went through his inspection and the instructor stands in front of you looked both sides looked his shoulders everything and then was like alright you're good and stepped over to the next person didn't see the staple in his pants also I know it did that was in ALS with me and he had female stripes sewn onto his Adu jacket past his a bu inspection without any demerits we actually didn't even notice that he had female stripes on his uniform until the last week literally hysterical because for the first four weeks of class he had female stripes on his a BU jacket that same guy also had a woman's belt for his blues there is a slight difference between the belts the material is different you can tell I don't know exactly what the afi's are on that but all the guys in our flight had the same belt except for him to get a weapons belt but it's very hard to tell he didn't get hit for that or the stripes on the sleeves now that I'm mentioning all this ALS instructors everywhere are probably going to start looking for those things so my advice to you guys is do not hope that you can get away with anything if you think my uniform is a little faded you might want to get a new one because you can fail the inspection outright if they say your top and bottom your pants in your top are too faded to be serviceable it's an automatic fail so my advice is before you go to ALS just get new uniforms they don't have to worry about whether or not they're super strict or anything on these sections because you know my uniform is tip-top shape so I've got a work question over – I asked myself what if I forget how to March I was actually worried about that because I was like I don't remember anything that I was supposed to do from our team and the cool thing is is that don't worry you're probably going to be the worst one in your flight when we started marching the first week everybody was off some of us were a little more awful than others and then we went on through the week week to three and then four right before we have our inspections for march and drill and some kids still fully then get it but pretty much everyone else was like spot-on they knew exactly how to execute the knopf to call it commands you learn it back it's like riding a bike so after a week or so it comes right back to you so you already have to worry about that one don't stress out about it just make sure that once you feel you actually are trying in practice and paying attention that's the biggest thing question number three I said my shoes have a scuff is that okay now I know most people going through ALS probably still have their little quarters from BMT I was in that same situation I went and bought new low quarters for like 85 dollars because they rip you off the pair that I bought was one of two pairs they have at the BX and it was the size that I needed thankfully several other people in my flight they were like crap my shoes are scuffed I don't have new ones I can't go get on because they won't get here soon enough and I like put it off until now and I don't think anybody much like got hit for shoes so it's kind of hard to tell if they're stuffed because they don't actually get down and check they just go like this so if it's not noticeable from up here you might be able to get away with it but again don't chance it if you can get new shoes at wood but if you can't and that is your only demerit if it comes to that then so be it honestly don't think they hid the shoes too hard because literally I bought a brand new pair and after one day of using it there's little slight rubs on a side because as soon as you touch a chute to the other shoe it puts a tiny scuff in it so I don't think the instructors hit that hard because they know even if you've got brand new ones they'll probably scuff before you even walk in the class that day now if it's obviously worn and like the toes are all scuffed up and chew Gotham looks like your your dog literally chewed on it you might want to go get new shoes question number four a hat is can my uniform be a different color those of you in the airforce know we have green and like grey or green and blue tops and greeny grey or green and blue bottom that's okay the instructors at least at my LS said there is no way a bio says you can't have the two different manufacturers you just have to have serviceable ad use which means like not tall or warm or soil none of that stuff I had two different had green pants and then I had a like gray blueish top now it's not like they're literally greater blizzard like you guys been up in the Air Force it's like a slight tint off like the hues are a little different got my ALS they didn't care about that this one make sure that uniforms are serviceable but they are aware and they know that there are different manufacturers that make the two different prints but they're both authorized so you can mix and match those my next question is how is Petey Petey was pretty easy for the most part at least in my LS we switched it up a lot every single week we did to Petey's so we would do one on Tuesday then Wednesday would be self Petey so you would go and run by yourself when you'd get out of class and then everybody gets at home but they expect you on your free time to go to the gym or run or do something so we did PT on Tuesday and Thursday and we always were doing something different was usually do circuit style stuff but leave it either go to like the football field and then when they would go to runners world on the base and then another day ones the pj unit to do an exercise same with them so we like bounce around and did a lot of stuff so it doesn't really get stagnant while you're trying to work out so i didn't think was that bad but again it's mandatory PT so overall it was like the most fun thing question number six how big are classes / like now this is something i was worried about because it was like we're going to do these speeches that's going to suck because you got to be in front of all these people turns out our class which is the whole is big ours was 96 people now it's not always going to be like that it depends on what base you're at or how many people they have scheduled for ALS based on how many flights they have total so ours was 96 so in that 96 they break it down into flights and we had six flights it was 16 people per flight so we took our flight into our flight room and it's just 16 of us so when you do your speeches it's just in front of those people plus an instructor how ironic is it that my next question is how hard are the speeches I know that's probably the scariest thing about going to ALS is you got to do speeches you got to get up in front of people you got to talk you got to be professional all stuff speeches we're honestly probably one of my favorite parts about ALS which sounds weird I mean I'm kind of doing a speech right now you know but this is what like off-the-cuff I just kind of favored a wife I messed up I just reset it and then I just edited out all the bad parts later now I do have a little bit more experience with public speaking but again I'm also talking to a piece of plastic and metal in front of me with a little ring light you know it's not a human face that judges me the way I say something or if I messed up or if I stutter or if I look weird or if I'm like doing weird body movements as I'm talking you know it's like if people do weird stuff too when they look up there might be a little bit easier for me because I'm used to talking and I kind of enjoy it even though I don't really like I'm more of an introvert than a neck shoulder that's why I do YouTube and not public speaking you know I'm saying but overall these speeches were actually really fun and you talk in front of everybody and everything that people give you feedback but overall they're not that hard you have to do a three to five minute speech and then a 5-7 minute speech I actually got a perfect score on by five to seven minute long speech and I didn't get a perfect score on this one point I like three to five-minute speech I said um too many times in my speech for the three to five minutes my five to seven minute speech didn't say a single um I did mess up at all that stuff like two words but I corrected myself right away and so he wasn't like going to knock me down so you have to like mess up like three or more words or something a mark on but it's like common for you to like slip up on a word and then like wreck yourself so there is some leeway on the scoring and as long as you put in an effort and it looks like you practice which I practice a ton so I could get a good score so the features aren't that hard just make sure you practice this next question is probably the most desired question you can ask about ALS kind of like people to ask about DMT those of you that are in the airforce that are looking it up because you're going to be going to ALS soon how many people fail DMT not many if any that you know ALS is going to be the same way so it is a lot more strict than DMT you know you have to be more professional you got to be more responsible there's a lot more stuff that relies on you instead of BMT it is kind of just like they held your hand through everything here they kind of you but you're also under oath but my class was 96 people and 96 people graduated every single person graduated it's actually rare for them to have someone completely fail out or get kicked out for not doing what they're supposed to but like I said that super rare so don't worry about it you take their final test on a Friday and we had several people fail I think like 11 or 12 people fail out of the 96 then that following Monday retake the test you to all weekend to study and they tell you what sections that you got your questions wrong because after you take the test they take everybody into their flight rooms of you near 15 flight mates and they go over every single question of the test and they tell you the answer and they tell you what section and then you write now the ones they got wrong ago I need to study section 6 more and then you go home and you study section 6 a lot and then you study the other sections a little and then you come back and retest on Monday and more than likely you're going to pass I believe when they came back and have that retest that Monday I think like three people failed maybe or like one person we like a really small number so then they have to do some review boards and and basically they go over your academic record so basically if you were not trying and that is clearly apparent there might not let you retest but if it's someone what they're like well they did good on their homework and it is good on this and they've been trying in class and the instructors like yeah they're good student I don't know what happened no they're gonna let you retest again so you retest for a third time and then that's when everyone passed and ninety-six of us graduated so it's not that hard you are going to fail if you actually care and you try which I'm assuming those of you that watch these videos or watch my videos I know you guys care because you're looking up information and you're trying to do the best you can which is an awesome thing to do and I applaud you guys for that you guys won't fail I promise question number nine is what if I want to get out of the Air Force now this is a big thing I get a lot so those of you that are watching this that had asked me before why are you going to this training why are you doing this why are you trying anymore if you're going to be getting up because it's a mandatory thing so those of you that are in here for sorry you know this is a mandatory thing if you make staff if you test your staff you make it you have to go to a less so I have a year and a half left in the Air Force I completed a ls1 months ago and I still have to hear a half-black and I literally just sewn on staff so I am a staff sergeant now in here it is required to take the class before you put all staff sergeants all I don't have a choice I had to go to that class because I made that sir as long as you have a sub one day before your separation date you are required to go to LS and I don't know the exact rules on if you're going to so on like a year later but you like made it they might still make you go even though you'll be out before you so on I don't know sometimes the Air Force is really weird but for the most part just expect to go because pretty much everyone does if you sign a six-year contract my next question is what if you don't bleed blue this is a big question for me because I've already decided I've run out of the Air Force I don't want to say anymore I don't want to do 20 year but I was getting promoted as we go to this class but I don't feel like I plead blip now the cool thing about in this class is in the very first week we got to stand up talk a little bit about ourselves tell why we joined the airforce what we wanted out of the Air Force and then they had a kind of continuum thing that was aligned and it said low commitment high commitment and then they had another one that said professionalism by high and low for professionalism so everyone got to go up and mark on the board whether they thought they were on this continuum so I went up and I was one of the last people to talk and when I went up there everyone else having their markings all over pretty much everybody had theirs halfway up or higher and some like the professionalism thing people are kind of like one or the other so very few people feel like they're like in the middle they're like oh I'm like really professor or I'm like I'm not professional at all but this is cool because als lets you be yourself it lets you express who you are as an airman and have that individuality a little bit going to get it explain yourself and show everyone else where you're at so when I was in there on this board I wrote my commitment I put it literally on the very end the bottom because I was like I don't know 100% getting out there is nothing that will make me stay in Air Force and I put I literally marked it and the instructor was like oh he's like interesting I don't think that and that many people marked it on the bottom end almost ever because literally i caramel classes like on the right side they were like yeah I'm pretty high commitment they're like yeah I've had some bad times but lately it's been great and I'm playing around realistic but I was like I'm not at all so it was cool because he kind of got explain yourself but like in a really professional way and there was just like yeah like no commit anymore I know what I want and it's not to be in anymore so I've already shut down the fact that I'm not going to reenlist and I look at that I literally said like I know bleed blue like at all it was actually like really cool and like we're leaving because you could be who you are and you could be honest and I showed up I did all the homework I did everything I was supposed to but I'm not doing this because I want to be in for 30 years and I love the Air Force I'm doing this because I have a certain work ethic that I've grown up with and it's just the way that I am is when I have to do so I do and I do it the best I can right now I'm in a contract so I have a year and a half left I'm going to do my job I'm going to do the best I can and then when I get out I'm going to do whatever else I want the best I can but I don't just give up on my commitment and marketed low commitment but that doesn't mean that I'm not trying so even though I didn't bleed blue I actually enjoyed ALS my next question is how long is a typical day in ALS now we were required to be in our classroom by seven o'clock every single morning and class did not start until 7:30 but we had to be in class at 7 the instructor would show up to the room at 7:30 then we would get out of school around 1,500 which was 3:00 p.m. and then from there we would either have tea tea on Tuesdays and Thursdays or we would get a go home but there was some times when we had to do some cleanup stuff so they let you out at 1500 and then you would like clean up this room in that room and whatever your little extra added responsibility was you would do that and then you guys can all just break off and go home but that's not when your day actually ends because especially the first week as soon as you get home do you have a reading to do a lot of reading like the first day like 80 pages you can expect to come home maybe shower get into some comfy clothes sit down read for four hours eat some dinner read for another four hours and then make your way to bed the first week kind of going to go something like that so you're going to be at school from zero 7 to 1500 actually I'm pretty sure it was 1600 that's how long we're supposed to be there I said 1500 love that you're there till 4:00 p.m. so from 0 7 until 4:00 p.m. you are going to be there which is a total of 9 hours but then you got to drive home then you gotta have homework you got to do much stuff you got a contact all your flight mates and exchange homework and a bunch of fun stuff so realistically I would say on average every single day you're going to be looking to spend 15 hours doing ALS stuff it's going to be a lot and really time consuming but just know that everyone makes it through it as long as you do what you're supposed to which is sucks that you do all that but I mean it's possible anyone else done it you can too my next question is probably one of my favorite questions and it is what part was the hardest of ALS honestly in my opinion the hardest thing is dealing with certain types of people that don't care that's like the hardest thing for me is being around someone that doesn't care like on our time continuum I was like I don't have much commitment because I know I'm getting out and I'm okay with that there were people there that said I'm gonna do 20 years but they don't try they don't care they don't do anything and you're like I'm going to use my mind you know so that in my opinion is the hardest part about ALS is being there but not wanting to be in Air Force honor you have to but being there in trying and then there's people there to say they want to stay in but they show zero effort or care for what they're doing and that is the hardest thing to deal with and my last question is is ALS fun well I think from answering this you guys can tell that I didn't really mind ALS I actually had fun I enjoyed it I actually liked more people in my ALS flight then I do in work so I actually enjoy being there with those people that are some of the most fun people I've met – my whole Air Force career and it was really cool getting to know all of them because they were from all these different backgrounds all these different jobs everything is super cool and I really did enjoy it and I was really dreading it beforehand but then after the experience I was like yeah that was a lot of work but that was also a lot of fun so I kept saying you always hear all the time it's like work hard play hard that's exactly how ALS was we worked really really hard and then on the weekends we would all get together and hang out and we just have fun and it was super awesome and it was a great group of people that I got to be with so overall I would say ALS is a blasted you put in an effort and the people that you're with put in the same effort that you're putting in you guys can have a really really fun time that concludes my video I hope you guys enjoyed be sure to give it a thumbs up if you appreciated this con and because these are the questions that I have for myself and hopefully there's some of the questions that you guys have for yourself also I look forward to seeing you guys in another video so click Subscribe and I will see you later peace out

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  1. I failed the test and they didn't want to give me a retake. I guess they didn't like my thoughts of the course when I met the academic review board. So I got academically released and took it through correspondence and got staff after they were sure that I had to go back. The AF loves to critique their personnel but hates it in return.

  2. I'm nervous to talk to an Air Force recruiter because I've heard stereotypes that they aren't as eager to recruit as other branches, is this true? I would really appreciate a video talking about the recruiting process with different branches.

  3. Kyle Gott
    Hi I'm 14 and from Croatia.
    My dream is to live in the US and be a chemist.
    Most likely when I'm 18 I'm going to US I'll have to live there for five years.
    Im curious do I have to goto AFA to be able to join Air Force?
    Plz help me understand this

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  6. I have a question about what to bring on my first deployment what can I and can't bring and what do i need and what military stuff am I required to bring

  7. I have a question about what to bring on my first deployment what can I and can't bring and what do i need and what military stuff am I required to bring

  8. I have a question about what to bring on my first deployment what can I and can't bring and what do i need and what military stuff am I required to bring

  9. Hey Kyle, I have a question for you. If i were a Non destructive Testing Inspector, could I cross train but not switch over to that job? Say Security Forces?

  10. That's a great work ethic, I 100% agree that even if its one of your last years involved somewhere you should still try your hardest to complete something to your best ability. Even I'm not going into the Air Force anymore these lesson still apply in different walks of life. I'm going to school/working at a University and it irks me inside when I'm working with other students who are going to graduate and they give me up because they figure it wont effect them because they aren't trying to get re-hired. Those leaving should leave a legacy on how to act and how to end it on top .

  11. I hate speech. I feel worried about many people looking at me and they got me being stupid in the reason pf my funny speech.

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