Air Force Tattoos Policy

Air Force Tattoos Policy

air force tips in two minutes today's subject is the air force tattoo policy which can be found in AFI 36 – 2903 now this diagram is provided by the air force unauthorized areas include the neck face head tongue lips and scout they also include the hand but we'll get into that in a second now with the head and upper neck area you're looking at even the inside of your lips you are not authorized to have tattoos now the reason that there's a little dip in the front portion of the neck into the chest a little bit is because the Air Force actually has an open collar blues uniform you will wear it very rarely but when you do you still need to fit into the regulations that is why that area is unauthorized to have tattoos now as far as the hands go you are a loud to have a single band ring tattoo on one finger on one hand it does not matter which hand or finger but you only get one ring tattoo other unauthorized tattoos include anything that is related to gangs or extremists and supremacist organizations also anything that advocates sexual racial ethnic religious discrimination will not be allowed additionally in the AFI it states that tattoos brands or body markings that are grossly offensive to modesty decency propriety or Shox the moral sense because of its vulgar filthy or disgusting nature or its tendency to incite lustful thought will not be allowed now I think we could sum up most of this to pornographic content alright guys that's all I have for two days airforce tip in two minutes if you want to read more you can go to fi 36 – 2903 as for this video though be sure to share like and subscribe and don't forget to leave a comment down below of what rules and regulations you would want me to cover next

17 thoughts on “Air Force Tattoos Policy

  1. Dude you’re a huge help with all of this. I’m swearing in soon and hopefully leaving in September for basic so learning all of this from you has given me more inspiration and a better understanding of what to expect. I appreciate these videos a lot man honestly

  2. This is awesome. I just made my decision to join the Air Force after my senior year of high school and remembered how tattoos can get you disqualified. This video helps so much, thank you!

  3. Awesome video, I leave August 26th for basic and I got Cryptologic Linguist as my job. Your videos always help me out and you’re always honest which I appreciate

  4. Wow thanks I was literally just about to ask my recruiter. Been thinking about it for a few days. I leave aug 20

  5. Hey Kyle all your videos are amazing and I’m looking forward for the next one every time you post one. I have one question does the Air Force have a 3 years enlistment option or 2 active and 2 reserves or anything less that 6 years ? Sorry for asking you that but I was trying to find out and I was unable to get a clear answer.

  6. Might not be the Air Force then. but dont most Military guys get tattoos like military tattoos? and someone is going to say you already made a video about tattoos lol.

  7. Lol I am in the process of medically being retired and getting my half sleeve done tomorrow I just find it funny that after putting down my deposit today that you literally 8 minutes later but this video out LOL

  8. Awesome video and great job explaining the tattoo policy. One question, are you planning on getting more tattoos?

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