47 thoughts on “After Sweden's Election

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  2. In order to take out the global Elite unit should take out the global Elite you can't rely on your government much like America can't rely on their government to fix their problems you need to go as an individual to take out the government yourself even if it means starting a civil war but that's the only solution that Europe really has left it's start overthrowing the globalist elite controlled Europe government or lose everything that's why I say America right now America has weathered the storm quite well even better than our neighbor Canada but if you ever hope to restore the pride of the white people Europe then you need to bypass your own government even if it means assassinating your globalist Elite leaders that is hiding behind your government in order to restore write Pride of Europe need to quit relying on your government to fix the problems because they have already proven that they're not interest in fixing the problem

  3. I'm not for sure if the Sweden Democrats are like American Democrats but the Democrats of the United States is a big problem to the nightmare of Europe but until Europe starts forcing their government officials to quit pushing this. Diversity bulshit and close their borders have learn anything from there bad history of dictatorship like Hitler Romanian leadership and the fall of Soviet Union it's not even a year since then all that happened
    It appears they haven't learned from their past mistakes Europe when you make mistakes you're supposed to learn from them not repeat

  4. What's with this guy's obsession with Sweden?

    I agree with his views. I'm just wondering.
    This is happening everywhere in Europe, sadly.

    We need a European Spring.

  5. pray dont vote, im from florida, prayed for ga,fla governship among others. jesus will answer your prayers if you believe he will do it

  6. The day is soon coming that the earth will be soaked in blood. The question is, will it be ours or theirs?

  7. I am of the opinion that we need to help fix the nations colonialism fucked up. We should've left each other be in the first place, so let's give them a place to live and just leave them alone from now on.

  8. If those beats that want to destroy Sweden. And fraud of votes you have to Go Outside to street to defend your country

  9. Swedish people are godless freemason creators. Only brain dead atheists voting for socialist, communist, freemason Islami terror tyranni party.

  10. Interesting comment regards the implication that people in the U.K. trust the BBC. Anyone who does trust the BBC’s journalistic integrity
    Needs professional help and a reality check.

  11. Sweden is NOT a democracy! Sweden (like many other European nations) have rigged elections manipulated by leftist globalists wanting to stay in power! It's terrible! There is a huge revolution brewing in Europe! Soon, the Europeans will explode and then the invaders and globalists will have to deal with it!

  12. Having spoken to friends in Sweden I was told that a lot of votes went conveniently “missing” it was an engineered defeat by leftist elites

  13. "Nothing new under the sun"…human nature continues blindly groping and hoping for easy answers…while opportunistic fools pretend they are "the leaders" who can deliver the goods…when actually they are useful idiots promoted and ruled by the Oligarchs who make up less than 1% of the world. Only the truth can save mankind from the certain slavery that is coming without it.

  14. what smells is the assersion democracy isn't viable. Military coup's and authoritarian regimes end in miserable failure almost 100% of the time. There is no viable alternative to democracy, because without it that's all you end up with. Only China has so far survived for more than 30 years without democracy, but at the cost of having a fraction civil liberty we get, and all kinds of state tyranny of dissenters. Let's just say a British authoritarian ethnostate has poor optics…

  15. Extremely low frequencies are used against our people ELF waves are changing people's real perspectives u can laugh but u will be only kidding yourself, affecting the physical and psychological well being of a person is real and used now in full force research it u will see.


    Time to unite and to those who don't unite your children will curse you in your grave for putting them in this position.

  16. All the Leftist will one day know the knife of Islam at their throats. No one will escape. You are being used to subvert your own country. Good luck.

  17. It’s about time the Smart people get together and wage our nations fight,
    If we don’t act quickly we will face the endless night,

    Gotta take our nations back from all the Traitorous Scum,
    You better believe it,
    Our day will soon come.

  18. WOTW, I've been saying for a while that even the conservative governments around the world are socialist. Interested in your view on this. I am practicing Catholic, try not to be put off; have you ever read a book called 'school of darkness' by Bella Dodd? I heartily recommend it. Bella Dodd was a leading member of the communist party, in the states, during the 30s and 40s. She very clearly articulates how the communist party infiltrated, not just the Catholic Church, but also the education system.

  19. swedish women must be sadists is my conclusion, they deserve whatever they face in the future , RIP Sweden ; appeal to all swedish educated men GET THE FUCK OUT , Go to Finland,Norway,Iceland,UK, Poland,Hungary,Austria,Latvia,Estonia,just get out and leave the slags and whores to reap what the sowed ,..they desrve to be Muslim sex slaves , i give up on them , no wonder swedish guys hate swedish women,..and they do ,..BELIEVE ME they DO!

  20. The globalist leftists keep playing dirty with impunity. If the Right want to win, it will take more than playing fair. You will have to fight in the streets if you want your country back. If you still have time. Otherwise, it’s time to leave.

  21. I don't think that we need a undemocratic solution unless war is inherently undemocratic. They way i see it we will either (hopefully) have politicians who will actually actively do something about deporting migrants that will be voted in, or there will eventually be a race war where we, and whoever has the control of military and police resources, will probably win. Remember what we are trying to save is our democracy not destroy it. On the contrary I don't think its democratic to import a number equivalent to 10% or more of foreigners and give them voting rights.

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