Aila’s Skin Update and a Big Announcement! | Austin Vlog | HiHo Kids

Aila’s Skin Update and a Big Announcement! | Austin Vlog | HiHo Kids

(shrieks) – [Adrian] No, no, no, no! – [April] No, no? Okay, don’t run to me! (laughs) (water splashing) Oh, geez! – [Raphael] In his ear? Watch out, man. – [April] Go get him, Adrian, go get kuya. (lighthearted music) What do you want to do today, bud? – (mumbles) Disneyland. – [April] Oh, Disneyland? Can’t go today. We’ll go there another time, ‘kay? – Let’s do magic! – [Raphael] Do magic? I thought we were just
chillin’, hanging out. You can put your foot
in there if you want. – No. – [April] He’s going to end
up putting his whole body in there (laughs) – [Raphael] It’s fine, it’s
a little pool just for him. It’s an ice bath for Adrian. What’d you do Adrian? Adrian, what’d you do, let me see? All right! Is that cold? (laughs) Let’s look at it. Oh, there’s a bug. – [Adrian] Hmm? – [Raphael] There’s a bug by your leg. (Adrian screams) (Raphael laughs) It’s okay, dude! Use the cup, use the cup to get it. Remember? I taught you how to do that. Just use the cup– (Adrian whines) Just get him. – I can’t. – [Raphael] I got you. (laughs) Are you scared? – No. – [Raphael] Huh? Are you scared bro? – No. – Bang this into the sky! (April laughs) – [April] You’re crazy. – Try to get me! – [April] Simple living. Kids don’t need fancy
toys to have fun, right? – [Raphael] Hey boys, oh! – You can’t get me! Nah nah nah boo boo! – [Raphael] Austin, Austin. – [Adrian] Nah nah nah boo boo. – [April] Don’t (laughs) don’t! (laughter) Dang it! Adrian! Ah, I’m soaked! Do it. Do it! – Ah, look out for the bird! – [April] Nope, do it. There’s no bird, Austin,
it’s okay, you’re safe! (Laughing) Who is sitting up? Oh my gosh! Good job, baby girl! So a lot of you guys have
been asking about Aila’s skin. As you can see, it’s
gotten so much better. She had baby eczema. Yeah, you did! She had baby eczema and
it was really, really bad, but it took like, two months to be able to get an appointment
with the dermatologist. And when she finally saw him,
he prescribed this body oil and it was like, a
miracle body oil you guys. It literally changed her skin overnight. I hope you guys know as parents, it’s really tough to see your
child suffering like that. You guys have seen footage of her, she has scratches all over her face. That didn’t come without us
really trying to prevent that. At night, we’d put mittens
on her and swaddle her and her skin would itch so bad, she would be able to
break out of that swaddle and get her mittens off in
order to scratch her face. And then it would just
be like, a bloody mess. Just know that her skin is all better now. We do have to maintain
it, make sure she’s, oh (laughs) make sure she’s
always moisturized. But yeah, she looks so good! That’s my beautiful baby! – Hi guys! – We only have a few
more videos left on hiho, but we will be continuing our vlog, so if you want to follow us,
babe tell them where it’s at. – You follow us on our new channel, it’s called April’s Beautiful Mess. I think we’ll link it down below. Make sure you click here and subscribe so you guys don’t miss any videos. We’ve had a lot of fun
here on hiho, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, So I think it’s time
to start our own journey and you guys can follow along. There’s going to be tons
of other videos there aside from vlogs. – Make sure you subscribe
so you don’t miss anything! – All right, we’ll see you
guys on our new channel! – Bye! (playful music)

100 thoughts on “Aila’s Skin Update and a Big Announcement! | Austin Vlog | HiHo Kids

  1. Austin's Vlog is moving to a new channel soon! Follow along so you don't miss a beat!

  2. Aila is so pretty oh my gosh the prettiest baby I've seen! shes so cute 😭😭😭 I'm glad she's doing better

  3. Alia looks so good! I can’t believe she is sitting up unassisted already. Time flies. Well, more like Adrian flies.

  4. I could just put the Aila part of the video on repeat. She's so mesmerizing and seeing her occasional smiles here and there is sooooo relaxing. <3 <3 <3

  5. "Kids don't need fancy toys to have fun, right?"

    Yassss mommy April you're da besssttttt 😚

  6. Lol πŸ˜‚ As soon as he put the toy story martian in the water and went to pick it up my brain went "THE CLLLAAAWWWWW".

  7. That baby is so CUTE!!!!!! Omg she looks much happier and calmer with her skin healed. Hopefully this condition will be completely cured soon, best wishes

  8. Ok that's the most beautiful baby I ever seen after my brother,my sister and my cousin.
    Even if it's only a baby it's looking very smart.

  9. I’ve never seen someone with the same name as me before! I thought I was the only Aila in the whole wide world πŸ˜‚

    Edit: I’m so glad to see Aila looking better! I also have exema (correct me if I wrote that wrong) I’ve had it since i was a baby and still have it at the moment ): I’m hoping it will get better and my skin will not be as itchy as it is right now! ❀️

  10. Hi I’m glad to see Aila’s skin has improved! I suffer from moderate to severe eczema as well :/. Just curios what oil was prescribed. I would love to know!

  11. "Kids don't need fancy toys to have fun". So true. Instead of buying kids alot of toys and leaving them alone, it's so much better to spend time with them and all it takes is some water.

  12. π™±πšŠπš‹πš’ πšŠπš’πš•πšŠ πš’πšœ 𝚜𝚘 πš™πš›πšŽπšπšπš’πš’πš’

  13. i had eczema when i was young too and then i slowly didn't have eczema as i grew and then i came back this year πŸ™
    Aila has the cutest smile ever!

  14. I have eczema when I was 2 years old and started peeling nails when I was 3 I still have it in the moment right now my dad said I have this condition I am 10 years old now and it still happens to me! I went to many doctor appointments and it didn't work ( some of then might work on my hand) I need to improve my skin I do have eczema on my legs as well but now it was healed I'm glad that my 2 legs were healed but my situation about my legs is I have freckles on my legs!
    This is so weird my parents said yesterday I have a rare condition I have my younger sister Kylie and have a condition of lazy talking I have this condition as well but when I was 7 that never happen again, A year later I started trying new foods the first one I tried is a corn dog. My parents said yesterday I killed it when eating the food.
    So I been swimming last year. Kylie got many bloody noses I got bloody nose twice happened this year and a day before a 2016 thanksgiving day.

  15. Love that you still teach them to use kuya to address older sibling. Aila is soo pretty. God bless you guys!

  16. What! That baby is πŸ”₯ so is to stinking cute her little mannerisms omg 😩😩😩 Mom πŸ”₯ too ! Dad is lucky πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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